May 8th, 2015, 10:06 am

Is Dusk hiding something?

You know, I realized that some people
take this comic waaaay to seriously, I
put a random thing for the header one 
time and people think it has some 
kind of hidden meaning. meh.

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Harmony can never seem to remember Eve's name...

Background eevees are Nichel, Swiftrun, and Robin. Speaking of that...

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Omg first comment
@Mean bean: Curses!
@Marlows59: Curses! I forgot about that!
Wait in terms of age is Dusk the youngest of the eeveelutions?. Also good luck on reading the comments. "Oh the oc's"
@SleepyEevee: Pretty sure he's in fact the oldest of them all, at least, he's at the top of the Eevee list, so it would seem that he is.
Ok sooo... His talent is screaming! Ok I actually get a comic lol and I will try to look! I am still here idk y but I will try to see if I can find your account :p
@TinyDragon: No I think his talent is... I'm not sure but the yellow eyes mean something and the way that harmony freaked out like that when his eyes turned yellow from the past comic lesson time
Nooooooooooo don't show it dusk. I know what it is and it's not screaming. At least why we know why night took over 2 comics ago. Wait... It all makes sense now... Mwahahahaha
Ignore the following it's not about the comic
Michael = Vay
John = Dusk
Really? XD ok now that makes more sence lol
things I noticed Dusk's eyes are half red and half yellow

And he is sweating when he says "I like cheese!"

Also if their is a voice over for SSEC I wanna play as Vay,and the background eevees
I wanna be in a voiceover! @Shipper: could I be eve or daisy? I have kid/girl voice, and I would like to contribute, if there ever is a voiceover :P
Maybe @pinkeeveefan: I can put it one my YouTube channel
@Pinkeeveefan: & @Shipper: *raises hand* Actually, I think that there is already a fandub/ voiceover being made... Though, most likely the voices for Daisy and Vay haven't been casted yet.
@Pinkeevee222: by who? also, i think michael should play vay. (u know who u r michael ---err, i mean vay) also, i wanna be dusk
@Sucking Chest Wound: http://silverdalugia123.deviantart.com/
He's looking for more voices, so if you have a deviantart, you can contact him. Here's the first episode:
y did he say cheese and not tacos? Tacos is his fav food
BAM NEW SEACRET he hides his genuis be cause he dosn't want people to feel stupid X3
le gasp umbereon.. :3

don't deny the the pineapple. You know you want some.
@superpikablu: YUS! FEEL THE PINEAPPLE!!!
i DO deny the pineapple and i goez for da monchego!
Lol first panel - wall XD
who doesn't like cheese? Dusk is a genius!
btw, I put you in a comic :P
@Not Glum Fandom: Really? Where?
@Pinkeevee222: http://jdburrdoesart.deviantart.com/art/Mail-Starring-Espeon-530880727 trust me, I'm better at drawing but I was too lazy so I drew on MS Paint. You're somewhere at the end :P
-n- I hate this. Im sick again... So I'll be here more than I have recently. There was strep throat in my class, but instead I caught my moms cold. Thanks, mom. I may or may not get u a present this year lol OK I still love her, but yeah. I'll be here more :D caved away in all these blankets with a tiny little screen :P

On a less personal note, when are the extras and character pages going to open up? The ask blog has been kinda... Deserted. Are they going to open at the same time? ;o;
@pinkeeveefan: The Characters and extras page will update when I stop being lazy. And the ask blog will start updating again after I find a way to answer all of the questions in the inbox.
Lol I love this comic, Dusk is my favourite character, buuuut....
He's REEEEEEAAAAALLY stupid.....
ok...but it was a guess...lol Pinkeevee i JUST made you fanart ...i could tell you my google+ name..sorry i just want you to see it really bad :3
@TinyDragon: Okay~
i'm posting the fanart right now
Dusk must be sweating a lot if it shows through his fur
Am I the only one? Really does no one notice that Dusk base half-red and Half-yellow
@Shipper: no I know I'm not the only one *sings*🎶🎵🎼🎧🎤
I did @Shipper: after you commented that I went to check lol ur right
@pinkeeveefan: Yeah
I have an idea Pinkeevee222! In the extras page, there could be something where you can create your own background eevee or something, and the best designed eevee will be in a comic as a background eevee. Plz do this, I can't get an account.
Your comics are awesome...
Wats wrong with dusk? Normal umbreos splaras are red with black iris
Dusk... *sigh*
I can put the random emotion for u @Luigi_96: ._.
My name is just my name..TinyDragon
what is his talent
just who is dusk cause it seems theirs alot of mystery around him and he seems to lie about his own self to everyone
Yes Dusk, you like cheese, you like cheese indeed

(after 6 months finally commenting again :'D)
@Lottos35: ;__;
I'm thinking his talent is his ability to hide his talent, which in turn, he is not hiding but yet he is able to hide so well it doesn't seem like his talent......
@Xenokore: ...
! In some vote comic i saw dusk with -'s. Nuff to create night. At sora i saw 3 -'s. Nuff to make sky! And they were the only 2 with -'s
and so. Mystery reveal'd
no vay...... My profile photo is nawt vay. Its moar derpy.
Like said before, you can always use Chill or Christian.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: I was actually going to put them in this comic, but, I had no idea where to put them.
@Pinkeevee222:Neon: Hmm, Wuts Dusk's Secrect??????
Max: * Looks toward him * ?
Flora: ?
Dusk: *innocent face* Secret? What secret?
@Pinkeevee222Neon: I'm watching u Dusk.....
* Looks at him with evil eyes* >:3
Lilac: Um... Neon- Oh um hi Dusk! long time no see...... Sorry about Neon he's a little you know. Er...
Noen:* drags Dusk by ear into secret hide out * TELL ME UR SECRET OR I'LL- i'll, i'll TELL VAY THAT YOU STOLE HIS FISH CRACKERS!!!
Me: It would honestly be funny seeing Dusk being dragged by Neon into his secret hideout in a comic though I know guest aren't aloud to make a eevee on an comic so I understand and keep up the good work! * Thumbs up * XDDDDDD
@Pinkeevee222: They fit really anywhere.
Christian's a bit more of a dark and ambitious type.

Chill would fit more. (She's honestly like Daisy)
Everyone Make other Accounts and fav this comic till we get all the secrets!!
Hello, did anyone read my comment?
Did anyone notice the new "extraz" section that is under construction?
@Marlows59: I did! :D

Lol long for no reason >:D
2 things about the background Eevees @Pinkeevee222: 1. Do you consider me as "known?" 2. The Link for the template isn't working for me
MEOWTH! THATS RIGHT! Was reading on of th comics and then KABLANG! Saw something. Sora was lost as eevee. Sooooooo i was thinking: maybey sora and dusk were expiriments. They should be failed like: sora can transform at will. And dusk lost its smartness..... Sooooooo dusk=night sky=sora. FEEL DERP'D? FINE.

MEOWTH! THATS RIGHT! GOTCHA! In sip~ th is result of vote thing. At dusk and sora are the ~'s
GUYZ! I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! THERES NO EYE LASER BEAM MOVE IN POKEMON!!!!!! but srsly how is there no such move? except for snorlax in the anime but snorlax is wierd so i dont count him :D
@Pinkeevee222: i love how that eevee in the background is like "i like cheese too!" with a stupid smile on his face XD
@Pinkeevee222: u should do more neolucky's crazy memes
Wait in da 2 pages Dusk had a hat in the lasts comic he had nu hat .-.

How? Did it become cheese and Dusk ate it? .3.
Wait...ohhhhhh...XD lol I thought you just forgot to color the top part nvm
vote I vote dusk cus hes cool and stupid.
more MORE Pls add more comics
suking chest wound Hey s pink eve is a sylveon
Can you pleeeeease make more comics it's been 7 days since you've made any
@EpicLolFace: She usually takes this long :P
CHEESE! @Pinkeevee222: I ALSO LIKE CHEESE! ( Please dont take as a all capser )
How could she not remember Eve's name? There's only three letters to remember!
"I like cheese!"
^ This is exactly why I love you, Umbreon.
I like cheese too.
Ha ha ha Umbreon your talent is AWSOME!!!!!!!
I think Dusk isn't as dumb as everybody thinks......
I know Dusk's talent! His eyes turn yellow when he is uncovering his talent: being the smartest mon in the PC.
@BowtheSylveon : Nope! That isn't why his eyes turn yellow~
@Pinkeevee222: awwww
Me When I read this: Glad Two people agrees with me on I LOVE CHEEZE,oh,they are comic characters?oh ok
(||_||)<Forever Alone
So Umbreon pretends to be stupid so he can hide this talent he has? Weird...
How can liking cheese be a talent? Also, I thought he was going to say something smart. I should have known

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