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May 2nd, 2015, 8:30 am

I like mayo

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About background eevees... I'm opening up submissions again, but, it will be much harder to get them, cause, I already have 20ish of them.
Oh, and about the hiatus some of you say I should have, yeah, you should have said it when I was doing the traditional comics, cause after this week, I'll be free from my AP class.

Background eevees are Death and Moonlight
(I noticed this right away, but Death's owner tried to make him a shiny)
Pinkeevee222, May 2nd, 2015, 8:26 am Reply
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If 2+2 is mayo then 4+4 is mustard, right?
@superpikablu: If I ever go to jail, I'm not afraid of going to jail I'm afraid of my MOM (And if I do somehow get into jail and its time for me to leave, I WILL plead to stay so that my mom doesn't murder me)
then 8+8 is ketchup! yayz ketchup!

and square root of 16 must also be mayo! and The square root of 64 is mustard! And the square root of 256! Yay I iz so pro at math
@Pinkeevee222 why did Dusk's eyes turn yellow?
@Shipper: The same reason they turned Yellow in comic #s 69-71
@Shipper: Because of Night
@Guest: No,because his true personality was showing as he was figuring out the best way to make fun of Harmony,
@PixelOtter: So does that mean that night is possessing him or is Night actually Dusk just like a split personality and does Dusk know? (Sorry if this is a lot of questions just curios)
That is an intense mom.
Also, mayonnaise is always the answer. Or bacon. How does she not know that?
@Not Glum Fandom: yup. Why does their mum whip every one?
Dusk is actualy a genious! there are four letters in "mayo". HE'S JUST MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!
@Pinkeevee222 What is the white thing coming out of Dusk's mom's mouth...
@Night The Jolteon: It's mayo!
@Night The Jolteon: I think its her drink if she was drinking otherwise her...spit?
I guess you could say hes, ayo for mayo
....Wow. And I thought I was bad at math.
@Teal Talonflame: If you are, then you won't know the answer to this one. Quick... 10 factorial.
Is Night like a multiple personality of Dusk?
@ShinySerperior: Night is Dusk's evil clone
lol poor duske but dat whip in the corrner doue X3
DUDE @T-H-E GUY: he's not evil just over protective of sky and i know who it is! 9p.s i dont give spoilers)
@Luigi_96: (T_T) ...
@Pinkeevee222: C:3
@Pinkeevee222: .-.
I just wonder what it would be like if dusk was smart.
Boring? Yeah... but then maybe if he got to his breaking point he would beat the crap out of Harmony. REVENGE. But he is stupid. So thank goodness.
@Not Glum Fandom: Also, I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the same if Dusk were smart. Juuusssttt sayyiiinggg.... :P
@Not Glum Fandom: Agreed.
@Not Glum Fandom: What if Dusk is hiding his smartness?
@superpikablu: :O GASP! THAT IS A POSSIBILITY.
Sponge bob quote *raises paw* is Mayonnaise a number?
@Xenokore: No, Dusk. Mayonnaise is not a number.
@Not Glum Fandom: Horseradish is not a number either.
@superpikablu: this should just be a thing.
@Not Glum Fandom: I agree.
@superpikablu: confirmed a thing
@Xenokore: sorry, Illuminati is on vacation
@Marlows59: awww I mean yaayyyy I don't know how to respond to that...
@Not Glum Fandom: it's the illuminati, you aren't meant to know how to respond
@Xenokore: *uses paws to make triangle around eye*
@Marlows59: <- Used Illuminati Symbol!
MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!! Dusk you are a genius.
I bet Dusk would really like today cause it's Cinco de Mayo.
WAIT WAIT WAIT??? so ur telling me that dusk is still in preschool?/ kinder??? OMG BUT HE'S A FREACKIN UMBEROEN!!!
@LilacTheLeafeon: Maybe he evolved really really young
You can always use Chill and Christian.
remeber me? Hey I see my eevee. =3 sorry I . Was gone so long I went on a vacation for 2 months.
I hate mayo, but I freaking love the fact that 2+2= mayo.
Why do Dusk's eyes change color depending on his mood? I mean,do all the Umbreon in the world have their eyes change color like that?
@Bow the Sylveon: No they do not but glaceons eyes turn green sometimes too so maybe it's like a special thing?? but at the same time maybe something from their memory what I mean is their personality from when they were a eevee?
I need mai own background Eevee drawn by ur
Me too XD
again nother reason why dusk is my favorite
Why Is Dusk Callin Her Mom?
@Chippity: Because harmony gave birth to most or all the eevees and eeveelutions maybe
@Chippity: because harmony layed dusk when he was a egg
? What was that about making Dusk a shiny?
why you make me ground instead of dusk I <3 grounding so try to upset me MOTHER Dmother:i have 1 thing to u-PLAYS fanf 4-
I liek mayo, too!
Out of place I know hes not bright like the others but he looks out place of being in school with Eevees.
At least he's a good artist
He likes the food, or the instrument?
Dusk: Meh
Harmony: Dawn leave him ALONE!!!!!!!
*Dawn fainted Harmony and carrys Dusk with her phychic back into Greenpaw
hmmmm I think the real answer is 200...

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