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July 22nd, 2015, 1:00 pm

For some reason, people try to add me to skype, and I have no clue who they are. I guess that's my fault for making my skype name so easy to guess.

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♪ Under the tree, under the tree ♪ background eevees from order of appearance:
Tempest, Christian, Chill, Frost, Sparkles, Ali, Archie, Maxie.
Pinkeevee222, July 22nd, 2015, 12:56 pm Reply
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First comment!
@Nad235: second
well im half responsible for both Vay and Night being unable to have questions asked to them....woops....I will take my shame and beatings like a man.
Edit: #needtowatchwhatIsay
Who is night? A mystery XD
@Jennifer626: read the ask blog.
Good luck finding those bells you three eevees, shouldn't they just ask flareon something about the bells? eh whatevs
also 7TH and 8TH!!! :3
7th User! yah, bisharp. '3'
Well they certainly don't give up I'll give them that.
*comes out of dark corner* you do realize if you whine about people you dont know adding you to skype you'll just get more requests?
anyways i gotta get back to my dark corner now, bai.
@Mujaffa: Oh wait... your right...
Hmmm.... This could be a problem
@Pinkeevee222: I have no skype dun dun dun. Therefore you should not cry since I haven't added you *because I no Skype* I'm going under my gloom cloud now bye
@rockey the umbreon: this song 'under the tree' is gonna be stuck in my headXD
@rockey the umbreon: But, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking to the 20+ random people who did (And I know they all came from here). Also, I'm not crying.
@Pinkeevee222: dont look at me pinkeevee222 i dint know you had a skype
Whoops i was at town and missed my opportunity to comment
Wow it must be tough for leafeons to have their ears and tail die every winter
The plot Chickens.... Wait this doesn't make sense here... Ah well. Its awesome to see my backround eevees getting in a serious plot (aka. Frost, Sparkles, and Ali)
Thanks @Pinkeevee222!
Icarus died in mythology. :l yeah.
@Pinkeevee222: YEEAAAAAH Detective Archie and his bro Maxie will get the job done!
there are no bells. twst end1. flareon had the bells all along twist end2. and twist end3 is... you dont like this comic. dun dun dun!
20th Comment! @MemoryCrushKing: Twist end 4: Vay has frills around his neck xD
@MemoryCrushKing: Twist end 5: They have the bells all along :0
Detective Eevees, huh.
SHIPS who ships any male character,with this eeveelution I found,side note she's a killer if you say “You're cute” (its the killer dog word)
@pokemonrules!!!!: aww man uh just look it up in google,its light blue with white wings and tail,and blue eyes. oh just do it,and don't say she's cute or you shall go to starclan!! -continues playing warrior cats in animal jam-
Archie and Maxie?
ok who opened the story book i was weriting
@eeveeleo: I did, my bad.
I think Archie is going to look at the ask blog for information on Night
umm Can you plz add my background eevee she is a black durpy eevee not umbreon with a red scarf her name is darkness
I don't wanna be THAT GUY (who am I kidding I love to) but you're
@HD100: I know, but "your" was easier to fit in that speech bubble.
If there is an infinite number of universes, isn't every book non-fiction.
@MemoryCrushKing: Or does that make every book fictional?
@All Hello.
yay i finished this part of my comic!: Sky/Azula:sooo do you want me to bring him to live?
Kirai:meh -pokes dead poke body- give him some time.
Sky/Azula: ok..... sooo what now?
Kirai:lets go get him a revive and some healing water.
Sky/Azula: fine! somehow i feel sorry for him..
Both: -laugh- yeah right!
Kirai:lets just go get him -morphs into vaporeon-
Sky/Azula: -takes a look around- hmmm -does the same as kirai-
???: -growls-
this comic is awesome looking through my tv XD
im guessing ali, frost, and sparkles want to be leafeons? (Because they wear leaves)
Yay! Im at te top of de screen!
... Oh great, its winter again

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