A Whateon?


July 4th, 2015, 9:05 am

You know, putting the last two comics right next to
each other was a bad idea, people are thinking Blizz
pooped out a missingno. I mean, if he did, I'd totally
make a comic of his reaction, buuut, he didn't.

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Because I put leafeon's on the first 4 comics of this chapter, why not have leafeons on all of them? This one is Fern. She is part of the same agency Daisy is in. All of the other eeveelutions have met her, and also, she's (censored)!
I put 2 new background eevees in the next comic, If you made a background eevee (that is on the master eevee list), and I never put him/her in a comic, please tell me, and they will be put in one of the next ones. (This doesn't count for the new ones)
Pinkeevee222, July 4th, 2015, 9:05 am Reply
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P.S. im Nightsahde9 I just forget to log in sometimes
@Guest: I look like I'm second even though I am clearly not
Third! Considering the ridicoulous amount of people that comment on this, that's pretty good?

(No first 4 u, Blitz Striker!)
Well Misingo (or whatever that thing is) came from gen 1 so it would only know the first three eeveelutions.
Fern is Nego's mom! I guessed right, didn't I?
@ShinySerperior: I dont know if it it counts for anything, but i agree with you.
@ShinySerperior: Well... It certainly sounds possible. Fern is a Leafeon, Daisy knows her (I think...?) and she is in some organization with Daisy. I don't think she's in the PC boxes, so we have Nego's mom.
@Pinkeevee222 : Do you have a twitch account?
@Marlows59: Yup! But, I never use it for anything.
Hi, I'm kind of new around here, my friend told me that this was a good comic. seems like hes right, anything I should know about it?
@Nightshade9: Not really, oh, but here is the ask blog:
@Pinkeevee222: k great thanks ^.^
@Pinkeevee222: Dang, I should refresh my page before I comment.
@Nightshade9: Not much, except for the stuff on the home page. Make sure you read all the comics. There's pretty heavy details in there that just blow any theory you might have about any character apart.
Theories... Theories everywhere...
pinkeevee222: rien sur le livestream comme sa va être à 10h00 à droite? ainsi im va être dans un parti quinzaine d'anniversaire, une mascarade qui sait?, est ce que ça va être à ce moment-cuz thats quand il se termine(nothing on the livestream like its going to be at 10:00 right? so im going to be in a fifteen birthday party, a masquerade who knows ?, is it going to be at that time cuz thats when it ends) p.s I love français, je ne peux pas l'aider !! Aimez vous les bandes dessinées et les pauvres blizz il devenir fou! (I love french I can't help it!! Love you comics and poor blizz he getting mad!)
Trollololololol missingno oh and #blizz is a vaporeon
18 DA BIG 18TH
yay! 20th!!!
21st even though I commented earlier. TWENIE WYON
Missingno more like missing brain am I right
@Luigi_96: Come on dude, it's a "gen wunner", it doesn't know any pokemon outside of the ones that matter!
@XlvMckaydvlX: the truth in that statement...is un-matched
So I decided to start watching Attack on Titan...

EDIT: Done seasone one!
@Sucking Chest Wound: and how do you feel about it....because ive watched it
@Nightshade9: I feel... Yes.
Levi is the best
nice research its true that vap was the pokemon that was used for ice in gen 1
Dj Rainbow Lol
Dj Rainbow Oh and happy fireworks day! (4 of July)
Header I swear I saw that collar on Vay in the ask blog once. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
@Wolfy: You did! Both Vay and Flame have collars like that, but, they are both blueish.
@Pinkeevee222: H4PPY 4th OF JULY!!
pinkeevee222 why you have put leafeon on 4 comics? did you like to draw it? or something else?
@prancyneem: I'm fairly certain it was done for the sake of continuity - she's already done it for every page so far this chapter, so she may as well continue to do so until the end of it.
@XlvMckaydvlX: thank you!bro
my glaceon can help icy: if you say that were vaporeons again i swear to arceuce i will get 24 of my friend and smash you missing no ( i have 24 pokemon :3 )
for god sake That Missingno is in pokemon red blue and green but did you know in pokemon x and y you can see him.....i mean it in one of the shops in lomeocity........................... im 9 years old :3
pls By the way pls dont make leafeon kill eevees eney more :1
YAY 37!!!
what da fudge flash resh : flash what are you doing
. resh the resheram .
.flash is holding a flamethrower gun.
flash : nothing
resh : why do ya have that flamethrower
. flash points at missing no .
resh : ohhhhhh
. icy joins .
icy : KILL IT
leader interfears umbre: NO JUST NO
. all do sad face .
umbre : nope nope nope nope nope nope
flash : run AWAY

is what i would say, if i wasnt still in camp on my two hour break...which comes once a week on Sunday between 1 PM to 3 PM

Edit: also i see jack (nightsahde9) finally decided to read this comic
well i have to go back to learning how to animate and do voice overs, bye all...see you next sunday
@Blitz Striker: welcome back (says with open arms and explosive around the waist)
Oh btw if anyone was wondering, Blitz will be back roughly sometime in the first week of August. That's what he told me anyway, might be back earlyer or later, who knows.
Pinkeevee, do you think you'll ever do a comic that mentions Lavender Town? I can see the Eeveelutions sitting around a fire telling Lavender Town stories, and then a horde of Jigglypuff attack.
I can't believe how nice the people here are, or at least passive, unlike other places like YouTube where the people have tourettes

Also I want this, I NEED this
https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/193096145/new-attack-on-titan-shingeki-no-kyojin?ref=mar ket
I am back from the dead!!! :D also, nova needs a nap, so I can't talk. bbt?
Nova: (calls from another room) mommy! Come tuck me in!!!
Lilana: coming! Ugh. Cya.
run away @pinkeeveefan: ahhhhhh its a zumbie (runs from the house yeling)
eeveeleo: (trips eeveeleo and run)can't catch me!!! Lolololololololololol
aw man... I'm late... *makes gross sobbing noises*
RUN AWAY flash : so please can i
umbre : NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. flash gets sylve and she uses moon blast .
. dodges .
flash : uh oh
sylve : RUN AWAY
umbre : get here NOW
help does anyone know how to get rid of anesthesia?
It just can't understand that he's a glaceon and not a vaporean, that's hilarious XD.
@Jennifer626: gen-one'rs in a nutshell
Ha ha ha this made me giggle so much xD Missingno you troll ^^
I have a classmate named Fern! Who looks kind of like that, too!
I think that the missingo is confused because the only eeveelutions in his games were Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon, so it only knows those three, therefore can only identify Blizz as a vaporeon.
@EvanatheEspeon: I agre I was thinking that too
@Anonyvee: Yea...Well, ima go back to FNAF plush collecting.
Mangle Plush: LIKE MEEEEEEE!!!
Cool it Mangle.
Mangle Plush: Fine...
Fern The Leafeon I has a oc that is a Leafeon named fern!!
My name is actually SakuratheEspeon
@Pinkeevee222: What is the censored? (Pervert flaareon)
leafeon so seriuos hi who are you?
@Pinkeevee222: PINK EEVEE PLS DO NOT EVER SHOVE THAT CUTE FERN INTO MAH FACE *nosebleeds and faints* too cute...
@Pinkeevee222: the leafeon is wayyyy too cute *faints*

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