March 28th, 2015, 9:40 am

Next chapter is about Dusk and Harmony! (Expect dunce hats and whips)

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Well... That escalated quickly.
I was experimenting a lot on this page.
You know that she's bluffing because the honedge is sheathed.
She can hold it because of factors I didn't make up yet.
Last night, I had a nightmare... my fan number went back to 97. It was horrible.
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And first comment!
@chimy19:, Daisy is not a badass, she is just an asshole! I mean, she just said that she would kill her, and that is bad for two reasons. One, Sora did absolutely nothing, and two, Dusk likes Sora. And I don't think he would appreciate Daisy threatening to kill Sora.
@HYDRO: YOU SAID A BAD WORD!!! *quickly facebooks this* Bye! *runs*
@HYDRO: Daisy is a badass. Deal with it.
@chimy19: HEACK YEAH!!!
At this point you would run...
Nice looking sword :)
*jumps in front of her* you will hafto cut me down grass witch! *flares up* how could you say that to that! *points at sora*
oh... my... gyawsh...
LEL is using another pokemon for a weapon illegal in the pokeman world?
@flutter fly: Nope.
@Pinkeevee222: I love Daisy!!! (And Dawn) Pinkeevee, why would Daisy kill Sora if he or she won't come with her????? (I love Sylveon also)
I'm still convinced that Sora and Sky are the same pokemon. They HAVE THE SAME NAMES just in different languages. Sure, Sky was last shown (on your tumblr) as an espeon. But Sora can transform between an eevee and an sylveon, so why couldn't she have been switched from an espeon, and then had her evolution locked into those two?

Asking Sora if she's Sky won't accomplish anything because her memory got wiped, so she doesn't even remember her previous name anyway. On top of that, there's been too much taunting (for lack of a better term) around Sky's character. If Sora actually isn't Sky, or has absolutely nothing to do with Sky, then I think that's kind of poor story telling around Sky's character; unless there's been some actual hints dropped that I've missed, then fair enough.

I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, it's not meant to be. It's just this whole Sky ordeal is really starting to annoy me, as there's nothing about her so far outside of speculation, and my whole "Sora IS Sky" theory is the closest thing I have to making sense of it all.

*takes a deep breath and exhales*
@XlvMckaydvlX: Also, the letters in "Sora" can be rearranged to spell "Soar"
I don't know why but, I'm just bedazzled by how amazing the artwork in this page was done.
I had a nightmare last night too. Let's just say it really hard to explain...
Uh... Okay...

(But I thought Honedge kills anyone who holds it like a sword...? Maybe I'm remembering things wrong?)
@Luigi_96: No, I remember that too.
@Luigi_96: "If anyone dares to grab its hilt, it wraps a blue cloth around that person's arm and drains that person's life energy completely." Pokemon Y pokedex entry.
@Luigi_96: I don't think it KILLS them I think it just steals their soul? Mabey it does kill them although it could be cause daisy is a pokemon
OH GOD!!!!!!! SORA RUN!!!!!! (But I want to see what happens if she dosent...)
the background changed!
You're giving Leafeons a bad name, Daisy! Why?
I thought sky was an espeon....O.o
Well that escalated quickly.
Dunce hats and whips. Well 50 shades of dumb and dumber anyone
Why is the honedge green? If I remember correctly, normal honedge is blue and shiny is red and black. Is this an alternately colored honedge? Is it a former experiment like Sora??
@Drizzt123: Probably green to fit the Leafeon. Maybe that's why Leafeon can hold it without the Honedge killing it
@Marlows59: yeah, probably
grace Does that means she's dead. Whoever holds honedge by the hilt DIES!
@grace: Please look closely at the fourth line of the Author's comment. I actually drew this comic with that fact in mind. I could explain why she can hold it, but, you see, I think I might explain it in a later comic.
Can I guess that Daisy has tamed that sword? I mean, it has a green cloth and grass-type symbol on it :Y
Is it bad? Is it bad that I ship
(The Eevee) and Vaporeon
Eve and Oliver
Dusk and Sky/Sora
Blizz and Daisy?
@Shipper: Not at all! I bet Izzy (the eevee) would be thrilled.
I'm really excited for the next meanwhile...
No, I mean REALLY excited.
is that Zelda sword ps I don't know anything about zelda
@Guest: Nope. It's a honedge.
.-. derpty herp... whee... @Pinkeevee222: you should update the character info to include sora, oliver, and a few others like that :3
@pinkeeveefan: Don't worry, I'm already working on it (Though, You'd need a computer to actually view it)
Dang @Pinkeevee222: I'm at my dad's place (They are not devorse) so I'll have to wait until I get home to see the new Character update

Also tell Izzy I said Hi!
@Shipper: Okay!
gee. what ever happened to daisy... daisy probaly been through ninga training with i'm also starting a new thing instead of lots of laughs or laugh out loud it's going to be lots of lol's. lol derp
Happy April First. And I this comic is not amazing! April Fools.
Tommorow is April fools! April fools
@Spice!: lol, agreed
I now have a fear of Daisy.
@Spice!: I have no idea
@Spice!: lol
Is it possible? That we can have a private talk with the great Pink Eevee?
In one of the last pictures, she looks like a cyclops. (Really no offense... Just trying to see the picture... No offense)
I would gladly use my Doublade like Daisy uses Honedge
That's so randomomomomomomomomomomomomom!

@Pinkeevee222: I SUPPORT AGEANT DAISY!!! MORE MORE MORE.... plz? * Says so calmly*
not sure Is sora male or female
My theroy: The Honedge is or was an experiment of sorts. (I seem to remember a legend about special colored pokemon that have a hidden talent of some kind) Agent Lea (Daisy) is not actually holding it, but the Honedge is actually allowing the Leafeon to rest her hand on it, while following signals from her voice and movement to change to the corect posaition. Hypothetically speaking, the Honedge would need a reason for this. Possibly Lea and the Honedge have deeper conections... <3
wow. since when has daisy been so voilent?
@sky: since alwase.
? @Pinkeevee222: First of all Honededge is supposed to be blue not green.Second Is sora Sora or Sky.
@Eeveelutionslover: First of all, that Honedge is not a regular Honedge. Secondly, Sora is Sora. (lol)
What she die or don't die :
Not cool
If she die than it not cool
that's not daisy I am 100/100 sure and I wish that sora can survive
@Pinkeevee222: WT---------computer crcashes from the escaltion happening 2 quickly-
op @Pinkeevee222:yea
:( Poor sora

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