August 29th, 2015, 8:50 am

Out of all of the characters known to have been in
the lab as of now, only Flareon has had Rehab...
which proves how perverted the scientists are,
because it made Flareon a pervert... Yeah, the
scientists are major perverts, you should see
what they did to Va- oh wait... I'm giving you 
guys spoilers... again. TT_TT I should stop that.

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I like pie .
The door to the treehouse is covered by the leaves of the tree.
Pinkeevee222, August 29th, 2015, 8:45 am Reply
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HEY YOU GUUUYYYSSSS! I finished the FAQ section! (kind of) If you have any more questions, ask them and I might put it on the FAQ!
I should sleep
Pinkeevee222, September 1st, 2015, 11:08 pm Reply

Demonic Eve RUN!!!!!!!
Uhhhh... What just happened?
@awesome person: *shrugs* I don't know, I'm making this part up as I go.
What is happening with eve?
OMA 2spoopy4meh! (Hides in the corner and covers her face with a blanket) kinda badass to tho
OK. Eve:
1: Is being possesed
2: Is transforming into something else
3: Is turning into a superhero or something
4: Is becoming an alter-ego of herself
5: It's all all a hallucination

It could be one of the above :P
@RioBlitzle: 1 is being possessed
@RioBlitzle: 5. Eve is smoking weed... everyday
I KNOW THESE PENDANTS @RioBlitzle: I SAW IT ON MEANWHILE... but I forgot which of them
@little.eevee: Oliver whore the red pendent and I think Oliver lives there
@RioBlitzle: None of these because that is her pendant
@RioBlitzle: eve is only 6
@Guest: lmao this comment is 4 years old mate
so this is were Oliver a minute, I KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!!!!

edit: ill have popcorn for the fireworks next saturday...i can make extra for those who want some
I know I saw that skull pendant somewhere before.... hmmmmmmm
Curseeeeeee of the heart so something evil will appear in the next comic
Um... If i recall correctly, that other pendant was worn by the runaway uncontrollable eevee...
Is the " Ba-Dump" supposed to be her heartbeat?
@Glaceon: yep. Or at least I think so. Otherwise my theory wouldn't make sense that much.
MEGA EVE CONFIRMED! or is it primal Eve? whatever. all aboard the hype train!
I love your art work <3 I'm so interested o.o tell me more pink eve your the best :)
Correction xP pink eevee * my bad :)
Pie is fab.
oh my arceus eve is geting possessed by the pendant
@Pinkeevee222: there's no pie on the picture? Couldn't edit one in? ._.
@Darkstar29: T_T


*Flips table*
When is ask blog coming back?

Also, that's a senpai pendant. It gets senpai to notice you. Aaaannd... It makes you kinda love cra cra.
@pinkeeveefan: yeah I feel like it died, I mean you do have to draw these comics as-well as school work so I can understand why its dead, but a small post every now and again cant hurt...pleas :C
@Blitz Striker: Okay, I'll try to update it once or twice a week then.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm sorry ;-; notice me senpo :(
Whoa I like that Shaman-ish look she got now. She must now be tribal-ish.
This reminds me of Magical Mystery Cure, from MLP.
"It is time for you,
To fulfill your destiny."
Eve is becoming an Alicorn princess! YAY!
Forget this comment... You never saw this comment... *Dissapears*
@Wolfmist: I hope not. Her turning out to be a princess would be ugh-worthy. I'd rather have her be tribal-ish. Those marking on her cheeks and the glowings eyes gives her a look of dread and mystery.
*Is looking at panel 5*
*Sees human figure in the white thing*
Mother of god...
@Wolfmist: calling it. It's Han Solo
Oh, okay. Sure.
That red pendent reminds me of a pendent in the end of the comic called meanwhile...
I have a few questions

1-who's house is it? (course i know it's olivers )
2-what's the second pendant? I only remeber one of them..
3-why would oliver leave something like that laying around where anyone can take it?
4-where is oliver?
5-what's happening to eve?
6-go check out Skyfall from hawktalon....its good...

1- Correct!
2- Both pendants were shown before
3- Most eevees know that it is Oliver's, and not a lot of eevees actually go that deep into box 4, they usually stop at the lake. Oliver originally buried the box, but Eve almost found it, so he put it in the 'house' because no eevee dares to go near it.
4- Oliver is at a meeting, a greenpaw meeting to be exact (Dusk is also there)
5- I dunno, sparkly stuff
6- A warriors comic?! BOHYEAH!!!
@Pinkeevee222: kay thanks did u check it out? seems u liked it.
A box to master the forbidden ways (LOL reference)
Uh oh. It's THOSE things.
Of course... anything marked with a skull is easily a trap. And noooow she'll be insane.. FOREEEEEVEEEEER! D:< AHAHAHAHAAAAA! C:<

Anyways, nice comic.
ok so wat part of you eve decided that aproching a skull box in an omanis tree house in an ominis part of the woods was a good idea >... WHEN!?!?!???!
Why does Oliver live in box 4, I thought they all lived in box 6?
@Nad235: It's a Loooong story
Have we seen Bow yet?
@Mali: Weeeeellllll, she appeared in the comic twice, but, as a background eevee. So, no one paid any attention to her.
While everyone else is talking about the behind-the-scenes plot, I'm still curious about the incident that forced them to wear pants.

... I'm not the only one ... Right?

... Anyone?
I wonder @Pinkeevee222: where do I make my own eevee so I can be part of the next comic or the one after that o3o ?
@Darkstar29: Read the rules!
They are listed on the home page.
They are long, but, I had to explain them very clearly so people could understand, they tell you how to make one.

Please note that I am incredibly biased, so, If I think your background eevee is boring, there is less of a chance for them to appear in the comic. Also, there won't be anymore background eevees appearing in this chapter.
I'm gonna cry ;-; I wanna be part of the series ;-;
@Pinkeevee222: I know my characteristics and how my eevee will look but I don't know how to draw it please I want to give you info ;-;
@Darkstar29: You have to draw your eevee for it to be accepted. If you can not draw, ask someone to draw it for you (not me). I'm not accepting just info about the eevee. I will not make any exceptions just because you can not draw, because, I honestly already have enough background eevees (as in, 40ish)
Do you need the template to make a background eevee? @Pinkeevee222 I can't access it so I'm just wondering if you do.
@ShinyLeafeon739: Actually, you can't make a background eevee because you're a guest. But, the link to the template is somewhere in the rules.
The first thing that comes up in my mind when seeing those weird markings on Eve is reincarnation.... Weird...
Awww... fine ;-;
magic with eve
i want to see the next comic quick!
What the !?! . Flash stares at her bell .
Flash : sigh
. Shela walks over .
Shela : hiya flash
. A tyrant walk over to shela .
??? : hi there I don't believe we met I'm drake
shela : umm hi I'm shela
Wat So meanwhile gonna merge with the others?
Ex: the detective and sora loses her ears (or ribbons idk)
@Psyduck: hmm? Well, I guess, in a way.
GO EVE! SUPER SAIYAN MODE!!! @Pinkeevee222: Actually, I really like how eve looks in the last 2 panels.

Uh oh...
Demoneve. Never thought possession would be brought into this comic. That's a thing, and I love it!!
Am i the only one that loved how eve look in 13th panel (well except the red eyes replace it with the eve eye's at the 10th panel)

I'm in love
OMG!!! I know those pendants!!! In the meanwhile when Sora's bow got cut off. In Sora's flashback the powerful Eevee (Oliver)
Took that egg away and on the egg there was that heart pendant, and she said the egg would inherit strange powers that egg must have been Eve! and the other Pendant is Oliver's it all fits!!!!!,
SOLVED .I think i got it all togetha!!11!11!
Daisy is agent lea.
sora and dusk have a connection (the stories about the bell and how flareon knew about the bells. And if not then possibly blizz flare and vay)
Harmony i think is the evil mother
Daisy is part of da organazation (illumanati!!!!)
Professor felix was a leader of the experiment
Eve is one of soras kits!
(dat first comic refrence doh)





What not been solved ;-; :
Who is sky?
Why sora used in experiment
Who dat eevee with the stitches? (i think dawn but idk)
still wondering about Vay's "apprentice and his son.

Am i smart mum?
._. I am forced to change my profile to a furry for the rest of the year by a friend, they gave me 50 bucks for it sooo
....uh oh
@...: meh, it's not so bad
whelp school starts in five days....i have not been more terrified in my whole life then right for the next few days ill be silent dreading the days to come...(i have a problems being around people that i don't know, elevators are a waking nightmare)
Theory Sora's kit is sky sry late
woah i know i saw that skull necklace before gasp i know where it came from but imma not gonna tell
@selfie2304:Well I'll tell in came from a comic call meanwhile
The anticipation O_O *Refreshes page every 3-4 minutes*

So tired ~.~
Its the same one from comic no. 102 ; _ ;
The pink design a are in the same place as the pink glow from comic #100, my question is, why? She hadn't touched the necklace yet. Maybe it also has somethingbto do with her being soras kit?
Omfg @Pinkeevee222: SHE'S SORA'S EGG THAT WAS SAVED!!!! THAT NECKLACE WAS ON THE EGG AND SHE IS THE EGG!!! *clears throught* I mean, what are this??
Woah what happened to Eve?!
@Guest: I have no idea. I was making this part up as I drew it.
LOL @Pinkeevee222: i like pie too.
The red pendent is Oliver's and the pink one is sky's. The pink pendent is reacting to her because when sky gave Eve's egg to Oliver, it had that pendent on it. And since her kits that enheirited her power so eve has her powers
@Guest: I figured out that Eve was Sora's kit too. I can't believe that someone else was able to figure it out just as quickly.
ttp:// Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!
its her little "power"
I like pie too
Pannel 8: no, thats defiantly not omoness at alllll.......
i love how eve looks in the last panel, with her fancy markings

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