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April 25th, 2015, 9:01 am

ummmm... what was I going to say...

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Sorry for not uploading last week. I'll try to not play pixelmon (Minecraft) for 3 days straight again... maybe...
Pinkeevee222, April 25th, 2015, 8:55 am Reply
Advertisement, May 21st, 2018, 9:34 am Reply

@Pinkeevee222: if u do, get a cherubi don't even evolve it. #420 blaze it (cuz cherubi is number 420)
@Michael's insane: Psst... Pixelmon doesn't have Cherubi yet.
@SilverGamer56: we must fix this
Lol. I love this comic.
@Pinkeevee222I love pixelmon! yay a new comic
I... eh...

While you're putting your character's faces on things... DUSK AS MADARA UCHIHA
Pinkeevee22 what your Minecraft username?
@Minecraft manic: Can't tell that to an anon~
might... :D pixelmon! @Pinkeevee222: aww! I go on prison server every day, s I might c u there around 4pm :D. Also, what got u so exhausted?
@Spice!: Dont worry. I'm not stressed at all. The real reason why I didn't upload anything last week is because I had to stay at school working until 9:00 (and Pixelmon)
@Pinkeevee222: oh okay I was worried though you should still break for finals...
@Pinkeevee222: everyone thought that you exploded
Pixelmon is a form of drugs I hear...
nope... @Marlows59: where did you get this information?? Wikipedia?
@pinkeeveefan: Link: http//

Edit: opps wrong link...
@Pinkeevee222 you do know that you can change your username...but it is ok. do you have a server that we can see you or battle your or something. But although these comic are funny, I do think you should take a break. You seem very kind and you make awesome comic. from your comics I want to make a comic so the world can see 2.
Is that really mother or is that Harmony and Dusk wanted to not change the meme?
@Marlows59: Dusk's neck in the third panel though
@tacky-wolf: I think his head is about to fall off
@chimy19: what is you favorite animal, pokemon mythical creature, or some designed creature that you really like? Please describe color, fur/feathers/scales, size, mood, etc very well otherwise... *falls silent*

(ps, I drew my icon!)
@Spice!: Shme he hu...
@Spice!: Poop turd grass bowl mat applejuice
Dear Tina, I have a question. @Pinkeevee222: When will beloved Vay return? I miss him such.
@SweetTweet: He (as in the Vay cardboard cut out) will make a cameo appearance in the next chapter and Vay (as in the real one) will come back 2 chapters after this chapter.
@Spice!: That explains everything.
OMG. DOSE FACES. JUST....... LOL. Nice job! But in the third panel, I swear Dusk's Is gonna fall off
Sorry I meant dusk's head. Whoops. (oo')
I am considered evil for reminding y'all of this song @Spice!: SUNSHINE LOLIPOPS AND RAINBOWSSSSSSSSS AYYA
@Marlows59: everyone's going to hate me...
we are everyone and we are no one
we do not forget and we do not forgive
we are anonymous
@Pinkeevee222: will the ask blog start posting again? I just wanna know..
Bell: Luca... <3 ;3; <3
@pinkeeveefan: Sometime after May 6th.
Bell: OwO @Pinkeevee222: OK. ;3;
This is most likely the most committed comic I've read so far. I really am surprised this isn't as known as it should be.
@GuyWifAce: thanks!
@Spice!: It's better for me not to tell you. trust me!
Awesomeevee360 I think you might have a problem on your hands now...
Bell: ;3;
i like de third expression, and his reply. okay
spot making dusk fuqing awesome
WHAT? THIS IS NUTS. *this comic
Pixelmon @Pinkeevee222: I like minecraft too! X3
You play pixelmon? @Pinkeevee222 I love pixelmon! >:D pixelmon trainers unite!
the first panel its perfect.......who agrees (no one probably)
@Pinkeevee222: dusk:MUMMY WHY U NO LOVE ME?
dusk:ok mommy
me:what is this
#be dumb is so awesome
#be dumb is so awesome
Oh @Pinkeevee222: I play pixelmon too. The server or single player?
@Pinkeevee222: WHOAH, " wuts pixelmon "?
So, beautiful *in awe* *dies of beutifulness*
@Pinkeevee222: YAY! YOU DIDN’T DIE!!!

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