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Let me clarify this:
Daisy is a good guy. 
just like Axe cop. 
*puts on sunglasses*

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I always hated drawing that bow
So, Sora gets the "Vay treatment"
Pinkeevee222, June 13th, 2015, 12:01 pm Reply
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whyyyyyy thats so sad she was looking for someone and that leafeon killed her, ok maybe she did but if she is really dead imma gonna be mad
@derpness: she ain't dead she's too important to the plot. That eevee... Is from the alt text could be Oliver

Ps. Do u mind deleting ur comment so I can have first? Pls it's really important to me
@Sucking Chest Wound: It's probably Oliver, if you go to comic 132 you can see how violent and mean Oliver can be.
this pendant @Xxnightblade: I saw dis pendant before... on oliver's house on comic #122
@little.eevee: actually the (Fill in name here!) box is oliver
can i cry my favorite pokemon just died
It’s Oliver
Why is Daisy acting like this!?
idk @Nad235: i dont think thats daisy its probaly another leafeon
@derpness: Nope, It's Daisy.
@Pinkeevee222: ....... no, OMG WHY DAISY WHYYYYYY
@Graystripe&Eevee: so thats how daisy won the hunger games simulation XD
@Yuvalis: XD SO TRUE
@Blitz Striker: Yes.
@Pinkeevee222: i thought daisy and lea are both different leafeons i was shocked to hear this
@Pinkeevee222: PROVE IT
drawings suggest that oliver had the egg
@Lol: That would actually make a lot of sense. On the ask blog, someone asked who would win a fight: Oliver or Eve? The answer was Oliver since apparently he was "super powerful" and there was a drawing of him looking like a psychopath; the same looking psychopathic look that the eevee is giving on this page.

Good eye.
@XlvMckaydvlX: OK clearly i need to go back and read through the whole dam ask blog, if there is more info there I NEED IT.

This is... kinda depressing. Ah well, at least you're free from drawing ribbons, right?

Now I really want to know who that eevee is... and I kinda agree with Lol (Guest) in the fact that the earings seem to say it's... Oliver?
:0 wut?
I wonder what Daisy wanted to accomplish doing this. Is it murder in cold blood or something else.
.......I think i need a second to processes what the actual fuck just happened.....if you need me, ill be....probably huddled in a corner my room praying to god that Sora will be ok.....bye.
*goes to corner and starts rocking back and forth.*
In the last panel, the text at the top is the same text color that appears when Oliver is talking.
@Nad235: D:!!!!!
It really is Oliver.
The egg might be Eve... maybe.
Wait, if Daisy only cut off Sora's bow why is there so much blood?
Aaaaand why are there dots in her blood?
@EEVEELOVER!!!: Sparkles :D
And I like this because everyone thinks it's Oliver (it totally is) and Oliver's my favourite character! Yay! And I thinks it's oliver and eve talking in the last panel.
Shiny Honedge?
Does anyone have an idea of what that necklace in the last panel could be?
This was disturbing.
@silver-wolf: Sorry!
@Pinkeevee222: I saw this whole event coming
wasn't very surprising for me, i knew someone would get either killed off or injured for the start. But i don't want Sora dead, shes too cute to die. (of course the cute one always tends to die in anime's)
Theory: OK so now that ive collected my thoughts (and sanity) i can give my theory on what the hell is going on....but since the half of me that understands all this doesn't want to spoil anything for anyone without there permission, i cant.
(screw my multiple personality's)
(i hate moments like this were i want to say something, but I just cant say it.)
@EeveeAster: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, ill gather my notes and see which theory would be best to talk about. *sigh* this comic is really getting hard for me to handle.
Oh no..... @Pinkeevee222: y did u do this? DX wats wrong with daisy!? Is sora dead? I NEED ANSWERS!!!! Oh by the way, FIRST COMMENT EVER FOR ME!
To da right to da.. Oh, not that? Opps... La la la! Eevee is awsome! La la la! :music n0te:
@EeveeAster: O_O ummmm ok then. *slowly backs away*
Ohhhh snaaaaaap.
did.. daisy really killed sora!? that freaked me out!
NOOOOOO YE GODS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!? *beats on the forth wall*
@T-H-E GUY: The plot thickens...
@T-H-E GUY: *Bangs along like Foxy banging on a door*
I think the last panel is maybe Sora's son/daughter, talking with the Eevee who escaped the lab. I'm pretty sure that Oliver is around the same age Eve is. Which means he never could've gone to the lab.
@ATomato: Actually, Oliver and Dawn are the same age. (But, I kind of mixed up the records, so, I have no idea if he was born before or after her)
@Pinkeevee222: So I just wanted to say that the number of the eevee spelled backwards is 80085 or boobs. Now I don't know f that was intentional but I had a good laugh about it :D
@Pinkeevee222: but Dawn didnt to to the lab, I remember it saying that Harmony/Mother liked Dawn, because she was 'perfect'.
@Guest: I dont know why, but I just can't see Oliver as the mystery chaotic Eevee.
I know it said he could be very strong, but only SORA could calm him down. Look how cheerful and happy he is know. It also states in the eevee list, that Eve and Oliver are BFFs.
WHY!WHY! WWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY DID YOU KILL/INJURE SSSSOOOORRRRRAAAAAA!?!?!?!?!? WWWHHHYYY!?!?!? *starts sobbing and hitting a wall* WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!?!?!
The father is... Vay. Why?
1: Vay is shown to have angry fits (#59), as does the Eevee in the flashback.
2: Sora has the power to transform (#28), and so does Nego [Vay's son, (#60)]. Sora said that her kits inherited the same strange power, so it seems feasible that Nego (and even Vay himself) obtained the transformation power from Sora.
3: The mystery Eevee has a visual similarity to Vay, especially his hair (#58, Panel 4). 4: Nego's mother is not Daisy nor Dawn.
5: Pinkeevee222 even mentioned Vay right under this comic in the description!
@Tiberius: But on the ask blog, Vay mentioned that Nego's mother is a leafeon
@Tiberius: but doesn't Vau hate Nego's mother?
@Tiberius: yeah yeah could be (keeps nodding) depends on the next comics.
I know why sora lost so much blood because sylveon's bow isn't just an accessory but a part of sylveon's neck.
@umbreon led: sensory ribbon not an accessory its a part of the body and like @Blitz Striker said it could have hit a lung,and I agree with daisy………………………………………….
wrong answer (accidentally cuts a sylveon doll in half) ....... well I have another one. and now to cut the rest of the dolls involve in this!! (a have a dozen of them.... the order was late so I kept pressing the button)
Whoa, whoa. That was dark. Not as horrible as watching 9-11 vines... I'm going to the bad place.
As much as i want to believe that sora might live, with the power of the slash being able to cut the ribbon and sending the far away from the chest, and the way the cut landed, the cut would likely have hit a lung and maby even the esophagus causing in a large amount of bleeding and instant nerve shut down. the chance of her liveing after something like that, 9.5% if she can get help in roughtly 5-10 minutes. but this is pokemon so what do i know, DERRRRRPPPPP. IM JUST SOME RANDOM PERSON ON THE INTERNET.
@Blitz Striker: yes, i am in fact, a heart less bastard.
I'm back guys... And out for revenge! (not really, that just seemed to fit the sentence) Wow Daisy...
I figured out the plotline
I understand everything now
Thanks for the answers Sora, before you "Died"
This put the last piece of the puzzle in place


Daisy has been my favorite character, and now she's a total boss.

Oh, by the way, that eevee egg?
It hatched into Eve.
@chimy19: *Mind explodes*
@Wolfmist: *is meditating* humm yes that does make sense...the comics has proof to back it up, and with no one knowing how eve was born, you make a valid point...i must think harder on this, there is a solution to this problem...I know it...
@Wolfmist, @Blitz Striker: Your welcomes :D
Crucial things to note in you peoples theories These are all answers to questions on the tumblr blog

(Question: Why does Nego have notches in his ears?)
Vay: His ears are weaker than a normal eevee's ears, because his mother is a leafeon, so occasionally, they crumple up like that. But, I guess they do look like notches.

(Question: Where's Nego's Mother?)
Vay: She isn't in the PC,and I have no idea where she is. Nor do I care. Daisy probably knows where she is.
Cause it needed to be said... Pinkeevee, your writing has by far been one of the best things that could happen to the internet, its so fa nominal, words just cant describe it...and all three of the pieces of my soul can agree, and they never agree on anything...seriously keep up the good work, my you never cease to amaze us time and time again with how you carry our this story.
(this is one of the only things that keeps me living each day so i can read the next comic. for that i thank you)
I dont understand, Sora was so cute and innocent, she just wanted answers. Why kill her off? Just...why?
@Dhnizdil: because the reason you just listed, the cute one always dies....always....
@Blitz Striker:no! daisy also cute so she should die!
mad i love sora she is so cute and beautiful but that mad daisy she cut her bows! i love the bows! if i could i will cut daisy's tail.
@prancyneem: yeah daisy should die!
i think the necklace is oliver's . because when sora is telling the ans ,i seen the necklace on oliver's neck. is that right ?
it's like a movie!
Sora has fai- Died!

Sora brought it's attacker down with it! *photoshops troll face*
The plot thickens I'm not going to comment for awhile because 2 weeks of camp with no internet. But I will have two comics to read after this!
@Guest: P.S that was just so I can see if I'm catching up. (I'm gonna ask my sensei for a new sword this ones covered in what looks like blood.......kinda like Daisy's!) don't ask me about the blood!
Daisy was a little harsh. Poor sora...
It said earlier in the comic that 6 eevee left the pc and only 5 came back, but after that another eevee went missing from the pc and came back with an eevee egg, that eevee is probably Oliver.
That eevee's number is h e double-hockey-sticks.

(just in case bad words aren't allowed)
I think the last panel happens right after comic 123.
there is no title...... @Pinkeevee222: AXE COP !!!!!!!!
Wow wow its the same necklace from the comics up ahead what the heck is going on???
@Darkstar29: yeah I agree and that male I think was acttuly her mom maybe but the amulet remind me of her mom the mean one when she was with her brother
Tetris: ooh... if Vay found out about Daisy's dark side... ooh, I'd love to see his reaction!
... Shouldnt the leafion be dead
Gizmo: Hey, I bet the egg that sora gave to Oliver is eve! (I am so smart)
O_O i hope she's ok
wait a second wait if sora is who I think she is (nights sister if you go read storybook 1 youll see what I mean) and that eevee is oliver and oliver is eves protecter *GASP*
Oh wow Meanwhile comics are the saddest
Lel Lel section 58008 XD reverse and it spells books XD
Fix Boobs*
i hate daisy I hate daisy now, she sucks to me,i want to take that sword she has and kill her.
@sylveon: Well, I hate Sora, so, I guess that makes it even. But, you know, If you hate someone, even if it is a fictional character, you shouldn't wish that they would die.
YEAH I OVER REACT SOMETIMES sorry but it to be very honest,she shouldn't have done that
was vays neck frills revmoved the same way sora/sky neck bow was sliced?
@sylveon: Vay never had one to begin with.
@Pinkeevee222: oh and by the way, why does bow hate eve ( I saw the bow and clef comic)
@sylveon: It's a long story. They actually use to be really good friends.
@Pinkeevee222: well, you should make a short series about bow and eves past as friends and how bow started hating eve. just a idea.
The Pokemon in the last panel seem like Oliver and Eve talking
I am mad at leafeon. If Sora is dead imma kill that leafeon.
Panel 14 U got some undertale genocide
Vandaleon Dat Leafeon is a vandal
Daisy Why? Why do you hav to be a vandal Daisy?
Daisy IS such an Idiot why no Sora!!!!!!!!!
sylveon to eevee NOOOOOOOOO SORA!!!!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: By the "Cat treatment" do you mean that Cat had his frills/collar cut off?
Stupid autocorrect, I meant Vay instead of cat!
y must slyv die?
*y* *y must she dieeee*
Did anyone notice that 1134 is hello (minus the o) upside down? was that intentional?
Also i like eeveeluion squad
Really tho seeing a jolteon get beat up by a glaceon is ok but sylveon getting killed is too much for me
Why did you have to make that leaden kill her? AND WHY THE HECK DID YOUADD BLODD?!?!?!?!?
F you Daisy!!!
so does this mean that sky isn't sorra? since dusk/night wasn't present?

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