Brotherly love


June 20th, 2015, 11:30 am

Nego and Eve are the same age

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Dat leafeon Doh.
Pinkeevee222, June 20th, 2015, 11:30 am Reply
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FIRST COMMENT AGAIN I see were back to the old shenanigans like the start...this had me laughing for a while, Vay clearly doesn't like his hair getting ruffled
@Blitz Striker: How do you keep doing that also i guess second place isn't so bad
@superpikablu: I has no life....and i second sense when it comes to this comic
I also study patterns in the posting times...or maby im just spamming the refresh button every five minutes since 7:00am
@Blitz Striker: second
I remember getting noogies.... dark days.....
BTW, I would like to buy that fine art of leafeon plz
Lol! I luv your comics!
Noogies are the worst.
wut @Luigi_96: wut be noogies?
@eeveewolf: A noogie is when someone rubs their knuckles on your hair/scalp and it hurts like heck.
... @Luigi_96: ... poor vay...
I love how Vay slides backwards so easily, I would assume that takes a lot of skill
@Robotdroid: That, or she just got back from swiming, i mean, she is a vaporeon right
When will our backrond eevees be in the comic?
BLITZ STRIKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pm u bout suntin u dhud check dat...
I don't know why, and this is completely off topic of anything ever...but when i think about dusk...the image of him dawned in a black cloak, with his glowing yellow eyes, holding a golden crescent scythe, with a eclipsed moon in the back ground comes into my mind...NO IDEA what brought this on, but i think i need to stop watching so much anime...(stupid over active imagination)
@Blitz Striker: me too,......he's right behind me right? (takes sword out just in case)
@pokemonrules!!!!: while im more of a bow person, its nice to know some people think at least close to what I think
(bell fangirls) Bell: did luca make that• it so kawaii!! <3 (balls up on the floor and sqeals) <3 <3 <3
Nice Leafeon. ;)
@Pinkeevee222: Vay!!!
i think that the leafeon is draw on ms paint.
@Pinkeevee222: dat buggies tho
Book. Mwa ha ha!! <--- Totally random If you made a book with these, it would say on the cover: "Huggies" -Blizz and "Voted best of 2015" -NY Times
I wanna huggie
And happy fathers day.
OMG I LOVE THESE COMICS I ship Umbreon x the little girl eevee with the cute pink bow on her head -- and pink eyes i think. SO ADORABLE. either way these comics are the BEST THING EVER :D Also could one of my characters go into your comic? A Girl Glaceon, not like the other glaceon, but a glaceon named sunny that has a crush on a boy Leafeon named Crash, and Crash is a *Vaporeon that is super retarded like, kinda like Umbreon or the other Glaceon (not me). Please could you add these two characters? Thank you SO MUCH FOR READING THIS IM A HUGE FUN!! ^.^
@Sunny09661: OH YEAH and my glaceon named sunny acts quiet and kind of like vaporeon (the one already in your comic) but nice, just shy and blushes ALOT. xD
@Sunny09661: the eevee's name is eve with the pink bow -.-
Poor blizz all Hi wants is a hug. And Vay and Blizz are brothers?
I wonder if the grass is slippery...
why blizz want a hug?
NOT LAST COMMENT do not have seen that one coming
noogies are da best i like noogies random moment pink fluffy eevees danceing on rainbows
Wait -- Daisy likes Blizz, so doesn't Vay not really like Blizz? ( BTW Vay is my MOST FAVORITE CHARACTER he's funny, adorable, and awesome.) (Lol tell Vay I said that about him ^//.//^)
@Pinkeevee222: me and my cat XD
Get wreaked vay!!!!!!!! :P
lol my eevee my umbreon and flareon are the same lol random moment again umbre : help me !!!!
flare : get back here !!!!!!!!
lol my eevee #2 espe : fight fight fight
umbre: noooooooooooo !!!!!!!
flare: noogie noogie noogie !!!
purple: ugh I have no clue
espe : let me help flare
. both start running . umbre running faster .
lol my eevee #3 . umbre gets caught .
umbre: help purple any one
. a fennekin walks up to them .
flash : what da fudge
umbre : flash HELP
flash : flare get of him or I WILL get silly
flare : NEVER
flash : ok then SILLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
espe : flare your scrude
Question Hey, do you have facebook? If yes, would you make a page about these beautiful comics?
I never had problems with my 8 eevelations and eevee.

PS: help am not going to pay that many pizzas. "Seys while running and screaming for the house"
@Pinkeevee222: pleeeeaaase tell me how you make these amazing pics/comics/mangas!!! The're amazing!!!
@Vaporeonrox: magic?
I'd guess!
lol my eevees #4 . silly runs up to them .
silly: flare get off umbre NOW
umbre: he wont trust me !!!!!
espe: flare your on your own now
. espe runs away .
flare: nope nope nope
. silly chases flare .
I have never got a noogie before
Vay is such a boss he doesn't need to move his legs to walk&#128526;
lol this reminds me of when a youtuber said something about being slippery XD
10/10 leafeon (how does that apply to the comic?!? Either way 10/10)

P.S. I ship silveon and umbreon
leafeon so seriuos lol I hate getting noogies
@Pinkeevee222: that is so like my brother and me
I have never given nor received any noogies, but I understand they are embarrassing and occasionally a way of injuring somebody. Perhaps I should use one on a certain IDIOT in my class... Although wringing his neck may suffice... (wow I’m violent today)
I love this Blizz is now my favorite character yay

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