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July 25th, 2015, 1:00 am

Most eevees in the pc don't know how to read. The
house with the most literate eevees is Greenpaw, and
the house with the most illiterate eevees is Icedrop.

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Background eevees in order of appearance: Frost, Sparkles, Ali, Archie, ????, Jet.

Jet will now randomly appear throughout comics, kinda like Waldo. He will not be named in the description.
Pinkeevee222, July 25th, 2015, 12:53 am Reply
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First! Also to lazy to sign in
OOO, second
hey, the best detective is handsom and smart too.... she know about night and sora! it means the next comic will be of sora!? or not?
Third person so close.
oh i get it she sayed her favorite time in night is dusk, and that is a clue that means she loves (maybe?) dusk or is related to him somehow. and, that means this myserious eevee is probably sky. case solved.
@Yuvalis: "my favourite time of night is dusk"

"favourite time of night is dusk"

"Time of night is dusk"

"Of night is dusk"

"Night is Dusk"

Night is Dusk confirmed
@Guest: night is dusk's clone (you would know that if you read the old ssec tumblr)

also this is like, a 2 year old comment, i cant believe i've been here for so long O_o
same @Yuvalis: i didnt really stick around, i just returned from not reading this for two years almost :P
@Guest: that's what I see as well. not like its hidden but I'm sure a few missed it. :)
No my favorite time of night is dusk means Night is Dusk
We shall go on thou quest to find thee bells!
(and also tell Jet he owes Archie 20 bucks)
@chimy19: Be on Jet's side and don't tell Archie
well there goes my theory
but it was still a good page
This scene looks very familiar...
@NotAShinyUmbreon: yes it comes from the story book i was reading but i lost it somewhere.
it's the last time i will go a outside the pc and read my book on my trainers couch.
im just waiting for my eevee(s)
@Guest: Yeah, me too.
@Eeveemaster523: just watch not syre nor jazz'll appear in the next comic.

i dont even know why i submitted jazz i made him cause i was bored in class
'My favorite time of night is dusk'
The last three words of the sentence?
'Night is Dusk.'
There. Question answered. Right there.
@LKWayvern: I know i am probably overthinking this, but does that mean there is an eevee/eeveelution who's name is Sunset?
....that eevee, they said she, no sky is a male eevee, and btw yes she is telling him night is dusk, a lot of you don't read the ask you?

welp bye all, see you in two weeks :D
@Blitz Striker: bye blitz but I think sky is sora therefore female * makes a derby face *
@Rockey the umbreon: K now im leaveing
P.S. all the info i get on the eevees is rom the ask blog on tumblr, right now we have Nego getting chased by creepers
@Blitz Striker: i don't have tumbir * to lazy to spell* so I'm going by what I read in the comics
Also thank God this is comic 99.5 and not #100
@Blitz Striker: hey blitz do you have skype
@Rockey the umbreon: Blitz is right, Sky is indeed male
I didn't know it was Saturday nooooooooooo *shoots himself with gun*
@Rockey the umbreon: I was supposed to stay up all night on this website but i thought it was Thursday and spent all night watching pewdiepie
Night was the clone of Dusk, as seen in the SSEC twitter blog
I truly love the header it's amazing
# 9.5 eh @Rockey the umbreon: I will get first comment on a hundred or take my beating like god 👿👿👿
@Rockey the umbreon: I guess youll take your beating becaise I WILL CLAIM VICTORY
I loath myself @Pinkeevee222: I was up at 12:30 and I was about to check the comic and I decided not to because I thought it had turned Friday not Saturday
Perhaps that agency is the one where that Leafeon works... Or the enemy agency...
OH!! I see what your doing! also it's not about the last three words,Night is Dusk,it's about the character.welp now I can't spoil soooooo
Sky:uh no! just go back there and keep writing or typing!
Also how could you!!!!! WHY BLIZT -takes a warhammer out- I WAS ABOUT TO SHIP NUGHT WITH-
Sky:stop it......
This isn't over!!!
Sky: yeah you'd better run,she has a sword,and a few hundred weapons soooooo hopefully night will be available by then,if not run man.
Wait a minute, the mystery eevee looks like the eevee from the "Eevee Day 2014" picture! The one next to Vay.
@Nad235: That is because it is that eevee!!! Yay!
@Pinkeevee222: Oma he is right I should look at these more often but I can get completely lost on devianart
@Pinkeevee222: Mari I know this is sudden * looks away for a moment* ......... But would you like me to make a full parody of under the sea using the title " under the tree " * makes a completely stupid smile*
Wait one moment.... How does Dusk have to do with this.....? TELL ME MOAR!!!!
There are clue words like "night, dusk, and sunset." We already know Dusk, sunset may be connecting to Dawn and Night might be Dusk's clone or Dusk is Night. If you pay attention it said "Night is Dusk," it might be just a coincidence but in the SSEC Tumblr I believed that Flame said something about changing names and I think Dusk changed his name to Night so he can escape with Sora and Sora might be Sky. Also that mysterious eevee was on the Happy Eevee Day Art that you made. It seems to be connecting somehow....
@Eternal-Echosoul: Ouch. My head hurts now :$
@Eternal-Echosoul: Sky is an espeon. Also, Night may somehow be related to Sora.
in Google or uh idk @Nad235: search up what does sora mean and it will say sky....... or just read my breaking news comment meh.still mad about night though........
@pokemonrules!!!!: I already know that sora means sky in Japanese, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Sora and Sky are the same character.
@Nad235: meh look back at the comments where pinkeevee says , I know that's why Sora's name is sora
@Eternal-Echosoul: WOW.. you're so smart X3
Hmm, cryptic.
This intentse plot doe
WAIT... is Archie pointing a gun at the mysterious eevee???
@Yuvalis: that's a clipboard
the mystery gets more and more confusing
pinkeevee222 used confusion on eeveeleo
eeveeleo is now confused
According to genetics, A mother has the most genetic influence on the son.
Nego and that mystery eevee's hair has that distinct curl, unlike any other eevee (such as Archie, Frost, Ali, or Sparkles, Dusk or any of the eeveelutions.)
Therefore, Nego's mystery mother must somehow be related to that mystery eevee.
Maybe that mystery eevee is related to Sora
Sora said she gave an eevee egg to that mystery very moody eevee, who went off for freedom
Maybe that eevee was Vay or something
Or it may have been Oliver still, if he had abondoned that random eevee egg, been found by Vay, and Vay took care of it.
Is this just a coincidence about the design? Or is it something else....?
But remember, it's just a theory...
@chimy19: Lol ... Random game theory reference.

Also, I think you forgot to mention that Nego can change between a human and a Eevee. As of now, the only character who can do the same Vay. So I'm pretty positive that Vay is the actual father and not an adoptive one.

Anyone notice that we've seen the mysterious eevee before? The "Eevee Day!" post on Tumblr had a similar looking eevee if I remember correctly.
@#403: Lol, game theory.
Anyways, we do know about a different eevee that has simlar unique powers... Sora.
She can transform from an eevee to a Sylveon, and she was forced to breed to pass on her unique powers to other eevees. (eeveelings? Idk what to refer to them as.) Anyways, Vay could have been one of the eevees she passed on her trait to, the other being Nego. I don't think Vay is Nego's true father, maybe a much older brother. He acts like a foster dad to Nego, maybe.

On the other hand, down in the comments, I heard a unique theory involving Dawn. Here's my added facts on the theory.

.Dawn and Dusk did indeed have a previous relationship, as Night and "Sunset".
.Sky had a crush on Night, but Night liked Sunset.
.Sky then, was told about how Night felt like a brother to Sky, and Sky was extremely sad, going to the point of changing her name to Sora, and running off in sadness.
.There, she was taken prisoner by Felix, the guy we saw tie up with Daisy.
.She was forced to breed, to pass on her special traits to eevees in order to create an army of eevees to take over the PC for the glaceon.
.Night, noticing Sky gone, was so upset, ran off to search for her. He even changed his name to Dusk.
.Sunset, feeling as if she was dumped, changed her name to Dawn, and "abandoned" her feelings towards Night. She didn't want to have any relationship with her past "Sunset," so she changed it to the opposite, Dawn. (I may just have mistaken "Sunset" as Dawn, but whatevs)
.During one of the "Breeding sessions", Sora met either Vay or Oliver, who had a terrible temper and wanted freedom from Felix.
.Sora, fell in love with Oliver/Vay.
.She wanted one of her eevees to be free from the Glaceon, and sent Nego out with Vay/Oliver.
.IF THE EEVEE WAS OLIVER: He had the chance to be free, because some eevees named "Vay" and "Blizz" had caused a distraction, and in punishment for Oliver's escape, Vay was to be decapitated by Blizz. However, Felix realised Vay had inherited Sora's powers, but it was too late. Blizz had stopped the decapitation, but he had cut off Vay's neck fur, leaving him as a Vaporeon, finless.
.Daisy, is actually working for the detective agency that Ali, Frost, and Sparkles are looking into right now.
.Bolt also was an escapee, his bully and wimp side, caused by the tramatization from the "Lab".
.Flare might have been one of the eevees Sora had to breed with, concidering that in one "meanwhile" comic, we saw a flareon saying "Hey" to Sora, after she had lost her ribbons.
.Or Flare could have been working with Felix, being the kind caretaker, before he realised how terrible the eevees were being treated, and helped in Vay, Blizz, Bolt, and possibly Oliver's escape.
.Also that explains why Flare likes Corn so much. He was used to seeing the whole thing before his eyes every day, as Sora had to produce an egg every day.
.It could be possible that Sora had wanted a male and female eevee to escape, and entrusted Blizz with a second egg. Blizz then gave it to "mother" and it hatched into Eve. Therefore, Eve and Nego could be related.
.Vay, traumatized by what Blizz, his twin brother, did to him, started hating Blizz, and everyone else. He only cared about Nego now.
.After the eevee's first escape, Felix went crazy, even tearing one of his uh... Ear thingies.
.Other eevees, realising they had a chance to freedom, escaped. That includes backround eevees, such as Ali, Frost, Swift, and Archie, and mother eevee, Sora.
.By the time Dusk got to the "lab", he found it collapsed. However, he found some data analysis on Sora, and thought she must be dead.
.Night was completely "Dead" after that, and was part of dusk's consciousness left behind in the lab. Now that statement, asking if Night is Dusk's twin, but also a mistake, makes sense. His weird tail as well.
.Dusk, went um... A little crazy after that, and became the dusk we all know and love today.

Well, theres some edits in here, I hope I get close to the truth!
@chimy19: You forgot about Flame and Blizz! Just saying.
@chimy19: Dispute the fact I have a negative opinion towards Game Theory, that reference gets me.

Wow, that's a very long comment.

And the name of the Glaceon you're talking about is Felix.

Overall, I agree with most of the theory, but I don't think "Sunset" is dawn.

According to the theory, the characters changed their names to a word that is similar or the same to there original name.

Night changed his name to Dusk. Dusk is a time at night.

Sky changed her/his name to Sora. Sora means Sky in Japanese.

If "Sunset" followed this theme, her/his name wouldn't be Dawn, as dawn is when the sun rises in the morning ; the opposite of sunset.

Sorry, had to get this out, it's been bothering me.

Also, one of the alt text (Page 59) said that Blizz and Vay are twins. Don't know if this helps at all.

Edit :

Page #63's Alt text said Vay never had his frill to begin with...

Edit X2 :

Page #101's alt text says Dawn isn't important to the plot (Ali, Sparkles, and Frost are more important apparently...)

But it also said that Pinkeevee was attempting to get her more involved at the time ... So this could've changed since then.

Great ... The more Alt-Text I read, the more confused I get.
@#403: wait, when did Vay turn into a human form? All I saw it say was that Vay had human genetics that were passed down to Nego... Am I missing something here?
@chimy19: but Fern the Leafeon also has that distinct curl and she's a Leafeon which is what Vay says Nego's mother is
@Glaceon: Ah, but who's fern's mother?
@chimy19: chimy19 that eevee that Sora meet is Oliver not Vay
Random humor in the last panel
I had found this on the master eevee list: "Fe(ju)+ Va(Ti) younger in comic". It was under side notes for Nego. "Fe" are the first two letters in Fern's name and "Va" are the first two letters in Vay's name.
I Have a Theory I have a theory. I think I know who this Eevee could be. I think like this eevee cannot be Sora or Night, but it can be possible, as she is talking about her past self as Sora (Because Night was most likely male), as she is the one telling the clue. I believe this eevee is Dawn. I think this because of her quote, "Night time is really pretty, is it not," This can say she has a relationship with Night. Or as I think, Night is Dusk, as said they have a relationship in #27. Dawn says, "Dusk, you know I love you, but..." Which might state they have or had a relationship. It also makes sense when the mystery eevee says, "My favorite time of night, is Dusk, but I like sunset too" which also says that she likes Dusk (Umbreon). Truthfully, I don't understand what she means at the last part about sunset, but even the smallest sentences might hold great meaning. I still think that Sora is Sky and Night is Dusk, but that theory is for another day. If you took the time to read this, I hope you understand my theory, and have a great day!
@Munnastone: The only problem with this, is the fact that Dawn and Dusk are siblings, so I doubt that they're in a relationship. It's possible that they are, but I don't see Pinkeevee putting something like that in, mainly because this comic has a young audience, and something like that could stir up a lot of controversy.
@Munnastone: I think that youre wrong... nice try though. What I am sure about is that Night is Dusk and Sora is Sky. 6 eevees, all male, went to the lab, but there are 8 names under this list. Night, Dusk, Sora, Sky, Blizz, Vay, Bolt, and Flame. this can only mean one thing,

Ive spent too much time on this comic.
Is that Eevee PinkEevee? The one talking mysteriously.
@Eeveemaster523: omg what if it is? plot twist
or what if her name really is ????

"Night time is really pretty"
pretty is a term commonly used to describe attractive women; Night is a girl :P
@Sucking Chest Wound: you therefore think dusk is female * face paw *
@Rockey the umbreon: nope i dont think that; i know that
Pinkeevee please do a comic were I get PUNished before I exeggcute more pun so I can get shaymin form the ONIXpected pun
Ali: *chuckles nervously*
Frost: *Frost used punishment! It's supereffective!*
Sparkles: ._.
@chimy19: eeveeleo uses run a way
Well that was enteirely point less
Eeveeleo face pows heracross the face
@eeveeleo: hey I love puns . bTW if anyone plays boom beach I eyes nose a joke for you :$
@Rockey the umbreon: good alaKUZam here to skrelp
Ali: *Tries not to judge eeveeleo*
Frost: *walks away* Im done
Sparkles: I like puns :D
@chimy19: at least somebody can stand my puns im going to chansey it so no one can say that the puns were onixpected but they were a shocking cacturne of eeveents.
someone has to punch me in the meowth
Ali: .~.
Frost: gladly *punches*
Sparkles: hey frost! Thats mean!
@chimy19: don't worry I axew you for it
theories: wow ppl uh chill the next comic isn't out yet you all still make theories and i get it. I also have my theory and well its going for a strike,you may not believe it but i guessed for something very similar to this. yup and it was based on the mystery eevee,night,dusk,etc. but some theories are good too! i say just keep going after all this comic won't end so soon!!
Maybe the eevee is Sora/Sky's daughter...!
Sky:let's leave for our mission Kirai:noooo!! let back in!!! I'm too lazy! Sky:...... @Vaporeonrox: -is writing- keep it coming ppl!!
also I love your picture!!! XDXDXD
sky:your not getting in.. Kirai: -is pounding at the HQ- but I have tooo!! Sky:can we leave for our mission now? Kirai:-gets dragged by Sky- @Guest: Lolz I get it . and now I'm seeing some pretty good tumblr stories. I have a list now.
2.ask the shiny sylveon/pretty kitties
4.ask kaito the leafeon
5.uh...... etc?! DX
anyways now my family won the lottery,but my dad doesn't trust it.
@pokemonrules!!!!: also I decided to put it all in one comment, takes less time to do..
tomorrow I am going to Olive Garden so win win right? 8D [redacted]
im sorry but every japanese song i see all i can think of is attack on titan theme
lol @Sucking Chest Wound: oh lolz! ikr! and finally someone commented after a day. wonder where the next is.
also I just watched the new sneak peak from warrior cats second life and then the opening,somehow it only works in Japanese and not in English....
"My favorite time of Night is Dusk"

"Night is Dusk"

I GOT IT OMA she said Night,dusk and sunset I thibk that means something right!?
YEY *Flies a way on a giant slinky again* Grape juice :P
Doki ..... not elaborating
This mistery is solved at last! That eevee is Doki! I'm sure about it!
That eevee is Doki, she has the heart mark on her face and has the curl.
@TheScreamingPokemon: I think you're right! Doki would know all about night and sora!
that eevee is Doki
"Night time is really pretty, is it not? My favorite time of night is dusk, but, I like sunset too." DUDE, JET, the symbolism is practically slapping you in the face!!! Its barely even hidden, It's obvious!! *Inhales* BOI
What dose that mean?"Night time is really pretty,it is not? My favorite time of Night is Dusk,but,i like Sunset too." I really don't get it;-;
Hoi, i like deez comics :3
waiiit a second.... if there are a dawn night and dusk, would there be a morning pokemon name?
Jeez I really love these comics I kept on reading it over and over again.
So that eevee that was interviewed in panel 8 is doki?

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