The fancy pen


August 5th, 2015, 12:20 pm

I made this up myself. During the school year, me and my friend fooled tons of people. You get optimal results if the pens are from the same brand, they look almost exactly the same, and there is a little piece of the caps color in the pen with the cap. (and now half of you are confused, right?)

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Because I didn't start my AP art and psychology summer homework yet, there will be no more comics on Wednesday! In other news,
Look! I made a minecraft skin!
Do you want a custom minecraft skin? Well, because I want to make more I'm going to make one for the first 3 people (that are not guests) who want one! Totally free!

(Let me clarify. A guest is classified as a person who doesn't have a Smackjeeves account, and has "(Guest)" next to the name they use to talk on the comments section. If you have "(Guest)" in your smackjeeves name, you are still eligible to get the free custom skin)

Background eevees are Moonlight and Soul
Pinkeevee222, August 5th, 2015, 12:20 pm Reply
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She asked me, "Son, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?"

You should add the true colour of Dusk's eyes in the FAQ

@Pinkeevee222: I guess I'd like a minecraft skin, but what I'd really like is an icon for Syre and Jazz, ya know for my profile pic. ._.
@Sucking Chest Wound: Hmmmmmm Well, I think I can put them in the comic after the next one... if I remember.
Also, PM me with what you want me to put on the skin, and I'll get started on it!
@Sucking Chest Wound: wow now that is drama
This is the "First" block. Cut it out and comment something that has to deal with the comic page!
Mine craft skin thing Dibs on one want me to pm you?
@TucKiD: Yeah!
@Pinkeevee222: some notes on this comic:
1. Freds shirt print is backwards. did he put his shirt on inside out? such hipster
2. is Wiz holding a tablet?
3. you and your friend invented this trick? its amazing! im gonna use it right away on my little brother to check his stupidity levels (right now they are OVER 9000!!!!)

and i dont need no minecraft skin, i craft my own skins with my BARE HANDS!
@Yuvalis: yea Wiz has a tablet; I think it's for drawing stuff
what day is so screwed up with my schedule, i guess having no internet, electricity, computer, or anything like that for 1.5 weeks will do that to you, and the only people are a 45 minute drive in any direction....i need some coffee

Edit: ill silent for a while until i can find something to talk about, plot wise....i think my brain fried in the car
The blue pen looks like the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Fred, WHERE DID YOU GET A SONIC SCREWDRIVER!?!?!?!?!

Aww, John is cute. I can see why he's your favourite eevee (Yes I read the alt-text)
Eighth? Is Fred going to make Money Angels?
@Marlows59 who is super lazy and : this really is me
I thought Fred had a halo at first
Hey pinkeevee, may i ask if you have facebook? I don't know how to inbox you in this website
My name's Gabriele Balzarotti, if you have facebook, find me, so we can talk there easily
@Gabriele Balzarotti: Sorry, I don't, and, I never plan to get one. Like, never ever.
@Pinkeevee222: then can you tell me how to inbox you here?
Important stuff Hey @Pinkeevee222, did you get my email with the photo?
@chimy19: Yes, yes I did
@Pinkeevee222: oh, okay! Just checking:)
Soul says "don't look, point point" am I missing something, cuz no one else seemed to notice it
@BhevHD: *insert mother of god meme here*
um just because the only reason i got a smack jeeves account was to fave+ this, how does one PM someone???
@Blitz Striker: click on pinkeevee's name, and you will be redirected to her profile page.
look at the upper left side of the page and you will see a "contact me" box. inside of it theres a PM button. click it to send a private message to pinkeevee :)
@Yuvalis: K thanks just wondering what people ment
me: I'm still at the hotel, and i get room service ame: lucky.. heyo guys I'm doing a pokemon role-play in animal jam. lol I'm telling them to read the comics. ALSO BIGGIE IS SOOO CUTE!
also imma reply with my song that i wrote. boo yah! ok don't comment badly just say war i can do to improve it. kay
open my heart ( my sis also made me do it ) @pokemonrules!!!!: I take a look around and what do i see?
Everything, everything except me.
( oh oh oh yeah )
Tell me if I'm wrong or right?
Am i,in the spotlight?
Everything looks so real
I don't know what i feel
( oh oh oh, oh yeah )

I'm the darkness,I'm the night
your the brightness,your my light
tell me now if your real
so i can tell you how i feel
( oh oh oh, oh yeah ) x2

i just need to open my heart
and to hope
that you won't
tear me apart

Im the darkness, I'm the night
Your my brightness,your my light
And we'll show it all tonight.

I just need to show you how i feel
( to know if your real )
You just need to do your part.
( oh oh oh )
And i will open my heart.

. lyrics= yuki
.everything= yuki ( lolz XD )
Rest In Peace My 3DS jus broke :'( At least the games still work. Note to self, do not leave a 3DS in a sink.
@NotAShinyUmbreon:at least your mom doesn't ban you from owning a da or Pokemon game.
@NotAShinyUmbreon: my 3Ds snapped in half and the top doesn't work
the last phrase is describing me in a nutshel but its missing the part with the puns
lol grammar nazi @eeveeleo: *phrase *describing *missing
@guestguestguestguestguesetguest: sorry for my bad grammar
@Pinkeevee222 what is Dusk's eye color?!? It changes so much!
@Marlows59:Idk but I guess she just to lazy just to put the right color or just that she felt like it
Hey, soul has an emo cut.
Could I get a MineCraft skin? I want an eevee one pleeeease

Hey Pinkeevee, What comic-making program are you using. I wanted to start making comics on Smackjeeves (Once I get an account though). Does it cost money to use? Also, why does the red text on the header say 'John-kun cute Death'?

Thanks for making the comic,

P.S. When I get an account you will be my first comic to favorite :3
Nice blue pen there!
@Pinkeevee222: Wait... what's with the Angelvees?

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