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November 28th, 2015, 8:50 am


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Blizz lieks dem tsundere leafeonz .
Anyways, New contest! (The last one for a long time) I'll update the homepage with the details later today/ tomorrow.
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@bluefiredragon: Don't worry. Daisy is as confused as you are.
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, except Daisy doesn't start throwing out +2 Dragon Claws when she's confused.
@Pinkeevee222: just saying, what is a tundere? I assume you mean "tsundere" ? I'm like this because I get annoyed by unchecked accidental spelling errors. also, did ya know if i was a dere i'd be a mayadere. fun fact

take the quiz: http://www.theotaku.com/quizzes/view/3333/what_kind_of_dere_are_you%3F
@Sucking Chest Wound: I'm a Dandere
@Glaceon le Frost: mea too
I'm a kudere @Sucking Chest Wound:
@Sucking Chest Wound: I'm a tsundere also....
Lol wut @bluefiredragon: idk y I have not asked this yet but y is flareion (forgot his name LoL) which a perv?
hehehehehehe :3
If it belongs to Blizz, why did scull have it? And if it was for..weird..reasons.....then, doesn't he have Dawn?
...OK so, dawn hates flame because hes a perv? but lefeon already knows that...and has told her that she knows...dafuq is going on?!?!?

edit: whats up with Vay...? I'm going back to playing undertale...
@Blitz Striker: yusss
Herp Derp 6th lol. Anyway, aren't they all naked already? Who even cares?
@Nekotive: The humans who make the magazine care.
@Pinkeevee222: But why would they need the magazines in the first place? None of them even wear pants! HAVE YOU SEEN AN EEVEE WITH PANTS!? I DIDN'T THINK SO!!
It's these kind of questions that keep me up at night.
@Nekotive: They need magazines because they are all perverts. All of them wear pants. I have seen several eevee with pants. The pants are camoflauge pants.
@Pinkeevee222: The humans know what's up. nudge nudge. heh 8D
@Pinkeevee222: Why do they need magazines when they have the internet?
@Robotdroid: The only computer that is available to everyone is one that is on the first floor of the housing place, where everyone can see it (Cause, Dusk is a butt head who only gives computers to those he deems worthy). As for Flame (Who has a computer), he actually collects the magazines.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm confuzzled now..... Thanks a lot!
Pinkeevee222: Haha! To bad perverts, it looks like you aren't getting what you want today! >:D
Perverts: Uuuggghhh, stupid censorship.
Us: O_o Uhm...ok...uh,
leafeon...Blizz...censorship... *mind explodes*
I got 2 questions #1 Why is vay red? XD #2 Did blizz grab that for flames serecr tash :3 ?
@Darkstar29: The headers do not reflect the true colors of the characters

No. Blizz bought it with money he stole from Vay.
@Pinkeevee222: good to know xD next time i wont judge then :P
i can't wait for the next hahaha
Yo, daisy just tell dawn you know he's a pervert and maybe it will get better... or not.. ;-)
@Espyius: Um, I think the LKD stands for Levin Kevin and Devin.
What # was the thing about Cupid?
hi pinkeevee whats tundere and why is it on the caver of playpoke
@eeveeleo: Hi! Google it
@Pinkeevee222: i cant find anything on tundere but i can find something on tsundere are they the same thing
@eeveeleo: Basically. I guess Autocorrect is bad with japanese words... TO MSPAINT!
@Pinkeevee222: ok thanks
@Pinkeevee222: I don't know what tundere means, and I would look it up, but...I'm scared of what I might find... O_o
@Midnight-fox18: Da magazine.
@Midnight-fox18: Don't worry, it is not anything bad
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, ok. I just saw the PlayPoke and kinda assumed it would, umm, be related to that. O_O
Hey, what's up with Vay in the heading? Why is he wearing a fire fighter helmet? Also, why dawn, would you set a trap? Let daisy hang out with flame! ITS A FREE COUNTRY HERE! (sad violin music) p.s. Dewey, LOOK AWAY FROM THE MAGAZINE. ITS NOT KID APPROPRIATE
@Kid Danger Eevee: Vay likes dressing up as he does some of his jobs. Don't ask why, I have no idea (Okay, I do). They are not in America. Or Unova, for that matter. The PC has a different set of rules. Dewey isn't that younger than Daisy.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh sorry Dewey looks like a baby lol
Wut? @Kid Danger Eevee: Wut is Dewey?
@Everyone who doesn't know what a Tsundere/Tundere is

"Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time."

Thanks Wikipedia.
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry if I am stupid, but... *whispers super loudly* what does Baka mean?
@Guest: it means idiot in Japanese
@Pinkeevee222: the best use of baka is when Excalibur says it in Soul Eater episode 9 . You should watch it --not even the whole anime, just episode 9
@Sucking Chest Wound: ... too late, I already watched the whole anime *guilty face*
@Espyius: I like your way you think. Gun, gun, gun. If that fails, plan b: gun gun gun gun.
Why was the one on the book or whatever naked?O_o
@NightmareMagala19: cuz most people are perverted :3
Give it some clothes as my suggestion
They are all Pokemon !
Pokemon don't wear clothes!
Luxio: And it's on PlayPoké, so it shouldn't have clothes, right?
Dratini: *nods, blushing greatly*
Oh so is this the trap [ the one that dawn said she was going to set up ] the one in the section title thing???
Oh wow there is like a 100000+ play poke magazines
pinkeevee222 question:why did you put boobs on dawn??? and why does vay like daisy, does he not know that hes way too old for her???
@slyeon is cool: Dawn doesn't have boobs. You're hallucinating. Vay likes Daisy because of cupid. If you are talking about their age gap, why not talk about Harmony and her 'mate'? She's 40 something years old and made hundreds of eggs with a 16 year old.

Example. You just caught a male skitty in the wild, and, put him in the daycare with a female shinx you just hatched. Do you know how old that skitty is? No. He might be an old hag, for all you know.

Basically, what I am saying is in Pokemon main series games, age doesn't matter.
Henry: Hey speaking of age differences, doesn't Eve have any idea that she's WAY too young for Dusk?
Ray: Yea Eve's like, 6 and Dusk is 18! In fact, that's like a young kid with an adult.
@Kid Danger Eevee: T_T *flips table*
Dratini: Age is an illusion, along with gender, race, and other things I don't feel like listing!
Luxio: ...what he said...
Preach, my friend! Share your wisdom with the world! @Dratini & Luxio: And...faith restored.
@Pinkeevee222: Umm, did Dawn steal Blizz' comic or not or did Scull steal it?
@Nightblade: Scull borrowed it from Blizz, and Dawn found it in Scull's room (then, she confiscated it)
Things ....I need bleach....for my everything......

And I don't have a theory, but this references an earlier comic...and since I only use safari now, I can't put the link, but it's referencing comic 67 (Jackpot!).

So, Flame isn't the only perv. Good to know....
@I am me.: All main characters (besides Vay/ Eve, including Dawn) are pervs.
@Pinkeevee222: Even Bolt? Maybe Troll is guiding him in the wrong direction...
What does the alt text mean?
@Nad235: Examine the characters when they are showing these emotions, and you will find out.
wait if dawn does have boobs wat are those thing that are on her chest...fake boobs or something?
@slyeon is cool: ? As I said before, you are hallucinating. There is nothing on her chest. Just a shirt.
Wait .. Why would dawn wear a shirt that's her fur colour?? And wats that thing on her chest???
Any way... So what's under her shirt??? [other than her fur]
@Espyius: Blizz is gonna be like, I told ya not tuh touch that darn magazine.
Do a comic about the trainers cousin!!
OW! MY EYES!!!! IT BURNS!!!! THE PAIN!!!!! (faints)
Thank you @pinkeevee202 for telling me that
omfg why haha X3 that play poke bit gets me evry time lols
Luxio: What am I seeing?
Dratini: Corn
Luxio: And you know that...how?
Dratini: *blushes*
Luxio: Mother of Arceus....
Dratini: I found it in a sewer pipe. I had to read it.
wait..... Does this mean blizz likes leafeons? Prepare for the massive wave of blizz x daisy fanart!!! Too much shipping!!!
i look closely at the screen "Vay turned shiny in the header!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIA!" (kia is a word i made up, if it actually is real in Japanes or somthing, it is beond me) Karou and Hikarou //in eevee form// look at me oddly "i still dont get her" they say in usion
THEORY TIME :D So you know Daisy's secret right? Well what if, that happened years ago!? (Please bear with me here, I know I'm doing a terrible job at starting this). So what I'm thinking is that all the eevees had another life before this, and there were two eevees who were in love. Their names were Lea and Felix. But, when a war came up and they both picked different sides. Eventually, they were both killed and reborn. But they both still had the memories of there old life! And Felix was killed first so he was reborn first (as Blizz) and then was given to the lab and lost all his old memories. Then Lea was reborn (as Daisy) and she remembered all her memories. When she saw that Blizz had forgotten his, her mind split in two. One part of her wanted to love Blizz again, while the other part wanted to kill Felix. The first part named herself Daisy, and always was present inside the pc. But outside, she forgot her nice demeanor and became a ruthless spy, like old times. She would forget everything she experienced as Lea when in the pc, but would remember everything as Lea.
And thats why She seems to have a nice and cuddly demeanor usually, but can sometimes be ruthless.
This is a beautiful theory ;^; @HYDRO: *crys and claps*
@Darkstar29: thanks! But how much of that did you actually understand? (And
don't worry about hurting my feelings, cuz' that had gone way better in my head)
@HYDRO: i understanded it =D
@HYDRO: It is cool, but their is already a Felix outside the PC. And I don't think that scene was from years ago.
@Espyius: was that your espeon in the last header? X3
daisy become famous now.
OMG <3
I want one of those magazines \;_;/
@Marlows59: Nah, you don't. They're probably boring cuz they don't have Dusk x Oliver pairings of such shmexiness. >:3
Operation Trap engaged
@Espyius:What happens when RPG and Tank don't work? Than do whip out the AC130! Pull off some air strikes!
Honesty, I would start with the AC130, then make my way up to Tactical Nukes. Maybe chemical radiation Nukes after that.
... Do I even wanna know?
Why??? @Pinkeevee222 why is dem poke play magazines soon oolong smexy, like my cousin she is like turning 8 and she saw that.
@The umbreon: I don't see a problem.
If a kid sees it, they will probably disregard it, unless someone older makes a big deal out of it in front of them.
I just about older than 8, and my mo won't care, we will all just keep reading these awesome comics!! I think the censor is hilarious!!
Pinkeevee, may I ask you a question? Why do you like perverts?
@HYDRO: I actually don't like them, But, I'm trying to make the characters seem as real as possible (despite being colorful cartoon pokemon). And, if someone was in the type of situation they are in, they would most likely be a pervert, due to the lack / plethora of the opposite gender. Though, it's not like the characters will actually do anything super pervy to other characters (Except Sylveon maybe... =_=' Poor Umbreon)
Just a random question... [ I couldn't get the ask blog to work]

What is nego's mother's name???

@AnultemetJolteon: Nego's mother? Oh, her name is [CENSORED]

WHY U CENSOR????????

Btw is it related to the plot???
[I'm must be crazy to be staying up to 12 am]
Oh wait. I AM crazy
As g-d would hav said : get your CRAYon!
Theory? @Pinkeevee222: Sora, maybe? Maybe Vay went to FAILATLIFE's lab, and he got his human genes there, and he mated with Sora for a short period of time there?
@I am me.:
But VAY mated with a LEAFEON not a sylveon. Sora only has mating powers. Not evolution and deEvolution [ which is nessiscary cause they are NOT the same type.] this would also make sora Volt's cousin.

Plus , nego's mother is the trainer's Pokemon
@Pinkeevee222: Poor Umbreon indeed.
Um, no, I think that they would be insane. Or at least making a type of government, seeing as they have been in there so long. (And no, I don't think that little brotherhoods or houses count. Seeing as some have probably been in there for years, it would probably be more advanced)
Also, what do they eat?
@HYDRO: How do you think pokemon in the pc work? If you put them in the pc, keep them in there for a year, then bring them out, they will be totally sane. (I don't know how this works though. I don't think I have focused on "brotherhoods/houses" enough for you to assume it isn't like a government and. regarding age it's more like months, since 1 human year is approximately 3 'eevee' years) They eat whatever food is in a fridge, mainly consisting of junk food, poffins, juice, and vegetables.
i dont get leafeon like to play with weird
people but then again i understand why she playing t=with the pervert cause some of my friend are too but im not and when they act like one i beat them up
So why does VAY need to put out a fire?? I mean he's water type and all ... But who caused the fire?? And why are his eyes stars???
@AnultemetJolteon: You do realize that firefighters do more than put out fires, right?
@Pinkeevee222: I once saw a firefighter fix a leaf blower while on duty. No joke, he came, in a truck, to someone's house to fix a leaf blower.
So what is he doing??
And the eyes star part???
Why is his eyes stars??
@Anultemetjolteon: He's being a Vay.
Stars in eyes are common in some cartoons to express a certain emotion, like, excitement or wonder.
@Pinkeevee222: Or stars could be the reflection in the character's eyes while they watch a star fall into their house.
Why did you take Daisy and Dawn out of the Characters Tab?
So... This has been really bothering me... So I need to know, is that leafeon a girl or a boy cause if it's a boy then he has HUGE PROBLEMS
@Guest: The leafeon is a girl
And, you should put yourself in a comic and make your self a character in the series!! That would be totally awesomeness!! I say awesome alot
Her pokesana is a umbreon called star . It's not 'pinkeevee222 ' [ aka mari ]
It was on the ask blog or something
I STILL can't remember
Yay! ^ v^
Why are Dusk's eyes red in the last panel and yellow in the panel before that? This could lead to more possible theories....
When is le next comic with Sora in it? And when do le wallpapers come out, or did I miss somthing?
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: The wallpapers are on the tumblr blog (They have been there for a year, so, they are pretty outdated).

Like the art work @Pinkeevee222: I like your style of drawing and I know for a fact how hard it is to make a comic, and I wanted to know that I love this little web comic, it brings me joy during dull hours of highschool. Also the images don't appear for me on this website.. I don't know if it's just my device or something like that but anyways keep up the good work!
I am also planning on eventually becoming a fan... (I have a kinda busy day usually)
@RAVe Art & Anime: Than you! ^^
I have an idea: you should draw you as a character hiding behide gays couch, and when he sits down, you yell: HOTDOG!!! Then you run to your room and high five Blizz cause he planned it.
Comment Yeah but in pokemon games the pokemon are two dementional and dont come off as living animals more as parts of the game :(

Since these characters are three dementional reducing the age gap would make sense since it isnt like Leafeon comes off as a 10 year old heh...

Also I thought Dusk wasn't a perv, didnt he prove that when he took the magazine just to get the other two to go after him? He then said he didnt even like that stuff n_n

Also having little kids be in love with mons much older is more normal as long as its not recipricated (sorry Eve :[)
I should explain myself then @Zendoser: This is a pokemon game, or, rather, it is set inside of several pokemon games. The comic itself is loosely based off of what really goes on in pokemon games. The characters are 2 dimensional, I mean, I don't draw them 3 dimensional, do I? I actually based the ageing (and, to a lesser extent, mating) process on animals. But, Really, I just don't see what making the age gap closer will achieve. Dusk, who is the oldest, is 6 years old. Do you want me to make all of the character's 3-4 years old? Is that what you mean by reducing the age gap? Or, is it scandalous for a 3 year old to like a 4 year old? GASP! Or, even worse, a 4 year old liking a 3 year old. Vay, I'm looking at you.

Are you confused? I bet you are asking "How can Dusk be both 18, and 6 years old? Well, Dogs and cats age faster than humans, and, I based how they age somewhat on how a dog/cat ages. Dusk might be 18, but, that is only in 'eevee' years he is actually 5 in human years. Why does nobody pay attention to the real ages I oh so generously put up? I mean, I put 6 years, in the same color and font and size I put everything else in. (Actually, Ages don't even matter, because, by Eve's age, they are completely matured) (What I am saying does not include Nego, because he ages at the same rate as a human ages)

Dusk and Bolt are not true pervs, but, they will follow Flame and Blizz, Who are pervs (Blizz to a lesser extent) in doing pervy stuff, so they are just as guilty.

(( Ps Why are you worrying about age with all of the i________ going on? ))
Hey, I haven't said anything about age yet! (Oh wait, I just did)
Nego's mother is Izzy
But but... Vay is 5 not 4 ;-; and Daisy is 3!

16 (10th/11th grade human age) vs 10 (4th/5th grade) is kinda wierd.

Nah suggestion was more for the three females who are all on the young side to like 8(3)Eve/14(4)Daisy/15(5)Dawn. Tho it's your comic so obviously if you like it the way it is keep it by all means :p {just minor feedback}

Don't misunderstand I love the comics read them all in a single day and it was time well spent n_n

(Also I meant three dementional characters, in the games the pokemon are just there for *fight* or *breed* whereas your characters have personalities :D)

Also nah I understood what both ages meant I love the background info you provided :D Tho I thought the age years provided for human years (not actual years) was how far they were on the maturity cycle? Like 10 - 12 is when puberty happens for humans XD
Comment Oh I should also add thanks for replying :D
My comment def annoyed you about something you have put almost two years into, so sorry about that, it wasn't my intention :(
request @Pinkeevee222 : hey, can you draw a story with the idea of someone's fanfiction? I think it'll be great if you can X3
Um No Dawn I think is DOES MATTER
Why do you say derp so much.
play poke for life! P.S. i love corn. Actual corn. As in the corn you eat. How did i change the subject from play poke to edible corn? I think someone has a crush on me.

Oh, boy, subject is changed again! I should change my guest name to "Kittykat the subject changer." My next comment will have that name:)
@kittykat: you love corn?
opps @Pinkeevee222: almost forgot this bit
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