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July 11th, 2015, 11:30 am

Why is 7/14 so important? Well, it's Bastille day! 
(and my birthday, but no one cares about that)
Who wants to burn some prisons to the ground?

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You know, I could have made the last panel funny, but, then, I made it mysterious...ish instead. I have no idea why.
I feel like this whole chapter is a filler, and it's bugging me.
Oh yeah! Do you guys want to see what happens to Sora next, or something about Eve, Oliver, and LKD for the next 'meanwhile'? I'll be counting the votes, so comment below! (Whatever 'Meanwhile' you didn't choose will become the 'Meanwhile' for the next chapter)
Pinkeevee222, July 11th, 2015, 11:30 am Reply
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First comment!
and happy-almost birthday :)
SORA, something about SORA
@errorcode404: Gg Aish

On another note...

Sied iher das Essen? Nein, wir sind der J├Ąger!

Our names won't be remembered If we die like trampled flowers. I refuse to be forgotten Written off as less than worthless,

Scream and cry But none will hear you. Plead and beg But none will help you. You no longer live as cattle Will you rise and join the battle? There are beings that live off of fears,

And their words are like knives As they play with our lives!They'll try to control you As if they own you,

Will you let them steal your freedom?! Channel the anger swelling inside you!

Fighting the boundary 'till you break through. Deep in your soul there's no hesitation! So make yourself the one they ALL FEAR!!!!

There is a wild fire inside you! Burning desire you can't extinguish. Your crimson arrow Rips through the twilight, This is the moment for war!!
@Sucking Chest Wound: *applues* very nice wording
SECOND!!! ...FATALITY!!! AND GLACEON IS DOWN!!!!! and with that, missingno will move to the finals and fight with random-obscure-glitch-blob-found-near-Cinnabar!
SORA please, PLEASE something with SORA!!!! Also, THIRD! YEAH!!!
That was kind of expected with Blizz.

Oh and I vote for eve, Oliver and LKD
whe haven't seen those guys for a while
im here but I had a long day ill explain later *collapses*
Ah, the great storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. what a great day. Glaceon as well still getting rekted by Missingno

I would love to see Eve, Oliver and LKD
Eve, Oliver and LKD. I kinda miss those guys :(
SORA. SORA. Please? :)
@Pinkeevee222: I would like to know what happened to Sora
Sora - I want to put to rest what exactly her relationship is in regards to everyone else and the story.
Well, I AM curiouse to know what will happen to Sora... So, Sora :3
I know sora is an eevee but if anyone's knows what kingdom hearts is that's the sora I keep thinking of.
@MemoryCrushKing: kingdom hearts FTW
I say eve Oliver and LKD
Missing no wins,FATALITY oh and something about sora plz
@derpyman: hey, stop stealing my idea!!!
Eve, oliver, And LKD Pls!
Oh god now it see's him as a jolteon, and I think a page of what happened with Sora would work.
Please continue Sora's story!!!
@Pinkeevee222: can you do eve
@Pinkeevee222: W3LL YOU SHOULD DO 3V3(well you should do eve
stop missino its geting old fast
hey guys im back early from camp reasons why: on Wednesday it rained non stop for five hours and my cabin got flooded, then we heard reports of bears in the area, and I mean like 6 or 7 BIG black bears, then during Friday when we were able to get back to our lessons, but...the rain messed everything up and most of the tech was ruined, with all my cloths basically soaked, my parents picked me up and we yeah fun times cut very short.
I vote Eve, Oliver, and LKD.
I forgot the comic updated today I'm so pathetic
I've been reading too much of the AoT manga... Don't worry I finished it now it's ok
Pls Sora! I really wonder what did happen to her...
@Pinkeevee222:Tina happy birthday to you! if i could give you a gift. why you have given the dolls at last panel?what is related to it? and please give the next comic sora.
Could you imagine if pokemon was real. Let that sink in, eevees and are real. But i want a pichu, their small and adorable and I want one. Btw, why am I still up?
@MemoryCrushKing:i have already imagine that i have a sylveon , emolga ,umbreon, charlizard, etc
tough choice it's a hard choice between relatibility or more story plot. oliver or sora? well we all know oliver is the real main character and his antics are alwaysfunny to watch so more oliver! :D

p.s. that person above me. pfft, what are they stiil doin up? look at the time my comment was posted.
Sora please because sylveons are my favorite
First Yay I got first comment! LOOOOOOL
(Air horn noises)
@Guest: (and darude dankstorm)
bai. :l I'm leaving the comment section guys. I still read and love this comic and its small fandom, but im just not feeling... Chatty lately. But don't worry, I'm not abandoning you guys. But I'll probably only check in once a comic. :P
Bell: I miss Luca. :(
IM ON WIKI @Pinkeevee222: anything funny or mysterious vote me for the both of them i can't choose TuT so yeah My clan is on wiki lol my leader is freaking out she's fluffykittenkat in animal jam and idk wat on instagram sowwie
Was next pinkeevee
um....ik this will sound weird but, WHAT IS THIS ANIMAL JAM PEOPLE KEEP TALKING ABOUT?!?!
I looked at the ad for it and it doesn't tell me anything...what the heck do you do in it?
@Blitz Striker: it's basically a game site, where as a non-member, or free player, you can play as a variety of animals, get clothes for them, and its a huge RP site. I'm a member on it, (woo) so i get a bunch of free cool items, and even more choices on which animal I want to be. If you made an account, you can add me, my user is Chimy19
Lol same user as this account
@chimy19: well i tried it for about an hour but...i found not being able to create any name you want to be frustrating...and there wasn't many animals to choose from, plus you cant change the color of not being able to get back to that same animal without being a member is frustrating...and the memberships cost a bit much for what there giving you...all in all not my type of game but i can see why people like it.
VOTES VOTES VOTES @Blitz Striker: sorry bout that, don't do it if you dont want to,lol im trolling everyone in aj Ha ha I made a list of votes for sora and eve results:(drumroll of drums and a guitar lol )

44-eve & 88- sora (sowwie eve i have a ton of friends and i just watched the new steven universe and gravity falls ) LOVE YOU SARDONYX (but why are u such a salty -censored- pearl in this episode!!!!!) your welcome pinkeevee
@theoverlord: Bastille day
Does anyone play YU-GI-OH. I dooos :P like dueling and stuff
Who plays little big planet. I may be a teen but I has a child mind. It's great. Btw my name is my gamer tag, lbp community yay!
In the 2nd panel just change him to yellow and... He's a jolteon now.
Moon Moon. I still feel bad about that wolf name. Plus 4am on the dot
Sora! Pleeease!
Eve, Oliver, and LKD. We haven't much of them recently.
run for cover (thows a grenade messingno)
@eeveeleo: I hate being this guy, but pleas check your hurts me
@Blitz Striker: well excuse me princess I was trying to get red of the missingno
@eeveeleo: THE MEME HAS SPREAD! *jumps out of window*
@Glacia: no dont jump
A while ago you said you wanted to give Blizz some character development. Is this his character development?
@Yuvalis: Nope. Far from it. You'd know when it comes, because it's so dramatic. Vay is involved.
This is one of the greatest comics ever XD.
I read them over and over because they never get old. I think you should do more on eve and Oliver , because there really funny. Thanks for making the comics.
@Rockey the umbreon: p.s. I never have committed on any thing before, but this is so amazing that I most comment on these more often.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait, is that red text, words of an unknown character? Or is it just me being color blind again?
@chimy19: Nope, This character has appeared in the comic before
more and more votes @Pinkeevee222: hmm hmmm hmmm! oh yeah here are some votes from me friends right now
results:(drumroll and a guitar )

88-eve,etc. 199-sora ((poor eve she's gonna be gloomy now T-T (don't worry about it))) your welcome and i love you steven universe and ur comics pinkeevee
In missingno's defense, Jolteon is super fluffy.
WAIT! I feel like the red text is that mystery Eevee that only Sora could calm down, the one with the egg. He might have had abilities like Sora's. But that's a big maybe. Also more Sora!
silly : really missinno you going to mess with the torous
Bastille Day Today the French storm the Bastille Prison! Well they did that in the 1780's. Well, down with King Louis and Queen Marie!
You said in the alt-text that it's your birthday today ? (7/14) If so, Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday pinkeevee222
@Pinkeevee222: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND NOW WE WANT SOME GOOD COMIC AND CAKE(electric guitar solo) HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3( I saw the comic con of adventure time and steven universe,I love the extended intro much better,but too many girly screams from boys when they saw garnet sing,lol and girls screamed too.and uh,nope same votes from me friends)
@Pinkeevee222: happy birthday Tina!!!
Happy b-day I didn't know it was Tina's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for slaving over these comics for us.
Tee hee hee
@Guest: what's so funny
I claim this as my birthday present.
*Slowly grabvs and walks away*
I know I'm late, but happy birthday. Yours is 3 days away from mine. <;)
Y'know when I read the part about Toy Leafeon, I almost read it as Toy Freddy. Dunno why. Maybe it's the FNAF getting to my head...
@Pinkeevee222: SOMETHING ABOUT SORA!!!
sylveon x lefeon omg cute
@Pinkeevee222: I guess im the only one who noticed the text from the plush sylveon changed from pink to redish pink?
if i were glaceon i would shoot an ice beam at missingno and it would hlp since uhh.. how come? oh yeah! in sun and moon, vaporen cant learn ice beam
or point out that neither a jolteon nor a shiny jolteon is blue and that vaporeon cant do that
@Pinkeevee222: nice one there toy leafeon HAH wait nooooooooooooo*faints* too cute

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