May 30th, 2015, 6:50 am

Unlike Glaceon, Vaporeon doesn't take his job seriously at all.

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hmmm... what was I going to say? Ummmmm...... Oh right! Background eevees! Ummm... This will be your last chance to get one! (Please, if you do make one, make them have a good design). Background eevee submissions will close forever on June the 7th (Why that date, well, I'm getting my AP art score then so, why not). After that, the only way you can get a background eevee is if I like both the design and personality of the eevee (like the BG eevees Star, Archie, and Maxie), or, if I ask you to design a minor character (So far, only 2 people designed minor, non eevee characters, they asked me, but, I'm sort of a huge pushover).

On June the 8th (or whenever I remember) I am going to start a contest! What kind of contest? You may ask, well, I have no idea!
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Yay first comment. Also, this comic raises so many more questions than answers.
@Nad235: i freaking found glaceon
This is obviously the past... is that espeon the fater, the mother or just a random espeon.
Did anyone notice in the third panel the stars connect together to make an image of a glaceon.
@Nad235: Blizz probably did it. He can mess with the sky in the PC.
poor dusk, hes all lonely aw...wait...oh my god i think that might be sky!

(idd say more on the subject but i only had time to write my feelings on it...league of legends meet up...)
@Blitz Striker: I think so too.
What's the glowy purple stuff around Dusk in the first panel?
@superpikablu: Poison!
@EeveeEon: Yeah, Umbreon(s) have poisonous sweat.
@Pinkeevee222: That's new for me, but fine.
@Pinkeevee222: does that mean espeon is super effective against his sweat and only his sweat?
@Sucking Chest Wound: Well, she is immune to it, but, I honestly have no idea. Pokedex entries aren't really specific about that type of thing.
Is that the japanese espeon that replaces Dawn? I forgot her name...
@Sucking Chest Wound: Nope!
@Pinkeevee222: btw when is dawn coming back...or did she leave forever
@Blitz Striker: She is going to be in one of the next comics (5 or 6 comics away from now)
@Pinkeevee222: ok good, she was one a of my favorites.
he is alone
Oh, uh, is that sky?
@Pinkeevee222: your comics are fantastic.
@prancyneem: Thank you!
@Pinkeevee222: in which software did you draw comics? it's cool . i also want to make comics but...i am your big fan!
OHMYGAUSH,SKYSKYSKY! *head explodes*
Is THAT DAWN?! what did she do and where did she go? Out of space? ...well she looks like the type of Pokemon that would go in space :p
@TinyDragon: thats sky not dawn
Wait why have I never seen Sky? ...lookin back in the comics
@TinyDragon: Sky was first talked about in "chatting part 1" It's just that people found out about him/her early because of the master eevee list/ the ask blog.
I'm surprised no one mention the stitches she/he has. Maybe she/he has a connection to Doctor Felix from Secret 4? Maybe he gave her/him a surgery of some kind?
@#403: well i have my thoery but(mumbles)so yah
@#403: u spelled surgery wrong. Srry, i'm a grammar/spelling Nazi.
@ShinySerperior: Fixed. Thanks.
@Pinkeevee222: *reading the description* hey the two eevees I made are there! :D
@Yuvalis: mine isnt... IT WAS THE ONLY EEVEE NOT MANTIONED!!!! D:<
@Sucking Chest Wound: bra dont worry, make a sandwitch (or be happy, whatever you prefer)
*throws computer out the window*

Well, there goes my theory that Sora is Sky, out the window. They have to be related in some way though, just as Dusk and Night are related in that Dusk created Night. So maybe Dawn created Sora. The only question is why?

Edit: Is Sky's tail coming out of her back rather than her tail bone? O_O
@XlvMckaydvlX: i never noticed that....and its really wierd...however...(francticly looks through notes)
ohmahgad shes a zambie! or maybe thats a he...?
am I the only one who wants to believe that this is NOT sky? no? ok.
Am I the only one who noticed Blizz in the background?

@Not spice at allll*sweat*: I dnt think so bruh
Why is dusk's eyes blue and red?
@chimy19: Night vision
@Pinkeevee222: How many colors can Dusk's eyes turn?
@Nad235: Including night vision, 4.
what? who? when? where? why? baco--- that's out of the question. I'm just gonna go watch Ouran...
......ugh the more i think about this comic, the farther i get from any real answer. every time i think ive found the answer to a question, two more pop up. this comic has driven me to the depths of insanity and back...and im glad its given me a hard puzzle.

to be honest, ive never read something half as good as this...and i read the whole silver wing and maze runner series.
@Blitz Striker: If there's anything I've learned about this comic, it's that there's no use speculating, because every time you think you have something figured out, it turns out that you were wrong all along, or about a million different things pop up that you then have to take into consideration.

At this point, I've pretty well given up trying to figure things out, and just let them be explained in due time.
I thought that sky was sora from DA. Dang it! :(
wait is Dawn coming back?
It's Sky!!!
Why is the red gem on the forehead a star? Also... OMG IS THAT SKY!??!?! <--- You don't have to answer that.
The hell happened to the espion's head. Why is there a red star instead of a gem, and what is with all of those stitching's?
6th Panel? I can't tell what Dusk is doing in the 6th panel, is that his eye or is he crying?
...Is that Sky? Hmmmm. Curious.

Poor Dusk though. :C
Ultamite Reveal?!?!
ARRRGH! so much suspense!!!!!!!!
Ok... This is random and all but did you get my eevee submission yet? His name is Silver. HE'S NOT A SHINY OK! His eyes and scarf is just a silver color.
@Eternal-Echosoul: Yup! (I have to check some things first, though)
that espeon looks like it was mixed with a mew ....just cos of the tail lol
@Pinkeevee222: ahh.... Vay got dat swagger Jagger
Sky has to be a girl is Dusk wants to mate with her! Unless Dusk is gay but just nah
@Marlows59: *raises hand* Actually, Dusk doesn't want to mate with anyone.
@Pinkeevee222: Who's anyone? Never heard of him/her/heshe/it
@Marlows59: i dont know if i should laugh, or shake my head, so im just gonna stay scilent
@Marlows59: *raises hand* Actually, I didn't capitalize the "A" in "anyone" So, it isn't a proper noun. Also, it is not in the beginning of a sentence... I should stop.
@Pinkeevee222: Fite me.
@Marlows59: Why would I want to fight you? Cowards, like me, are best running away. Now, if you excuse me... *Mari runs away*
@Pinkeevee222: your so mean u dont like my eevee? WWHHHAAAAAAHHHH TTATT D':
@Sucking Chest Wound: I never said that. I just mixed up Syre with Maxie. And, I'm way too lazy to change it.
@Pinkeevee222: lol
Vay: im de buest. Im de buest. Im de bueuueeeeeest
I would put in an eevee submission but...i cant draw for crap Q-Q
<-was made in eevee maker 4.0
when Saturday will come! i want to see the next page. uhh :(
More pls Pls add much more comics i love them so much ; (
well i can say with absolute certainty that the one thing that i will have to see before i die, is the comic made into a animation of any kind, and i will not let myself die before it is.
(may this comic never stop being awsome)
Hey pinkyeevee? Are you gonna do a special comics for the 100 comic?
@Talking Eevee: Nope.
@Spice!: Im going into animation as my dream job, how ever i have no idea what to take in high school to start.
too easy to be guessed isn't that sky? ~u~
kinda easy to be guessed if it's right XD
who is the espeon?
Sniffle I feel so sorry for dusk. Wahhhhhhh
Is that the straw hat logo... Luffy!!!:)
@Dusk plush: It is! Kudos on spotting it!
@Pinkeevee222: who's that dawn
... Is that DAWN? What happened to her? I DEMAND ANSWERS!!!
That bell is sky's because flareon says dusk used to have a silver bell with a dark blue ribbon.
Moon: Wat...
Orca: I don't even know.
Kinkajou: Oi, Blaze, you're being awfully quiet over there!


Evana: *shoves them away* shuddup.
That Espeon is Sky/Sora, isn't it? And she's trying to find...Night! Night...!...?
So Is night Dusk But with yellow eyes
Is that rep won sky??? MNZmHHu7 please listen to this and read this page it seams more sad
Who is that espeon?
Who is the espeon and why is dusk alone?
@HamstersAreAwsome: it's just a random Espeon
Dawn won't get along with Dusk just because of his stupidity maybe but still!

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