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January 31st, 2015, 9:50 am

Hmmm... what to say... oh! Daisy's secret is in the sketching stage!
(I unfavorited the comic when I saw I had 199 fans)
Daisy's secret will span for more than one comic, as well as Eve's 
secret, and maybe Dawn's secret (If I get that many fans).
But, It will be one page for 200, one page for 300, and then,
will conclude when the Meanwhile series is over 
(Though, I have no  idea how many pages it will take before it's over.)

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This will be the only comic colored like this! (Traditional is painful) The others will be colored like a middle schooler coloring coloring books (no offence).

It's a wild Questionnaire! What do you do!?

Another good eevee traditional comic is Shinka: The last eevee. Check it out if you like serious plot and stuff! -->
Pinkeevee222, January 31st, 2015, 9:50 am Reply
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That is called being an adorable Glaceon, Blizz.
Hey I'm in 2 place yay!!
BTW I love how the comic looks it looks like something I would draw in 4 or 5 hours which I never do because school but on the weekends I'm able to do drawings like that. Speaking of drawing I made me and my 2 best friends and if you want to see it pinkeevee222 or chimy19 just tell me okay...but instead of human there cats like if you go to YouTube there's this Chanel called BaniTheKitty
She says it's temporally a art Chanel which it is.
You should check out the Chanel Warning: if your under. The age of 9 do not click on ice cream truck has multiple bad words she said sorry she didn't want to post it but someone ask and she didn't want to lose a fan...only if your mom says okay or she doesn't care you can click on the animal I have become and going under has some blood but it's just cartoon and cat blood... ATTENTION!!! If your under the age of 12 or if your mom says it's okay but warning do not click on child's play she'll even. Tell you at the beginning warning gore and violence...
But her other videos are good and her speedpaints are the ones that inspired me to draw...
@bri'sshinEevee: oma I know her channel! You should totally check out her friend, kay2036 you'll love it! (She has gore too...)
@pinkeeveefan: I know kay2036 to the one whoplays fnaf and made Alice and the sacrificeof kitties and gorey demise i get eaten by ghoul OMA we have a little bit in commen
@bri'sshinEevee: alice is she a blue cat?
@Kittylover256: there all the Alice's cause if you read it it say's the first Alice the second Alice the third Alice and the fourth Alice and there in there own world if you read it...
Love the art! Also, I'm third!
This is amazing. I'm in fourth place! I get the medal made of galaxy chocolate :)Shinka the last eevee is awesome, everyone go check it out. I've already read it, and i've reread it about 6 times XD (same with this comic)
Awesome Trolled
wow check out that colorization huh that is awsome!
red:i to hate the power of black magic~
Wow this is better than what I can manage. usually paws are the hardest parts to draw but the hardest hard thing for me is to shade things properly ;-;
@DeathUmbreon: hey same thing here I can't shade things either it's difficult and frustraring
@bri'sshinEevee: Anything else you have trouble with?
@DeathUmbreon: out lining... I always mess up because I have shaking problems my hand and hole body shakes for no reason I've had these problems ever since I saw him... Jeff the killer now my body shakes and even when I'm not even thinking of him... It's so frustrating!!! And when I'm alone or not alone I look behind me almost every day!! Ugh!! Sometimes my friends prank me!! And I scream so loud and someone ends up getting hert and it's not my fault!! And those are all my problems...
a problem I can't ask anything in the ask block because it said me to verify my email adress .How can I do that
@Pinkeevee222: can you say me how can I ask dask something?I know how but then a message said me that I must verify my email address to access in this action.can you say me how I can I do that
@umbreon led: your parents or you have to check out your email
@umbreon led: No idea! (That wasn't any help, wasn't it?)
lol I'm up waaaaaaaay too late Xd Having a b-day party tomorrow! happy 10nth, me! ^w^
@pinkeeveefan: cool that's when my field trip is
@pinkeeveefan: Happy birthday!!!
@RioBlitzle: party got canceled TnT (my actual b-day is the 14th)
@pinkeeveefan: that's too bad :( ah well. Happy Valentines Day/birthday!
200 favs!!!! TELL US DAISY'S SECRET! :D
Fourth wall plz
Meanwhile Death patiently waits for Daisy's secret...
Aww he looks sooo cute ^^
Lol I took the quiz again because I'm bored out of my mind -_-
Happy birthday @pinkeeveefan: Happy birthdaaaaaay to yooooou. We wish one happy birthday to yoooooou!

Thank you based google for the based eevee cakeeeee. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY TO YOU PINKEEVEEFAN!
@Pinkeevee222: What did you use to upload this? A scanner?
@chimy19: Yup!
@Pinkeevee222: hi can we chat alone
@Pinkeevee222: have you got a Facebook account.if yes how is you account name
@umbreon led: I don't have a facebook account.(and never will) But, because you aren't a guest, you can PM me.
@Pinkeevee222: what is PM
@umbreon led: Well, PM stands for private message. To PM me, just click on my username, and on my profile, you'll see it on contact information. (far right)
@Pinkeevee222: i should do that :o
@Pinkeevee222: heh already read it it's good.
(Takes you an hour to read all o' them!
Yay! But... You knows my b-day is two weeks away... Right? The party was today... Not my birthday. But thank you! I love the cake! ^w^
@Doug Rattman: wrong kind of cake. This isn't the portal one. Get it right plz.
@pinkeeveefan: happy birth day!!!! Wishes you a happy birth day and I will pray you have a awesome birthday!! Derp... P.S. wishes a lot of derp's
@Spice!: happy birthday @Pinkeeveefan
Soul: (throwing stringers) (congrates)
Moonlight: huray!!!
Eva: wooohoo!!
Jane: who wants a muffin!!
Derpy hooves (mlp reference): muuuffins...
@pinkeeveefan: me: I love muffins!! And bagels!!
Jane: the muffin is awesome it can talk
Muffin: somebody kill me!!
Me: wow...
Jane: umm...
Me: who wants a talking muffin?...
Muffin: anyone have room for a muffin?!?
Derpy: (smilies maniacally and then murdered the muffin, the whole time crossing her eyes (she has an eye problem...))
Happy birthday
Me: Pinkeeveefan! We rehearsed!
Dream: Happy birthday to you, friend.
Jamie: Happy B-Day to yoooou~
Duncan: You think like Du-u-usk, and you smell like Poodove!
Dream: That didn't rhyme, you know.
Jamie: Awww, Duncan, you ruined it :'(
Me: ahem, happy birthday! I shall now go and watch Doctor Who.
YOLO i like dis stlye.. a heh a heh..
*Citrius* Okay, one, two three~
*Frost whispers* happy birthday pinkeeveefan...
*Felix* Happy birthday to you!
Spice!, you know your old icon, the one of the brown dog? Ever since you changed it, I've been seeing it everywhere, even in my maths textbook!
@Spice!: Yeah, I know. Weird, right? It's on the walls of my French classroom in school. It6's in my maths textbook. And I've seen it on Google Search and other things too! Argh, it's so weird...
@Spice!: soul: I know Sparta was mean in the past... But I can't take herting or torchering people... Unties rival ( Sparta ) go Sparta go...
Moonlight: soul you idiot!!!!!!!!
Eva: are you unting her because you like her!?!?!?
Soul: ( no reaction ) no... I like... Oh never mind!!
Moonlight: hmm Eva's a girl I'm a boy and soul's a boy and Sparta's a girl hmm are you sure?
Soul: yes!! And where in Davy Jons locker did that come from?!?
Eva: I was watching a love channel on TV
Moonlight: ehh don't remind me eww...
Soul: Sparta run before they catch you!!
@bri'sshinEevee , @Spice!
Frost: hmm... who's your crush sparta?
Ali: *Heavy breathing on Sparta's shoulder*
Percy: *Finishes eating a blueberry poptart*
Felix: *Noms on a Pecha berry*
Citrius: Ehhehe, sorry about not replying so much. I was busy a lot
@chimy19: lol
@chimy19: Soul: it doesn't matter who I like doe it?
Eva: the world depends on it!
Moonlight: I keep good secrets...
Soul: no one knows anything about you Moonlight... But I still don't believe d you untied her!!
Soul:... Uhh that's not important!
@Spice!: I feel your pain... Because now I know this stuff I felt like when I was little I was being watched by... Slender man only for little reasons when I was little I sleep in my own bed next to my mom and dads bed and it was king size well... I always thought I see snakes that had a pointy face and they were black and had no face kinda like slendy's tentacles and I always watch them fight I always thought it was my imagination but I always giggle at them witch my mom would be like Brianna be quiet!
Then I turn back over to see them... But they were gone!! And when I play out side ( I have woods behind my house ) so I always go in them while my mom was cooking and dad was playing Xbox and papa was in bedroom and my sisters weren't born yet... Well I always herd branches cracking behind me... I just kept playing because when I was little... I was alone no friends no nothing... And the freaky one...I always loved the rain brings sad I played in it... Well I always see a tall figure staring at me from every corner I turned then when I blinked it was gone... That's why I think i'm still being watched today it's freaky (shivers) tell me what you think...
i like the comics fav one lol the one with jiggly puff attack
Lol @pinkieselfie: Oh please, don't remind me of them XD
? @Pinkeevee222: Where is Vaporeons neck thing?
Please read this @Eeveelutionslover:
i'm confused okay!So!if there's a middle school coloring book thing...what's this type?

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