Manly tears


January 24th, 2015, 7:40 am

Glaceon is a Glutton. Though, he never gets fat for some reason. (Speaking of fat, I should make a few fat eevees, because all of the eevees I drew up till now are all the same body shape. Oh, and some really boney ones too. Diversity is key!)

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UPDATE! Starting from next week, SSEC is going to be drawn traditionally! (to prevent a hiatus) This will go on until the end of February or March! (Stupid AP Art portfolio) Oh, Don't worry, I draw better traditionally than I do digitally.
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Blizz is a man! So manly!
I can't wait to see you draw traditionally! ^w^
Amazing Blizz.
Lol troll knocked down the epic bay cutout. X3
No no no Vay died!!!!
When Blizz eats pok'emon food it's ok but if SOMEONE ate my cookie would kill them
Not really kill them
wjat do you use to draw diz????
what's happening to everyone!?
Stone-hi my name is stone
Haru-i'am haru nice to meet you
Hah!! Manly tears. I like that
@Spice!: Yay! Mareep is awesome, so are it's evolutions! some of my fav pokemon by far. And yes, I was wondering the same thin about the cutouts...
Um, guys? I'm confused by the whole RP thing. I mean, I've done RPing on Minecraft servers before, but can someone give me a detailed explanation? Also, I don't have a Gmail account.
@RioBlitzle: what do u mean?
Role play: Someone puts a cenario up with their characters. (Ex: Ali: OMA! COOKIES!)
Then, someone replies to that. (Ex: Spice comments: Sparta: NOOO IT'S MY COOKIE!) That goes on, and you 'play the role', or Role-play as the character. Basically like playing 'Family' where someone is the mom, the baby, the teen, etc.
@chimy19: Ok, am I allowed to do it? Or do I need to post my characters on Gmail, or have an SJ account or something?
@RioBlitzle: Yup! Anyone is allowed to join the RP, as long as you arn't OP (Over Powered) and don't RP as anyone else's characters! (I will be posting some RP chat on the google+ community, which is where I RP. ((I get confused in the comment section RP and it's just more organised on the community)))
@chimy19: Awesome! So, do I have to put profiles for my characters, or can I just start?
@RioBlitzle: I don't see why you can't start right now :)
Ali: Yay! He's dead!
Percy: Woo hoo!
Frost: It's a cutout!
Annabeth: Perseus!
@Spice!: morph*
And it is NOT the year of the mareep, it is the year of the Gogoat!
@chimy19: no I think @Spice! Is right and u are wrong
choclate chip cookies!...derp... @Spice!: why vay! Why!(tears of joy and not so happy tears) I don't know if to be sad or happy!! Derp... (Cardboard dummy fadded!)...derp... Manly Tears!!!:,1
Soul:hooray!!(Break dances on the scene)
Moonlight:(freaks out and hides behind a tree and mutters)(dead not again mom and dad are already gone I can't bare to go throgh it again...)
Soul:(sighs) (munches on cookie he found on the ground) I know what I'm spending my money on!! (Runs to the store and buys 30 packs with about 70 in each) (and few mins later) (about 1 or 2 left in the pack)
Moonlight:( munches on kanalope)
( a type of fruit me and Moonlight love that I can't spell )
Eva:(walks pass them) That's a cardboard cut out...Soul
Soul:Can't here you! ( turns on speakers and radio still break dancing)
Eva:(groans and quickly walks out of the room in anger leaving a foot path of burnt grass)
Moonlight:(follows Eva blushing) Wait! Up!
Soul: (break dances alone while has a cookie in his mouth)
@bri'sshinEevee: you mean cantaloupe? >w< (you're welcome.)
@pinkeeveefan: Me:Thanks a lot!!
Moonlight: now I know how to spell my favorite fruit!!
Ali: *takes the cookie*
Percy: *gasp*
Annabeth: Perceus Vaporeon!
Moonlight what's up with you guys in getting cookies?!?
Soul: ( Angle ring on his head and angle wings on his back suddenly appear ) may I have the cookie I've been trying to get one all day... (whines) please?
Eva: ( has three cookies from the store ) mmm these taste good...
Jane: What the heck is a cookie!!
Me: I have icecream chocolate flavor...
Moonlight: what's up with you guys... BRI may I have some icecream?
Me: yes you may...
Eva: ( Sighs ) how come moonlight gets everything...
Me: Because he doesn't run around like a lunatic.
Soul: ( still begging )
manly tears Lol Manly tears...derp... I shall avenge i'ts death to...(CRUNCH!)(Munches on cookie) ...derp... uhh... It wasn't me!!!(quickly vanishes with a chocolate chip cookie)(mutters as vanishing)(I didn't know it be that loud)
@Spice!: it can't be that bad can it?
@Spice!: Soul:(immediatly stops break dancing then glances at the spot were he left his cookies then see's Sparta running!) Phoms to mouth runs as fast as pikachu on stairiods) ( he runs past Eva and Moonlight like a blur) (Sparta gains speed but very tired) GIVE!!ME!!MY!!COOKIES!! I !!BAUGHT!!(actually I stole them) ( he mutters ) Moonlight:What's!!happening!! ( hides behind tree)
Eva:(still mad chases soul) come here you I'll teach you something it's called manners!

And so the chase begins...
Run sparta your in danger @Spice!: the reason soul new immidiatly because he has a special star eye that makes him see anything so anything you steal from him you'll get caught!! And it makes him 6 iv...! Run Sparta!!Soul has the power to faint anything even a Zeckrom lv100..

RUN SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@bri'sshinEevee: um I think one rule was you can't be over power because that is not fai and can I rp with you
I was being dramatic...derp... @Stone the umbreon: oh! He's not over powered...derp... I was being dramatic...derp... But he is 6 iv lv 3 so all his stats are probably 18... Derp.. See ..even eve is stronger than that...heheheh... I never should try to break a rule...X3 when you said rp does that mean roleplay... Sure you can rp with me
@bri'sshinEevee: okie dokie!
@bri'sshinEevee: okie dokie!
Just making sure
Stone-*whispers to u* run fast!
Haru -......
@Spice!: (then I think it should be a cobalion. You know, because the zodiac animls should be legandaries.)
Run sparta!! in danger!! (i'm so I can..'t bre..ath @Spice!:
Soul: (mouth opens all the way) ( does some kind of sign ) ( his star glows and his hair moves from his star eye and goes faster than the speed of...O-O Sound...
Eva: With her special ability she grows angel wings and speeds up so she could beat up Soul for being rude)
Moonlight: (suddenly gains cofindence and uses his special ability to try and stop all of them before soul goes mega mode and kills him self with to much power in just a small eevee) ( moonlights moon shines and glows very bright then gains speed) Soul stop!! You have to stop!!!
Eva: (starts to remember what happened last time... Tears flooded her eyes...) Soul stop!!! It's just cookies!!!!
Soul: ( running so fast he can't here anything )

Stone-haru where are we(we are with u)
Haru-human world
Tears/human world? Soul: (does' a sonic boom into the human world immeditaly comes to a halt ) Where am i ?!!?!! (See's Sparta ) (then realizes what they've done) Sparta we cut into the human boarders...
Soul: now... How do we get back???

(Back in pokemon world)
Eva: (stops then her wings disappear) No... Were to late...
Moonlight: (coffident fades) ( goes into panic attack) not again!! Now I have no family!! (Tears flood eyes) ( falls on his knees )
Eva:ssoouull!!!! Sparta!!!! Comeback!!!!!!
Moonlight: big brother!!!!! I miss you!!!!!

Tears fill both Eva and moonlight's eye's
*Ali* (She is currently a human demigod) Hey... isn't that Sparta and Soul?
*Perseus* Who's Sparta and Soul?
*Frost* Um... a couple of Eevee friends.
*Ali picks them up* I'll hide you guys until I figure out how to get you two back into the Pokemon world.
Somewhere... ???: Urggh... where am I? Wait... I'm an eevee again! And... this is the comment section in SSEC? How did I get on the internet? And whoi are those Pokemon over there?
ya!!/doctor??? Soul: (see's ali and frost and others ) ( pulls out a picture of Moonlight) (Closes locket)( then shouts) alright everybody we have a world to get back to! Are you with me!
Everybody: ya!!
Soul: (gets a cookie than munches on it) alright everybody let's get to it then...

(Back in pokemon world)
Moonlight: (cries) big brother where are you!! I don't want to be alone... I love you and I'm scared big brother!!!
Eva:Soul... My soul is crushed...( Starts singing) I'm about to lose my mind... You've been gone for so long... I need a doctor a doctor to bring me back too liffee!!...
Dream: Hello, Jamie. I know you are confused.
Jamie: Yes, my name was ??? in RioBlitzle's last comment.
Dream: We have been de-volved into eevees, and put in the comment section of this webcomic.
Jamie: Oooohh.
Dream: There are other eevees here as well. And some eeveelutions possibly.
Jamie: Ah, Ok. Why are we here?
Dream: I have absolutely no idea. RioBlitzle put us here.
Jamie: Ah! I see another eevee over there! Maybe they can tell us what we can do here!
tm 15 Eva you naughty girl @Spice!: soul: I caused a seen for nothing...nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! 2 hours later noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!. Hey where here.
Moonlight (jumps on soul) big brother!!
Eva: (cracks fist) heheheheh now I can beat someone up...
Moonlight: (runs away behind a tree)
Soul: (Runs away)
Eva:(follows chasing him)
Sparta and moonlight talk to each other about Eva and soul
(Few seconds later)
Eva:that'll teach him to turn up the volume when I'm talking...(:{< (evil smile)
Soul: (on the ground beat up) oww hertz like a lugia using hyper beam...
@bri'sshinEevee: yeah I can time travel have a nice day come on haru
awesomeness @Stone the umbreon:
That's so awesome!!
derp @Spice!: Soul: that's it he's crossed the line today...
Moonlight: uhh aren't you going to far...
Soul:NO!! ( Lifts hair that covers his star eye then star eye starts to glow then the camera shatters into pieces )
Moonlight: (Sighs)
Soul: there all better...derp...
Ali: OW!
Perseus: Did it just bite you?!
Frost: *turns into her Glaceon form* GET BACK HERE SPARTA!
Ali: I'm all right. *Blood flows down from her hand, and she notices that it is burned* Fire fang... some Nectar should heal it.
Perseus: You want me to find them?
Ali: It's fine.
Soul: Ali were sorry! It was Sparta's falt!
( causes a scene )
Bye! ( teleports with sparta back in the pokemon world )
Ali: It's fine Soul. I'm gonna go get Sparta.
Percy: Ali! Calm down! Oh, hi Soul :)
(Oh yeah. Did I mention that Percy is a ridiculously handsome and kind Vaporeon? Oh yeah. Ali and Percy is brother and sister.)
@chimy19: Soul: hi!! Help me!! Why are we all running and hiding!! And shouting someone's going to fall sooner or later!!! And I know Eva might like percy!!!
Eva: ( daydreaming )
Moonlight: I'm all might get hert
Eva: ( whispers )Percy...
Percy: *Cleans his ruffled hair*
Ali: stop showing off Perce.
Percy: I'm not. *keeps cleaning*
Frost: *stalks Percy*
Felix: Frost....
Robotic voice: You all have been placed in the SSEC comment section. Enjoy!
Ali: Wait. I was in the Pokemon universe, then PJO, then now here?!
Perseus: Where are we?!
Frost: eh.
Sparklez: meh.
Dialga!!!Palkia!!! ??:Something gone with space and time!!! Palkia and dialga are ya'll doing your jobs!!??!! Cause people are switching worlds!! My name is Jane and I'm a Christian and I believe in all gods!! I am a female by the way... All hale lord Arceus Pokemon or you'll go to the demon world where giranitan lives...

New character in Rp ...derp...
Stone-has a cookie*
@Stone the umbreon: Soul: COOKIES!!!!!!!!
Moonlight: not again...
Moonlight: umm... I'm going to read a magazine...
( Eva glances at stone )
Eva:( Thinks to self act natural and maybe he will share ) Hello I'm Eva may you share the cookie.
Soul: ( see's cookie ) MINE!!
( Chases Stone ) MINE!!!
Stone-*grabs you neck and stares*
Haru-oh no your in for it.....
@Stone the umbreon: soul:cookie?
Eva: i guess that means no sharing cookie? (Backs away)
Soul: (gulp)
Moonlight: we're all going to die!!
It's all my falt!!
Eva: (mutters something about not going on a diet in first place)
Sou:( thinks to self) ( how come I haven't evolved like most people because if I evolve I can beat these people's ) (accendently say s out loud ) people are so weak... Good thing Eva and Moonlight and Jane haven't evolved...
Moonlight:hmm come rto think of it how does a cookie taste?
Eva: I haven't had a cookie in sooo long...
Jane: what's a cookie!?!?
Stone -kicks you all the way back to the human world
@Stone the umbreon: not again!!!!
Eva: (thinks to self ) ( I think I'm in love with a killer ) I guess no one sharing a cookie?
Moonlight: that's not very nice...
Jane: he'll find his way out...
Moonlight: ( hides behind tree ) where!!
Eva: opps!! I mean... I was watching on my tablet thriller...
Moonlight:but you sad kill..
Eva: no I said nothing!! ( she interrupts )
Soul: ( looks through hoarders don't you guys miss me? ( sniffel )
@Spice!: LOL indeed
@Spice!: Lol siri... I've always wonders if siri is just device or is just a persons voice...
Perseus: Hey... how do you know my nickname, Percy?
Ali: IDK
Percy: whatever
Frost: *mutters in the corner about having a crush on Percy*
Percy: did you say something Frost?
Frost: >/////< *runs*
Bell: (peeks in from the corner) ...? ;3; (sees Frost) ... WAIT UPPPPPP!!! -OnO-
Nova: (is hanging onto Bell's tail with his teeth) hee...ll...pp... Mee... O-o
Frost: Um... hi?
Ali: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D
Percy: Hey ;) *winks*
Felix: Hellur. (Btw, Felix is a Arcanine)
see how Siri works I'm trying it out for the first in this comment section really weird. This is awkward and they might try to proclaim this way someday.

(Let's see how siri works. I'm trying it out for the first time on this comment section and its kinda derp. This is awkward. I might try to roleplay this way someday.) (That was the message) (lol I'm bored I get weird when I'm bored.)
@Spice!: Jane: What's a crushy?
Soul: icebeam is awesome
Eva: ohhh... A crushy crush crush!! Aww that's romantic...
Moonlight: ( blushes at the moment ) a...a...a crush umm... A crush crush I... I'm older so crushes aren't real
Soul: Moonlight are you okay? It looks like your having a panic attack...
Eva: ( In the moment right now )
Jane: ... O.. Kay I'm just gonna go over here right now...
@Spice!: Soul: ( looks on phone ) ( crushes his on phone )
Moonlight: EVERYBODY!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!! WHERE!!! ALL!!!!GOING!!!!TO!!!!DIE!!!!
Soul: ( Goku mode ) RRRAAAHHH!!!!!!
Moonlight: ( paralizied with fear )
Soul: ( glances at moonlight very devilous looking/scary... ) Punches Moonlight
Moonlight:AARRGGHH!!! (Blood runs down head ) brother.... Stop... ( Passes out... )
Soul: ( runs like naurto )
Moonlight: ( stands up ) okay that was super effective!!! I hate focus punch!! You know what no more nice Moonlight only destruction!!!
( Runs as fast as mega lucario ) (comes to Soul and hyper beams him)
Soul: OOOOWWWWCCCCHHHH!!!!!! ( Faints )
Moonlight: What I tell you, you ever broke that promise you get hypered beamed!! Now who's break dancing!!
Eva: ( Sighs ) Boys will never learn...
Jane: ( Sighs ) people need to learn to be like Moonlight times...
Moonlight: ( Walks away angry ) mutters somthing about Promise's.
Hey people's i need help Okay... I'm trying raise money for a 300$ labtop plus tax which is 330$ then I need a better tablet and that's about 400$ with tax added then I'm buying paint tool said that's about 50ish$ any suggestions the fastest ways to save money? This is going to take forever because every chore I do is worth 50 cents then every Sunday I clean the office that's about 4$
@bri'sshinEevee: lemon aid stand
@Stone the umbreon: but it's cold here in Alabama... Maybe hot cocoa stand in stead...
Oh and thanks for giving me some ideas!
Thanks @Spice!: any information helps because my mom does keep to many old toys or clothes that's back when I was a baby...
Ali: Ooh I know I know! *raises hand*
Frost: Stop raising your hand Ali.
???: Hey guys! I'm Citrius the Leafeon!
Citrius: So, I'm basically like Pinkeevee, the person who's writing the comments!
Citrius: So, I might RP as myself, but that'll be really rare.
Citrius: Oh yeah! About your thing Bri'sshinEevee, I suggest what Spice! Said, and here's another thing!
Try selling your pictures!
I'm pretty sure you're a good artist, so I'm thinking a lot of people would like to buy them :D Try selling them like, 20 cents a piece, and sell them to your extended family and stuff ;)
Another thing you can do is buy the RainbowLoom kit, and a couple hundred bands! They have tutorials on YouTube, and you can make awesome things! (I'm currently working on making a Vaporeon.) It just takes a LOOOONG time for each charm, but you can sell them for a lot of money! (I made and sold a Phoniex to a friend for a fat 20!)

At least, that's what I do for making a little extra money. (Besides Youtube videos, ((7 dollars per video for 15 subscribers)) (((but I don't suggest that))))

Try that, and I hope it works out for you!

Cheers, Citrius

(Ali: Why is Citrius so formal?
Percy: IDK
Frost: *daydreaming about Percy*
Felix: *facepaw*)
@chimy19: great idea cause I can draw really good anime,cats,pokemon and more!
Speaking of drawings I've been working on this cat drawing and there colors of the rainbow!!
Citrius: Cool! I'm glad I could help! Just remember, 1 drawing should be in the 20-50 cent range ;)
(I would totally do this, but I can't draw people ._. ((Citrius is actually a demigod, but due to dimentions and stuff, she is a leafeon for the time being.)) Mainly because I can't draw Citrius ToT)
@chimy19: you can draw if you put your heart to it and yes it might take you a few minutes or a hour but it'll be worth it in the end!
Soul: ya!
Moonlight: I drew the Mona Lisa the exact same way in 4 days straight
Eva: I drew... Never mind... ( Looks at picture of Percy she drew then hugs it tight )
Jane: I drew a picture of a eevee with angel wings
Percy: I can't draw, but I try :)
Citrius: Thanks ;) I'll try!
Ali: I can draw a snake!
Frost: *shows the exact replica of 'The Starry Night'
Citrius: o.o
@chimy19: soul:: the...the...the...Starry night!! O-O
Eva: (he's the most greatest and talented) (she whispers)
Jane: who was your Art teacher!?!?!
Moonlight: ya! Somebodys like me and can draw really really good!!
@bri'sshinEevee: hmm... I'm about your age and live in a cold place (Scotland)
Try Loom bands, art, or a bake sale. There was a bake sale at our school run by twelve and 11 year olds recently, and they raised a lot of money for charity. Why not try something similar? If you have friends who like Pokemon (I don't) why not decorate the cakes with eevees? Idk, only trying to help. Sorry if it doesn't.
@RioBlitzle: thanks. That really helps I could try going on the internet and looking up how to decorate the cakes but... My mom will have to cook the cake...Derp...
Percy: Jeez. Sorry. Did *Emphasizes* Sparta bite you?
Ali: *turns into vaporeon* SPARTA!!!!!
Percy: *Turns into a Vaporeon too* Wait up Ali!
@chimy19@Spice!:Soul: (falls on face big fat bruise on face) WWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Sniffle sniffle whines I hate my clumsy feet sniffle sniffle (bump in head goes in instead of out)I don't think bumps are suppose to go in or you go to pokemon center ( passes out )
Percy: Soul! *runs over to help*
Citrius: *draws a pokemon center*
Percy: let's move Soul inside, quick!
@chimy19: Soul: ( Goes back to when he was 6 like when people hit there head they go back in time kinda )
Mommy I forgot to tell you before you died...i'll be better I promise!! So please come back (looks at Percy) is that daddy? Daddy I promise I'll be better and listen to you more often!
Moonlight:hey... Where's Soul?
Eva: ( Stalking percy from in a tree house ) who cares...soul is strong so he's must be fine...
Jane:tags Sparta your it! ( she thinks there playing tag )
Ali: SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA! *Runs thru comments to get Sparta*
Frost: NO. *Icebeam, blizzard, glaciate, and Sheer cold on Sparta*
Felix: Frost! Calm yourself!
Percy: Wait... is that true?
Frost: RAWR!
Felix: sorry man. Frost is kinda out of it.
Percy: It's cool bro.
Ali: *running*
Percy: I'm gonna go get Ali.
Felix: K
Frost: *trying to get away from Felix*
Felix: Oh no you don't Frost. You're staying with me.
(Did i mention that Felix and Frost are brother-sister? Mom is a Flareon, dad is a Arcanine. Weird how pokelove works, isn't it?)
forgot to tell you yesterday... I'm sick TnT. Well... at leassst I'll get to play minecraft all day TuT.
@pinkeeveefan: I'm sick too :)
@RioBlitzle: flu? Yeah me too :P I feel like poo.
@pinkeeveefan: sorry, It's more a bad case of the cold, an aching throat and generally not feeling well. Sadly we are not in sync
@pinkeeveefan and RioBlitzle I am sorry to here that your sick... I used to have the flu and i :( missed almost 2 weeks of school!! But I got to play pokemon X and Y on 3DS. :)
@bri'sshinEevee: heh, I'm staying on school. I feel horrible, and almost had to do cross country in the snow. But It's not too bad, so I manage.
@bri'sshinEevee and pinkeeveefan :*doesnt get to play video games for ages*
...*feels left out*
@RioBlitzle: I hate getting sick I feel left out all the time I barely have any friends at school... So yeah I feel a lot of pain I may be happy and dumb on the outside but in the inside I'm sad lonely shy and I feel like I'm a nobody and there no purpose in life...
@bri'sshinEevee: there is a purpose in life!
It's getting rid of all the orange juice!

Okay, but really, I think the purpose in life is to have as much fun as possible and make other people happy. And adventure!
@chimy19: thanks!! When I get older I wan t to become a animator so I can draw for people and make them smile forever and ever!!
@bri'sshinEevee: Hey, I feel sorry for you. The purpose in life is to be awesome and fabulous like me... JK, the REAL purpose in life is to be kind to people and put others before yourself. It's alright to be a loner, then your hobbies can keep you happy. It's fine, you'll be alright. Sickness comes and goes,
@RioBlitzle: thanks!! My purpose that I try to do is to animate but I need money that's why I try to fine every way to make money to buy a labtop and ambetter tablet and paint tool sai.
But that's going to take forever..
Frost: *Is totally intrested in gossip*
Percy: Aliiiiii!
Citrius: Sorry, technical difficulties.
Uhh. Can I do the role play here? (Don't have to explain to me, already know what it is)
@EEVEELOVER!!!: I presume you can! I do.
@RioBlitzle: YAY!
Um pinkeevee I got an idea for Death but I dunno if you'll accept it. Are you ok if I send you the message then say if it's probably doable or not? I know it's a background eevee but regardless I guess a little backstory wouldn't hurt.
@DeathUmbreon: Okay! (I have a feeling Stan would really like Death)
@Pinkeevee222: sent the pm
@Spice!: Oh gosh not again
...yay? I'm feeling better... (Weakly tries to smile) and... I just wanted to let you know... Yeah.
@pinkeeveefan: I'm glad to know. I hope you get better even more. As a fellow eevee fan here I have to say you must "adapt" and if possible don't overdo anything until you fully recover ^^
@pinkeeveefan: aww.. I hope you feel better! (Smiles.)
@Pinkeevee222: I took your questionnaire! I'm the one with the stupidly complicated answers!

Btw, nice quiz!
@chimy19: Yayz! Thanks for taking it!
@Pinkeevee222: I took it too! :D I have pretty honest normal awnsers... I think?
@pinkeeveefan: YAYZ!
@chimy19: where can I find this questionare?
@Pinkeevee222: when is the next comic goina come out
you should do this! @Pinkeevee222: do a comic were blizz gets fat!
I like Umbreon cupboard cutout
First the umbreon was just a cardboard cutout wiz made also this was my very first Ssec I ever read
GLACEON IS A GUY?! Wow I always thought that glaceon was a girl...
there was TWO!? there were TWO boards that were fake!?

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