Storybook 1


June 3rd, 2015, 5:10 am

Dusk's POV (Point of view)
Important information missing.

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First Comment! Also are the two Eevees Dusk and Sky? (Cause the eyes) And if so is Dusk's real name Dusk or is it something else Maybe he used to be called Night it said they had a plan to change their names.
@MinecraftMinun: maybe sora?
@Graystripe&Eevee: It could also be Sora and Night.
@MinecraftMinun: And you could be right sora has those ears.. and in a flash back that's what night looked liked...
Did u know @Graystripe&Eevee: did u know that in s game thats calld kingdom hearts that the main charter name is Sora?
@MinecraftMinun: Yea but they wouldn't be able to mate if they were Brother and Sister. Besides Harmony is like the evil mother.....
@LilacTheLeafeon: You know sky is a boy, right?
@LilacTheLeafeon: yeah they could, Harmony wanted to mate with Dusk, and Dusk is Harmony's son so... yeah, they can.
@MinecraftMinun: And look at harmony's bow then the evil mother's aren't the similar...?
@MinecraftMinun: wow that is smart guess
from ES @MinecraftMinun: Night=Dusk?
@MinecraftMinun: I think its Night and Sky
Why does no one care about Rick? I bet Rick is really awesome
Poor Rick... oh yeah and the other guys too
that is.... that is so sad i would not want a mother like this
Sky and Dusk!!!
Oh Arceus TEH FEELS :'(
Omg yes more please.
AGREED @Luigi_96: agreed!!!!
I love this art style you used in this page.
The Eevee has Sylveon ears. Sora has Slyveon ears. Therefore, Sora is Dusk's brother.
Therefore, Sora = not Sky.
Edit: Oh, and why are there numbers on the 5th panel?
@Wolfmist: Sky is Dusk's twin.
@ShinySerperior: Oh...
So Sora (possibly)= Sky.
Well... Sora can "shape shift", so maybe...?
So sad good thing there's a second part right?
And I think it's Sora and Night........I have a good feeling about my awnser..
i need to go play some skyrim, clear my head then come back to this...holy ****.
Sora and Dusk changed their names??!?! That explains why a previous comic said you are Sora and I'm Night... Night is the fake name of Dusk and Sky could be the real name of Sora... Hmmm... Its just an idea.
MEOWTH! THATS RIGHT! @Eternal-Echosoul: makes sense. MEOWTH! THATS RIGHT!
well after thinking about this while fixing my table, this does in fact reinforce a theory i had, however i will need to see if Saturdays comic helps it or not before saying anything else.
(goes back to league)
Syre: grumble grumble... I never liked Harmony anyways... Kenshi turn your unholy music down.

Sucking Chest Wound: Samantha does your eevee have a beautiful moustache like mine? I think not. Pinkeevee222 probably didn't have the skill to draw mine so she choose the easiest, so shut up
I can't remember all the name and profile.... TT~TT
I'm bad at this.
all I remember are Jolty, Dawn, Umbreon, Eve, Sora, uhm.... I forget the vaporeon's name XD
@Piku Protealer: Jolty? Do you mean Bolt? And the vaporeon's name is Vay. Also don't forget about Flame!
@Eternal-Echosoul: how dare you, you people forgot about poor daisy, eve, oliver, and the kevin, levin, and devin, plus theres sky, harmony, and the hundreds of background eevees.
and most inportently blizz.
(as well as doctor felix)
@Eternal-Echosoul: everyone forgets flame. Everyone. Also how can someone forget Vay? Vats one of e best. Vay = Michael
;P hi I just found this so... :3: yeah. Bai. (Spirals away into spaaaace)
Was it just me, but you know the ribbon with the bell around the female eevee's neck? Do you think it is the ribbon with the bell on it that Dusk was holding in the previous comic?
@Husky606: it is, and im preatty dam sure that sora and night, is sky and dusk.
am i the only one who noticed that mari hasnt commented on this comic yet....?
its sora for a fact
Syre: how crude of you Kenshi, you obviously know not of civilization

Sucking Chest Wound: Samantha, I will destroy your conception of reality

@Spice!: you are excused. And I'm sorry if I was mean to pink eevee I think her art is better than Leonardo da Vicki or whatever his name is
Dude its obious (i spelled really bad) ok so night is dusk and sky COULD be sora remember that they experiments on "it" she/he so no one really knows for sure also just wait until the next storybook PEOPLE!!!!!!
The espeons eyes!! They're blue and sora's eyes are purple or pink or uh something but not blue! although kind of think of it ngiht's eyes are yellow while dusk's are red so yeah could be just check the last comic and you will see the espeon that might be sky, its eyes are blue while sora's are purple!!! i rest my case XD
So sure @pokemonrule!!!!: Mabye Sky's eyes changed colour when she evolved
(I write too much) sora is in a different place for goodness sake! again I rest my case. XDXDXDXDXXDXDXDXDX LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
@Guest: night is not Daisy. Daisy just probably knows him. Sky might some how be Sora...

@Guest: wrong.
Dusk = Night, but
Night = Night, and
Sora = Sky, but
Sora = female, and
Sky = male.
Sky = Sky, but
Sky is not Sky

Have fun.
@Sucking Chest Wound: *head bust*
@Blitz Striker: same
@Sucking Chest Wound: what the tarnation
ummm i think that dawn and that night type pokemon are those two
wait I rember in a way back the comic it said dusk had 2 soothe bells collars that are the exatct same as those do you think he has the other eevees collar and the other eevee is sora/sky and shes acctulay his sister and hes the male eevee in the story omg!!! mind will blow if true
mabye sora/sky has pinkish purple eyes because of the experiment or her evoulevation
Maybe they are Sora and Sky?
the footnote says dusks POV
Dusk is really night O.o
@Darkstar29: and sora is really the girl eevee named sky and there looking for each other awww dusk must really really really badly want sora his sister back how sad and that theacher in the last comics shes there evil mother I finally understand the sora thing weeps tears of joy
*jumpscares* YOU'D BETTER TELL MEH WHO DAT EEVEE WITH DA PURPLE SOOTHE BELL THINGY COLLAR RIGHT NEW!!!! *strange wind-up noise* I forgot my screws are rusty...

Also lol 'but nobody cares about Rick'.
Dusk @Derp: it's dusk, if you look in the previous comic he has a soothe bell that has a purple ribbon
The entire plot #guess #spoilers This is obviously Night and Sora. Or should I say Dusk and Sky? Night does have gold eyes in the last panel, and the evil mother very closely resembles Harmony. Oh, and did I mention THE PLAN TO CHANGE THEIR NAAAAAMES? That is an obvious hint. Also, Daisy knew that Sora's name isn't Sora, and hinted that she was Sky. Might be, anyway. So the whole plot was revealed cuz of daisy! Thank you, senpa- DAISY.
It's a somewhat remixed version of when Dusk and sky got separated
... i know what happened if anybody wants to hear about it. Basic version:Dusk was the eevee called Night and Sora was the eeve called Sky.
I think it's sky and when daisy was an eevee she heard about her and went looking for her
The two eevees names are sky and dusk. The fake names are sora and night.
I doubt it's Dusk and Sky because in the ask blog they've been shown to be cousins on a family tree. I reckon it's Dusk and Sora.
Moon: lets go, guys!
Orca: do we have everything?
Kinkajou: yes.
Blaze: Movin' out!


Evana: dag nabit Moon!!! what in the PC made her so STUPID?
poor rick
I noticed that white spot under Dusk's arm nyehehehe
Rereading Dusk's anger after reading the comic He Him She Gee is just so sad. Also, how haven't I noticed the half picture of Rick on the far right of the comic?
Uhhh I forgot who is Sky?
Now i understand the battle scars comic video
Sorry, I know im late but this arc I really have loved so far! I was re-reading and decided to put the words at the begging together and the words have such a deep meaning! I luv your comics so far! The comedy is mixed with the seriousness and I cant wait for new characters to come into the fray!
Is that Dusk and Dawn?
>_< THE TENSION PLZ BRING MORE I MUST KNOW (btw i seen all the comics so far but i keep rereading them)
The two Eevees are Sora and Dusk. It says they were going to change their names so thats why Dusk has a bell.
I GET IT NOW the 2 eevees is dusk and "sora" SORA IS SKY AND I THINK TRANS GENDER
except rick. nobody cares about rick.
Yo So far I know that from left to right it goes Blizz Vay Oliver volt sky and then Dusk I'm pretty sure just based on what I've connected so far
here is what i think:
sky and dusk were in love ( so they are gay ) and when they were sent to the lab sky was made into a female somehow and given powers and went under the same sora. Night is not dusk, but i think dusk's fake name and copy of sky.

i rest my case.

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