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August 22nd, 2015, 7:40 am

Dawn: Oh get up.
Dusk?: *drunk* No! I'm looking for science!
Dawn: *grumbles* My only day off and I have to take
care of you, great.

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THANKS FOR 300+ FANS! As a gift, here are some sketches of future comics!
I put them on a PDF file instead of tumblr, so if you can't open it, oh well.

You have to download the file to see it, only because I have no idea how to let people preview it online. Also, No complaining about grammar, or spelling, please, I did the best I can to cover up my slightly better than chicken scratch handwriting.

I was so close to putting pedo bear in the last panel.

PS. Shading is hard
Pinkeevee222, August 22nd, 2015, 7:34 am Reply
Advertisement, August 20th, 2018, 8:12 am Reply

Yay, new Comic!
2nd Actually, Guest, I'm 2nd got it! #LOSER
@Lovespearaj: That's kinda mean. You have to earn 2nd (and first) comment!
Plus, people can still look at timestamps.
@AwesomeEevee360: he was responding to another comment anyways. He just deleted the first persons username.
Bell: heyyy... -w- senpaiii
@pinkeeveefan: stone-your back!!!
@Lovespearaj: okay stop this is stupid it does not matter who gets it okay?!?!
Ya hoo! I found the spy guy!
@Cdoom85: I think I found the spy guy...
Hey... spy guy is a cool little moto!
yay 2nd
Fourth! :3

P.S. How the heck do you draw so AMAZINGLY?!?

P.P.S. The last future comic update cracked me up

P.P.P.S. You see me rollin' You hatin'
Frost: *nosebleeds at some parts*
Sparkles: I don't understand
Ali:... I think I have an idea... *bleaches eyes*
@chimy19: Nichel: 'Sup, whatcha talkin' about?
Frost: *slams playpoke magazine shut* look at the cover of it!
Ali: *scrambles to block the cover*
Sparkles: wait
*Character unlocked! You have unlocked Vink! The eevee Link!*
Vink: Whoa what happened here
@chimy19: Nichel: whait... how did you get that? *points at the playpoke*
Frost: I have my ways -3-
Ali: *trying to hide the cover*
Sparkles: Wait is that Ali on the cover...?
Vink: Wait WHAT
@chimy19: Nichel: *shoves Ali away* .... nice
Frost: teeheehee~
Sparkles: perv
Ali: *runs off*
Vink: Im done. I'm effing done. NO IM EFFING DONE
@chimy19: Nichel: I really need to find someone who sells me corn... RATATTA WORKER!!
Ratatta worker: *appears* Yes boss?
Nichel: Find someone who sells... THIS
Ratatta worker: Right! *has a enormous phonebook and starts calling with his phone*
Nichel: Now whe're playing the waiting game
@Lottos35: haven't you noticed! There is a jiglypuf! It's come for queen rainbow poop!
Eve, run for your dear life!
Is that the agent guy in the last panel?
@Mali: Yes, yes it is
@Pinkeevee222: I guess he's already patrolling there. You can head home, Eve
sorry @Pinkeevee222: I know this question is really late but why was night drunk?
What's going on with Dusk's tail in the last panel? Is it just a side effect of him being drunk? On Grape Juice, I presume?
@Munnastone: That's Night.
Good Cop from the lego movie! anyone? -continues to take warrior cats quiz cuz its fun- i liked it mostly cuz of funny parts.Also i believe that was jay.......or was he?-plays mysterious music- anyways im off my crutches and i can walk again.-sees how to train your dragon while taking quizzes and reading comics- i am a multiplayer.
... I trust you not to give me a virus... please...


Woah man. Is that even Vay in the fifth panel?
I think it's his alter ego "Jay"
i only understand whats going on in half of the future comic sketches, but the ones i do understand- i find hilarious! :D
If he's doing good cop bad cop, I would love to see how crazy bad cop is.
Oh hey new anon icons.
Let's list ALL the things I see!
-Dusk's... (whatever you know him from the blog)
-lol meme face
-new batground eevee??
-pink frosted sprinkled donut!
@pinkeeveefan:The background eevee is that agent guy from an earlier comic
uh oh.,, do NOT run into the troll... she wont make it out alive d:
D:> My dream is to be first on this comic ;-; I am taking an oath now O-O I WILL STAY UP ALL NIGHT NEXT SATURDAY >o<

P.S: Pinkeevee222 I had no idea that you did sketches first on lined paper ._.
@BlackEclipseEevee: If you really want to be first, the best way is to watch me on deviantart, because comic pages are uploaded 10 minutes to 1 hour earlier there. When you see I uploaded the next comic there, you can start refreshing this page all you like.
@Pinkeevee222: Thx for the tip~
hmmm -finishes painting- yeah im a multiplayer.oh! and I keep watching ahead of all my favorite shows and Steven Universe is still not letting me watch Nightmare Hostpital....
....-sees pizza- oooh! nvm im better. nom nom nom
i found doctor insano in pokemon form
and who gave dusk grape juice
@Pinkeevee222 what is your Devianart? (Thingy)
@ShinyLeafeon739: Ehhhhh?
It's Pinkeevee222
I thought it was obvious.
Yay that's good news dawn is back dawn is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vay Is Sollux Omg he reminds me of Sollux XD
@VrosieTheanimeWolf: yes Homestuck!!!!
Well i just discovered an easter egg with dawn and dusk
@Guest: i think that might be night,look at the snakey tail. -
@pokemonrules!!!!: it is (you know who) he's supposed to be secret in the comments for new readers. :P I think.
@pokemonrules!!!!: trust me when you find it, it's dusk
@Guest: ok i like waiting anyways im on my way to school.And we shall see master. -i take too much karate lessons....-
@pokemonrules!!!!: that's a leg....
DRINKING AGAIN ... dusk ... *sniffles up* WHY DIN"T YOU INVITE MEEEEEEEE *sobs grosely*
Wait, is that the epicface?
Love you Vay <3
lol vay
Evil ^_^ I'm not allowed to download!! WHY WORLD WHYYY??!!
there is a donut in the tree *deep sigh* not even gonna think about it.
also VAY HAS EMOTION?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!??
Did it occur to anyone Eve is the same height as Vay? Also, tell Eve I'm sorry for her.
math and vay is awesome -3- Hmmm maybe if I can... -solves a tenth grade math problem eBen though is in sixth- OK tell everyone they owe me 10$ kay? Your just licky I am good at math.
( problem ) = 152.124รท5,632

Yeah no problem -goes back to reading comics- hey has anyone else thought that maybe (you know who) sometimes hides in the forest? -shrugs-
"Wait aaa! Jiggly puff! Run fore your lives, every eevee for herself!" I yell at eve and run off
@Shade the shiny eevee: LOL Shade. I'm guessing that u r a girl right? also, i know TM 15. (Hyper beam)
@Pinkeevee222: Vay's eyes are glowing in the last panel.
Found it! I see Jet and maybe Dawn? Either that, or a random Espeon.
@OmegaGeguz: yep thats night but ik that he is something of dusk and hes not a full on pokemon
Why do I see a derp face?
Did anyone notice the objects in the trees in the last panel the eevee ,umbreon,dawn,jigglepuff,also the face
Hey @Pinkeevee222: Why Is There A Derp Face And A Donut XD
Dawn @Pinkeevee222: where the heck is dawn?
whats with the smiley face emoji. . . and the donut?
@Pinkeevee222: wait i saw i forgot her name uh dawn? but shes out of the pc
Jiggly Look!!!look!!!its the jiggly puff!!!

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