Lets follow those eevees now!


July 18th, 2015, 11:25 am

Did anyone notice that facebook like/share button on the top of every comic page? Yeah, me neither.

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The next comic will have only background eevees in it! Background eevees: Sparkles, Frost, & Ali.

(I know someone will be confused about the second panel, if you are, then (-_-") you're on your own.)
Pinkeevee222, July 18th, 2015, 11:20 am Reply
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ATTENTION! The stupid short eevee comic fandub is looking for voice actors! If you want to audition, go here ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JunF-gjtQ_8
Pinkeevee222, July 20th, 2015, 2:38 pm Reply

HA HA HA HA HA! I got first comment! I'm going to get first comment on the 100th comic! HA HA HA HA HA!
@AwesomeEevee360: Hate to burst your bubble but comic #100 has already being made and I got first comment on it
@MinecraftMinun: No, this is comic #98.
Bell: 0w0 [fangirls] yaaay! <3 @AwesomeEevee360:
Bell: ur back!! ;3;
@AwesomeEevee360: hey its comic 112 not what u said
@AwesomeEevee360: obviously some ppl have reading problems am I right? They think this is comic #112 obviously it's 98 can't they read headers? But alas, they are also correct as you will not get 1st comment, but I
@AwesomeEevee360: well it's pretty messed up but that comic 100 has already passed I think idk tell Pinkeevee!
@Guest: Actually, it didn't pass.
All comics without headers don't count as a comic in that chapter. All of the comics without headers instead are counted as bonus comics, unless said otherwise.
@AwesomeEevee360: never i will get it :/
The closest I've ever been to getting first comment. ._.
I'm excited for the next comic though because side characters are sometimes better then the main characters
Hahaha!! It literally left a creator!! Genwunner indeed.
Dusk, swearing on your mother's grave doesn't mean much if she's alive.
Omg 4 th comment this time also this comic is awesome
Where are you going, little ones?
oh my gosh, maybe the eevees are finally going to find the bells!! Oh can you do an autumn Leafeon next?!? PLEASE!!?!
wait is it Saturday? ive lost track of the week....too many slaughtered bandits and Hyperion robots. I think i need to stop grinding for a while...*goes back to borderlands 2* eh maby later
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for putting my eevees in :D
(Sorry I didnt get far with Eevees and portal guns, I have so much work to prepare for high school... Ugh.)
Wat . umbre watches fight.
icy : err I DIDN'T DO IT
.runs away .
not sure if anyone cares, but the photo i have on right now is not blitz, its and eevee i created called Tech
again im sure no one cares
@Blitz Striker: cool eevee
dont blame dusk he didn't do anything
it was his typing
@Mnvg56: it doesnt work
I can't tell if this is Blizz's fault or Dusk's fault
@Marlows59: its nobadys fault
All of those eevees have leaves on their heads. Wow you must really love leafeons
@NotAShinyUmbreon: no thoese eevees are from a preveous comic where flare tells them he wants help looking for collars, ps tgey are requested background eevees
@rockey the umbreon: Oh ok then. Still a bit new to SSEC
@NotAShinyUmbreon: dont worry , im not new and i fidnt regonize them at first either xD.
@Guest: I would love to see five nights at freddy's comic too I hope you do it
@nyan cat eevee : nope wont do it shes afraid of many things. Check out tumblr and you will see my proof.
@Mnvg56: holy swiss chesse i know, remember , and have that.
this might be out of place but, who here are bronys?
@Blitz Striker: what are bronies
what? @Pinkeevee222: what did dusk do?
mlp I'm a pegasista still the same thing but I'm a girl
okie im yuki with good news and bad news. Ok first of all whoever guesses about Sora being Sky was correct! I think dunno. Bad news i guess -shrugs-.- Okie check out tumblr and see that sky is a boy..... we can't shil sora with flame or can we?????? i dunno up to the writer ok everybody Goodnight This Has Been Pokemon News!! XD X3 -3-
@Blitz Striker: i lookef it up and you shpuld feel no shame. Im like the only kid who likes oojemon in my toen and my parents love to put shame on my liking of it. :/
@Pinkeevee222: i always get everything. And I love the spring leafeon atleast i got the guess right. Ok i guess wat u were gonna draw for the header. Oh and uh wat was it...... oh yeah. Message from meh. I have a Sora and Dusk in my book.... that i started before you posted the sora comic -sobs from laughter- imma go crawl in a ball now. -Yuki leaves room- S:oh great now who's gonna type! Dusk: sighs, she'll get over it...i hope.....
pinkeevee222 Please keep drawing the leafeon headers because thier anazing
@rockey the umbreon: agreed
leaving for va-ca: I should probably let everyone know about this now...im leaving on Saturday for two weeks-ish to go up to my cottage with my mom, ill be back the on either a Thursday or Saturday depending on the weather...the reason this matters now is because I have a few quotas to fill in one of my games...and I have to fill two weeks worth of legendary gear in under a week...Ill be grinding out these items or at least 14-17 hours of the day non stop...so if i ever get up tight about something when im on, just know i will only be getting 4 hours of sleep at night.
Edit: my fingers hurt
Can I Hug Vay?? Sunny the Glaceon(female shiny): Vay is my favorite!! Even though he appears to be grumpy, its probably because he doesn't want to talk to anyone that much. But I understand him! I wish I can hug him to make him happier, I wish I could do anything for Vay... Can I hug him!?
If you hug him he might hit you, very hard. It's sad but that's the life he chose. And we love him for it. O.o don't tell him I said that. *runs away*.
True, true... @MemoryCrushKing: Sunny: Yeah, sadly that's pretty true... I wish I still could hug him though XD Even if he would slap me in my sleep or something idc lol! He deserves kindness every now and then... :P
Damn only background eevees. Wonder what she's up to with that comic. Hmmmm
Michael bay says MORE EXPLOSIONS. XD
Its not dusks fault, bliss showed missingno dusk andasked who he was.
A parody In honor of eeveelutions and this comic's creator I have made an Eeveelution parody of a song

(oh oh hey pinkeevee you should draw a leafeon in all 4 sesons ^^ that would be an intresting page thing)

... either some one went boom boom again orrrrr some mon is dead and got desintagrated er something HARD to tell with this lot
@someone you know: HOPEFULLY NO ONE GUESSES WHO I AM &#128561; &#128517; &#128563;
Does anyone play dragon mania legends?
whoops Apparently I wasn't supposed to post the comment(edited it away)
Does any one live in Mississippi.
where is the next page
The next page is more than likely tomorrow since its tuesday or Friday but rarely has a comic been Monday or today.
Btw this is just a question for Mari, any chance of posting Saturdays comic a bit early in the morning because im leaving at 10:00am, if so i would be very happy because then i wont be pacing the island thinking about what happens next, heh heh, i have problems
@Blitz Striker: Eh? Okay.
It's great people are obsessed with your comic. It's great.
@MemoryCrushKing: i should feel ashamed but i im so obsessed with this comic. Instead i feel overly proud of this trait. #mental problems p.s.i do not understand the purpoes of hhash tags
@rockey the umbreon: I don't get # either like wth does #yolo MEAN.
isnt it lovely that every one is reading mari's comic in the middle of the nigjt. I dont know why the hell im telling yall this but i have this problem whereni get completly obsessed with one thing and i only give a damn for that one thing intill i get over it. My excuse, ha ha you dont have problems -goes to sit undrr a gloom cloud
I dont always get first comment on my faborite comic but i always get last comment. # forever alone
I want to follow thoes eevees now but it is impossible dince there is no other comic yet XD
I have a creepy name but its a YU-GI-OH card. Look it up.
Can you tell me why i have no friends?
@rockey the umbreon: and dont say its because i homeschool cause i had no friends at school
@rockey the umbreon: Have you tried talkin to someone? My best friend I met first when I had asked him where the bathroom was xD
Didn't know who he was then
Thanks that would help if their were people swith simular interest to me in my area
Does anyone stay up all night watching youtube videos
@rockey the umbreon: i do too
@rockey the umbreon: I watch youtube videos all night, usually to early in the morning.
@Guest: this is for every one either too young or do not like that game: NOOOO!!! PLEASE PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!!!..... Seriously, please don't.
@someone you know: no
Fandub What is this fandub thing?
I like the comic I can give it 5 star
But am just a kid

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