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March 21st, 2015, 9:05 am

Next comic is a meanwhile!

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Wow. I started this chapter in December. I should been finished with it by now! Stupid AP art. Oh yeah. Did you know that this is the first chapter with 2 full day and night cycles?

Also, Dawn really hates Flame (she's jealous)
Pinkeevee222, March 21st, 2015, 9:02 am Reply
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I don't get it....and dusk lol
@Lol: Bolt stole Blizz's cookie. In #86, Bolt is talking to "himself" and Blizz finds out that Bolt stole the cookie. Blizz punishes Bolt by burying him. In #87, Flareon is filling the grave Bolt is buried under. However, Bolt regains consciousness and comes out the grave, making everyone believe he is a zombie.

As for Dusk, in a previous comic, Pinkeevee revealed that there is supposedly a "hole" in the PC box where they live. A spider-pokémon built a web outside of the box, and for some reason, Dusk is stuck in the web
what does bolt have to do with the comic
Is, uh, is... You know this a really weird idea, but is, um.... Is Bolt, uh, being possessed by his dark side? 'Cause if not Bolt has a really bad case of pink eye.
@Teal Talonflame: mabey it was irritatid
Maybe it’s irritated
Maybe it’s irritated
FlamexDawn Ishipitsohard.
yeahhahah... ;) @SilverGamer56: (winks) @everyone else: that's not bolt guys. You know that!
@pinkeeveefan: Yeah I'm pretty sure it is. Look. Devin was most recently depicted with the opposite color in each eye. Also, Pokemon can't evolve in the box, so who else could it be? Plus, Bolt is clearly in a pit. Why would Devin be in a pit?
Bolt, you should probably get that eye checked out.
nachos umm is there a next comic.
@eevee heart : yup
who doesn't want nachos? Am I right, bolt? Eh? Ehhhhh?
OOOOH! I get it. Bolt climbed out of the grave flame made for him and yeah.
Where is Bolt? On an exoplanet? (That will be awesome!)
Soooooo Bolt got fused with Devin?
@Marlows59: ?
@Pinkeevee222: I mean, he's got the eyes of Devin
@Marlows59: No. Devin's eyes are opposite (Though I have no idea if I drew them like that in "the web")
Edit: Yup, I didn't (TTuTT) Meh. Well, let's just ignore that, just like we ignore Oliver's earing placement constantly changing. Who's with me!

*cricket noises*
@Pinkeevee222: *puts hand up*
@Pinkeevee222: yeah... I'm with you
@Pinkeevee222: ME! (waves hand around in the air) :3
Is that where Dusk went during the "cookie fiasco"?
i want some nacho's for some reason hey speaking of nachos were having them at school today. i'm the library!
@bri'sshinEevee: lol we have them tomorrow
Is bolt dead or something. I don't get it
Bolt looks like a ghoul from tokyo ghoul.
@PopcornCat: I LOVE THAT ANIME!!!!!!
Well, there WAS a chapter on pizza Well Dusk, you are completely ignored over the hype about nachos.There should be a whole chapter on nachos!
Flame seems to be enjoying himself in the very first slide. lol. also did blizz send bolt to his grave or something like that because bolt looks not alive or his soul left him or both souls or 3?
@bri'sshinEevee: Blizz found out that Bolt stole the cookie and "punished" him
@Marlows59: HE BUIRIED HIM ALIVE!! I think...
@Glaceonrox: that's exactly what happened
@Marlows59: poor bolt. someone hand him some nachos!
I'm back! I just came back from a trip to Mexico City which was awesome, I have been missing everyone, and I'm on Spring Break so, NO SCHOOL! I hope I will be able to comment more so, yeah.
@Glacia: ya! your back! big hugs! :D
@Glacia: yay!
P.S i'm in school lol
@Spice!: What do you mean by that?
I like how Flame is so... Calm, while Dusk is tots freaking out.:)
@Glaceonrox: you mean Dawn
@Spice!: ?
@Spice!: I'M Pinkie pie!! I took the test and i'm Pinkie pie! derp.
this is my profile image rigt now i might change it by speedpainting me and my shiny eevee but now it's just my shiny eevee
Everyone's talking about Easter Break. Mine's hasn't even started! :D LOL And i cant wait for the Meanwhile! Heh, funny rivalry. Flareon and Espeon are my two favourite eeveelutions.
Anyone realize that sign in the last panel

Edit: I think Roger put it there
@Marlows59: yup
!!!!!!! @FakeSpice!: o_O I hoped this wouldn't happen again though... (Faints)
@Marlows59: yes.
@Spice!: I used to until I got into Anime. My fav pony used to be Rainbow Dash and next to her was Applejack.
@Spice!: LAZY 2 LOG IN?
lol again? *sees all the eevee avitars* come children hear the mighty echo of the dome and embrace the warm loveing flames~
Dawn, i'll only say this: KEEP GOING!! YOU WILL NOT LOSE TO FLAME!!
When dawn says pervert flame says hipocrite... DOES DAWN LOOK AT CORN TOO?!?!?
@cybokat1865: yes.
@Pinkeevee222: Dawn hates Flame???? Dawn is jealous of that Flame what???
*walks in* this seems to be a good place to stay tooo-errrr *sees limbreon* OK bye bud, have a good night see yaa-oooooffffff.* trys to walk out but training dummy in the face* #PMD gleaming hearts
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