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December 12th, 2015, 9:25 am

Vay - Happiness, joy

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Aaaand, we're back. This surprised even Daisy. Also, This is the first time I drew more than one non eevee/lution in one page! What a great Milestone!
Character Design contest!
Edit: Why do I always forget Scull's bone things?
Edit2: And so, after looking at Google for the correct spelling, twice, I still spell sense wrong -_-
Pinkeevee222, December 12th, 2015, 9:30 am Reply
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first? yay, I guess...

Edit: so flame as turned over a new leaf and is no longer a pervert? good, does that mean I don't have to see anymore of those drawings? also blizz's eyes are green, Scull dun fucked up now
@Blitz Striker: *cries* my internet wasn't working.... ~.~
@Blitz Striker: Or he is faking it and is serectly stil a pervert
@Blitz Striker: wait... was flame invisible or something?
@Guest: In the 100th comic, flame is half transparent

In August part 3, one of the “crazy therories” is invisibility
SECOND Flame probably recognized that it wasn't his book, and that the girls were watching him, so he just burned it
@Pinkeevee222: The contest link just gives me "File Does not Exist"
@Guest: fixed
I thought Flame didn't know any fire moves..?
@MinecraftMinun: He doesn't, but, he can make his body temperature reach over 1,000 degrees. So, when this happens, whatever he touches burns.
@Pinkeevee222: Noooo!
Oma I can't believe that
Who the lucario and pikachu?
@Espyius: There is actually a joke about that, made later on.
So... why did Flame burn the magazine? Does he know Dawns watching? Or is he no longer a perv? Or perhaps he already read that one and remembers hating it?
Not bad.
@Pinkeevee222: lets see how do i say this... xD The header hydropump looks like its an icebeam =) still like this the plot line of the story really out did yourself ^-^
\_(0-0)_/ I went two weeks without a theory, and I can blame my home wifi and the local McDonald's horrific wifi.

New leaf? Nope, Flareon just doesn't like that issue.

That concludes this theory, and the first five minutes on a new wifi connection.

Edit: Flare poofed into existence there. Adding that to my "Flare's a ghost" theory.
Flame might have invisibility to just appear like that
OMG! BEST!COMIC!EVER! Oh yea, I am pretty new buuuut.... Heh you see I had crappy But still I have my theories: Ik flame might still be a perve (derp derp😐) idek... Second, we all know dawn hates flame but let's just say not being mean but don't you think dawn is being a BIT dramatic sometimes?... I mean C'MON DAWN PLS LET DAISY BE FRIENDS WITH FLAME! Also last theory (if this doesn't make sense don't worry I have trouble with sentences cause of my CP disorder.) uh.... Oh crap!!! Oopsies I forgot my last theory but uh, eh!
Just just just, am 14 I don't wanna be annoying >_<
Thats a pretty good lucario pinkeevee! So what's the Lucario's name?
@HYDRO: Thanks! His name is Danny!... I think... wait *flips through the stupid short comics notebook* Yup! It's Danny!
@Pinkeevee222: The first person I thought you meant when you said the lucario was Daniel Avidan (Or Danny) from the game grumps... Lol.
And the pikachu even slightly looks like Arin Hanson of the game grumps... Lol
Scull is gonna be hounded and doomed. If you get my pun, virtual cookies for you. COOOKEEEHS
@Derp: I can has Houndoomed
Blizz has green eyes again this can't be good.. AND WOW BEST COOKIES EVER!!!
So.. Dusk can grow huge muscules, Blizz has green glowing eyes, that mysterious leafeon from meanwhile can kill Mon's WITH A SWORD!! And now FLAME CAN TELEPORT AND BURN THINGS BY TOUCHING THEM??!! AND WHY THE HECK DOSE OLIVER MURDER POKEMON?!!
@Guest: Dusk's muscles were part of a joke. A very beautiful one, if I do say so myself. Flareons in general can burn things by touching them (Also, Flame can not teleport). People can kill other people with a sword. And, Oliver has never murdered anybody before (or at least, not any pokemon) *mutters something about Blizz*
Great info @Pinkeevee222: Ok
I ship the houndoom with the lucario. i don care if he is already dating espeon. fite me irl
The power(just kidding) let me guess...
Dusk means calm and agitation
Volt means the power of powerlessness
Flame means fear
Blizz means anger
And Vay means happiness and joy
Am I correct PinkEevee222?
I notice it already so, whats next Daisy,Dawn or Sora or somemon else
@Eevee174: Your wrong. tee hee~ (Besides that, I don't think Vay is capable of being happy)
@Pinkeevee222: I GOT IT! that's the emotion that they have to feel to use their powers!
Derp True. (Derp)
ok uhhhhhhhhhh.... sry AGAIN(literally I am a chatterbox sometimes) but 1. I am stupid 2. I wish I wasn't like this ;-; 3. I hate myself because of my personality and my disorder.... Annnnd 4. Uhhhhhh.... Heh heh heh CHECK PLS??? *Awkward perverted laughing turns into sobbing and then silence washes over me*
Too lazy to log in... Who ever is saying that they are stupid because of their disablility is completely wrong..... let me say this. One it really makes me angry when people use their disability as an excuse... two don't call yourself stupid because we are all intelligent in our own way... three before anyone asks I do have a few disabilities myself.. so yes I know... they are ADD and I can't renember the other ones name.. but it has something to do with how my brain calculates math. Btw my math comprehention isn't liw because I am lazy I litterally almost cannot understand math occasionally... my point is that you have to believe in yourself... heck I didn't know for the longest time I had artistic talent and musical talent until I pushed myself and kept with my dreams... you all have a bright future if you just find it in you to follow that goal.. -just a mesage fom rave917 (is appearing as a guest because I'm too lazy to login
@Rava art and anime: low I had a typo lol
Hello again.. Hey Pinkeevee222 its me eevee174 I had finally sign in
@Reyna178: Ohhhh! Your icon is cute!
Thanks @Pinkeevee222: I paint it with Paint Tool Sai
Ohey it's a Lucario
Mega Absol: That Lucario is hot...

Umbreon: *Hides face* I Thought you promised that you would end your ridicolous love affairs?

Mega Absol: I am a girl and I change with the wind so go away you idiot. And you misspelled Ridicolous

TC (The Creator): I apologize for Absol's annoying gender steriotypical response. She gets like this occasionaly.
Hello i am new and i loved this comic
Pinkeevee222 your comic is awesome
@Winter the Zorua: Thanks!
why did flame do that i thought hi whas collecting them.
Pinkeevee222:can i ask you something?
@Winter the Zorua: Okay. What do you want to ask?
Sora is a sylveon right?
Pinkeevee: Let assume that is it a sylveon (yes i alredy now that sora is a sylveon) sooo if sora can evolve into a sylveon and De-evolve into an eevee that mean that when Daisy cut sora loop and sora De-evolve into a eevee and elvol again into a sylveon that mean that she have to have a new loop.(because sora elvol again).
@Winter the Zorua: Uh I think so but idk it's been awhile since I checked out the comics cause uh....(my mom visited and I had fun pls dun judge!) but yea I think so...
Theroys @Pinkeevee222: A Flame knew it was a trap and burned it and he might be stil a pervert secretly.
B His burning passion for pokeplay is no more and he changed into an new Flame.
And so Wait... i don't get it... isn't flame a perv?
@TalkingEevee: Yes he is ,but in this case flame is so loyal to daisy he doesnt read play poke mags that have a leafeon on it. HE BURNS THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@slyeon is cool: Correct!
@Pinkeevee222: seems legit
@slyeon is cool: Dang:I I wish i knew someone like that, except they are pretty much all weird...
Mhm! i agree on that as well!
._. Does their eyes change when they get mad,sad, happy, etc.?
MEEP MEEP! @TheRandomEevee: dats a good question cause I was thinking the same thing so I dungoofed and derped and said "oh, derp! XD"
... @TheRandomEevee: hmmmm.... Then again *taps chin thinking in deep thought* they might change when they are mad... Cause I remember in one of the comics blizz's eyes turned green for awhile when Blizz (almost said bluzz) yelled at Vay when Vay lost eve... So I guess when he's mad? Yea I think when he's mad, that's my best answer.
Ugh! Why must I spell my guest name wrong! Besides KAYLEE is my 2nd nickname and my real nana me is Sierra! -_- But anyways enough complaining! (Actually kinda, I don't mean to fudge the truth a lil am only a 14 year old girl with MAJOR ISSUES!) reminder: if all my sentences are not making any sense I don't mean to leave out words or parts of the sentence out, this is because of my freaking disorder!! And if I keep saying stuff with '...' At the end it's because I am SHY and QUIET AND NEW!

And if I say meep meep uh, weeelllll... That's my little sisters habit but she passed on to me. Now the major issues thing I said at top, kinda sensitive bout talking about THAT!

But yea that's all now I am gonna go back to my classes! (Note to Self: just shut up for the rest of the time you have, if not I will slap my self in the face!)
.-. @KayleeTheEevee : guess we'll find out :T
Wow.... Spelt my own name wrong @-@
the magazine that blizz is looking for is that what flame burn?
Also What's up with vay bein a firefighter if that is vay, is there gonna be a comic on that?
dusk was not turned into a glaceon?
hmmm... Guess not? maybe blizz duplicated himself, either dusk did turn into one, or the spell worn off on dusk, either way could work actually.
@KayleeTheEevee : funny logic, good one xD
ikr @Cobait: had to cause mostly I was like "herp derp!" xD
@Cobait: The GC spell book wasn't a canon comic
and... random change of subject but blizz dusk Vay daisy bolt dawn eve and (maybe some sylveon that we may see later in the comics possibly sora cause she's cute and I like fairy types as much as ice grass and dark types) are my favorite eeveelutions EVER! Except for flare ins not that I'm insulting them they are cool but I would rather stick with fenniken as my main besides I named her flare (the fenniken I mean) and besides when I defeated cyllage gym I gotten my first girl eevee and evolved her into glaceon cause she is so elegant and graceful I wanted to name her crystal or diamond but it wasn't a shiny and I was like "nah those names are for a shiny one" so I named it after the ice move (dont judge I couldn't think of any other names that are good enough for a non shiny! Stupid ADD) but uh yea even thou eeveelutions aren't the BEST but I still think there is hope and that they are still popular in my heart! :3 <3
Flareons Are actually pretty cool people say they're not cool just fluffy pets but train it hard enough and it'll actually be pretty cool. Also FINALLY SIGNED UP X3 I made a post I don't know how you look people up but if you know how you can read about me :p
hmmmm @TheRandomEevee: you do have a very good point right there so not gonna lie or argue about that
derp! oops I meant flareons! XD derped right there so *lightly slaps my head with a Derpy look on my face holding my 3ds XL in my right hand with my headphones on*
Never mind figured it out
Aaaaaannnndddd it's not working ._."
Another question how do their eyes change color?is it lens or some type of Pokemon logic we yet to uncover
@TheRandomEevee: for blizz,dusk,flame and the other eevee evoloution there eyes glows when they turn mad.
@slyeon is cool: yes ok but how?
I think I said about this a few hrs ago... Buuuuut Ik I didn't make sense to myself as well @TheRandomEevee: so now I have no idea at all (I should've known this.... DANGIT BOBBY!!) so now I feel your pain rn ._.
so Imma just blame on two things... @TheRandomEevee: Skittles, ADD, and Skittles Lol! XD :3 ;3 ;)
I'm thinking it just magical Pokemon logic '-'
@TheRandomEevee: Yea I'm gonna agree that it's logic! (Man I need to change my guest name soon I like eevee but AM A GROWING WOMAN DANGIT!!!) (even thou am 14 LOOOL!)
well... I was unsuccessful making my fan account on here :c #iamverysad....
(that's it changing my guest name.... why must I be.... Unsuccessful at EVERYTHING I do?! And I am just mad and sad! *heavy sobbing turns into hard heavy crying and goes into a pitch black corner with a gloom cloud and a spotlight is over my head, and sighs as my purple fur is a bit soaked from my tears*
(Pats kaylee' s shoulder)'-' don't cwy
@TheRandomEevee: ...thnx random eevee ;-; I feeling allot better now...
Also I would like u to solve my eevee questin :3 @TheRandomEevee: if you have a shiny eevee and give it max friendship and evolve it into the blue sylveon: what gender would that sylveon be?
also help me out with this question I have trouble figuring out myself... how rare are shinies? Ik they are rare but I need a % of the rarity of them. I did run into a shiny geodude in Pokemon A.S. But that doesn't count
also... I am gonna be making my own comic soon it's not like random comics it's gonna be a story a very long eevee one actually because there are gonna be allot of characters it's about a trainer/storm wizard who is on a journey with her Pokemon and can change forms wearing a soothe bell. Her friends are included in the story too there names are Emma and malmal! (Including someone I have a crush on named brahm and he has the same forming power too...) but anyways they all set foot on a big extravagant journey about to defeat Morganthe the Umbra Queen. I have more info about it but I lost the info thnx to my ADD. So ya
but you see, @KayleeTheEevee : I can't draw on a computer or my windows 8 laptop actually so I am only gonna be drawing it on scratch paper first and then blank paper so I am
Gonna take it slowly into drawing
@KayleeTheEevee : PM the comic link
(Send me the link to your comic) and depends on what shiny your looking for and the percent rate of finding a shiny girl eevee is like 12.4 and a boy is 24.3 but breeding it's like 10 percent more I don't play Pokemon hat much but I starting to get into it :p so what do I know
That much sorry
@TheRandomEevee: It's fine and Ty for helping me out with that at least cause I am like a noob at finding shinies NOT counting that time where I found a shiny geodude in one of my games. I didn't catch it cause geodude isn't my favorite. And bout the comic it may take me weeks to figure out of how to upload and do them Irl on paper first cause like I said I am not good at drawing on my laptop!
now the answer to the sylveon question @TheRandomEevee: the shiny sylveon would be a male while the non shiney would be the female. If you wish to pair those to together and breed them would you get a shiny non shiny or both shiny and non shiny eevee?....

And the answer issssss.....:

*both female non shiny eevee and male shiny eevee!....(if your lucky and if your tempting to get both >:3)*
Maybe we could do like a combo I draw u right the story :T
true @TheRandomEevee: could work out with 2 ppl... Possibly
And what the characters say
I'm about to get a laptop and I'm going to draw and do animations on it so ya I could do the drawing if you wanted to work together :T
Hmmmm @TheRandomEevee: I'll think about it when I finish my classes o3o
now when I said the info of the story @TheRandomEevee: it's a little bit of a mixture of Pokemon and Wizard101 (wizard101 is a computer game I play and I gotten my storm wizard to lvl 100 so yea I am a little bit of a geek but in a good way >:3)
K I'm sick right now so '-'
aw... @TheRandomEevee: hope you feel better soon. .-.
hey I can relate @TheRandomEevee: i got sick in November but I got better just in time for thanksgiving before it was too late
thankfully (lol random pun XD) @TheRandomEevee: it's a good I didn't stay sick durning thanksgiving
Try being sick on ur b day xp
it would be hard for me if I gotten sick on my bday @TheRandomEevee: i would be sad and have a pity party literally! And have a sad little cupcake with one candle in it (if I was gonna be sick :-:)
@TheRandomEevee: Man I want some homemade fudge rn.... mmmmm... fudge (lol! Am like I want some homemade fudge Irl rn... ITS DECEMBER DANGIT! 9 DAYZ TILL CWHISTMAS!!!
Who doesn't love cwhistmas? @TheRandomEevee: it's the best holiday ever! Along with Halloween bdays and thnxgiving especially New Years. (But not valentines day. That holiday is dramatic and sappy with too much love. And I mean WAYYY too much!)
Ow... Now my throat is sore now! (I am NOT getting sick! It just happened randomly) *starts moaning*
Heh try me I know ;-;
Uh oh I'm gonna lose I'm gonna lose, oh god oh god no JESUS! JESUS! IPAD DONT DI3 ON MEH! (3% WHAT DAH HECK?!)
1% NOOO! (Am too lazy to charge it...<_>)
yep it died am peeved rn ,-,
Maybe found a theory out Just figured this out: Dusk is the eevee with the blue ribbon with the silver bell so that means sora is looking for him because dusk's anger can't be calmed by anyone but her.BUT he has been calmed for a while. Now why is he calm? Because sora's affections have calmed him for a while and he has become derpy. Which egg did sora give we have no idea but I think it would be later on in the comics :T not sure if I'm right how I found out that dusk is the eevee that sora is looking for I read the comic were flareon is looking for his play poke in that bush.
Sorry for spelling and grammar :T
it's fine @TheRandomEevee: and that's a good theory cause it came to me as well and I was like hmmmm.... This is a good theory and I just had to derp because I just did a random faceplant from my bed because I gotten a bit sick! (Why do I get sick during dah holidays I dun get it!)
plus... I whacked my nose with the pencil in my hand! DANG U NERVES! Almost got my eye but glad it didn't
and guess what i started drawing my story comic yesterday! I am already on chapter 2 it's called: An Alliance...
bad news is that i am not good at drawing humans I remember one time I drew a pic for my friends of our wizards and surprisingly I did so well on it that I did it in ONE SHOT! (Friends are Emma and Malmal my friends from w101 and they have EB!)
Please read Sora met Oliver in the lab and gave him one of her kits and I can see the necklace that Oliver was wearing is the same in the comic #122-Pendants.And the 6 eevees was Flame,Blizz,Vay,Blizz,Dusk and Sora
PinkEevee222 gives us some things about the 6 eevees went missing and few months later,5 of them came back (The 5 eevees are Flame,Volt,Volt,Blizz,Dusk)Sora was the one who didn't came back.If I knew better the kit that Sora gave Oliver must be Eve(maybe or not sure)
yea I think your a 100% right! @Reyna178: and in the comic Pendants eve sees the same heart shaped one that was in the comic on the egg! PLUS the pendant was glowing, eve looked a little different and so the pendant reacted to eve when she opened the box that had those 2 pendants! So the kit in the egg could've been eve! (Sry if I am not making sense trying my best here lol)
Well... @KayleeTheEevee : you must watch the older comics and there,you will find some clues.
hey pink, quick question, ill be drawing a lucario (because any other Pokemon looks crappy when i draw them) and just wanted to know what angle you would prefer, compositional, POV, or comic entrance...i can do anyone of them just need to know which one you would like best.
@Blitz Striker: I just need a full body reference, whatever pose he is in is all up to you.
@Pinkeevee222: COMPOSITIONAL IT IS!!!
so is that why Oliver beat the living crap out of levin?
hmmm @TheRandomEevee: it's a mystery.... *puts on a detectives hat* (lol idk am just being random cause 1. When I am sick or near being sick I get random and 2. Idk why!)
Wait -3- Also why would flareon mention that dusk had a blue ribbon with a silver bell on it?
cause he felt like it. :I (bored)
But why go through all that trouble saying he was looking for a pink ribbon with a golden bell too? I mean it kinda makes sense. Maybe dusk has the anger issues and Oliver was the egg and dusk's anger passed down to him. And that's how dusk became derpy but who knows :T
@Pinkeevee222: Is there gonna be another background eevee comp?
Too lazy to log in... again *puts on shades... heheheh I can finally show of my art in a contest... yes *runs around his home yelling happily

Imma gonna draw some pretty sweet pokemon, don't be upset if I draw an eevee lol. I wiil draw other ones buut eeve takes the number one spot on my list of favorites..

So excited now!
Too lazy to log in... again and again Hermergerd the dumb touchscreen keyboard suck on this phone so don't be angry. Yes I can spell...
Can I do a handmade drawing and pm u ??

@AnultemetJolteon: yeah! (but, it has to be in color)
Ok! Noted! Yes sir!
aww great now my wifi is makin me sad lol i have to 1. Turn on the LTE wifi on and or 2. I have to turn the phone's hotspot on as well
I am so sick rn that I started crying last night and sad bout being sick :'(
I came back on Friday to see what in the world happened to the comments section and found out that a whole bunch of anons (now including moi) threw up all over this page.
Hey Pinkeevee222 why you no tell us about eevee academy?
@Devin17: *shrugs* I really don't think I have to. I mean, It's not going to be as interesting as SSEC, and, I don't really care about how many fans or views I get on it, since it is an experimentation comic.... Hm... am I going off track? IDK
@Pinkeevee222:What is SSEC????
@slyeon is cool: it means Stupid Short Eevee Comic ._.
Whatever... T_T
do the eevees have a granpa? (i like asking question)
@slyeon is cool: They do. Both a grandpa, and an uncle. I have no idea where they are at the moment.
Kaylee what is your comics name?
hm? @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: are you referring to me MegaAbsol?... Uh I am working on that as soon as I finish the demo of my comic (it's gonna be hand drawn cause I ain't good on a computer)
Pinkeevee222:when's the next meanwhile comic coming out. Also are you gonna do an eevee Christmas comic cause Christmas is almost here?
@Devin17: I have answered both of these questions before.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait, is the Lucario a a black belt? And if so, in what martial arts?
The Black Belt
An item to be held by a Pokemon. This belt helps the wearer to focus and boosts the power of Fighting-type moves. When this item is held, any Fighting-type move used by the holder has its power increased by 20%.

Basically, it's a pokemon held item thingy.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh. I thought it was a martial art thingy thing.
I gave it to my lucario in Pokemon x idk of where I found it at but I was like, "YEA-YA" lol!! I feel like naming it Krypton cause you know fighting/steel the moves power up punch and aura sphere it makes since! (Or maybe it was a fighting plate.... IDEK am just like DERP)
THEORY!!1!!! Maybe Flame doesn't like to see leafeons sexualized because Daisy is a leafeon, and she is his best friend. (Also maybe because she is also SUPER innocent)
@Black lucky cat: does aren't their names, look at the character section.
@Zappy the Raichu: Sorry, if forgot what their names were when i typed it
@Black lucky cat: ok! Also your theory makes a lot of sense!
@Zappy the Raichu: Actually, Flame and Daisy are their names. Look on the character sheets. Or ask Pinkeevee222. Whichever.
@EvanatheEspeon: I edited it to fix the names, when I originally typed it I put leafy and flare, which is another comic series
Pika There is 1 pikachu a
Who's the Pikachu?
why flame why flame i wanted to read that
Wondering? Did anyone else notice how the magazine magically switched from Flame's left hand to his right hand?
idk throws strange powder

"your all umbrions now!!!!!!!!! your welcome!!!!!! "

runs away laughing
The lucariobsounds gay (no offence)-\_( •_•)_/-
Panel 7: I’m erasing myself from the Narrative let future Historians wonder how Dawn reacted when this happened, The world seemed to Burn. Did you know what Daisy said when she read what you read she said,”.. I’ve befriended an Iccourice he has flown too close to the sun” I hope that you Burn

@Pinkeevee222: YA THERES A LUCARIO

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