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June 14th, 2015, 8:33 am

The last comic is probably
the only time something like
that will happen in the comic.

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I couldn't just leave ya'll on a cliffhanger!
I dont know why, but, I totally ship them.
Pinkeevee222, June 14th, 2015, 8:38 am Reply
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First comment, so some how flare saved Sora before she could die and thus was able to keep her alive, and then brought her back to...the UNOVA HEADQUARTER?!?!?!? weren't they in Sinno?!? did they move or something....OH RIGHT, they did, so now shes with flare and then....what happens now.
(*looks closely at comic* *takes off sunglasses* oh my god)
@Blitz Striker: I got up like two minutes before this comic was posted, came back on to check lest comics comments, finds this, is happy. :D
(also thank god Sora didn't die, because while i felt she might have, its nice when i story keeps the cute one around)
(also ship them, ship them hard, I think flare needs a mate.)
why Why did you make sora die but is she still alive pls WWHHYY.
@Eevee fan 1.2: shes alive dont worry
thank godness @Blitz Striker: thanks that brited my day :3
Sora is alive!!!!! I still am angry with Daisy for hurting Sofa!
@Glacia: SOFA?!?!?!? LMAFO XD
Did you mean @Glacia: do you mean sora?
@Glacia: yes you are right i will kill daisy who will help me?ahhhhhhhhhhhh kill daisy, kill daisy!
@Glacia: lets kill daisy!
@prancyneem: but then Vay will be even sadder, and that dude is already more of a grump then the game grumps.
@Blitz Striker: yes you right but i think he should left daisy and love sora. i am just joking!
@prancyneem: Riot!!!!!!
@Marlows59: i think you want to tell me idiot. when sora will join the eevee group
I just noticed, Flare and Sora's ears are the same in the last panel.
all the more reason they should be a pair, that and there natures are both timid.
(if Sora's nature is not timid, then why does she act so timid.)
(i want those two shiped)
@Blitz Striker: We'll, you'll need an extremely courageous and handsome captain for this ship, won't you?
@Jack Sparrow: all of a sudden i just think of Blizz in a captains uniform sailing on a boat as he kneels on the bow.
@Blitz Striker: (Zoidberg voice) Why not Jack Sparrow?
Oh hey there.
Did anyone notice that Sora's eyes are blue in the third panel but purple in all the other ones? I wonder why...
a flareon with a collor .... OMG! *takes him* MINE MINE MINE MINE!
If Nobody was there to explain where she was, i would have assumed she was in heaven or something. Probably the latter.
@Pinkeevee222: where did Flame get the black collar?
@Thank you: The same place Daisy got her hat from.
@Pinkeevee222: And were did Daisy get her hat, Jesus, God, Satan, the trainer, a bush, MICHEL JACKSON?!?!??!
@Blitz Striker: Wait, Daisy seems to be a spy, Flame is in Unova Headquarters, which means there are more headquarters in other regions, like spy organizations, which have stations in different countries. Implying that Flame and Daisy could be spies, they could be from the same organization, or Daisy might have been a former member of said organization.
They got their hats and collars from the SEO! (Secret Eevee Organization)
Also, Flame hair style seems a bit similar to the Eevee in the previous comics's hair style.
So, the best known candidates for Sora's son are Vay, Oliver, and Flame.
@Pinkeevee222: sora is sky yay or nay I need to know
@Sucking Chest Wound: It all depends on you, man. Sora could be Sky, and Sora also could be Miku. Sora could also be Sora, or even a figment of Dusk's imagination. Just go with the flow, man~
. . . . -Hippie words of wisdom #69.5
@Pinkeevee222: soooooooooooo yay
So... @Pinkeevee222: I think that Sorra and Sky are the same mon but after no. 1134 left the lab, she fell in love with Dusk/Night
@Mnvg56: we know that much...but the eyes were puzzling me all day today.
@Blitz Striker: I just noticed that the espeon in aftermath also has light blue eyes
@superpikablu: and the eevee from story book has the same color of eyes as the espeon and Sora.
@Mnvg56 @Blitz Striker: Stupid auto correct. It was supposed to be Sora.
@Glacia: I feel ya... Autocorrect is just plain annoying sometimes.
@Wolfmist: ditto
@Wolfmist: Agreed.
@Glacia: I disabled Auto Butt
... Is this one of those situations where if you hit the walls, they fall over and reveal that Sora is in the lab again?
@Spice!: Such secret. Very sirprize. Wow.
@Guest: Who's Mnvg56?
@Blitz Striker: Seriously? that i think about it, Sora being alive might not be the best thing...especially now that she is with the main group...hum...
Awwwwww Sora is actually cute without her bow.
So Sora(sky) is looking for Vay and that eevee that probably is his son or daughter
@eeveeleo: Vay was born from harmony...
Sora was also born from harmony...
Sora would be looking for Oliver so she can find out what happened to her egg.
Wrapping my head around things: So from what I know, eevee's each have something different about them in appearance. this change is carried over in the eeveelution. with that in mind Sora, Night, Vay, Bolt and Flare and I think Dawn are all related through Harmony and Lem. however Dusk and Night look the same, and from what I know from Sora also smell the same. this means that Dusk and Night are the same eevee. How i don't know but I know they are in some way. This means that Dusk/Night will likely remember Sora. However Dusk says that he remembers Sky, who is likely Sora because of the blue eyes in this comic. And Sora gave Oliver and egg that likely contained Eve. so then who's the Espeon in the "aftermath" comic. From what I know Harmony sent dusk/Night and Sora/Sky to an eevee lab to have who knows that done to Dusk/Night, and Sora to have some kind of special power breaded out into more eevee's.
(that's all I know right now and holy crap this was long and took awhile of thinking before i could write it)
@Blitz Striker: I think the word you were looking for here was "wrapping" as opposed to "raping" which has a COMPLETELY different meaning.

Hope that the rest of your day is spent without awkward typos.
A MEANWHILE EXTRA!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a dream come true
@Sucking Chest Wound: also i stole the first comment from you once again, *evil laughter*
(i also comment on this comic way too much)
@Blitz Striker: hahaha I'm going to give you 1 more chance to lemme get first comment
@Sucking Chest Wound: I WILL DO NO SUCH THING *evil laugher* (just get up at 7 am every morning and check the page every 30 mins.)
@Blitz Striker: Alright so you will not concede first comment. I hope the rest of your days are filled with joy

mwaa hah haa mwa ha hhaaa haaaa haah
mwa ha ha
*cough *cough
@Sucking Chest Wound: *hands you cough drops* you might want these
The plot has thickened... This brings up more questions than answers
sora look pretty without her bows but i like bows. is that flame?
yes yes it is @prancyneem: just take a look in the other comments you might see,that it says Flame,(I'm with mari for some reason I ship them XD).
😅😅 Ok so I agree with most people on this comic saying that Sora is Sky for the blue eyes,however it all states to the matter of how Sora can transform from an espeon to a sylveon.Also take note that in the comic before “Storybook” you can see that the espeon is not a(wearing any bandages b(most likely not in unova and c( Sofa is in kalos or unova. I rest my case 😐😐 😆😅
@pokemonrules!!!!: well im not sure but i dont think that just because the Espeon has blue eyes that it makes him/her sky, after all the ears arnt the same has the eevee from storybook 1, were as sora's are.
@Blitz Striker: yeah I guess your right ^^ even so I really like the plot (also I was talking about a few family members that question me so much about Sora,Sky,Dusk,Night,etc. They give me headaches.
@pokemonrules!!!!: also my sister knows how to type.... it's the end of my life..... and I really need a new sword... (any idea where I can buy one?)
@pokemonrules!!!!: uuhhh who is sora, her name is sofa

you should get a dual lightaber
yeah I should @Sucking Chest Wound: I almost cut my sensei's hand in sword practice! I'm proud of it!
(p.s watch steven universe sworn to the sword,my fight was just like that except my friend had a sword and shield and no she's not a boy.) a lightaber/saber does not work well...... rest in peace lightaber(it broke! XD)
@pokemonrules!!!!: oh my sword is sharper and yes I do have a sheild and yes its just like roses but black with purple vines and a pink rose,everyone should get a sword and use it on your enemies! hahahhahahahhahahahah! cough cough 'cuse me!
@pokemonrules!!!!: Sofa.
owo flames is soooo cute. And you are SOOOOO good at covering up cliff hangers. X3
@pokemonrules Dude no offence but Sora is sky because you are forgetting that eevee eres and eye color changes after they evolve so that explains it and Vay is the one that sky is looking for because of the egg that bicame the eevee he is whit and explains why he is like that to the others but nice to deisy because he thinks that daisy is sky
@eeveeleo: dude Negos mother is a leafeon aka vays wife...he just likes daisy, because daisy is cute...i mean that just what i hear...ill see myself out
@eeveeleo: uh dude I didn't forget that the eye color changes when they evolve and uh seeing that the sylveon eyes changes from pink/purple to light blue to pink/purple I'm not having any different thoughts because last year when I started reading I always thought that Sofa (sorry) I mean Sora was Sky before I started reading the comments which confused me more. Ok a lot. Still looking forwards to it though
sora is eevee #58008 puts in calculator, flips upside down, finds something flareon enjoys.
@random 4: yah someone said that already.
Could this flareon is flame or an another flareon that works in this place or just a annoying flareon
Sora looks like a ghost!!!
*head exploded*
Flare is just like... "Yo."
I just noticed that Flame must have been sitting in that chair for hours starring at Sora's unconscious body...when you think about that for a second its kind of creepy...
(still want them shipped, DO IT)
A flareon which starring at a sleeping sylveon for hours hmmm I get it is a crazy flareon
I HAZ A THEORY In comic 42, Sora writes the S backwards, making it Zora. Could this mean Sora is a Zoura?
@Eeveemaster523: completely valid idea! Pinkeevee, make it into a comic. NOWZ. The ;3;
Bell: senpai luca where u go T-T o.o
@Eeveemaster523: 42 is the answer to everything. thats weird
How do you make those? Do u use a app? What app? Those are amazing.
@Vaporeonrox: Probably Pokemon Art Academy.
So done: ill be honest, I have tried so hard, so very hard to understand this whole comic, and I felt I was getting on to something, but then i read the ENTIRE ask blog from start to finish, and ive just giving up trying to understand it...thus us will not be posting anything else because thinking about it makes my head hurt so bad, im on Rexall 95% of the yeah I just quit... bye

Edit: Pinkeevee222 you are the first out of all the writers who's books I have read, who have been able to stump me so bad, i cant even predict what might happen next...GG WP just GG WP *kneels* your just too good.
@Blitz Striker: vay has a wife since when? (yelling)
Ive had bad experiences with shipping.
How did you put multiple tabs at the top? You have home, first comic, latest comic, archive characters... How did you insert those tabs?
@Sucking Chest Wound: um.....over kill much
@Pinkeevee222: I SHIP THEM AS WELL
@Pinkeevee222: wait so if you ship flare and sora then sora is a girl!!!
@Mean bean: yeah Sora is a girl....have you payed attention to the comic....when they said "shes awake"

Edit: I am in full support of this shipping
@Blitz Striker: remember pinkeevee said she doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl (cough cough read everything in this) cough cough cough cough cough
@nightmare206: then how can she have an egg...I know my Pokemon biology, and unless this doesn't count, only female eevee's can have eggs.
@Blitz Striker: daisy and I don't believe her and maybe maybe just maybe Sofa is a girl it depends on the next comics :)
:3 wow. My mind is overloaded. With stuff.
Daisy didn't hurt Sora. It was a different leafeon that did that. And honestly, I can't tell if Sora is alive or not...
@Shiny Eevee XD: It was all Daisy daisy daisy daisy and more daisy. Now can someone tell where this blood came? Its all over my sword.
im sure sora is alive. maybe, definitely -_-. a ZOMBIE!!
Comic 6... Eve asks Blizz about how she was born. But then he messes around and Eve says she'll ask One-chan (which i believe is dusk)
Does Dusk know how Eve was born..?
sylveon to eevee OMG SHES K TvT!
@Pinkeevee222: How the hell did Sora survive that? Or did she die and just come back to life or something?
neck thing @Pinkeevee222: is this how Vay lost the frill?

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