He also went boom boom


July 15th, 2015, 12:23 am

To thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and stuff, I'm uploading this early!
Thank you!
(Also, if you're a guest, can you please get an account and +fav the comic? ... No?... *ugly sobs*)

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You see that leafeon in the header? He is from my Zeon's quest series that's on hiatus, and, he's 10 times more grumpier than Vay. And that's saying something *whispers* *He gots problems*
Anyways, if you want, you can read it, but, it's really dark, like, if you think the Daisy and Sora thing was dark, then... don't read it. Really.
... I instantly regret putting that link up.
Also, How could you guys pick Sora over Eve? There is absolutely no plot occurring in the next meanwhile with Sora in it, so, I wanted to put something else up, something that actually had to do with the plot, to make up for this filler, but, nope, (mostly) everyone wants Sora TT_TT. Oh well. I tried. I really don't want to lose more fans...
Pinkeevee222, July 15th, 2015, 12:23 am Reply
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yay! i am first!it's my first time to be the first!
@prancyneem: Sorry to take it from others but I've never done this, so I need to do it... Ehehehehe...
*Insert Troll Face here*
@chimy19: ok loser you can be the 2nd, but i will the first!
fantastic comic!dusk is a mad so the missingo used Self-Destruct or the missingo came from kanto league so he don't know what is umbreon.
Hm. I wonder what is in the book Flame is holding. Also, can't believe there is a comic this early in the morning (2:52 am).
@Nad235: i think it's a story book
@prancyneem: I meant what was tucked inside the book.
@Nad235: Pretty sure its corn
@Nad235: pink paper or playpoke magazine i think
Yay 5th person to comment . Also great comic. I will also check out your other comic.
It's not a comic @Rockey the umbreon: your other comic is actually a story. It's still amazing though.
Umbreons face is priceless XD .
finally finally he exploded. rest in pieces
reference kaboom
@eeveeleo: TF2, also you have to read ^ that in a Scottish accent or its not a funny
I can't believe Missingno is dead.
IF YOU DARE!! lol 😝😉😀😆😅 leafeons are great!! btw my friends that voted for sora were like screaming so loud,anywho guess wat i have no idea why i watched the new ruby and sapphire episode from steven universe,its too much for me to handle. AND WAT IS WRONG WITH YOU REBBECA!!!????? THEY ARE NOT ALL GIRLS!!! U SAY THAT THEY ARE GENDERLESS!! BUT THEY SAY SHE!!!! SHE?!?!?! IT SHOULD BE A BOY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! -breaks a brick with bare hand- -deep breath- i am calm now,love you pinkeevee just needed to get that out of my system.(i loved the video its the wiki page that bugs me,watch the ending clip on “The World Of Steven Universe” on youtube,if you dare!! (its soooooo beautiful!!! and weirdly cute ) don't judge me and me friend! if u do u gonna make Zakoda cry )) oh and for sora everyone was happy that sora got picked!! XD love you all!! Zakoda doesn't comment cuz she is in Miami and i am still in Nicaragua,((this is just me )).:3
You know, it's kind of funny, I actually read Zeon's Quest a little under a year ago. I remember the writing was better than a lot of the garbage that gets posted on that site. I also remember that the plot was almost as confusing as this one, but it'd still be nice to see you get around to finishing it some day. If nothing else, it was an interesting read even if a lot of stuff hadn't been fully explained yet.
@Pinkeevee222: nooooo I wanted Eve ;-;
I agree the eve and Oliver parts are some of my favorite comic strips
@Jdburr: sorry meant to be just a comment,but still LEAFEONS ARE GREAT!!! (victory screech)
Hahahahaha it blew up, guess it couldn't handle umbreon data.
@Jennifer626: It couldn't handle Gen2 data but it handled Gen4 data...
THE REWARD IS ....... AWESOME DIVIANTART ACCOUNTS THAT I THINK YOU SHOULD READ(don't judge me im just bored) fill in the blanks:
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-thx for playing whoever submits first gets the link and another prize of your choice lol im not making any promises ty-( the links if I can't get them you get names as hints ty)
Missingno was like Little Mac in Sm4sh trying ti do platforming
Why is Flare reading a book about Peace and Love?
tbh I don't know either.
Maybe he's got deep issues he's trying to resolve. Or its a fake cover and its not a peace and love book. ;) if you know what I mean.
Does anyone watch Steven universe?
@MemoryCrushKing: me i see
@MemoryCrushKing: me im watching episodes that haven't even come out yet lol
@Pinkeevee222: how can MissingNo. use selfdestruct? It's not in his movepool!
@Yuvalis: *shrugs* I don't know. Maybe he's half creeper.
How did a missingno get into a 4th gen game in the first place? That is what you should be asking.
@Pinkeevee222: he blew up because he couldn't identify umbreon with any Pokemon in his time period.
@Pinkeevee222: it's 4th gen? I thought it was 6th gen caz Sora is a sylveon...
HAH no one knows what dusk is hes in a group all his own ^^
Why didn't he blow up wen he saw glaceon
@eeveeleo: Well, Ice type pokemon have been in the pokemon games since generation 1, while Dark type pokemon were introduced in generation 2.
The same thing would have happened if missingno saw a sylveon.
@Pinkeevee222: OK but I already knew that.
Thanks for the explanation dow
glaceon uesd dusk its super effective
missingno used self-destruct it missed
Jolteon and flareon: Wut?
sorry i haven't been commenting much *yawns*, ive been trying to beat terramorphose in borderlands 2, solo as zero....ive been grinding for three days straight to get to a high enough level to kill him....*yawns* better get back to it...*face desk*
Good he exploded icy: YAY HE GONE
umbre : dusk your an idiot
. umbre pushes icy over and runs away quickly .
umbre :NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry ( so sorry icy ment grrrrrrr get back here also I'm using my tablet to type so that's why it failed )
Pppht, it's obviously Derpeon, the Derp type Eeveelution.
Wait, fanfiction.net? *Awkwardly kicks feet* I prefer chooseyourstory...
Zeons quest Are you ever going to finish that Zeons quest, if so, when are you going to update it?
@Im here for the poptarts: I honestly have no idea. the only way I might have the motivation to write more of it is if people show interest in it.
@Pinkeevee222: im showing interest, like alot!
@Pinkeevee222: Looks like a great story. Needs more oliver though :P
@Pinkeevee222: i will read your book for sure
@Pinkeevee222: Zeons quest is pretty good, defenetly the kind of thing i read most of the time...got to about chapter 4 then called it a day, and yeah, its a lot darker then this story.
Hmmm... then I think I'll juuuuust- *clicks* OHHHH DA HOORRRAAAR! D: NOOOOOOOES! *faints on the floor*

...Heh heh, nah I'm just kidding ^^ I'll be happy to read Zeon's quest xD
interest livels more stuped short eevee comics please with sugar on top
Good job! Wow. A friend of mine told me about this and well, i kinda read the entire comic in a day @.@ sooo tired but its just too good! Love this soo much rated 11/10 (Ps cant Wait for the next comic! Shd probably sleep doe)
@NotAShinyUmbreon: cool we have a new member.
welcome to the club
@NotAShinyUmbreon:I welcome you as well and hope you know about the ask blog wherein some information lies.
Welcome new person.
LOOK IN WIKI Hey you guys go to wiki and search for ku it means sora which means SKY!! Did u know about this pinkeevee222?! If you did nice trick if not im watching you girl!! :-| =:O >:) This girl rests her case!
@pokemonrules!!!!: I did know this, that is why Sora's name is Sora.
@Pinkeevee222: like i said before,Nice trick. Also on tumbler or wat ever it says Sky is a boy.Im freaking out still though,Sky and Sora are the same so ppl who guessed it were right. Congrats. Great now im back to writing my own book. ands im using Sora as a main character. TuT i feel proud now
@pokemonrules!!!!: OMG, tina your a genius for thinkig up xora/sky thing
@rockey the umbreon: 1-i am nit Tina. Nor will it be my real name! Called me Yuki. I always liked that nickname.2-And thx i guess. (kay i am not liking my warrior cats clan.Its too MUCH!! Too many names!!! OH why T-T)
@pokemonrules!!!!: i love the warrior cat seres i spent over two hundred dollsrs on the ebooks
Riolustar @rockey the umbreon: I like warrior cats too
You missed an opportunity for a joke -.-'

There's a glitch that allows gen II exclusive Pokemon to enter gen I games (called the Time Capsule Exploit or Celebi Glitch). Although, the Pokemon that gets transferred becomes a Glitch Pokemon.
You could have had Missingno call him Glitch (EC)
@Guest: ...? Where's the joke?
I understand why missingno blew up when he saw Dusk and his "Derp"ing face
I know why Missing.no did that. Umbreon isn't in the generation 1 games like missing.no is so he only knows Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. That is also why he keeps calling Blizz a Vaporeon
@Pinkeevee222: i tried to read it but if i had read the whole thing i would no longer be sane by now.
It also doent know what a in brain was either
The Stupidy On Dusk Was Over 9000!!!
@Pinkeevee222: sweet a new comic meow~
Missingno:too derp. self destruct automatically activated
In the panels bolt was sad flame was sad and dusk was....... .......[DIAMOND EEVEE USED EXPLODING DIAMONDS

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