Grape juice


June 6th, 2015, 11:15 am

The most normal eeveelution is Dawn, who, has almost
nothing to do with the plot. Even Ali, Sparkles, and
Frost have more to do with the plot, and they are
background eevees. Yeah. That is how unimportant Dawn
is. Don't worry, though, I'm working on making her
more involved!

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*troll face* And were back to da comedy! High five!
I don't know about you, but, I love grape juice. Mmmmmmm grape juice. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than apple juice. And, about the last comic, the espeon in it has a star gem instead of a circle/oval one because I felt like it.

Oh, and background eevee submissions have been extended, but, they are now going to be judged very harshly, by a panel of judges including me, Luca, and a furry.
Pinkeevee222, June 6th, 2015, 11:09 am Reply
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You get to choose what happens next! (Cause, I can't decide)
Pinkeevee222, June 11th, 2015, 9:36 pm Reply

first comment first time getting it, refreshing the page for over an hour pays off
@Blitz Striker: how could you steal this from me? I commented before reading the comic
@Sucking Chest Wound: *troll face*
@Blitz Striker: That's nothing, I've been refreshing the page for over an hour and a half

I REALLY hope it is worth it...
Funny Lol this was me on my prom night! I was so drunk that I called my mother pete over and over again also for some reason alot of my favorite books came to my house I don't know what happened I felt just like Dusk XDXDXD I'm probably gonna get drunk after tonight because of a party with My familia or family
I think that was proooobably something a little more powerful than grape juice...
So pirates, a leprechaun, and space pokemon took his gold, Moby Dick stole his lamp, and Bolt is now the PC's governor. Always get your information from a drunk Umbreon.
@Retro Pikachu: um... It says 'booti'
@mnvg: Derp. I misread it. Gimme a sec.
So that's why dusk dosen't grot grape juice. I have an idea for ask-ssec.
Everything Dusk said needs to be on a shirt.
@Not Glum Fandom: yup...would buy that in seconds
@Blitz Striker: or milliseconds
@Not Glum Fandom: Nanoseconds
Is Dusk drunk? XD
apparently dusk and maby even all Umbreons can get drunk on grape juice...and everything he just said sounds like what comes out of my friend on a minutely bases.
(good to see this comic still has a rich humor, keep up the epic work)
also why the hell is dusk drunk in the first place...oh! right...
Grape Juice = Marijuana x9000
@Pinkeevee222 : Is de askblob ded?
@Marlows59: ive wondered the same thing
@Marlows59: Nope. It's just that I have over 100 questions in the inbox and I'm too lazy to answer any of them.... well, that and because I have been working on other ssec related stuff.
@ALL @Pinkeevee222: Good luck unlocking charecters...
Dah pirates So them...... So meowth.....
Am i the only one who said Dusks lines in a Scottish accent when they read this.
@Blitz Striker: I DID THAT TOO
@mnvg: Hahaha Same here!
@Blitz Striker: I did because one reason, LEPRECHAUNS!
@Blitz Striker: nope you are not
@Pinkeevee222: sure that's grape juice and not... wine?
@bluefiredragon: what ever it was, it must have been pretty strong stuff, three small boxes full made dusk drunk.
(wonder were I can find some...)
@bluefiredragon: you mean whisky
@theoverlord: shut up Samantha you didn't get it either
@Sucking Chest Wound: i was up since 6am waiting for the comic to be posted.
#nothingbettertodo ;-;
@Blitz Striker: me too, but I checked every 30 minutes or so
@Sucking Chest Wound: Yeah, but, I also wasn't sitting in front of my computer refreshing every half hour waiting for it :P
@Guest: yea, but, I wasn't on the computer

/ \
/( )\
/( O )\
/ (_____) \
/ \
/ \

edit : dangit, THAT's supposed to be an illuminati!!! why u do this to me, smackjeeves!!!
/ \
/ ( ) \
/ ( O ) \
/ (_____) \
/ \
/ \
I cant wait to see where this goes, my thoughts are that while Bolt is dealing with Blizz for making Dusk drunk, Dusk will sneak off and do something stupid...just what i think will happen.
Yay! I'm back! I went to Iowa to see grinell (my dads college) and I wasn't on the internet 4 a while. Also, I think that was some old grape juice. It turned into wine and made him drunk ;P

Ask blog is GONE?!?! D:
By any chance... @Pinkeevee222 By any chance (I know it is slim)
would you co-author my web comic?
Here is the link:
@Ravenheartthecat10: Sorry, I cant. But, I have a good reason. You see, a few months ago, I was co-authoring 2 other webcomics made by people who read my webcomic, and they never updated! (plus they didn't modify the co-author settings, so I couldn't do anything) So, if you want me to co-author your webcomic, you have to update it frequently, over a long period of time.
@Pinkeevee222 yeah, I understand. I haven't posted the first comic yet.
Who else thought it was poison sweat at first? I don't want to be the only one. ;-;
I thought oma meant something else until now. I finally found out what it meant. ALso, when are you going to make another Meanwhile... @Pinkeevee222
@Shiny Eevee XD: It's the next comic!
@Pinkeevee222: yay new meanwhile...cant wait
@Pinkeevee222 What program do you recommend to draw with?
when will the extras page be done?
and why did you close the asks blog TT-TT
@Yuvalis: Ask box is closed because she had too many questions to answer
@theoverlord: why do you do this to me
just askin... Is your YouTube channel scruffyeevee still active? I check it everyday, but you never update it. @Pinkeevee222
@pinkeeveefan: I'm working on several things for it. But, since the things I'm doing takes a loooooong time, the channel will most likely not update until the end of June, or July.
IDK why but every day i check this comic around 15 times a day....I don't know what i expect to find since it only updates on Saturdays for sure, periodically throughout the week. maby i just like looking at the comments, or i might need help.
@Blitz Striker: Or you have nothing better to do
@Marlows59: not during the week end, during the week i have school, league of legends meet ups, my daily home work...lots of chores...yah busy most of the time.
wait... grapes make wine.....uh oh...
@theoverlord: umm what are you talking about i've never once commented using your account that was probably you subconsciously typing the truth: that Syre is the best eevee
So grape juice is wine?
@Nad235: Apparently so.
it's always the grape juice (drinks juice and slowly goes to the other comics) -_-
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think I just died laughing. X'D PLEASE SA VE M E
Grape juice makes Dusk go berserk,and Blizz likes to see that happen?
Ha, Dusk looks drunk!
*Unstopable laughter* that was a good laugh. also i love grape juice.
Moon, Orca, Kinkajou, and Blaze have left. they moved to Eevee Acadamy (comic).
Is he drunk?
Mind blown by crazyness
hoi! im on here durring compurer lsb
i mean lab
XD I see Blizz needs to see an eye docter XD
For espeon Umbreon said dick...
I will kill dusk! He said dick! *Covers mouth* Im too young to die
i just realized that in the 6th panel glaceonā€™s face looks like the same 1 in the header a couple of pages ago
DRUNK!!! dusk is drunk on grape juice! *slaps face*
how does that even work?
Is Dusk drooling toxic drool. Cool and also gross.
Is Dusk ok?
Dah pirates....Dah pirates took me gold,govnah,they took it! The space poke took it, I say moby dick! They took me lamp!
Poor blizz...

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