October 31st, 2015, 8:20 am

Oliver and the Boss of LKD were
dating at a point. They broke
up, but there is no bad blood
between them.

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Happy halloween! Tina here! Mari is still unavailable.
Oliver's face would look great on a pumpkin.
Anyways, I'm going to do a background eevee check soon, as in, a lot of background eevees will not appear in the comic until their owners contact me. This will start December 1st.

Background eevee is Ethan.

Stay tuned for the first 2 winners of the contest!
Pinkeevee222, October 31st, 2015, 8:17 am Reply
Advertisement, November 12th, 2019, 8:20 am Reply
WINNERS !!!!!!
Winner #1- Random drawing -Raini01


Winner #2- Awesomest answer- Anonymouse (as in, a guest. I know that he/she won't win a prize, but, their answers were brilliant!)

Question- What do you think will happen when Sora meets Dusk?

Answer-They will combine into a magical girl who fights with spinning tops to defeat the Fire Nation and collect all 7 dragon balls to bring order back to the Hidden Leaf Village from the evil Major Major Major Major, who seeks to catch a body coming through the rye and become the pirate king!

Question- What is your theory about the lab?
Answer- The "lab" actually refers to a giant Labrador (dog breed) that has crossed over from our reality into the Pokémon world. The dog terrorizes the citizens of every region, causing untold destruction everywhere. Because the beast is not from the Pokémon world, scientists have no idea how to stop its reign of terror. Ultimately, a group of researchers decide that Eevee and its eeveelutions are close enough to the giant Lab. The scientists collect Eevees everywhere for study. Eventually, the giant Lab dies on its own (fell into Hoenn's ocean, because 7.8 too much water), however, the scientists are in an undergound bunker, so they are unaware of this and continue asking for Eevee specimens from the surface world.
Meanwhile, an Eevee mother is jealous of her son's happy love life, so she sends the son and his lover to the scientists. She receives $10 for each of them, and deciding that she would like a new car, the mother sells her other children to the lab as well. In a cruel twist of fate, however, the mother cannot drive and wastes the money.


Winner #3 will be determined by you guys!


I'll just randomize another winner to take the second character slot when winner #3 is announced.


To claim your character, PM me
Pinkeevee222, October 31st, 2015, 10:22 pm Reply

First! Okay... This is proving my theory...
Is that Eevee in panel 5 or 6 a background Eevee or one of you four's Eevees?
@Wolfmist: He's a background eevee
@Pinkeevee222: I shoulda looked at your comment first. :P I so derp.
@Pinkeevee222: if you don't mind I'm going to borrow from jontron:https:
and that's all I'm going to say
@eeveeleo: this confuses me
@Pinkeevee222: use the adress i left
@Pinkeevee222: I walk through the bushes, whistling. Sees them."........FUCK THIS" runs but trips on a training dummy. Also, not gonna do it
oooooooohhhhhhh my gooooooood
@Pinkeevee222: happy Halloween!
ethan has a badge Goddamit ethan this is not mystery dungeon
This is a valid reason of why Levin is so scared
(pannel 18) "it was at this moment, he knew. He fucked up"
@Blitz Striker: Agreed.
Loll @Blitz Striker: Indeed he did
VERY GOOD ADVICE AGAIN! Im saying this one more time. put shiny eevee!!! because it will be cool to have one! (and mostly because i shiny pokemon) he he.
@slyoen is cool: Nope. I can't just put a shiny eevee into the comic, I have to legitly get one in one of my pokemon games first.
@Pinkeevee222: I love Oliver in the 17th panel. You really have some skills!
@GlitteringEevee943: thanks!
@GlitteringEevee943: I agree!
Wait... Leven and Kevin don't have those red tints in their fur. New the question rises: how did the tints get there?
wait wat! you mean that all those are eevees that are the pc are ur eevee in the game! i thought you made them up.
@slyoen is cool: Nope. All eevees besides Eve and the background eevees are either in my pokemon platinum game, or my pokemon X game.
(the alt text)
OLIVER IS 66...7.
i feel so srry for eve! :'(
What the 4th panel would've been like if Eve was older Oliver: Eve, are you ok?
Eve: Yeah, I'm just peachy fine. OF COURSE I'M NOT OK!
The soft mewing hints that Eve is feline, but the term 'kit' is usually used to refer to foxes. Therefore, the eevees in this comic are almost definitely not dogs, probably cats, and maybe foxes.
@RioBlitzle: Well, if you've read Warriors, a "kit" is a kitten. Of course, young foxes can be called kits or pups.
@Wolfmist: Kit can actually refer to quite a few (generally) woodland, mammalian animals, and kittens sometimes too.
@ShadowIrorriM: Yeah, that too. But we know that Eve is no small woodland creature! However small and cute she is...
Hello @RioBlitzle: Eevee's are based on japanese racoon dog's
@Dibowac12341473013777778: known as Tanooki.
So, Oliver is older than Eve??? idk
@Blizz the glaceon: Oliver is a little bit older than Dawn.
Yes @Blizz the glaceon: Yes he is i mean most of the males are older than the females if im correct
and to all a good night :3 >:3 >|3 on Halloween night *nefarious laugh*
Ohhh... HAHAHA *Evil laugh*
Eevees do look like kittens.
Ok @GlitteringEevee943: Yeah they kinda do look like kittens but also as dogs and foxes but they are based on japanese racoon dogs tho
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Like, Red Pandas?
Oh, snap.
So awesome.....
Ethan made it! Yay!
What font do you use for Oliver in panels 15-18?
@Eeveemaster523: The font is 'DeathRattle BB'... I think it is very appropriate.
1 and 1/2 years ago or 11 half years ago? So confused?!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: 11 and a half
@anergon: How old do you think Eve is?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: 1 and a half. If it was 11 and a half, there would be three ones.
omg AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Oliver is so creepy(I would want oliver as a bodyguard)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg YES
Possessed oliver
ooooo, Oliver is super cute but has an evil, or powerful side he uses to protect eve for some reason that doesn't really make sense to me cuz he's gay but... I likey! Of course the gay guy has to be vengeful and hurt peeps though even if they deserve it. :c Oh well, I wonder when he'll start sneakin peaks at Dusk again. lols :P And Adam, I love the interactions between those two... Wait, I just realized, why didn't Oliver go hulk smash on Adam after dousing him in holy water and making him sad faced?
Probably because Sora taught him to never use
His evil powers, but he can't help it when people hurt Eve.
@HYDRO: Likely, but I think Oliver is truly super sweet and even though that guy is a total jerk, I don't think he'd hurt him, cuz you know, gay. So he's probably just giving him a big hug in the next comic... Pwease :'3 He shalt not beith evil or else if Eve finds out or anyone else, news will spread and everyone will hate him. Adam might even go, "ahah! I knew you were evil and sinful!" and he'd get everyone to work with him to kick out Oliver! And spiraling in depression, he either kills some peeps or himself! NOOOOOES!!! D:
TEAR HIM APART!!!! ( I love death )

O.O I'm innocent, I mean...

Mew? ( pretend to be innocent....come on..)
Lesson learn dont ever make oliver mad or pissed him off
Okay,... That is terrifying and teaches us one thing:
Don't tick off Oliver.
Ya' know, the slow evolution of this plot makes me make my own theories Unfortunatly, most of them are probably wrong.
But! I know that I am right about this one. Eve is the daughter of Sky (or Sora) I know this because Sora says that (s)he met a very tempermental eevee and (s)he was the only eevee who could calm him down. Then the tempermental eevee (who is Oliver) found a place to escape, and Sora gave him an egg, that later turned out to be Eve. It may also explain why Dusk isn't very fond of her, seeing as she probobaly reminds him of Sky. Also, we didn't get to se Sora in this meanwhile T_T Why.
@HYDRO: Who cares about Sora? This is obviously better!
I find the Sora comics intriguing, but not as great as comics like this.
Did anyone else notice that the thing in Oliver's ear started to glow red when he switched evil?
@Nad235: yup I did
Oh scaring the shit out of people when you show how scary you can actually be. Their laugh first because they think your trying to be scary but that becomes a nervous laugh quickly... And then I won the chess game me and my opponent were playing and its back to normal lolz.
Let me at the giant Labrador, and I'll show it a thing or two.

And by that I mean I'll show it my fluff.

Because it should be obvious that I am the fluffiest of all beings via fluff to body mass ratio.

... Darn it Oliver!
I won? wait, I won the contest? wait was it the contest for the what will happen? wow, I wasn't expecting that... YAY!!!!!!!!! so, I guess we found what our crossover thing will be XD also, what does the random drawing thing mean, next to my user? And also, whats the character claiming thing? idk all of this XD
Spoopy Oliver jack o lantern-esque
@Pinkeevee222: :( oh i thought she was ingoring me on skype :/ my bad no fair!! She added marlows first >:(
Totally true definetely not lying @Darkstar29: Yeah I already know what is gonna happen in the next comic, and the rest of the chapter and I know all about the lab, Sky, Sora, Eve and all the other plots!
@Marlows59: >:( <<< this is my mad face
@Darkstar29: C:D this is my mad face
This is Vaporeonrox Yay! A meanwhile! (I don't feel like logging in)
Hello again.. Its me again,the one who answer "I know those eevees" and I am new in Devianart.By the way painting with the computer is kind a bit hard,but drawing in a piece of paper is easy and I am good at drawing a Pikachu,Pichu,Ralts,Eeveelutions and some other pokemons and I even play pokemon games on ds emulator and even gba emulator games. I got a lot of gba pokemon games(there some hack roms) and 3 ds pokemon games (White 2,SoulSilver and Platinum) and I had collected a lot eevees on it like breeding or catching some and I gotten more than 7 eevees and here they are
name lvl nature type (shiny or no) gender
Ribbon the Sylveon 56 jolly fairy not shiny female
Angel the Espeon 12 Sassy psychic not shiny female
Mike the Umbreon 15 Bold dark not shiny male
Flare the Flareon 14 Bashful fire not shiny male
Grace the Glaceon 12 Jolly ice not shiny female
Lydia the Leafeon 13 Gentle grass not shiny female
Jolt the Jolteon 14 Relaxed electric not shiny male
Jet the Vaporeon 12 Adamant water not shiny male
Elizabeth the Eevee 13 Quirky normal not shiny female
Jay the Eevee 14 Impish normal not shiny male
Carl the Eevee 16 ??? (can modify its own nature) normal not shiny male
Nyah the Eevee 15 Docile normal not shiny female
Japs the Eevee 5 Quiet normal shiny male
and some other eevees that I didnt mention(3 of them are shiny,maybe)and other eeveelutions
Same @ShadeTheShinyEevee: ya me to sometimes but I evolve then trade
the truth the truth is when I combine them all I got many eevees its like more than 40 of them I got confused and gone crazy over eevees and I finally had notice it and breeding it over again but more than I said before and Japs the Eevee wanted to evolve into a sylveon so that I could breed him with Ribbon (Japs the Eevee really likes Ribbon the Sylveon)
wow ..... wow ..... WOW . Umbre see Oliver beating the hell out of him .
Umbre :........... ZORA COME
Zora : yes mighty umbre who trained with three mighty mons
Umbre: Zora go kick levin ( or Kevin ) butt
Alright alright. I just need to say something before I get the fk outta here.


Edit: Also Evil Oliver reminds me of me (or my friend) on a bad day.
I don't know why, but reading about Eve always intrigues me...
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: I have never understood eevee hoarding. I love eevees, and can't help having all the eeveelutions, but HUNDREDS OF EEVEES!? What would the purpose be? Are you trying to gets IVs or shinies? I don't know why people breed them just for the sake of having hundreds of cute, fluffy, foxes in the colors of the rainbow. Well now that I put it that way...
eevees Wow,Oliver reminds me of my youngest pokemon in ALL of my pokemon that I had been collecting and his name is Dream the eevee lvl 1 or 2 maybe and It can modify its own nature (it came from his father Carl the Eevee whos now lvl 42 bred with its mother Nyah the eevee lvl 30) he is a shiny eevee its gender is a male (It had its own sister watching over him her name is Weather the Eevee)please Dont mess with him he is still a baby eevee (or he will become your worst nightmare) he likes watching mlp and riolu girl or lucario girl
eevees 2 I collected a lot of eevees in my games so I give some of the eevees to my little sister and brother,the ones who are now left are the eevees or eeveelutions I had chose to take care with.
Interesting @Pinkeevee222: So thats the reason. Levin's afraid of Oliver
Are you gonna tell us about Olivers past, or was that just to scare Levin?
Eve and Oliver were my 1st and second favorite characters and now Oliver is sooooo awesome!!! Dead first Oliver! Eve is awesome to... but I feel bad for her... she got beat up...
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: Oh, alright! Yeah, if you're breeding for a shiny, you're sure to get tons of eevees. Oh well, at least eevees are cute. :)
Poor eve :'(
OLIVER HAS THE DEVIL TRIGGER??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?
I wish I had a tumblr. I just wanna let oliver know I think he's adorable! (Huggies!) Not in a crush way, but I do think he's really cute ^w^
@Pinkeevee222 (My response to comic #59)
I love oliver :3 hes now my favorite
"Knock knock knock Shade, knock knock knock Shade, knock knock knock Shade" Navi says from outside my door "WHAT! IM READING FANFICTION?!" I yell "do you wanna build a snowman?" Navi sings and I open the door and puncher in the face with a black mist emitting from my eyes and mouth "sing it one more time, I dare you..." I growl and show my razorsharp teeth "Pleas No!" Navi yells and runs off
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: I'm with Shade on this one. How is Frozen still a thing!? It may have been a good movie, but it's been over a year, and they're still playing Let it Go in Chinese buffets. :/ And pretty much any public place where music can be played.
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: :3 i like how she ended spoooky x3 i like spoooky :P
wow wowowowowowowowow.
wow wow wowow. just. wow. o.o
*speechless* wow
I had understand everything I believe that I was wrong about Dusk and Dawn who got those soothe bells and because of that the real ones who wear it was Night and Sora and their brothers was Bolt,Flame and Oliver and I dont know about the other one.When I watch the other older comics I had found out that Flame told the three eevee girls to find the soothe bell (he was just pretending so that the girls dont know what he was looking for) when he describe what the soothe bells looks like but when he said"He goes by the name of Night" that means Night was the eevee who where the soothe bell and when Sora flashed back I had found her wearing a soothe just like the eevee in storybook 1 and so as she flashback with her brothers and even Night wearing a soothe bell just like the eevee in the storybook 1.So I believe she and Night are brothers and sisters.And When Oliver said he was taken by his mother that means he was eevee who tried to tell his brothers but he was too late (and that even means Sora,Night,Oliver,Flame and Volt are brothers and sisters)And Night was the one who make plan for Sora to escaped from their evil mother (Its Harmony alright) and the other eevee that I havent mention is Vay or Blizz,maybe. and thats the end of explanation there are more answers that I had discovered.
@Eevee174: You forgot about Dusk and Vay and Blizz!
Also. Oliver is older than Dawn, but only by a few days.
already know Evolve into a..
not sure about the other one
@Eevee174: Sora is an eevee
@Pinkeevee222: and thanks to that she can turn into a sylveon (plus a whole lot of other factors) commenters (or at least the commenters who care) can see that Eve is Sora's daughter.
Hey PinkEevee what did Evil!Oliver do? o.o
@DeathUmbreon: Nothing much. Just gave Levin a scar or two.
Wait- why is Mari unavailable??
amazing hello! i'm new here
great history!!
meanwhile look at the first meanwhile that pinkeevee222 made there you saw Sora and her brothers (By the way did you rename Night with Dusk)And when pinkeevee222 commented that she is a supporter of Dusk x Sky and Dusk is a boy,that means Sky is a girl!!!!
Well, Sky could be a girl, but if you read the askblog, you will see that Sky is a boy. Which means that either Sky is gay or Dusk is. Or mabye both of them are gay. Or mabye something happened in the lab and turned Sky into a girl! But only Dusk knows because Sky didn't trust anyone else!
Uhh.... Also may I keep my eevees (bracken and swift run)
@meatballsahoy92: Your background eevees are not, and will not ever be in danger of not appearing in the comic.
(If that even makes sense)
@Pinkeevee222: where have you been
/ ; - ; / were ya sick or somethin?
HI THERE!!! Im a new reader! I love the comic >< PLEASE CONTINUE!!!
stopping I will have to stop commenting first....(still got things to do)
(I will be a fan soon) @Pinkeevee222: Anyways, Oliver reminds me of one of my own character's I've come up with a few years back. (The rundown because this is getting very long) He was scitzophranic (IDK how to spell that) and had two personalities by different names (not telling :3) one his normal self, but when something gets to him.... (well kinda like oliver but not....) IDK why I said this but I did, and I don't really actually have a reason to say it.... so yeah :3
That will give me nightmares
Oliver is serious...ish
Oliver is serious...ish
Sad, just sad.
note to self: don't tick oliver of,you WILL get beaten up..
Two things 1. Is this what levin meant by I can't go through that again? 2. Levin! Eve is only a half old, she's practically a baby!
I think im in love
@Pinkeevee222: Is the LKD boss Dusk?
never ever piss of olivr sp
@Pinkeevee222: hihi
What the hell jest happen
@LOL101: chara
@Pinkeevee222: *silently screaming, quickly presses next* 0-0
Oliver is scary and she is great protecting Eve too..
Inap Is it just me... or is oliver or whoever that eevee is fucking the poor devin or whatever his name was?
Death Battle!!!!!!! In this corner from the short stupid eevee
comic it's Enraged Oliver,and in the other
corner from the eeveelution squad comic
it's Berserk Flar,who would win between
these two terrifyingly powerful and unordinary Pokemon?
@Pinkeevee222: HOLY SHI*************************************************************************************** *****************
Good 1
So blizz and dusk are not the only one with glowing eyez powers.
That background eevee has the same name as me!

At that moment he knew...... HE FUCK UP SOOOOOOOOOOO bad that he gona DIE
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Oliver: Your gonna DIE Levin!!!!!
(the chase is on)
Now we know there was another Eevee from the lab..... I don’t want to know what they did to Oliver, but it must have been really bad....
Call me crazy, but this is my favorite out of all the comics in your series.

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