He went boom boom


June 27th, 2015, 10:01 am

Remember that they wear "pants"

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*childish giggling* .
Anyways, Does anyone want me to livestream making a comic or two? No? Okay...
Pinkeevee222, June 27th, 2015, 9:53 am Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:27 am Reply

Did I.... Get... First... Comment?


@Pinkeevee222: yes, live stream making a comic. And it better have my background eevee in it I want to shove it in all of theirs faces. Also take a video of yourself eating an ice cream sandwich
@Sucking Chest Wound: congrats you finally did it
@Pinkeevee222: Put Kenshi in the next comic!

Also, second comment!
@Pinkeevee222: Yes plz!
SHUT UP AND LEMME SEE YOUR JAZZ PAWS @theoverlord: haha michaels camping he can't see this
@errorcode404: Uhh obviously put Jazz in the next comic not Kenshi or both as long as Jazz makes an appearance
That was a shat wasnt it
@Dr.Wafflez: Yes. What does “boom boom” mean? Doody.
We've all been here, right? ...No? Just me?
@Pinkeevee222: a livestream would be a great idea!
@theoverlord: u jelly Jazz got past the judges
If that wasn't a fart.... What was it!?
@EEVEELOVER!!!: he shit his pants
no @EEVEELOVER!!!: that was poop!
@EEVEELOVER!!!: He pooped his pants. Get it, “he went boom-boom”? “Boom boom” is stool.
@Pinkeevee222: A livestream would be a g8 idea that I would r8 8/8 m8.

Rip Glaceon
dat would B so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!! 1!!!!!!!!!!
@errorcode404: Michael ain't blitz striker. He swears and I asked pink eevee who he was and mumble mumble...
@Sucking Chest Wound: who's Michael?
@theoverlord: I 100% AGREE
on the livestream
@Eeveemaster523: live stream... Of EATING AN ICECREAM SANDWICH
Everyone here seems to know what live stream is, but I don't!
He ate too many burritos!
Obviously. @MemoryCrushKing: Spicy BEAN burritos. Or “he drank the juice that just made his stool loose”!
What is a livestream?
I just caught up to where this comic is at and I love it. I love all of the characters and how you make them interact with each other, it's hilarious. You now have another fan XD. And a livestream would be great.
oi what jast happened
(if same one gets the rafrence ill be so happy)
@eeveeleo: demoman from team fortress 2
oh there gonna have to glue you back together, IN HELL
I feel like that is a CAH refference... "When you fart and a little bit comes out"

(love that game~~~)
@Pinkeevee222: a livestream would be very cool as it would be interesting to see how you make the comics
@Blitz Striker: and eating ice cream sandwich
What if it was stupid long eevee comics. That would be awesome.
@Pinkeevee222: you should play Patapon 2, not 1, not 3, but 2. Patapon 2 adds more content that the first one did not have while not deviating too much from the original game the way the third one does. Also, get the European version as it allows Debug Mode. This goes for everyone else.
So much Leafeon...
(btw, I'm gunna be moving accounts soon. Username will be: Jdburr
@Pinkeevee222: umm what's a live stream comic and also have you seen pinkeeveefan?
Waitwut. If it makes that sound and isnt a fart......its not a falling jigglypawf! Logic!
@Pinkeevee222: yea make a live stream, it would be really fun to watch the making of these comics
a livestream is kinda like seeing how a person draws or for gamers play with them. but no drawing with people, it doesn't work that way. for people who dont know.
Where did pinkeevee go. We need you!
I WANT A LOVE COMIC!!!! lolz I'm watching too many love movies take the book of life for example...... oh and i got a new sword that poor pup didn't see it coming..... anyways live stream seems like a good idea! I STILL WANT A LOVE COMIC!! I DON'T CARE IF ITS DUSKxEVE OR DAISYxBLIZZ I JUST WANT IT!!!! (hmmmmm maybe a sky comic.... oh! and I don't ship dusk and eve I ship dusk with sky. Puts cool glasses on.)
Yes, how about FlamexDawn, or BlizzxDaisy.
@MemoryCrushKing: uh it ain't flame x dawn, but flame x sora. Dawn has a BF named scull.
@Mnvg56: When you make a live video of yourself doing something, but the video is only available during that time period you're online
@Mnvg56: and you can basically interact with the person hosting the livestream
umbre is confident my umbreon is confident that espe and flare are better idiots then you umbreon and glaceon
You can't hide from it now blizz :P
Show us your feelings Blizz. We know.
leafeon what with all the leafeon pleas tell me
@leafon lover: Luca, Astro, Mari (pinkeevee222) and Star drew leafeons because Mari said that she's better at drawing than Star. Yeahhhh, she was wrong.
I can't tell which is which 😅😓🌹 @Pinkeevee222: wait which one was yours cuz I can't see which is whose and I really want a love comic,oh and what happened to the eevee named Izzy that had a crush on Vay? You know on comic #57 (i think) where Izzy fell and Vay recued her? and rose for u! 🌹
@Guest: This one was the one Mari drew. Astro drew the first one, Luca drew the second one, and Star drew the next one.
Izzy is in the PC, with the other girl eevees (Not including Eve). I was thinking about putting her in a comic, buuuuuut then I scrapped the whole chapter.
@Pinkeevee222: i hope you coment me some day.
@Pinkeevee222: astro drew the best leafeon
@Sucking Chest Wound: nah I knada like this one better... and hey where is the next comic? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(lol i just had to do that, I lost a bet ok!)
help anyone knows how to fix a alian spaceship in five minets and only using a roll of docktape and a bucket of lava
Cool @eeveeleo: hey you didnt do a long coment befor me nice going.
I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE YOUR COMIIIIIIIIIIIIICS @Pinkeevee222: pls do i want live,s time comics i just LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE your comic..........anyway what did bliz just do what did hedo what de hedo \○/
@Pinkeevee222: i do i voted like 1,000. times, i was bored today but this made my day XD
@theoverlord: just because she drew your eevee >:P besides she forgot the eyeliner

Also why would you give him a sassy nature
@Pinkeevee222: you should totaly do a streem and let us see your epic arts

i wonder if he pooed ... is it blue?
DJ Rainbow When is your next comic coming out???������� �������&#5 5357;�
@Pinkeevee222 how does blizz has pockets without wearing anything(this is things you never thought of)but really how??????
@thatguy: they wear clothes. This was explained many a time
....... Um......
@Spice!: uhh congraduations? Lol dat pun tho I'm going to high school next year aaaahhhhh
@Pinkeevee222: is AP hard cuz I'll be doing that
@Sucking Chest Wound: AP classes are very hard (unless you're really really smart). But, they are worth it, because you get college credits.
@Sucking Chest Wound: All Aps are designed to be challenging (unless you are a fluent speaker taking that ap class) as they are not high school curriculum but instead college ones. Having a good teacher is also critical to your success in Aps. The most important thing is working hard everyday in the AP classes as generally your grade reflects your ap score(generally A is 5, B4, C3 ) Most colleges require a 3 or a 4 on an ap test to accept ap credit. Also if one is struggling on said ap course it may not be wise to try and pass the ap test especially if it is something you want to major in because you are skipping a skill you haven't learned that you need to master for your degree. Keep in mind that ap and honors are different things. Another good
Thing about ap tests is they boost your gpa by a full letter grade
@Pinkeevee222 please do a livesteam with your comics.PLEASE!!
A livestream will never be done. (Reverse psychology) :) please do a livestream.
It git stuck again!!, I think that sense everyone is asking for a livetsream she's doing it so thats why its taking so lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg
ahh dang it my keys got stuck!
A live stream would be awesome! I've watched an artist draw live stream before, and it was really enjoyable! It would be better if it was in the late afternoon or evening, because then people that live in different parts of the world can view too! (OK, by different parts I kinda mean Europe, but still.)

Also... Um, the page itself.......
This is hilarious.
Just saying this now im gonna be gone for a few weeks...maby months i dont know...anyway im going to an animation camp in order to learn more about animating and how to do it. I'm going into my first year of highschool in september and one of the classes im takeing is animation and computer tech...might as well get a head start. this will be the last youll hear of me for a while, bye

Edit im not leaving till Thursday...so ill be here, just being less chatty
@Pinkeevee222: Hell yes! I'd like to see ya do it!
ps: i like you :3
Pls livestream. (I'm in Cuba right naow, where the internet is trash, but meh)
Dj Rainbow Do you have a deviant art acount?
I-I'm finished!
Ummm... For the last three comics [including this] you have drawn heading leafeons. Why?!?!?!?
LOL [Laughs] Now THAT is what I call high entertainment.
This is what i call getting cheap laughs.
why Why did he poop
My perspective on life is changed.
@Pinkeevee222: yassssss
um skin pokets...
@why: They wear pants~
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, tell him! Oh, that’s why dusk’s leg rings don’t show: they’re covered by his pants! AAAAAAAAAAND Blizz has freaking POCKETS!!! GLACEONS DONT HAVE SKIN POCKETS!!!
*Crying from laughter* I'M SO CHILDISH!
I know that feeling all to well.
Are those pockets on Blizz?

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