They lost her


October 10th, 2015, 8:38 am

You know, I wanted to
upload 2 comics per 
week this month, but,
it seems like no one
cares about something 
important I said in 
that wall of text 
last week. So, I 
decided not to. I 
guess it's easier 
for me anyways.

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Pinkeevee222, October 10th, 2015, 8:38 am Reply
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Oh Vay, you are going to get in so much trouble if you don't find Eve. Oh, im first?

blizz gunna kill Vay so bad XP
Wow the stupid ones are scary :P
Poor dev.....:/
he friendzoned himself XD
man Vay you better get a move on and find eve, or Blizz will kill you, BTW when you say no one cared about last weeks post, do you mean the thing about Blizz being a closet brony like me? or was it something else?

Edit: Wait are you talking about the "three 0's in the contest" thing and how your Tina...cause if so i really feel awful for not saying something...TO THE ASK BLOG!
@Blitz Striker: Hmm? No, those are not important. As I said before, I don't care about the 3 zeros. It was something else, something way more important.
@Pinkeevee222: is it the creating a boss for the spy organisation that daisy works at?
@Blitz Striker: I think it's the 3rd anniversary for this comic thing
What happen to Eve , why she transform to a
@EeveeForEver2: Eve ran off
so wait glaceon is more then just a cheeze brain? ... oh lord i thought vay was stronger then him
wai no blizz go super sayian and why blizz no girl!??!!??!

(would totally ship Dusk and blizz if one of them was a girl lol)
@Zoruaeon: just make em gayyyyyt
@Guest: no
Darn... I missed last weeks comic because of all the anime I've been watching...

Don't you remember when Vay was tough and could only be blackmailed instead of threatened?
Vay chan!/
UMM @Stone the umbreon: . silly ( my vaporeon ) sees stone .
silly : ... umm ok im freaked out
. silly backs away slowly .
. umbre screams .
umbre : KARP KRACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crazyness @nyan cat eevee : . Umbre filles a pool with karp kracks.
.espe watches umbre .
Espe : ... ok he's going nuts SOMEMON GET KELDIO. OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT.
Does everyone have that angry glowy eyes form?
@Luigi_96: Nope! Only Dusk and Blizz
@Pinkeevee222: wutt but flare hade them when dusk? Stole his magazine "remember"
@Guest: That was for dramatic effect.
Did Eve use Substitute?

Also, Is those glowing green eyes Blizz's special power?
What ever happened to troll and wimp or bolt vision O.o
Stupid Human Needs =.= I was up at like 6 in the morning and I wanted to stay awake so I could see the comic first >.< but I fell asleep in my chair 'n' I wonder where Eve went off to...
Number 1- The dot is very cute. Hello, dot ;)

Number 2- I have NEVER seen Vay so uncomfortable! (It's really funny XD)

Number 3- What does 'Herp' mean compared to 'Derp'?

Number 4- Is Eve scared of being kidnapped or is it being around Devin?

Number 5- Does Eve like Devin? Does she know Devin likes her?
this is me when i saw blizz
Well, I would pity Vay...but I also like to see him suffer. ;-)
DUN DUN DUUUUUUNN -dramatic music plays- Ooooooooohhhh Vaaaaayyyy you will be in soooo much trouble if Blizz finds out that you left Eve for dead after some briefing in being a cop.

P.S. It's me, espeon8812! I used to be a guest but I now have a smackjeeves account!
@espeon8812: Oooohhhhh Vaaaayyyy You know Blizz is level 4, right? I mean, COME ON!!!
@GlitteringEevee943: Vaporeon is obviously afraid of Glaceon's most powerful move... Flail!
Go away dot nobody loves you. Also: I never saw any important paragraph that you're talking about :P
@cccviper653: I love the dot! Don't underestimate the all-powerful Dot!!! ;)
12 comics since daisy was shown :/
uh you're only sister? Aren' t you forgetting-
:Pearl gives her notes: .... Nvm ......Blizz is right....
Glad to see you moony! @Moony: Hi moony how are things with Pearl? and Peridot? and the Steven Universe comic con? and things?:3
Check out my new eevee x3 Was vay worried about him knowing his eevee? He doesnt act like so quickly
If I was in this comic, I would totally be blizz. We act really simalary :P
what would happen to vay if blizz discover that he lost Eve
Happy 3rd anniversary to the comic! I can't believe it's been 3 years since you started working on this comic, it felt like it was only yesterday that you only had like 8 pages up.

Thanks for staying so committed to this. Say what you want about the plot, but the most important aspect of storytelling is to keep the reader interested, and if it wasn't interesting, you wouldn't have this many people still reading.

Here's to hoping for another 3 years...! Or however long it will take you to finish everything.
@XlvMckaydvlX: wait...

1: ITS BEEN 3 YEARS?! *dances*

2: was the enternet even up 3 years agai? ((Rhetorical question))
Wait... Blizz is leval seven and vay is leval twenty-somthing /looked at characters/ *walks over to vay "vay, eat some Karpov crackers and I'll help you find eve *hands vay huge bag of Karpov crackers and looks for eve
hi @Shade the shiny eevee: . Umbre sees shade looking for eve and he also sees vay .
Umbre: Flips. Jolteon level 35. Silly . Vaporeon level 25.
Both :yes leader umbre sir
Umbre : I'm sending you to help vay
. Flips and silly run over and help out finding eve .
We've been missing blot,dusk, the sylveon (i think) daisy, and flareon (forgot his name lol) :/ ;___; what happened?
Rainbow @Pinkeevee222: TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHER ######
@Pinkeevee222: Does Paint Tool Sai work for mac?
@Vaporeonrox: Well, Paint tool sai is a windows only application, but, I have downloaded a free mac version from a random place on the internet. The pen pressure might not work on it, but everything else is fine.
@Pinkeevee222: Okay thank you- Not to bother you, of course, and if it does, you don't have to do it (You don't have to do it at all, actually, but whatever) Do you have the link by any chance? Also, do you have to download the pen pressure, or is this on tablets?
Here's the link-
Pen pressure is only on tablets, but, if you don't have a tablet, just use the line tool. I used that tool until comic #90. And, I even used it before I had a tablet.
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you so much! :)
hah I love panel 3 so kawaii >//<
Hallo I have no school on fri or thu. Has everyone forgot me hi spice
Hmmm...both Dusk and Blizz have someone they love more than anything(even if they are two different types of love), and both have super sayan mode. Something tells me that something is gonna happen to Eve and Sky( and Harmony will probably be behind It) and Blizz and Dusk will go Super Sayan on her. Also, I SHIP DEVIN AND EVE! THEY ARE SO KAWAII WITH EACH OTHER!
@HYDRO: agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed, and agreed
i watch my pinkeevee an the next one will have power puff eevee
Vaporeon is love, Vaporeon is life
O.O Ok Blizz reminds me of myself when I am angry at my sister or mother. -evil laughter- .... you heard nothing! -smoke bomb-
lol lol this comic so good i read it twice
Vay is lucky that Blizz's nature is naive, or else he would be in deep trouble.
LOL O my god Vaporeon is in SOOOO much trouble when Blizz finds out. LOL super funny eevee comic.
LOL @Pinkeevee222: glaceon is a durp.
Vay seems... different. Usually it's the Other way around...
hi hi
Vay: Sky Blue
Bolt: Red And Blue

I forgot about Daisy (-~-)
I though Cat was always the one in charge? Seems the tables have turned...

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