Storybook 2


October 28th, 2015, 6:00 am

Vay's pov

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Hi Dae is an umbreon
Third, I guess? I'll take what I can get.
I bet $100 that the youngest brother is Blizz. YOU BETTER GIVE ME ALL THE MONEYZ IF IM RIGHT!
@Wolfmist: Bolt is on the left, flame is in the middle, dusk is on the right, and that is vay. I think Blizz was born at the lab.
@Wolfmist: Its Vay. Blizz is the chubby one
I think the youngest brother is Dusk.

I'm probably wrong but opinions are opinions :3
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@Marlows59: The youngest brother is-dun dun dun!!! Flame!
@GlitteringEevee943: Actually, it's Vay!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN
maybe they'll do better with DETERMINATION.

(Undertale thing please?)
I recently watched Game Grumps (SteamTrain) play it, they're on hiatus for the game for 'ScreamTrain' (Halloween special)
i love undertale :D @HarrisonButterGem: knowing that the young eevee might one day save his siblings, it fills you with DETERMINATION!

Personally, I think its Vay.
@Eeveemaster523: if you highlight over the comic it say's it's his POV
@Eeveemaster523: I think it can be blizz or vay
Fairly certain the youngest is Vay since if you look at the master eevee list ( gid=0), Vay is listed as the last eevee to be sent to the lab. Oh, and the alt text even states that this is being told from Vay's perspective.

It's also definitely not Dusk since the last storybook page was told from Dusk's PoV in which him and Sky were captured.

Looks to me like that's Bolt, Blizz, and Flame in the cage with Vay stuck on the outside.
Dusk? I don't think so. Dusk/Night was the one to be captured with Sora/Miku/Sky/(Dawn, maybe).
I sat Blizz because I was going off of that one meanwhile... Though, Vay is also possible...
Wait, Wait, Wait... BrotherS. brotherS. Okay, so I'm fairly sure that, in storybook 1, the two that were captured was Dusk and Sky.
So... If that's the case, then...
Edit:: Also, what's alt text?
@Wolfmist: Vay's Point Of View
No, @Guest: I mean, what is alt text, not what is the alt text. How do I see alt text?
It's Vay the youngest brother is Vay. I know because if you look on the askblog, it is said that Vay is a runt. The eevee in the picture is a runt. Thus, the youngest brother is Vay. I guess that the three in the cage would be Bolt, Flame, and Blizz. Edit: plus, you can tell who they are because of the shape of their ears
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also nice stickman reminds me of Ash Ketchup, because of how derpy he is XD
........ i.........don't ..........know ............what .......................................................say
I think the eevees in the cage are Bolt (left), Blizz (middle), Flame (right), and Vay (lower middle).
Well... Hey, guys, remember comic #100? Remember the Meowth in the window? It wasn't a Meowth. It was the monster the Wimp and Bolt fused together to defeat. And what does F/ Bolt wear? An amulet coin. What else has amulet coins? That monster.
*Puts on shades like a cool person, but they fall off*
Zoroveemewtwo: I thought everyone knew that...
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@ShadeTheShinyEevee: Probably is Volt, i'm not sure about the others
Let's keep going with hunger games here. Reply to me to keep going with the story.
Sup :)
(Btw, Sunny agreed to truce with Amber)
Guess who? Me x3 So cause you dont know how to draw people you decide to draw stick people? XD 10-10 Wait wait why does it say vay's pov? The youngest is vay then o.o
: the emotes are now codes! What happened
These story books remind me a lot of the ones from super Mario Galaxy. In art style differing and revealing a more painful backstory
I actually will start a webcomic if you guys want, but I will need influencing to keep going ;)
@chimy19: Oh yez plez do! I really want to see it! You can use Shadow and Sunny to, but Shadow is a man and Sunny is a female, and they do not love each other, since they already have other love interests.
@chimy19: Alright! I'll be sure to follow it! I was a bit iffy about starting it myself anyways. I am already working on one of my ideas for a comic, and I just don't want to be stressed trying to finish everything. So you can go ahead and start!
@chimy19: yesyesyesyesyesyespleaspleaspleaspleasect. I'll go in detailed w/my characters if you want, "pleas make le webcom!" I say and fall to my knees and wave my forelegs "pwees" I say

Shade: lv.60((originally 100 but that would be unfair for this))silver fur and stitches all over and a huge skewed through the head and is female and rash and adventurous

Soul: Lv.60((originally 75 but same consent as above)) and dark brown fur and a blue bandana and blue eyes and is male
@chimy19: An artist should do things on their own time. Getting motivation from others is nice and all, but in the end, motivation for art comes from oneself.

Sorry if I sound a bit pretentious. It's just my opinion that an artist should draw something if THEY want to, not if others want them too- if others want it too, then that just makes it all the better.

I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing it. An artist grows by drawing, playing music, creating music, or writing, whatever be their fancy, after all. It's kinda nice seeing that growth.
Ohhhhkay! I shall start working on it today!
(you know, writing plot and stuff.)
@chimy19: Do it! Hey since I technically came up with it, can I plz be a co-author?
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: the eevee three is sora/flame, the ears are same
Ok ok ok U guys I think Sora and Dusk are the two eevees that had the bells and stuff

PA I really L O V E the art keep it coming the pink eevee
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: Amber goes to hunt for fish, while Hazel tries to attack Eetsi
I know those eevees I believe that the two eves that had been captured are Dawn and Dusk because they got those soothe bells and the left one in the cage is Jolt and the middle is Blizz and the right is Flame and the one outside the cage is Vay and their mother is maybe Harmony.
@Eevee174: Dawn is a lot younger than them. The two Eevees captured before this were probably Dusk and Sky.
Youngest brother is... Blizz or Vay! They are the youngest males on the character page, but Vay is too sensible to confront Harmony... It's probably Blizz.
VERY GOOD ADVICE!!! You should totally put a shiny eevee in the comices cause it will make it more cool and interresting!
Oh...So sad...THE EEVEES GOT CAPTUUUURRREEEDDD!!! *Sobs in corner*
@Pinkeevee222: add meh back plz ;!;
Uh, did I miss something? ok, so there is main comic, meanwhiles, secrets, AND Storybooks? ugh, I can't find the first one, just. ugh.
wait... nvm, found it. how did I miss it? ugh.
@Raini01: Vay doesnt have scruffs, so it cant be him
ok, so the youngest eevee was glowing blue rigth, so it must have been vay!
Every time I go read these comics i try 2 firgure out who those evees were

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