I got a feeling


February 28th, 2015, 12:20 pm

Oh, how I love Owl city~
Why am I saying that if
"I got a feeling" is by
the Black eyed peas?

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Bolt's lightning can be 2 colors. Why? Cause I felt like it. Now, if you exuse me, I'm going to watch Game of thrones while finishing next week's comic.
Pinkeevee222, February 28th, 2015, 12:20 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:25 am Reply
IMPORTANT! @ Everyone: Look at what you all have done! http://ask-ssec-dusk.tumblr.com/ Mari is not pleased.
Pinkeevee222, March 1st, 2015, 3:02 pm Reply

First! Lol
Poor Poor bolt. I think he needs a hug. And something to get ride of his good and bad issues.
*plays the song I gata feeling*
hat tonight is Hanna be a good good night
@Mean bean: that's EXACTLY what I was thinking
Drake or jake?
I love owl city too
What if I don't like Jake? Can I have a Rake? Or a Snake? A Lake?
@Marlows59: If you don't like Drake or Jake, you can have a Blake, Cake, or Glake.
@Pinkeevee222: Gimme Glake
@Marlows59: *gives you Glake*
@Pinkeevee222: Oh Hi Glake I am...wait NO DONT GO IN THERE! *runs to bathroom*
Who would?
*hugs evil jolt* i love im *hugs good jolt and jolt* i love you in general man ^3^
@Marlows59: *marches*
*notices Spice on floor*
*Gets shot by Drake and Jake and Glake and Blake and Cake*
@RioBlitzle: @Spice! welp...At least it's March, Even if the march of March didn't really work out (if that made sense at all)
@Marlows59: ...I'm a complete idiot.
@RioBlitzle: Nah, I should've mentioned that it was the March of March. What if that was a real thing?XD
Of corse he dosent like you, duh.
Whenever I read this comic, it's always a good time. I mean, who can resist this art which is prettier than ten million fireflies? (Unless I drop my phone in the pool again, that is, because when that happens, I'm not very happy) But hey, you know what I wish? That the PC turns slowly~
@RioBlitzle: lol. Owl city.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait... The askblog is GONE!? Well that's what my iPad thinks what happened. I... Don't know... Is that what you meant?
(Sorry. I'll stop commenting now...)
@RioBlitzle: http://ask-ssec.tumblr.com/

To keep things short, there was an ask that got Dusk mad, then another talking about things, sooo, he left and we had to reboot it.

(and don't worry about the commenting thing, I just wanted less people to RP here.)
@Pinkeevee222: OK! I understand perfectly. I may be an anon myself, but I can't understand why people are trolls. Dusk, you're awesome. Cleverbot sucks. Why did people even bother to TYPE that rubbish? I perfectly understand this, and I think that the 'unlocking characters' thing is a good idea. It'll decrease the spamming, and anons will be nice to you. Also, I suck at RP anyway. I solemnly swear that I will never post another RP comment on here ever again :)
@Spice!: love the new picture! So cute! Yay!YAY!YAY!YAY!😄
@Spice!: still here! :D
Yesterday was Illuminati day. :|
o_. @Marlows59: ???
@pinkeeveefan: the date was 03/03
@Marlows59: I don't caaaaaaaare! (Runs away) (lol poods reference)
@pinkeeveefan: lol I actually didn't care either, my friends were hyper about it though XD
I won't have a site like Tina, but I will take asks for either Nova or Bell!!! (Will respond in comments, will draw in journal at home!)
Honestly... But... Seriously ... How the heck can Vay talk human language?????
@Talking kat: He's half human
WHY?! @Pinkeevee222: WHY!?!
@mea121: Why what?
@Spice!: I think that would be better
still waiting for asks ;_;
I know what he feels so much....
OOOOH! Update tomorrow! Sweet!
@pink several: please what?.......*cough*
asks plz... @EEVEELOVER!!!: (sorry that was supposed to be me.) Stupid autocorrect lol.
OnO Still none??? O-ok... (I really need asks XD I have nothing to draw!)
Woo!!!! New comic!!!
@Spice!: True. but. i got a feeling he's going to mad in the future.
Hey, I also just noticed that Troll has wings in this comic but in no other comic! Explain! Explain! Explain! Explanation (please)!
@LogicalJoe: I keep on forgetting to draw them.

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