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August 12th, 2015, 11:10 am

I don't think anyone noticed, but Vay has different eyes from the other characters. As in, his eyes aren't ovals like every one else. Though, This was only recently implemented.

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Well, I know I said no more Wednesday comics, but, this was already done, and the next one is almost done, so why not?
Vay is acting weird. I wonder why... (Not really, I already know why lol)
Edit: Wait... was I supposed to put a background eevee in here?
Pinkeevee222, August 12th, 2015, 11:07 am Reply
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Fishy crackers?
Edit: I'm first, but not meaning to boast much... uh...
Vay is Cray Cray! Why is Vay acting so cray cray?
Second Actually I'm second! LOSER!!!
@Lovespearaj: Wait how did you get up here in the top when I saw your name at the bottom #Mr.cheatspearaj ;D
What in the world is wrong with you vay (and yay I'm second)
Um.. Well... What the heck?
hey look its vay! yay! and eve too? hooray!
umm...Vay?...i think Vay needs help
eve, just back away... SLOWLY. 0_0 @EeveeManiac: agreed.
You guys, don't be silly. He's perfectly fine. YOU on the other hand need to be taught...

THE WAY OF THE COP!!!!! -plays Chaoz Impact-
Is it just me or the art style looks different? Its like more detailed... shades etc.
Is there anything wrong with being in your own world XD( I do it all the time). BTW the new art style is terrific!
@Rockey the umbreon: OOC I'm the only guy dumb enough to know that. XD
is this a shin chan refrence or is it just me
Why not the ways of the thief... Have blizz teach that, it'll work
@Pinkeevee222: Vay!!!!
@Stonetheumbreon: OMA my real name is Stoney ..... Stoney the umbreon, that's pretty cool , stone.
You uh... You okay there, Vay?
VAY IF UR GUNNA BEE OOC GIT IN DA OOC THREDDD lol. BTW these comics are good
*hand signals* "meh...this is me on a daily basis....so nothing new here"
Alex: *Raises paw* Hey, I'm not gonna have acsess to any laptop or computer for a week, can someone PM me the alt text?

EDIT: Thank you #403!
what da fudge . silly start screaming .
flipce : silly calm the fudge down
silly : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . umbre is on the floor laughing his head off with shela .
shela : its to funny hahahahahahahahahahaha !!
. flipce kick umbre .
umbre : ouch ok ill stop her
. umbre walks over and slaps silly .
silly : ahhhhhhh ... OUCH what was that for
. umbre runs away .
silly : UMBRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
ok.... he wanted to do this a looooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnngggggg time ago. or so they say...... anyways I like bothering ppl on AJ soo join in so I can bother you.-gets ready for karate tournament- ame: win the tournament the prize money is $3,000
-- Me : Eve is just soooo cutee!!! X3

Eve : hey, don't forget you have me too -3-

Me : oops, right o3o well, meet your other Eve, Eve. :3

Eve : hai! ^^
Wait a second... On the characters list, Eve is listed as Icedrop for the house...
But she's female...
*Mind explodes*
.....bad fan art bad fan art of @Pinkeevee222 so sorry: file:///Users/jaykruse/Desktop/Eevee%20club%20photos/IMG_20150813_1144509_rewind%20(1).jpg
School is almost here and it is not a good thing. :(
@MemoryCrushKing: *hand signals* "ikr im freaking out"
Vay is happy that he has a use in the PC. SOO HAPPY
Hey pinkeevee222 when do you go back to school. I go back in 4days. I have so little time left.
@MemoryCrushKing: I go back to school on the 25th
@Pinkeevee222: that's the day after my birthday!
@Guest: the day of your birthday is the day after my birthday? BIRTHDAY BUDDIES
@Pinkeevee222: why does no one notice me....
@Pinkeevee222: I'm already on week 5 of school
@Pinkeevee222: I am just now realizing just how incredibly talented you are... I just finished making my custom avatar and it took me about 2-3 hours. Honestly like HALF of one of your comics absolutely destroys my picture 10 fold. Absolutely astounding work so far :)
Uhhh, vay? errr, you are not a normal.
@GreenDog3: think soo? well he is kinda over rpotective or something i guess............................................ dont judge ppl thats all i have .,.
It's sucks that my birthday is on the first day of school-.-
Cool :)
woooooooooooooooooo! . umbre is out on a gem hunt and purple is incharge .
purple : SHELA
shela : yes ?
purple : get my boom box
. shela and purple set up a disco .
purple : ready ?
shela : ready !!!
. evveryone started danceing .
How many of you are in college. Because I'm in high school.
:3 @MemoryCrushKing: I will be starting senior year (grade 12) on Sept 4th.
Call me dumb or whatever, but what does OOC mean?
@NotAShinyUmbreon: your not dumb, I'm dumb since I know :3
*raises paw again* To answer that question, I'm in middle school, not even close to colledge lol
@chimy19: me 2
@chimy19: Me too, just started seventh grade. XD
@Wolfmist: ME 2... well going into 7th grade i just changed schools and the new school starts at sept 1st.
@chimy19: Same I'm in grade 6
Vay is Cray Cray! Vay is sooo CRAY CRAY! ^_^ Weird!
Vay is Cray Cray! Vay's sooo CRAY CRAY!!! ^_^ Awkward!
Hey Pinkeevee What program are you using to make these programs? I'd like to start making comics.
@Munnastone: I use paint tool sai and paint.net
@Pinkeevee222: does it have line straightener tool things ( yes... Yes I said thingys).
@Rockey the umbreon: Uhhhhhhh, if you mean a line tool, then yes.
@Pinkeevee222: thank's pinkeevee222 .
@Rockey the umbreon: Thanks Pinkeevee! By the way, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE COMIC :3. It beats Homestuck by 1 million
@Munnastone: You're welcome, but, I don't think this comic can even compare to Homestuck.
Wow Cool Comic
@Iron (Refurb): Thanks!
Is it me or have I left out a starwars joke XD ( what... Too much.......ok sorry)
The last panel made Vay my ultimate fav.
I love Vay. Come eve! Come and i wil
l show you the way of the cop! Nya.
Heh @Kittykat: Same here
OMA Eve is so cute!
Copy i saw this one. this is a copy
hey she is a child i wanna keep her entertained
... Looks like vay got too excited...

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