October 24th, 2015, 10:15 am

Recently, I have been thinking about what happened
to Vay in the lab, aka, 'why he is such a grump'...
Remember when I say I like making his life 
as miserable as possible?
*Evil grin*

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Wait... that's not Dusk. On the tumblr ask blog, for October only, 4 future characters are unlockable...

The first winner of the contest will be announced on October the 31st (There will be 3 winners in total)

Contest- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12dV_TNEbxepmw33L9wmMGjszETlYbAlg-6kbZfWphPI/viewform?us
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Wait... if its not Dusk, THEN ITS NIGHT
Second So, if that isn't Dusk... who is it?
@Tiberius: It's Night!
@MinecraftMinun: it’s dusk drunk butt
Wait why is night there in the first place anyway
Fourth It not Dusk, its DUSK!
...wait if that's suppose to be night then where is dusk...also isn't night suppose to be "ask-blog exclusive?"...or is this just to mess with our heads?

Edit: or dusk asked night to fill in for him while hes off doing something...that's also a possibility
CONFRIMATION @Blitz Striker:
I confirm it;

It is Night.
@Blitz Striker: I think Dusk is at a Greenpaw meeting.
@Nad235: most likely
@Blitz Striker: Dusk is Night... Night and sky were their names but later changed to Dusk and Sora. Dusk is actually smart, and acts stupid. Dusk attempted to clone an eevee/eeveelution (possibly Sora) but ended up cloning himself. This clone was named after his previous name, and is often reffered to as "a mistake."
@Guest: Sky is a male though.
proofs @Enderstar: Sky (or, Sora) thinks she is a male but is in fact female. Her gender might have been changed some time within the experiment, though this has not been completely confirmed.
Panel 7: I love that face.
Wait a moment. I remember Dawn finding Night in box 4 earlier. That light must have been Eve finding the pendant.
Wait-she has to look flawless? Hmm... This must mean something-

*Gasp* It's the 77th hunger games!

Just kidding.
Or is it?
*dramatic music plays*
@GlitteringEevee943: Eeveelutions from all 9 districts, normal, water, electric, fire, psychic, dark, grass, ice, and fairy, must compete for survival in the wilderness of Sinnoh.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

Yes sir.

*Ali, Frost, Sparklez, and Alex runs in*

*Harmony the Xerneas comes in*
@chimy19: Silva, my annoying Shiny eevee runs in and starts to destroy the Cornucopia with an axe.

One district 3 tribute is here!

Wait! Silva is too stupid to be district 3!
@GlitteringEevee943: *I drag in Grace, my glaceon.* It was tough work, but one of District 5's tributes has arrived!
Grace: Ok, now where's my $20?
Me: Here it is. Go nuts.
Grace: Hehehe, oh I will...
Me: O_o
@chimy19: Wonderful! We have big plans in mind for you tributes... >:)

I hope the odds are in your favor... Muahahahaha! Anyone else have tributes?
@Midnight-fox18: Yes, my eevee Eetsi is also here. They are too stupid to be in 3 so i'm changing them to 7.
@GlitteringEevee943: Ok, that's fine :)
Well, I've got my other District 5 tribute, Jake the jolteon! (I know Grace and Jake are not the same eeveelution, oh well.)
Jake: Ok, so you said this was some sort of lottery, right?
Me: It's more like a fight to the death.
*Harmony drags in Percy the Vaporeon and Leo the Flareon*
*throws them in*
Some more tributes.
Percy: Ummmm, why am I this fish-dog thing?
Leo: I. Am. Fluffy. HA-HAH, #BADASS
Harmony: At least you're not a deer thingie
Percy: Meh, I have fins, im awesome
@chimy19: Thank you for your Hunger Games tribute donation. Now if you'll excuse me...
*Grabs Lyra the leafeon*
I've got another tribute! This Hunger Games will be the much needed entertainment for the pokemon of the PC.
Leo: I shall scorch you with fiyaaaa!
*Frost, Ali, Sparklez wanders off*
Percy: AHHH
Percy: BAD
Lyra: N-no, I-I don't want to be scorched with
Grace: Sorry Lyra, but looks like I'm gonna have to kill you with -not fire- ice!
Jake: You're both going to be killed with fire. But that vaporeon over there is another story...
@Midnight-fox18: Btw, ANYONE HERE can donate an Eeveelutions Hunger Games tribute.
district 7 tributes! @Midnight-fox18: Hazel has joined coming from district 7! (Leafeon)
And from district 3, we invite Amber! (Shiny flareon)

Edit: I made up these characters on the spot, so I probably won't give them any history.
@pinkeeveefan: I really don't know where I'm going with this eeveelutions Hunger Games thing, but since lots of people are showing interest, perhaps I could do an interactive mini comic about it.
@Midnight-fox18: That would be fun...Could I be a co-author?

(Silva chops the head of one of the mutts with an axe, and then drags Eetsi into the woods)
@GlitteringEevee943: Sure! This sounds like a fun little idea. What should the comic be called?
@Midnight-fox18: yes, yes you should
And the comic should be called 'The eeveeloution games! May the odds be ever in your favor'
(Btw, if you were wondering, Sunny is a girl and Shadow is a boy. And you can use them both if you actually make that comic, which would be cool. Also, they are not in love. At all).
Percy: 0_0 I COME IN PEACE
Leo: He does :P
Jake: Well, I would've come in peace, except SOMEONE tricked me into joining the Hunger Games.
Me: *Looks away and whistles.*
Amber gets stung by a tracker jacker and cries like a baby in the corner of the arena, while Hazel makes himself a shelter out of rocks and logs.
(And yes, the games have already started.)
Shadow uses shadow sneek to quickly get over to Amber so he can use quick attack and slash at his neck. Sunny uses Sunny Day, thus forcing Shadow to come out of shadow sneek. Sunny uses flamethrower and burns Shadow, making him run away before he can attack Amber.
hunger games first truce?! @HYDRO: Amber asks Sunny to truce, while Hazel sneaks after Eetsi while he tries to be as quiet as possible
Sunny agrees to truce, while Shadow uses moonlight to heal his burns
It's Olivers Eeveelution! Eve might have evolved into an Espeon, or-Dawn might've came back in the future!

I really hope that's not true, but I can believe it if Oliver follows in Dusks footsteps. It might not even be in the future!

Sorry if i'm rambling too much.
? why night is there and not dusk?
Yes pinkeevee. Make Vay miserable

I thought Dawn ran away?
*GASP* it's night's serpent tail!!!
is night trapped inside dusk. because that would explain dusk`s split personality and the two tails night has the serpent tail and dusk has the normal tail.
but hey that`s just a theory a comic theory
thank for reading
HA! i'm a genius the umbreon is sky, not night

reason: i dunno lol
Yes @Moonglow: then that means.... Pinkeevee is stupid?

:random glowing cake floughts into sky and falls into corn's (mlah 4,703 eevee) mouth:

Mightyflower (my first Eevee now a vayporeon) wines: I wanted that!

Corn: well u didn't cause u just a old mwan!

Mightyflower: Mightyflower used surf!

Corn: Corn (crossed out fainted) died (crossed that out too) drowned!
XD the part were he was drunk was funny i laugh too hard whats he drinking?
@Darkstar29: Not Grape juice, that's for sure.
I see a S so is it sparkly water? XD
@Darkstar29: It's Seadra Springs water, 10% better than Deer Park water.
@Pinkeevee222: i was close right xD
But he was drinking grape juice in the forest box? Lol
@Darkstar29: Nope.
@Pinkeevee222: then how did he get drunk.....
@Darkstar29: I don't see a question mark, so I am not obliged to answer that question.
Wait.... where did espeon go?
@Darkstar29: Espeon was with the trainer, since she is on the trainer's main team, she isn't in the PC often.
@Pinkeevee222: so is this like one of her few times to revist dusk?
@Darkstar29: Yup.
@Pinkeevee222: i remember there being a second espeon if i remember exactly the other espeon had a scar on the back of its head was it apart of the eevee experiments in the lab? What happened to that espeon?
@Darkstar29: The espeon you are refering to has been shown several times. She was apart of the experiments, but escaped. I can't really tell you what happened to her, but, as of now, she is somewhere in the Kalos region.
@Pinkeevee222: wait is the kalos region the part where there personality change xD thats what i dont understand why do they change its just a place -_-
@Darkstar29: I think that was the Almia region.
@Pinkeevee222: ohh... well thats a different story then anyways thanks for answering my questions sorry if you were busy or something xP
@Darkstar29: No problem!
Oh my Arceus! The header must be FUTURE Blizz! Don't tell me if it is, that'll spoil the surprise.
@GlitteringEevee943: Who knows! It might just be a random Glaceon I drew because I was bored.
@Pinkeevee222: lol x3
Who knows?
why he is taking a bottle in his hand
Yellow eyes: Night
Yellow mouth: Night
Serpent tail: Night
It's all Night long!
Guys it's not Dusk. It's not Night either. It is Day :V
No its now a conspiracy where nintendo characters come into this comic

Signal for all the Links to come in
Rght, if no one else wants to solve the mystery, then I WILL Okay, theory time. If Dusk saw the flash of light, it might mean that the flash was not just a flash, but actually was something that showed Dusk Sora, but Sora could not see him. But the flash made him go kind of drunk looking, like an overpowered flash of a camerera. Then he goes off to Night, and asks him if he could fill in for him for a while since he wants to go look for Sora. Then he goes to find Vay to get him to tell him how you can get out of the pc without the trainers help. Edit: the flash of light may have been Eve.
@HYDRO: "i agree...unless...HAY MAZE COME HERE A SEC" i yell "do you actually think maze got drunk?" soul says "NO,MAZE WAS TALKING TO DAWN!" i yall "so maze is dawn's mate" soul says and maze walks in "IS IT TRUE?" soul and i both yell "huh?" maze says
@HYDRO: just my characters talking, but I completely agree
I've got some hunger games tributes! First up, Shadow the Umbreon!
Shadow: wait, am I gonna kill other mons? Cuz' I'm fine with killing mons.
Um, okay, so next up is Sunny the Flareon!
Sunny: I don't really like death, but I did grow up around it, so I'm gonna win for sure. For Sol!
@HYDRO: Yes! >:D I think that's 14 tributes so far.
@Midnight-fox18: ya' know, I would offer up Sol, but there are some problems.
1: he is a pacifist
2: unless you hurt his friends (I.e. Sunny) then he would become completely unstopable.
3: if he found out about this, he would hunt down the people who organized it and would either kill them or join up
4 he is an absol
@HYDRO: Oh, well I don't want to be hunted down and killed. O_o
I really don't know where we're going with this Hunger Games thing. I guess it just gives us something to do until the next update. Hooray for time wasting! :D
@Midnight-fox18: Oh, I wouldn't worry about dying to Sol's hand's (or paw's) Cuz' he has not killed anyone yet, the worst he has done is to cut someone's arm of. He would only kill you if he saw pure evil in you. So no pressure.
@HYDRO: Oh, ok, I'm not pure evil. Or am I? Dun dun DUN!
Percy is a passive Vaporeon
Leo is an aggressive Flareon
Harmony is the one trying to get them out
Ali, Frost, and Sparklez are just eevees
So...when are we going to get the next secret?
@Pinkeevee222: Why does Vau have the highest level out of all the eeveelutions (So far)? Also, if Dusk is older than anyone else, wouldn't he be stronger?
I have a feelin like somethings gonna happen but i'm not flare
Guys, It's not Dusk or Night. It's not day either.

It's Blizz in disquise <:3
Wooow that dawn looks pretty o///o
Psssst Next comic on Wednesday, I'll make sure of it.
Alright, who are you? You are either the person who makes the storybooks amd uploads them, or you heard it from someone else.
Dawn? Uh, I know the point is that is night instead of dusk, but, why is Dawn glowing in the third panel? just wondering.... I know I am repeating the comments, but, what if katniss took over Dawn so she can wi the 77th hunger games, so she must look flawless? derp. yup. this is all I thought of, not night, not the seriousness of the black background meaning it's serious, nope. Is Espniss, or, Dawniss. nope, its Espniss.
ANOTHER TRIBUTE! OR THREE Shade And Soul And Maze! "Eh, what?" Maze says and I jump 10 feet in the air "we're gonna kill you all, team Death Glow-Woot" I yell "ehe, shade, calm down" soul says ((Maze will be around till a little after Halloween, I am doing holiday eeveelutions!
Wait Can it be Dusk? I mean. There were a comics on the chapter Dusk can dance and that Dusk had yellow eyes and yellow mouth....

Also, WHAT is there tomorow important for Dawn? &#128535;
Qustion does dusk have 2 personality?
Question What is Dusk/Night holding?
@legendjolteon: Water
@Pinkeevee222: I think that night is cool
I like dawn
Look at this won't vee...? a few pages ago we were introduced to 2 eevees (and rick but no one cares) one eevee had yellow-ish eyes, something that dusk doesn't have. other then that a few more pages ago (or less i don't care) the eevee referinces that she lieks the night or considerbily "dusk" witch brigns this question."if this guy on the internet is correct, then who dafuq is that eevee and who is sora & sky" thanks for listening gtg eating chips
@The One and Only Genius
Actually Dusk and Night's eyes can change colors. However the eeveeloution above is Night because he has the strange tail. I know about Night's weird tail because of the ask blog.
In storybook 1 there's 2 eevees and their eyes are yellow and blue in aftermath there's a espeon with blue eyes and in this comic there's a umbreon with yellow eyes so that espeon and this umbreon are those eevees
strange umbreon sees glow
no NO WAY he will be night and if it night who the hell does night room like dusk room

i believe he is dusk
theres one part in yughio abridged that fits really well here:
T: Is that the evil marik or the evil marik?
J: Uh, duh, the evil marik.
T: (Earnestly) Oh! now I'm up to speed.
thats not dusk its night. the difference is the eyes and nights tail is more longer and... snake like
... I thought if a good burn against Dawn when she says she needs her beauty sleep, but I don’t want to be too mean
That’s Night. Long tail, yellow eyes and mouth, it all checks out.

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