September 5th, 2015, 5:01 am

Too bad I'm broke.

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I honestly have no clue on what I have drawn. It's kind of funny how I uploaded the comic on deviantart six hours before I uploaded it here. Don't believe me? Check out the time stamp of this comment.
I'm hosting a contest!
The winner of the contest will get any pokemon of their choice (not including 'big' legendaries) to appear in the comic!

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12dV_TNEbxepmw33L9wmMGjszETlYbAlg-6kbZfWphPI/viewform? usp=send_form

You have to have a Smackjeeves account to enter, but Guests can still participate.
Pinkeevee222, September 4th, 2015, 10:38 pm Reply
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OMA Now that I have finally gotten the opportunity to write "first!" I'm not sure I want
too anymore because on SSEC comic #100 pinkeevee stated:
"There isn't any point in getting first comment." (I is such WUSS T~T)
So I will not say "first!" I am going to say........."Bacon Flavored Milk!".............
......I'm not crazy.......
@BlackEclipseEevee: The point of getting first is quite simple. Everyone will see your comment and totally ignore the losers(?) at the bottom. Unless you post a comment too, then you have to see everyone's comments to get to the button at the bottom.
Take pride in this spot! Millions of civilizations have competed to achieve this spot. Would you so easily throw this chance away?

@Pinkeevee222: If you REALLY want to stop people from saying first, make a really bad comic. No one says first on my comic, for example.
http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=150988(I'm not trying to advertise. It's JUST an example.)
Oliver doesn't know :P LOL!!!
@BlackEclipseEevee: But wait Theres a pikachu
I am also broke. Wheeeeee I have something in common with Pinkeevee222!
When I do get money, I bet I'mn going to waste it all on PaintTool SAI.
Funny Piachu
@Pinkeevee222 will you get to see my contest entry even though I'm a guest?
@ShinyLeafeon739: Yes, Yes I will
@Pinkeevee222: too bad i can't log in cuz something email ;-;
I'm also really excited for the Pokemon super mystery dungeon! (You don't know me, but you will soon! Mwa ha ha ha!)
It helps to get excited for SPMD unless you're poor ;-;
are eve and oliver a couple now?
because thats a cute couple
@eeveeleo: no they're besties. Also Oliver's gay
@Sucking Chest Wound: he is? i didnt know that
Well... okay.
Omg omg omg!!! I hope I win!!!
Oh, hi, Shiny! You got fourth!
Was not expecting that. O_O
And what's with the angry looking pikachu in the backround????
@EEVEELOVER!!!!: that's not a pikachu
@Vaporeonrox: actually, I'm pretty sure it is
@Vaporeonrox: it is its behind the tree doing this face -3-
@EEVEELOVER!!!!: Oh sorry. I thought it was that fighting type muscle guy thing that lifts logs and poles and whatnot.
well i finally got so say my mind...no of mine will get picked, just how life is for me, but still its nice to get a few rants out...*sips coffee* ah Timhortens coffee is the best coffee

Edit: whats super pokemon mystery dungeon?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
Also @Pinkeevee222 do you have to digitally draw a background eevee you're going to submit or can it be pencil and paper?
@DragonetLaboratory: You can draw it with whatever materials you want (Just make sure that it is colored)
@Pinkeevee222: can you have more than one?
@Vaporeonrox: Yeah, The maximum amount of background eevees a person can have is six. (2 from Smackjeeves, 2 from tumblr, and 2 from deviantart) But, I will only accept them all if I think you make really good characters. As of now, the person with the most background eevees is Chimy19, with 3.
@Pinkeevee222: okay thank you (this is vaporeonrox I'm to lazy to log in)
@Pinkeevee222: then, I must get 7, right?
@Pinkeevee222: Yus, yus I do.
They are:


I also hope to get my ask-blog mod just in a comic or something :3
Ok thanx!
and there ... there she was all alone in the dark ...
I'm not pumped up for super pmd. No eevee starter. No money from me.
@DeathUmbreon: I know! Team Eevee and Mudkip that came all the way from Red Rescue Team have been benched since Gates to Infinity, so I guess I'll have to take pikachu and snivy again (or maybe I'll be fennekin)
@DragonetLaboratory: Hey, I always Choose Pikachu and Snivy! #PikaVyUltraWomboCombo
@DeathUmbreon: yah the lack of eevee starter is un-fortunate...but there are other options, me personally im going to be a riolu...but i would have rather been a eevee
@DeathUmbreon: But there's Charmander, Treeko, Pikachu, Totodile, and best of all...
Just spent about two hours looking at past pages and writing my thoughts into that contest. I hope my rambling even resembles something that makes sense, because it's this kind of plot that I like. ;^;

Keep up the good work on all these.
:) Sora's kit is Oliver or Sky
In the eleventh panel she looks so sad. She needs hugs, And waffles.
@Pinkeevee222: why did Eve's bow randomly disappear and reappear?
@Sucking Chest Wound: look at the first word of the name of the series. u see it? gud thats why
theory? Maybe the pendant made her lez. Oliver is gay, right? So it would make sense he was there. :P idk. This is the most random theory I've made so far.
@Pinkeevee222: *Checks characters page* Yes, official ages!!!
Wait, Daisy's 10? Uh... and Dawn's only 13? HOW COULD I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE?????

Welp, I'm dumb.
@RioBlitzle: I know why you couldn't see it before!

*whispers* because Dawn is a furry~
I Love the New Characters Page Daisy looks so much like how I draw my OC Chloe.
I would enter the contest but I have no idea what to think about the lab, or what the flip happpened on this comic or anything. Unless Write a Comic idea counts as a question
@Marlows59: You only have to answer one question to be entered into the contest, so, if you only want to write a comic idea, that's fine!
@Pinkeevee222: Only one? I finished all of them, and then it got deleted when my tablet crashed. XD
@Pinkeevee222: May as well, I need this Stunfisk in the comic right now

EDIT: I entered! The only questions I took seriously for the contest are the Eve Plot question and the comic idea, the rest I put random things
@Pinkeevee222: wait i just looked at the characters page
And saw this
Bolt is the leader of lightfire.
Yet he's underleveled compared to flame.
I clicked on the background Eevee template... Just to see what it looked like and it asked for a Google account. Even if you have a Smackjeeves account, is it still neccisary to have a Google account to get a background Eevee?
@ShinyLeafeon739: I didn't know that, but, I do know that if someone has a smackjeeves account, they most likely also have a google account. Though, if you can't access the template and you have a smackjeeves account, then, I'll just send it to you.
Yay and Im sad! i like it! you did a good job,and now me go back to my misery.......something happened in A.J...................im depressed......
i mostly liked how Oliver? just said I dunno.
also note from Ame: ShadowFrostForLife!!
I just realised
Dawn and Daisy have twin brothers
*mind blown*
@chimy19: Wat? Explain please
If you look in the master eevee list, it lists 'John' as Dawn's twin, and 'Roger' as Daisy's twin. You can look at the master eevee list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12HSWRS3CPrv8agJqIYQ7blfwwsCmeRODirq54oGFdSk/edit#g id=2
Also, on the bottom of the home page, it talks about the voting for favorite characters, with dusk's name being (Dusk -----) and Sora's name being (--- Sora)
Dusk has 5 dashes
Night has five letters
Sora has 3 dashes
Sky has three letters

Well Sora literally means sky and dusk happens right before night, so.
@ShadowIrorriM: Thanks, but I know that .3.
私は日本人です&a mp;#12363;ら
(Its supposed to say I am japanese, but this website doesnt like japanese :/)
@chimy19: slow down my mind is venuSAUR because of that statement
I found my original Pokemon Blue game! Yay!
@DragonetLaboratory: Acording to your user name, you call dragons under 7 dragonets right? How did you know that they are called that? did you read wings of fire?
OOH! AAH! Wow! You make really good comics! Hey, it would be funny if oliver had to "Save them" from Miss. Aria ariados.
@GlitteringEevee943: Thanks!
You know what, I think I can imagine that happening.
@Pinkeevee222: highschool AP is so hard how do you do it pinkeevee? On another note I made a thingy for the contest did you get it? Idk cause blah blah blah...
(old guest was pokemonrules) Wow this is really good,well done. Lol i just made the account,cuz i got bored. anyways off to bed! -reads Skyfall in secret- no judging...
Man, I really need a Smackjeeves acount so I can fav this comic. I love this comic sooooo much. Never stop drawing @Pinkeevee222.
@Pinkeevee222: you updated the character list!!
=3 <- meh reaction
RAINBOW POOP Eve's not the Rainbow Poop! Oliver is! The Jigglypuff got the wrong Eevee!
I just noticed that Eve turned into that eevee who was saying "I am judging you" at the livestream!(Was his name Denny? I don't remember)
@Mariam: That eevee was not Eve.
I'm confused @Pinkeevee222: I thought that in Eve's dream she found the necklaces and she turned into that eevee... Or that other eevee dreamed the same thing and his(or her) dream was shown to confuse us? Or did you mean that the eevee in the last panel wasn't Eve?
@Pinkeevee222: Or did you say that Oliver isn't Eve? I know that, I said that about the other eevee.
Oliver? Oliver is so cute in 3 panel
i think it is night
whoa, eve's design changed a lot in that... hallucination? Plot dump? IDK, but still, why did she look like that? MYSTERY! (does anybody get the reference?)
fun fact: oliver in this page is actually past oliver, the oliver before harmony broke him. when he was sweet and innocent and gay
@Guest: That explains the mustache.
?! Is that a Pikachu hiding behind a tree in the last square?!
:3 I guess

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