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Dusk- Calm, Agitation

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Yes, Dawn has a boyfriend. ...Don't look at me like that! This has been going on since the original comics!

the next 2 winners will be announced next week.
Pinkeevee222, November 6th, 2015, 10:55 pm Reply
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Don't ever forget Dawn or she won't give you a present

Ok @TucKiD: Ikr

Dawn did the impossible; distracted a gamer while gaming.
Easy @Guest: It is really easy to distract one tho
Third. Man too slow.
Vay, you have officially failed copping. >:U
Fourth which is IMPORTANT a family's love or a friend's love
discoveries the eevees that had been taken away by their evil mother was Dusk,Vay,Blizz,Flame,Volt and maybe the other one must be Sora or Dawn
What does LKD Stand for?
那一个人知道?&a mp;#9834;───O(≧∇&a mp;#8806;)O────♪
@Tigermong189: It stands for Levin, Kevin, Devin
Haha i needed a good laugh like this.
they paint the sky LKD They are the ones who paint the sky
FIFTH Dusk is a jerk
skull is now canon people...also, Umbreon's can learn psychic?
@Blitz Striker: Yup. Oddly enough, one of the most powerful moves they can learn but that's ok because they're mostly support walls in battling. If you're using an Umbreon as an attacker, you're unfortunately using them wrong. -sniff- I want Umbreon to be feared. :'c
@cccviper653: i bread an umbreon who i then used to sweep the entire gen 6 elite four at lvl 70, unbreon can be feared
@Blitz Striker: I'm talking about competitive battling. The AI is barely a thing to glance at, even the elite four. The battle subway and similar truly elite battling areas ran by AI are somewhat menacing but it pales in comparison to facing real people that know what they're doing. Umbreon doesn't stand a chance in that scene if you don't play your strategy perfectly and have a bit of luck to go with it.
@cccviper653: I swept the elite four in Alola with Umbreon, even that ninetales.
@Enderstar: EVEN OLIVIA?!?!
@Enderstar: i started calling “continental crush” “continental dream crusher”
Is LKD the police force for him? XD
Hi @Darkstar29: He no i think it stands for Levin Kevin and Devin
@Pinkeevee222: hey wait is that a houndoom? O.o
@Darkstar29: Not sure, it is either a houndoom or a houndour.
Dusk pls
Dang I didn't win
It's like the only thing I put effort in too
Such cry
Much sad
Very sorrow
@Sucking Chest Wound: It's a small world, I've seen you on reddit before. Also praise Helix!
i wonder whats next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dusk is back, haven't seen him for a while.
again @Pinkeevee222: im curious and sorry to bother you wice, but for one,lol and two i did that to my sister ivy. she's a vulpix. here's an idea for the next comic!
flare; i am th sand gardian. gardian of the sand.
bolt; pasidan qivers before him! then flare says, fudge off to vay...
Needs more Vay.
Does anyone else notice... the LKD is spray painted in the sky? no? okay then!
OMG I just realized!!! @Pinkeevee222: in comic #102, they said that LKD could paint on the sky wall!!!!!!!!! yus!!!!! first one the relize!
hey its her falt for interupting his game of alpha saphire or smash bros so she had to have something good for him
why is dawn is dating a houndoom i dont mind but its sill weird
and i never knew that dawn and dusk were siblings
@eeveeleo: Dawn is dating a houndoom because cupid shot her with an arrow. The end.
@Pinkeevee222: and the siblings part
@eeveeleo: Well. If Dusk and Dawn were not siblings, it's a 75% chance that they would be dating, because umbreon and espeon are the OTP out of all OTPs.

Anyways, all the eevees in their respectable house are siblings. Since Dusk and Dawn are in the same house, they are considered to be siblings.
@Pinkeevee222: oh ok thanks pinkeevee
@eeveeleo: if houses didnt exist i think dusk would be dawns uncle
@Pinkeevee222: lol
@Pinkeevee222: 📍⚡ 🌴♓🅰🌴
ᗯ♓🅰🌴 👢🎋👌 ᗯ🅰⚡ 👌⭕📍🎵❡
📍🎵 🌴♓📧 ⚡🎋🌱?
@Guest: These symbols make no sense to me.
@Pinkeevee222: Those are alt-codes. When you type them into the commenting system, they appear as a symbol, but once the comment is posted, they become an illegible mess
@Pinkeevee222: I meant to say is that where LKD climbed the sky and, yaknow, painted their names?
:T Meh.
Awesome I just recently started reading this comic and I love it!! Good job. 👍
I wanna marry dawn
@Gabriele Balzarotti: I want a clone of Dawn as my pet
@Marlows59: hey wanna add me on my geometry dash account? My nickname is Ultragabry
can't blame him about the TM,Darn those stupid fighting types!
1. Vay, Eve could probably do better than you at copping.
2. Who wouldn't want psychic as a present?
3. Dusk, what the heck is wrong with you, ignoring Dawn until she presented that TM. And I thought you loved her. You don't even care about her new boyfriend.
1. Yes, yes she could.
2. No one! That's who.
3. Dusk is ignoring Dawn because of her boyfriend is there. He is actually really happy to see her.
4. Nachos are good.
4. Nachos are good, but baby octopus soup is better. (This is true for me, I'm so weird LOL.)
8. (Since shade already did 5-7) Espeons are awesome. They're so powerful, they can predict your next move.
10. Ash Ketchum is TOO brave in Pokemon XY. I couldn't believe it when he jumped off of Prism Tower to save Pikachu, I was like, "NOOOOO HE'S GONNA DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!"
11. I'm a helicopter! :D
13. I love cookies and nobody will change that fact.
14. SSEC is awesome.
@Midnight-fox18: oh. whoops. Stop stealing my awesomeness. C'mon. You didn't even make the "obligatory" 13 joke.

@espeon8812: 4. But Doritos are the MLGest food of all.
8. Hae-yell no! (U-turn) -koff koff- (Mega Beedrill) -koff koff- (F***ing HYDREIGON)
11. Umbreon is SO. OVERRATED. Need I remind anyone of Mega Beedrill's 150 Attack stat and 145 Speed stat? That is all it needs to run Espeon and Umbreon over.
git gud
13. Unlucky as your mind will allow.
@bluefiredragon: If anything, Jack needs to get good at Mega Man. :/

I'm stealing someone's awesomeness? 0.0 Normally I'd be happy, but in a battle, vulpix doesn't stand a chance against mega charizard X. So I shouldn't try to challenge you for your awesomeness.
@Midnight-fox18: Air Man takes four damage from your shots. You take four damage from his shots. He can hit you up to three times. You can hit him about six times. Do the math.

And this is why people shouldn't pick any avatar lower than OU. Because Dragon Dance makes me a freaking steamroller. Flare Blitz coming thru.
@bluefiredragon: FLASH FIRE.
But dragon claw will get me in the end, so it doesn't really matter. :/ WHERE'S THAT STUPID FIRESTONE. Though even as a ninetales, I'll still have horrible defense. Special defense will not save me from my fate to the dragon. :'(
@bluefiredragon: Fite me I'm a cube riding a snake xD
@bluefiredragon: Why don't you try to take down champion version Rocky? (My nickname in real life, I like to imagine that I'm an Indigo Plateau champion, and one of Ash's traveling companions.) I have a Dragonair that uses water type attacks for your Mega Charizard X, and fire attacks for Mega Beedrill. >:) MWAHAHAHA (P.S. It's level 125) #EEVEESAREAWESOME What other Pokemon has EIGHT evolutions?! Not even Burmy can compete with that. Espeon can predict every single move before you make it, and it can communicate telepathically with its trainer during battle.
@espeon8812: 1. Stop fantasizing, and git gud, kid.
2. Dragonite is a physical attacker. No one uses Dragonair. Git gud.
3. Mega Charizard X is part Dragon. It will resist your stupid Water-type attacks. It will also Dragon Claw your stupid Dragonair because it's faster. Git gud.
4. Beedrill can switch out with U-Turn anyways. Git gud. #145BaseSpeed
5.Why are you still fantasizing? There is no such thing as Level 125. Stop hacking and git gud.
6. I don't give a -censored- if Eevee has eight evolutions. With the exception of Sylveon, all of them are horrible in more than one aspect and won't stand a chance against my +6 Attack Marriland, who will use your stupid overrated Umbreon as set-up fodder. Yes, it will even break through Leafeon, because you are a scrubby noob that has never heard of Knock Off coverage. Git gud.
7. If Espeon could really read my mind, it wouldn't matter because Mega Charizard X is faster.
8. Good luck reading my mind under a faster 100% accuracy blanket of sleep inducing spores.
@bluefiredragon: True, true, but what about lifespan? I read a pokedex entry that states ninetales live for 1,000 years. *Packs bags* Welp, time to go find that fire stone. Who knows when I will come back... But I have to, BECAUSE I COULD BE IMMOOORRR-IMMORTAL!
-Song reference that no one will get. -.-
@Midnight-fox18: Emm... that's the thing... I've got all the Fire Stones that exist in my dragon lair... now you can't be immortal...

(Doesn't matter since, I quote, "Even the youngest dragon can expect to see a score(20) of centuries before death")
@bluefiredragon: Dragonair has the power to control weather, does Dragonite? I don't think so, plus to me, Dragonair looks better.
Also, what's wrong with fantasizing? :3
Also, what is your problem with Eevees? And yes, I agree, Sylveon is one of the best Eeveelutions, being that it could take out an opponent with just it's annoying voice. Oh god the bows on it...
Also, there is such a thing as level 125, you just stop learning attacks after 100.
Also, I don't get why people mega evolve for intimidating looks. I'd rather have a cute or beautiful Pokemon that doesn't look like much but is insanely powerful.
And yes, I understand that Mega Charizard X is fast, -.- but Mega Rayquaza is faster. :) BAM WHAT!!!
I don't care about attack stats as much as moveset. That's why I use
@espeon8812: No, Dragonair doesn't look as cool as Dragonite. It's just a blue snake with an orb on its head. Doesn't matter WEATHER Dragonair can control the weather, so can Mega Char Y, Politoed, and Tyranitar, which are all substantially better than your stupid Dragonite.
Fantasizing is basically pretending you're better than someone else. When you're not. So stop. Because I will bring you back to reality when I crush you 6-0.
My problem with Eevee is that it is overrated to hell and back. It doesn't even deserve that, since all it really does is have a bunch of evolutions and really only looks mildly interesting.
The only way you can access Lvl 125 is thru hacks. Your headcanon is not my headcanon.
It's just chance that most powerful evolutions look intimidating. Besides, Mega Evolving a Pokemon for lookings is like using Eevee in Regionals. Not going to get you very far, which SOME Eeveemaniacs won't understand.
You're seriously just continuing to prove you're a noob. Mega Rayquaza is banned in every single tier there is, and its meager 115 base speed has nothing against Scarf Lando.
Stats and moves are equally important, but using Psychic on Mega Metagross is stupid for a reason.
@bluefiredragon: Using psychic on Mega Metagross is stupid because it's a psychic type. :T And yes, I get that you like Dragonite better than Dragonair, but I'm a girl, so of course I like the cute and pretty Pokemon. And I do know some coding, so I could very well hack Pokemon. Except I'm too lazy to code the template for my website...
You're too realistic for me. :P jk but you are a little realistic, which I am just not a realistic type of person. -sings gummy bear song/it's raining tacos mix-
@espeon8812: I meant putting Psychic in Metagross's move slots. You DO know why that's stupid, right?
@bluefiredragon: I'm still waiting for my 1v1
@bluefiredragon: This is Kanto. It's twelve days north of Mortality, and a few degrees south of Hoarding. It's located solidly on the Valley of Regret. My region? In a word? Small. We send young trainers on journeys, but they usually return as league champions in a week. We have battling, breeding, and charming daylight all the time, as we have no day/night cycles. The only problems are the pests. You see, most places have bidoof or venipede. We have... dragons.
@Midnight-fox18: TOO BAD!! WA-LUIGI TIME!!!
@Midnight-fox18: I'm in school si I can't log in but yesssssss!
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: How to Train Your Dragon FTW!
I love httyd, it's one of my favorite movies of all time. :)
I'm enjoying this option. @Midnight-fox18: I get your reference...I get most song references.
Game over.
@Xslaughter: Try Again.
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: . a random mew appears and cleans the walls .
mew : MEW AWAY !!!!!!!!!!
purple : THANKS YUNA
. sees shade .
purple : hi im purple the only sensible one
Why ..... / ; - ; / @Pinkeevee222: dont you use skype anymore mari? :3
@Darkstar29: Homework. School. Comic. AP. There are a lot of reasons why. (I don't even remember adding you (=_=) *suspicious*)
@Pinkeevee222: ohh... sorry
@Darkstar29: \ '_' /
@Pinkeevee222: you didnt add me ;-;
Yolo dusk
lol Dusk is gonna get pwned.. Mari do you have twitter?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I don't.
How many goddamn comments are there?!
Also Vay failed at stopping LKD from writing LKD on the wallpaper for the first time (in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light!) *overused song*
@Derp: As of 4:11 pm EST on 11/12/2015, there are 7,149 comments in total (7,150 if you count this one)
If you are talking about this page only, the archives show it.
0o0 that's a lot of comments *faints*
I wonder what game Dusk was playing? (Probably between either smash bros or pokemon. Or mabye animal crossing.)
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: Ehehe, I actually have a funny story about my first run through the Elite Four.
My very first pokemon was a shinx (now a luxray) and I used him against the Elite Four in my Pokemon Pearl. Thing is though, I was really timid as a kid. So I trained luxray up to level 96 before challenging them. But I still kept losing (to Bertha, because I only had electric attacks). So I trained a level 50 garchomp, level 45 staraptor, level 60 emploeon, and palkia until I finally beat them. That level 96 luxray though. XD
dawn is going to kill him xd
Ambassador: Since when do Umbreons learn psychic?
Gizmo: Bro, the first word of this series! Remember that word for as long as you shall live...
Tetris: ...ok so is Dawn going to kill Umbreon? And when's the next comic?
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: When I was young, I had some pretty crazy ideas about pokemon. I thought pokemon's levels went up to 1,000, I didn't know what shinies were, thus I never used my shiny starly, and when luxray was level 50, I threw a little 'party' for him. (I really only drew a bad picture and danced to some music in my head with my little brother.)
...But even back then, I still had more dedication to my goals than I do now...
@chimy19: Happy birthday ^-^
@Blitz Striker
Thank you all so muchhhh
TuT i am not alone :)
@chimy19: happy B-day sir
@chimy19: Happy birthday Chimy19! Here's wishing you have a fun and safe birthday!
@chimy19: XD ill support ur birthday
Sweet! There's a Title Option! I just want to say:
i: I love this comic more than I love soup. No joke, I need soup to live.

ii: Umbreons can learn psychic? Now I can make the perfect team of Pokémon!

iii: Nachos, the Doritos with MEAT!

iv: I have no idea why I'm using Roman Numerals.
@I am me.: 1. Soup da Woop

2. Yesh they can. I had one used againsted my... my Bisharp... My Dark-Type Bisharp xD

3. \ '_' /

4. oh whoops
iii: I like meat, mainly bacon. I should try bacon on nachos.
Bacon Nachos @I am me.:
iii: Bacon nachos was a good idea. I should try them with Doritos.
@I am me.: Love bacon
Bacon @Umbreon 56: No one has lived until they tried it. :)
I love Dawn's face in Panel 3
Meh Meh
More of me @Pinkeevee222: Can u plz make more sylveon comics?
TM 15 to TM 29???
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: *Pats back*
I'm sad too. I can never escape the torture known as homework. In my younger years, the only homework I had was learning letters of the alphabet.
Wait a second... @Pinkeevee222: TM 27 is return...
Who won the first time?
Dusk is awesome I like dusk mostly because my favorite Pokemon is umbreon
Dawn got a boyfriend! I wonder how Dusk feels about that.
@Bow the Sylveon: i know right? maybe i'll ask. nah, just read the next couple of comics to know.
@Pinkeevee222: Heeey, just asking, what's houndoom's name? :)
... Idk
Dawn is a physic type, yet dark types can’t feel anything when physic moves are used on them. So if skull cheats on her she is not lucky. But then Espeons can see the future.
@Pinkeevee222: what does LKD mean

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