chatting part 1


May 16th, 2015, 2:45 am

Did I ever tell you that
vaporeon hates glaceon?
Well, now you know.

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I honestly want to get over this part as quickly as possible. I originally took it out, but, people want plot, so, I put it back in.
Pinkeevee222, May 16th, 2015, 2:42 am Reply
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First and The Mystery! First yay! This is really cool as the mystery of Sky is so cool I need to find out what's next! The epicness of Dusk has opened! ( I have no idea what I'm saying now )
@Echosoul: I totally know what you mean

( no I dont )
Things are getting REAL
Hahahahahaha vay.
@Pinkeevee222 u should do more neolicky's crazy memes
To be honest I think that (enter name here because I forgot) aka the normal eevee) will win... Why? Because you know that women ALWAYS have a dark side. My character TinyDragon has a Light and a Dark side you never know :)
Wait...she is dun BLUSHING ...
@TinyDragon: her name is harmony and she is dusk's mother. And right now, that isn't dusk...

Get a smackjeeves acc tinydragon
@Sucking Chest Wound: But it is Dusk because night is like a split personality but in truth I think that Night is the true Dusk and that Dusk is a personality that he gained when something happened and that his true personality shows on certain occasions but it's just a theory.
@Pinkeevee222 Wait, WUT! THIS IS So awesome, but if all the eevee/eeveelutions are Dusk's mom an if sky is an eevee so..................... dusk's mom doesn't know her own child........Or at least another eevee..........I'm so confused. But this is AWESOME thanks Pinkeevee222
Pinkeevee222@ Go dusk! Wow getting cool! Not that didn't like
The funny comic ( INFACT I LOVE IT!)
I like Tacos!
why is she blushing? ._.
I just realized something: All the characters are related!!! INBREEDING INTENSIFIES.... When I breed pokemon, I NEVER inbreed them. It just seems wrong.
It disturbs me that Dusk's mom wants to mate with him...
See, this is what I want to see more of in this comic. I know "stupid" is right there in the title, but... well, I like it when you sprinkle some actual plot in there.
@Luigi_96: +1
Um, this got VERY intense quickly and I don't think my brain was ready.
So now this comic supports genetic inbreeding (joke)
I think Dusk has a multiple personality disorder.
@ShinySerperior: No, he doesn't. Daisy does, though.
@Pinkeevee222: Neon: I have a question, wtf is sky??
@Pinkeevee222: how bad is the multiple personality disorder in Daisy
@Leafeons4ever: Not that bad... I think.
@Pinkeevee222: Okay so, are there any other characters with that disability?
@ShinySerperior: Nope, only Daisy.
(mortal combat theem here)
@Pinkeevee222: Wait is Sky a male or female?
@TheArtisticPoptart: Sky's male. He's also Dusk's twin.
@ShinySerperior: Sky I have a feeling is female....
@ShinySerperior: What? No, Sky is female. Umbreon isn't gay (Unlike a certain Eevee *cough* Oliver *cough*)
I personally think that dusk gets all glowy-eyed and stuffs when night or the lab is remembered/thought of. Just a theory tho. A COMIC THEORY! XD
Ok guess time. Sky is female. Harmony is a disgusting piece of selfish filth*. Dusk can....uh....teleport? Maybe? I dunno. *Note that one maybe opinion.
@Teal Talonflame: Sky is male
Just wondering- is that his MOM or someone else.
@Guest: That is his mother, and yes, before you ask; she wants to "get it on" with her son. Don't know if that's considered "incest", or something worse.
and then explosions the end
@Spice!: cause she hates him~
oh hey that last panel is the pic for the mothers day thing on the ask blog....
wow this is the first time i saw dusk so serious.
MEOWTH! THATS RIGHT! OMA harmony is sooooooooo dead.
@Pinkeevee222: deez nuts
big lips are my fave just kidding harmony is my middle name sike guess what came in the mail today what deep nutz gottem
@big lips be on fleek: (Rips off your "nuts" and shoves them in the shredder)
@Spice!: An Espeon
@Tiberius: do your research Sky is an Eevee.
WHAT NEXT? dusk... dont kill her!
Dusk kill her~
You know you want to!
@Spice!: you don't get what I'm saying she...

Idk were to go to confirm my email pls tell me :(
I think I forgot or never knew
Plus Since when did Dusks circle go ON his hair I thought it was On his head .-.
@TinyDragon: It goes on whatever I feel like it's suppose to be on, bra.

(PS, hippy talk is hard)
@Pinkeevee222: pinkeevee, I just realized you made 97 ssec pages! will you make something special for the 100th page?
@Yuvalis: nope (-u-). Just the official 100th page.
@Spice!: Thngs.... Have gotten EVEN MORE REAL
@Pinkeevee222: N0TIC3 M3 S3MP4I!
@Marlows59: kay! ... now what?
I really need to know if Sky is male of female I am confused
@TheArtisticPoptart: Well, I was going to reveal it in the next comic, buuut, then, I was like, No.
@Pinkeevee222: Why ya got 2 do that 2 us?
pinkeevee something is troubling me, and it is very serious. can eevees naturaly grow a beautiful moustach?? my freind says"NO." but i think eevees can dream and succeed to grow moustaches!
@Yuvalis: shhhh.... its okay. my eevee is the best thing that ever happened

-Sucking Chest Wound
@too lazy to sign in: i know thats why i remembered the old philosophic arguement ihad with ma buddy XD
@Yuvalis: at least i have an eevee...
Oh wait you have 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha get wrekt hahaha
On the master eevee list it said for side notes for Lem, "harms mate", right?
@Nad235: Yup.
@Pinkeevee222: isn't harmony his mom (sorry if I'm wrong). (I'm not late I'm just rereading the comics)
what if Lem walked in at the exact time Harmony said that he was temporary? >:)
@OMGTIMEPIE: that would be just.... LOL
how does... I mean Dusk is... but.... he's dumb and... I... HOW DOES HE CAHNGE HIS IQ THAT EASILY?
0w0 @Not Glum Fandom: night possesses him sometimes, and dusk gets yellow eyes and glows. :P
@guess who it is...: deep
•hypnotizes u to read my name and awnser it• @Not Glum Fandom:
@guess who it is...: Spice
nope! @Marlows59: its me! Lolololol X'D
@guess who it is...: But wouldn't that mean Night dead? Because you can't just possess someone when your alive so ya... other option Dusk is Night or the other way round
@Not Glum Fandom: um i can go from not understanding something to understanding it from one word
Is it night time in the comic?
SKy is--- Dudes see? protective!!! whoever didn't believe me owes me a cookie (jk you don't) still though i know who sky is---
*gets drawn by an invisible force*
HELP ME!!! GASP @pokemonrules!!!!: HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME !!
Ambassador (an eevee):This confuses me...
Tetris (ambassador's bro): Harmony wants to mate with her own son?!
Gizmo (their other bro): weird...
sky is a boy
Moon: *yawns*
Orca: this is ridiculus.
Kinkajou: Agreed.
Evana: *shoves them away* shuddup.
Amazing, So Dusk does have a serious side! I can't wait to read more
@Pinkeevee222: I NEED MORE COMICS!
DRAP i love your comics:D
@Pinkeevee222: sniff sniff #crying
O GAWD Did Melody just ask her son why he wont be here mate?!? MELODY, NO!!!
Uhhhhhh Aren't they related?
*Dawn used hyperbeam on Harmony. Harmony is done*
Dusk: Thanks Dawn I guess
Dawn: oh no problem!
*Dawn skips away*

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