September 12th, 2015, 10:33 am

Don't worry, Bolt will get tons of character
development in the future. Flame and Blizz, 
not so much... 
I'm working on it now, though!

*mutters* Especially because Dusk has a whole
lot of character development....

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... You know, today just isn't Eve's day ...
Yes, they are climbing the sky. I believe that the sky wall is actually an advanced form of an LCD screen, but, I'm not too sure yet.

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Pinkeevee222, September 12th, 2015, 10:33 am Reply
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I think someone likes Eve <3

@Robotdroid: Those reactions to seeing Eve though...
@Robotdroid: Levins face is weird
The sky is just a wall?
Third! Oh NOEZ

what will happen.
@:3: Am i the only one dat wants to see poodove again?
...The comic has EXACTLY 314 fans.

@bluefiredragon: HAXXXXXX
@Robotdroid: *puts on tinfoil mudkip hat
@Robotdroid: "runs and buys a tinfoil hat and puts it on"
Well, pi is involved with triangles, and threes along with multiples of three are heavily involved in trigonometry.

NOOOOOOOOO, Pi is with circles XD
@ShadowIrorriM: I really like ur profile pic!! Is so cute!!
@Vaporeonrox: Welp, I didn't see this until just now.

Anyway, thanks. It's not my work(wish I could draw that well digitally), but, it is my character.

Edit: Annnnndd I just realized I wasn't logged in. Smart.
Well, I guess she found the bad guys...
We need the Vay signal! Someone put a dolphin silluette on a flashlight and aim it towards the sky!
@Wolfmist: we can't there's no clouds in the sky
@eeveeleo: But the sky is a wall. We don't need no clouds!
*Gets out the Vay signal*
@Wolfmist: wheres the plug for the vay signal
...there alt text
-studies frame closly- uh huh OK so Devin is blushing. If not I dunno,anyways Im still waiting to go to the hospital can't wait!! ^_^ :3 X3
one is acting smug...
one is scared...
and the other is blushing...
@Pinkeevee222: how do you survive AP highschool?its too hard for me I'll die before I make 4 years. Just wondering... Also, did you get my contest entry?
@Sucking Chest Wound: I dunno, as of now, I have a C in both of my AP classes... I blame summer assignments.
And yes, I did get your entry.
@Pinkeevee222: This might sound stupid but what AP classes :C
@Blitz Striker: AP Psychology and AP art
@Pinkeevee222: AP art?!?! no fair! my highschool doesnt have that. i only have AP world and stuff
@Pinkeevee222: well gl to you my friend
Poor eevee xD
@LilacThLeafeon: you realize they're normal types.
@Da one and only omastar: When you're tied in a rope?
@DeathUmbreon: Why not dig?
@Guest:Eve's hands are tied
@that guy: Onix doesn't have hands, and it can use dig. So can Kabuto, Pinecco, Swinub, and Pupitar. And they don't even have arms!
@Guest:True,but Eve doesn't know dig and unlike an onix, eevee needs it's arm to use dig
@DeathUmbreon: THEN USE CUT!!!!!!:P
@Yoloman:Eevee can't learn that move!
@Mali: but can't umbreon?
@Shade the shiny eevee:Go check Bulbapedia
@Mali: wait, the move scratch
@Shade the shiny eevee: then why not use bite?
@Da helix fossil: no ur not. You are not "da helix fossil"
@Da helix fossil:Eve is level 1 and only knows the moves tackle,tailwhip, and helping hand
he was blushing. I saw it! Devin's got a crush? ;3;
@pinkeeveefan: Yea I checked back and on comic 30 the alt text says Devin has a crush on Eve
hmm... @Robotdroid: still not sure if I ship it. They would be cute, but dusk x eve is kawaii! ;-;
@pinkeeveefan: na man Night x Sky
@Sucking Chest Wound:SKY IS A MALE!!!! Pinkeeevee already told us like billions of times
@pinkeeveefan: but that ship is too big .-. smaller ships are the best!!
I don't trust the enternet with zip codes and stuff so, your comics are really good
How? I've been trying, but i can't get my account to work, I log it to post a comic but it doesn't work ; (

Yet I am still pretty new
Wait, the Jolteon on the title has blue and red eyes, just like Devin (I think, I can't remember which is which), except alternated.
They must have some relation to this Jolteon... Or, this Jolteon is Bolt and his little voices have possessed his eyeballs. XD
Wait, his voices are blue and red, too...
@Wolfmist: Which may be why Devin is so "different". His good side affects him more because he can actually see it.
*looks at ask blog*
*sees newest post*
I got a ferret!! :D . If you don't know what a ferret is just look em up, they is adorable. Mine is a girl named dusk and she's a sablemitt.
(too lazy to translate!) Minasan, kon'nichiwa! Anata ga shitai baai, watashi wa ch&#333;do watashi ga" raiburaifubera" to yoba reru kiban o sasaete iru koto o iitakatta sap&#333;to shite kudasai!
...i don't know what to say right now about the comic other then Devin x Eve. but Eve x Dusk, and Dusk x um Sky i think? anyway my classes are pretty easy, but art is by far the hardest, perfectionism really hurts this. BTW Pinkeevee was my fixing the projector the reason why Nego wasn't answering questions... cause if so sorry for the hold up
too many ships! I want them all too sail tho! @Blitz Striker: OMA right? D:
The one blushing has blush on his earrrrrsrssssssserrr
well... i havent commentee on what, the last two chapters?
AND NO ONE EVEN NOTICED???? i haven't been missed here.

or were you just relieved that i wasn't annoying you guys anymore?

:T or maybe i should just stop SSECing
@THIS IS SPICE: spice I knows how you feel I was on a vacation for 2 months a ND I was like does any one remember me and peeps were like. ... and I was like *sob*
Bolt Bolt has a lucky coin? When did he get that?
2lazy2logIn I dont even know what to comment about anymore lol
@ShinyLeafeon739:your anon is adorable!:)
@Mali: Thank-You! An anon means an anonymous though so it would be my profile pic. The anons are the eevees that guests have. I did not make my profile pic though.
Oma, I SO need to know what is going to happen! Speed it up please!! *winks*
Lol i know right
can you make more comic
Best comic ever @Pinkeevee222: I love your comics keep up the great work
it is comfirmed. levin devin and kevin are british or something

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