Dawn vs. Window


November 14th, 2015, 11:01 am

Bolt- The feeling of powerlessness (to help)

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I gave flareon freckles. Why? You ask? Well, I was drawing this, and then I was like "Flareon needs freckles", so, that's what I did.

Last two Winners!
@HarrisonButterGem (DA + Smack Jeeves)
42% of you guys liked the idea-
Super Eevee Mystery Dungeon: SSEC Edition.


@Espyius (Smack Jeeves)
(Replacing Anonymouse)
Question: What is your theory about the lab?
Answer: My theory of the lab is... It is very unknown. Just as unknown as Area 51. No one has ever been there, except the Eevees that were contained. The Evil Mother decides to contain all of them for one reason, to make one hell of a prank that no one will ever know. The pranks was originally to make a huge party and eat cake, but the cake was a lie... The prank eventually goes wrong and screws up everyone. When she got the money for capturing the Eevees, she bought a bugatti to live life on the road, and pretend to be in the GTA world. Because of her low intelligence of gaming, she eventually gets caught by the popo for having a suspicious quantity of cake, that was actually meant to be for the party she hosted in a lab where no one ever goes. She rage quits and escapes the PC. When she escapes the PC, she will show her true colors. Step one, to paint herself red.

(If you guys want to here more of Espyius' answers, I can put them all up.)

CONGRATULATIONS! You can have any one of your characters be in the comic! (Excluding shiny and legendary pokemon) PM me if you want to claim your prize.
BG Eevees (and others)in order: Blizz, Edward, Soul, Moonlight, Mystery white eevee, Syre, Izzy, Adam, Leo, Split, Vay, Teal and Ryuu.
Pinkeevee222, November 14th, 2015, 11:01 am Reply
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P.S. Dear Perverts,

I dedicate this page to you.
Do you see panel 7? Yes, I know you analyzed this one panel very well. Now. look right above Dawn's left leg. No not the orbs. Look lower. Do you see the 2 lines on her, right next to her left leg's claw marks? Good. That is the most you'll ever see her unclothed, except if one of you photoshops this.
-Tina (Artist)
Pinkeevee222, November 14th, 2015, 11:11 am Reply

Ambassador: First comment!!!
Tetris: Thats how it's DONE, bro!
(Ambassador and Tetris dance like crazy)
Gizmo: Guys, stop it.. your starting to scare me...
I dont understand.
Ambassador: Also, what's up with Dawn? Why is she trying to get Daisy and Flame?
@JolteonPancakes: That shall be explained in a few more comics.
@Pinkeevee222: O3O sooo can you add me plz onee-chan?
@Pinkeevee222: Am I allowed to believe that Dawn is a shipper, and shipped Flame with someone else?
WTH @Pinkeevee222: I don't even understand is because hes talking with a girl and shes jelly or something?
Actually @Dibowac12341473013777778: I think Dawn is not jealous, I think just maybe just maybe, she thinks Flare is trying to impress de leafeon and she well wants dem to well not be together or if they get shipped she wouldn't be able to well, I'll just say IDK
@Xxnightblade : Dawn is Daisy's best friend, and Dawn hates Flame, so she tries to separate them.
DAWN IS JEALOUS @Xxnightblade : Dawn likes Daisy! But she don't like Flame with Daisy!!!!!! Tch Flame don't be a pervert!
Wow man is that Flame's "power" he got from the lab? (Glowing eyes)
(panel 7) "well that escalated quickly" *goes back to reading naruto*

Edit: *zooms in on panel 2* -.- hum, there might be more here then I first thought...Izzy might have more relevance in the later sections of this story...
@Blitz Striker: did you also notice the weird white eevee next to the building
Woah! In panels 6 and 7 Flame is slightly transparent! I wonder what secrets he is hiding...
@Midnight-fox18: I have a highly detailed theory that may or may not make sense, but it involves an Absol, Flame, a cannon, and the year 1776. It also includes Dawn's rage.
@I am me.: Is the Absol me? (I am an Absol AND an Umbreon)
@Midnight-fox18: ...i never noticed that...SOMETHING TO ADD TO THE INFO BOOK, FINALLY!
Nichel: DAWN, do you know how hard it is to get glass!?
not hard, but I don't like to work okay?

Ratatta worker: But you never do the dirty work, boss...

Nichel: And that's exactly how it should be!
Sparklez: I swear I saw one of the bells! I'm telling you!
Ali: Um... We can go look if you want...
Frost: Well, we need some way to get smuggled out of the box... If that's where you truely found the bell...
*All look at the corn sellers*
How much to smuggle us out?

Nichel: *turns around* depends on how much you pay me.

Rattata worker: The boss only does big things for a big price, so start with a good offer.

Nichel: *nods*
one of them is dead meat!! Do you have a twitter Mari?
I see frost, sparklez and ali in one office... I think
Wait, do the eevees have b-days?
There should totally be a b-day comic

And flareon is slightly transparent
oh cool so vaporeon called archie to help him find eve?
and im guessing dawn acted weird because she knows why flareon talks to daisy (he is a pervert- self explenatory)
hahahaha . Espe ( the stupid one out of the twins ) sees what's happening .
Espe : Pfffff hahahahahahahahhahahahahHahah h-hay g-guys look at this hahaha
Everyone : Nah were busy today
. Espe shrugs and runs and jumps at the window.
Sound affect : CRASH !!
. Dawn maw dropped and espe did a durp face .
Espes face . :D
Hey @Pinkeevee222: Well i like flareon with freckles and great comic
! @Pinkeevee222: Plz give us the answers
Japan @Pinkeevee222: So shes calling dawn sister?
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Yup! Blame Dusk.
Questions 4 pinkeevee @Pinkeevee222:
1. is the building dawn slams into the lab?? Cause I see bolt and some guy holding a clipboard.
2. Who the Leafeon is Kick??
3. In the last panel , is the Umbreon Dusk or Night??
4. Why is Vay so angry??
5. What is blizz doin??
6. Number 6(。-_-。)
1. No. A lab? Where did you get that from? wait... nevermind. It's a "house" of sorts. The interior of it is shown a lot. Though, this is the first time I have properly drawn the outside (not including comic #51 and #55)
2. Kick is a machamp on the trainer's main team.
3. It is Dusk. The difference between them is that Night's tongue is yellow, and he also has a longer tail.
4. Vay is angry because of the big 'LKD' painted in the sky.
5. Blizz is being bored.
6. ._. ?
@Pinkeevee222: quick we need 5cc of fun before blizz dies of boredom
Ok @Pinkeevee222: Um ok i guess so then..
LOL I love it! Please make the next one soon!
Wait... Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Does flareon have glowey eyes?! OwO <3

BONUS!: try and describe all that you see in the 2nd panel!

I see an eevee with a mustache, an eevee that is in love, a white eevee, an eevee with a red bandana and a blue tipped tail, 5 batground eevees we've seen before that I can't remember the names of, blizz, vay, and 2 more batground eevees which I can't remember their names. Oh yeah! And a big lab with daisy and flame in the window, and in another window is bolt and yet another eevee.

Whew! My hand has a cramp from writing all that. o-o
dawn have a nice vision haha
What? Who won?
flame and daisy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! first comes love, then comes marrige, then comes a baby in a baby in the baby carrige! <3
@slyeon is cool: It has been shown in a previous comic that Flame and Daisy are best friends. so this is impossible. (Also Daisy likes Blizz)
Aaaaaaa my head why didn't I listen to dusk now my head hurts
Things are adjectives @eeveeleo: Ignore the headache and question everything. I've learned this impossible skill with special thanks to Gravity Falls and conspiracy theories.
@I am me: you watch garvaty falls ?
@eeveeleo: Eeeyup
@I am me: no need for the pun
Things are good adjectives @eeveeleo: You know....*laughs at skeptic family*
Ya know, I like Scull. Please, for the love of apple juice please do not kill him off. I know that you probably won't, but one can't really be too careful. (Anyone who reads Shinka: the Last Eevee will know what I'm talking about)
Also, I do kind of want Daisy and Flame to get together. And yes, I know that Flame is a pervert, but Daisy Is a psycopath, so they should get along great.
@pinkeevee222 The eevee white that is sleeping outside the boulding is shiny?
Did Dusk ever get his TM?
Meh, probably not.
@Pinkeevee222: They wear clothes? That explains how flare on put his paws in his pockets-as I now know they are from way back when
@Michelle.nippy: Thank you!!!
I just noticed this but Flame and Daisy are right below Vay's room. I wander if Nego is freaking out from the loud thump sound that happened when Dawn slammed into the window?
:O blizz!!!!!! Where has he been?! O.o
Well, I don't think this is right on the spot, but maybe Dawn HATES Flareon for being-kind of a pervert. So shes trying to get Daisy to, um, not hang out with Flareon.
I just realized the clipboard guy is from the Star Wars comic with the eevee flying to the sky and nego with a light saber
I'm the same dude as above, bro! Who is the clipboard guy??
@Guest: Dean.
Look it's sure very obscure but still
Theory Time? Anyone want to hear my theory about Flame's transparency and whatever's happening to Dawn?
@I am me.: I do!
@Pinkeevee222: Warning, it gets kinda dark.
And here are both versions of my theory! @I am me: Well, overall, it's dark, but the short version isn't as much.

Short version: Flame's a ghost from the year 1776.

Long version: Flame sees an Absol in the woods who tells him his trainer might die on the battlefield. Loyal Flame saves his trainer's life, but dies in the process. His trainer travels across a few regions to find Xerneas. The legendary agrees to restore Flame to life, but with a price: Flame will outlive all trainers, even his. His trainer doesn't care, as he wants more time with his Pokémon. Years pass, and eventually Flame's first trainer dies of old age. Since Xerneas won't bring him back to life, Flame leaves society. Much closer to the modern day, Flame discovers "corn", and even closer to today, he sneaks into the PC. Most eeveelutions and eevees overlook his sudden appearance, except for Dawn, who's a psychic type, therefore weak to ghost, and technically Flame.

@I am me: I like the long one!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Thank you!
And now for something comepletely different! @I am me.: Not exactly, it's just a Sora/lab theory.

The lab was created by Red's rival FAILATLIFE to create the perfect team. FAILATLIFE had all 5 pokemon ready but he needed a 6th, so he chose eevee. At the same time, there was an intense battle between Reshiram and Zekrom, releasing dangerous amounts of radiation that reached FAILATLIFE's breeding center. This caused any Eevee egg to have some sort of odd ability. Seeing his chances of fame, fortune, and power, FAILATLIFE sold a few Eevee eggs to Bill, and Bill gave them to random trainers. FAILATLIFE then continued to breed Eevees, and sold one to Team Rocket, which became Red's Eevee later. Sora was another miracle from the breeding center/lab. FAILATLIFE's breeding center/lab was running out of Eevees, and began to ask the world for more. Quickly, Eevees came in, and now FAILATLIFE is a corrupt, rich maniac.

I should have put this in the contest.
Wha- ...okay, I think I'm just gonna start accepting everything that happens in this comic and rolling with it because I will never understand it.
Freckles I get it, Flareon has 7 freckles, so he has stolen 7 souls!
So the top level belongs to ice drop
The 2nd level belongs to light fire
And the bottom ( and smallest ) belongs to green paw??

Any way...
I have a theory on bolt ... ( and maybe devin??)

His eyes are red and blue ( bolt )
Red is for troll and Blue is for whimp
In the future ssec, ( the ask blog one ) his eyes are both blue
The future ssec says that whimp won troll and bolt now listens to whimp more so now his eyes are both blue

Devin is bad BUT different.. So his eyes are both blue and red
@Anultemetjolteon: *Claps* Completely correct. You sir, deserve a medal.
Window used protect!
Dawn used take down!
Its not very effective....
Dawn takes recoil!
Dawn Fainted!
@Pinkeevee222: So who won the contests?
Theroy time @Pinkeevee222: I, have some theorys over this page. Normal Theory A Dawn sees Flame and Daisy, and want to intervene, it because flame is an pervert. Random Theory B Dawn was intervening because, she thought they were dating. Theroy c Its Dawn from the future
@Dibowac12341473013777778: ...or Dawn is a robot and she is malfunctioning.
? @Poo came out: Could be
yesh best comic evar
@Marlows59: Fight me cubesnake so i can eat your dead cube snakiness!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: kk tail kicks only
Mega Absol: Sure!

Umbreon: Ya know his tail is iron and razor sharp.... He had surgery because Iron Tail had too little PP for him...
Cube: lel the snake can do all the work

Snake: *slaps Umbreon while he isn't looking
Mari do you have a facebook or any social networking?!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I have nothing at all. No twitter, no facebook, no instagram, no snapchat, no KIK, no myspace, no nothing.
(Unless if you count tumblr and youtube)
@Pinkeevee222: What is your youtube channel's name? I looked up SSEC Pinkeevee and Mari and i can't find it!
How did you get so good at art? @Pinkeevee222 How did you practice, did you take a class, I would LIKE to know. I don't have to know you don't to tell me, but just asking.(Also you made this on the exact day of my birthday :D)
@LeafySharp: How did I practice? Well, in middle school, I was basically the smartest person in my class (Of 4-6 people), and, we almost never got homework, so, all I would do all day is draw, work on another series I had, and watch Anime. Also, drawing this comic every week for 2 years also helped (And, let's not forget that stupid AP art class I'm taking).
I don't really think I'm that good at art though. I still have a lot of stuff I need to learn.

(Happy late birthday!)
Thanks :D @Pinkeevee222: Oh, also I didn't know about smackjeeves or any of these comics intill I saw your comics on bing images when I was looking up Eevee and Leafeon(My favorite pokemon ever :3), when I saw the link in the corner to see where it came from. I clicked it and it brought me here. I read ALL your comics starting from your first comic to your last week's comic "Meh" in like 3 hours(I have a lot of free time), then clicked on fav+ button and told me to make an account(Honestly this comment is taking way to long, so I'll wrap it up). I made my account "LeafySharp" and fav+ your comic. So your comic was the first comic I was a fan of, Thanks and Sorry this is 2 days late of a response and really kind of long.
(+ I am... not so good at art but I am getting better, already drew a Leafeon, and made Leafeon a emblem in Black ops 2...)
I'm improving 5 minutes ago I drew Leafeon being stalked by Glaceon. This is the First time I drew Glaceon, This is the 4th time I drew Leafeon
@LeafySharp: I suck. Me a few months into the future said.
@Pinkeevee222: Do you use a surface or something? (Not to sound rude)
@Vaporeonrox: A surface....???? If you mean a tablet, yes, I do.
Wait That umbreon is dusk? I think not because the eyes are yellow and dusk NEVER act like that, ¿can be night?
Tetris: yo, Flareon looks great with freckles. Good job, pink eevee! :-D
Lv50+ Dawn can't even beat lv1 Window ;_;
Why??? @thepinkeevee222 why why why on the earth give dawn a "thing" to to DA PERVERTS?????
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL hey if u are daring meh dare u to say sofa king as fast as u can. & 0 0
Crying Plz anose u lovely place plz oh yeah @thepinkeevee222 I have a theory that that Dusk is Night or something and Sora And Dusk are the two eevees and kept up da hard work!
Actually I'm a girl... @Pinkeevee222:
I have another theory!
This time about dusk!

Dusk apperently wanted others to call him by another name [which is probably dusk] but his REAL name is night . Wanting to clone sky, he accidentally cloned himself . Not wanting to forget his real name like Future blizz did, he named his clone night! I'm too lazy to type out the rest of this theory ...

Now one for sora!

Sora's real name is sky. [ cause sky? Soar? ]
Dusk gave her a nickname ' sora cause u soar in the sky. And soar is sora with the r and the a mixed up. Any way.. When they asked for her name.. She remembered when dusk and her were playing as EEVEES and said she was sora cause her memory got mixed up or somthin. Any way I'm lazy a nd like the dusk one I am too lazy to type out the rest and ur drawin is good and i admire u!!
Are the background eevee submission still open?? Cause I hav a smackjeevees account but I'm lazy to login??

@Anultemetjolteon: Me too...
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Except i'm too lazy to draw anything..... Not to sign in.. you mail me the drawing and i'll give it to Mari under your name!
@Anultemetjolteon: Background eevee submissions are still open!
@Pinkeevee222: Two things...
1- What. The. Heck.
2- Her boyfriend, was he talking about Kick as if he were a person? Who names their child 'Kick'?
1- I don't know! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
2- Their trainer does. Kick is a machamp. (Their trainer is pretty stupid with names) Dawn and her boyfriend have never done anything that would result in a child.
What is your youtube channel's name Mari? also, is the mystery white Eevee important or is it just filler
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: My youtube channel name will not be disclosed until I actually upload something ssec related on there. (Though, if you dig around, I'm sure you will find it.)
The white eevee will become important, but, it is going to be a long time before that happens.
@Pinkeevee222: I just wanna know.. Can you give me a clue so i can find it? Does it have something to do with candy? or Eevees? A CandyEevee?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: It has nothing to do with candy, pink, or 222. It does have something to do with eevees though.
@Pinkeevee222: Does it have to do with your name? like Tina ____ or Mari _____ or is it something like Eevee _____
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I found it! Buuuuuut, since Pinkeevee222 wants it to be kept secret, I won't tell you. :P If you want to find her youtube account SO badly, then you'll have to do some searching for clues around this site AND it's comments. Which by the way, SSEC has over 7,000 comments. B) Good luck.
@Midnight-fox18: Does it have to do with anything like Tina_____ or Mari_____ or is it more like Eevee_____
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: It's _______eevee.
@Midnight-fox18: thanks! Put not pink... hmmmm.... Interesting...
@Midnight-fox18: Is it like ____ Eevee ___
or is it just ____ Eevee
@Midnight-fox18: Also, can you describe the profile so i don't trawl past it?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: It's just _______eevee. Also, you'll know it's Mari when you see it, since her profile picture is her pokesona that you already see here on SJ. Oh, and 'pink' is not in the name.
@Midnight-fox18: Thank you!
@Midnight-fox18: I just found a channel named "eevee Disaster" and the profile pic is Tina, you fat lard, get some dinner! NO JOKE!!
@Midnight-fox18: Is it scruffyeevee?
Edit: Nevermind, it definetely is!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Yay, you found it! :D *throws confetti*
Window used Endure!
Dawn used Scratch!
Window endured the hit!
Dawn fell off the building!
Wait a second....
Flame looked transperent in one of the comics with the play poke mag .. The one with glaceon and Flareon fighting ... I think was comic #62 ..
Is the transperent glow some sort of flame???
Cause blizz was Melting in the first panel
@AnnultemetJolteon: Nope! The glow was heat. Cause, you know, he's a fire type.
Urgh.. Finally logged on!!! Hi! This is anultemetjolteon!
[ yess in know.. I can't spell one of my OC's name *cries * ]

Any way... I just wanted u ppl 2 know I actually hav an account!

Hey Mari! Can u update ur ask blog more often?? *Sylvia: PLZZZZZZ!*

Happy Eevee Day!
@Nad235: Happy Eevee day to you sir/ma'am!
I like rhymes @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Happy eevee day to every (wo)man.
I like alliteration @I am me:Eevees Everywhere Eating Eggos. Eek!
I like palindromes @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Eevee
I like cheese @I am me:

Mega Absol: Cheddar!

Umbreon: Brie!

Mega Absol: SWISS!!

Umbreon: BLEU!!!!!
I like Dairy Products @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Frozen Yogurt!
I like Juice @I am me.:

Mega Absol: Orange!

Umbreon: GRAPE!! (Gets Drunk)

Mega Absol: No! You'll get drunk!


Mega Absol: Nevermind...
I like soda @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Orange soda...just as addictive as this comic, rubix cube world records, and minivan jokes.

My school is weird.
I like valleys.. LOL @I am me:

Mega Absol: Ummmmm...
That's not Dusk!! Look at the tail in the last panel!
@Pinkeevee222: Why is Dominic in the background way before his debut? Also, I thought he just liked being alone, so why is he hanging out in an area full of other eevees?
Hey... Flareon went transparent!
Why is Blizz on the ground??
@EvanatheEspeon: He is bored
Dun dun DUUUUUUUN I love intense music. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN!!!
And panel 6 a prime example of Flame being invisible
lol was i the only one that noticed that izzy is now stalking vay or something? lol (read comic #57 for info) :D
Lol Vay's reaction in the second panel
So whenever Flareon is scared he is transparent?It shows he is tranparent in panel 6 and 7.
@Pinkeevee222: wait wuts Dawn's prob.Is there something whong with that?
Wait Izzy is fall in love with Vay ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
OMG ITS DOMMY-KUN (aka dominic and did i spell dommy-kun right with a -?) FROM THE COMIC DOMINIC!!!! HE IS THE WHITE EEVEE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG ITS DOMMY-KUN (aka dominic and did i spell dommy-kun right with a -?) FROM THE COMIC DOMINIC!!!! HE IS THE WHITE EEVEE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OOOOOOO FLAREONS EYES CAN GLOWWWWW!! I read this more then 5 times and i just noticed this...
LOL Dawn's boobs is squished in the window.. WHY DOES DAWN HAVE BOOBS?!?!?
@Pinkeevee222: I think the evil mother is Harmony
i saw him dominic is in this page trust me he is there!!!!!

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