She can't be wrong! ...right?


December 19th, 2015, 12:32 pm

Eve is scared of both Dawn and Daisy, despite the fact that they are the only girls that are nice to her.

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Dawn yells at Flame for not doing what she wanted him to do, and Flame is baffled about what's happening. Blizz Punches a Wall, and Scull pees on the floor. Also, Izzy is a cutie.
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First time being first!

2 FAST 4 U
LOL dat derpface!
@eeveefan3552: your pic is cute plus eevee is my favourite pokemon

Daisy's face.. LOL
Says the espeon who is secretly a pervert.
Looks like Dawn won't have a boyfriend for much longer...
@Midnight-fox18: did you notice the yellow puddle skull was sitting on I think he peed himself
*strange muttering*
R.I.P. Wall
2015 - 2015
Luxio: Should we call somemon? And who are we going to call?
Dratini: GhostBusters!
Luxio: *facepaw*
@Dratini & Luxio:

Umbreon: Who we gonna call? GHOSTBUSTAS!

Mega Absol: Please don't encourage him.
Luxio: I won't. He will.
Dratini: *to phone* Siri, play the Ghostbusters song.
Siri: Searching for nearby vending machines...please wait.
Luxio: Perhaps not.
@Dratini & Luxio: heh heh hee
again 3 words (or more) DAWN.IS.A.DRAMA.QUEEN! I still like her but STILLLL
Angry Blizz is 3scary5me
eh it doesn't bother me @Robotdroid: i like blizz and glaceons so yea
OMG @Espyius: thats haliarious! LOL! XD
Luxio: Wait...did he just?
Dratini: Spill Apple Juice? Yes.
Luxio: ....
(dat derp face d: derp )
Im like espeon when my brothre makes me mad
Mega Absol: We should call the Morgue. They'll have a new Houndoom corpse soon

Umbreon: And the Coroner!
@Jdburr: IKR
What was that Pikachu's name again? Jek? anyway, I like the curse word pun!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Dak? Oak?
Everyone! Search Eevee academy in the smackjeeves searchbar
hound doom had a accident
Oh god this comic is hilarious!!!
OMG!!! Scull peed on the floor! gross.
@slyeon is cool:
Dratini: *hides behind Luxio*
Luxio: He just thinks it's apple juice.
Dratini: *nods*
P.S Dawn is such a drama queen. not everyone can be right.
@Pinkeevee222: awww =D izzy is giving him a juice box adorable x3
WTH does onee chan mean?
@slyeon is cool: big sister ^3^
@Pinkeevee222: i got a big question for you: Why do you make dawn hate perverts? And why did you make flare into a perv? :c not fair if i was flame
@Darkstar29: Dawn doesn't hate perverts, she hates Flame. Totally different. The reason why is because of... well, you'll see in the next comic.
I made Flame a pervert because he was too nice before. =_= We already have Bolt. We didn't need another nice guy. I picked a perv, cause they are funny! (and, anime is littered with them) I mean, he does have a good reason for his ways, but, oh well!
One week later.... @Pinkeevee222: x3 well i cant say that i havent see any anime with pervs xD ;( poor flame almost got shot by Tm15
@Darkstar29: Oh really? Have you seen any anime with mostly girls in the main cast, then?
@Pinkeevee222: i actually have xD (highschool dxd) dont google it xD
@Pinkeevee222: also are we gonna see bolt in the next comic ;3; cause bolt is my favorite .... *coughs* weak person x3
Umbreon: May I offer you a cough drop? *Glares pointedly*

Mega Absol: Don't make me sick!

Umbreon: That wasn't a real cough...
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: actually umbreon was right i have a cough *coughs* you were wrong.. Wow.... i need to fix that LOL
Yeah @Darkstar29: Ok i would like to see Bolt too
@Darkstar29: Bolt is not going to show up, but *flips binder* The chapter after the next one is about him. And, I can squeeze in a one-shot about him and Dawn at the end of this chapter, or beginning of the next chapter, if you want. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to those type of things.
@Pinkeevee222: XDDD FLEXIBLE?? I Thanks x3 ..... dont you have more time on break for the holiday? =3
@Darkstar29: Nope. I have lots of AP homework.
@Pinkeevee222: well at least you have other days in the 2 to 3 weeks if your lucky....
Now ik I am done being sick But I am not gonna yell anymore in the comics cause it may DAMAGE yes, DAMAGE, my throat or speaking, but I am saying that dawn ik you hate flame but I think you need to calm DOWN (probably In the next comic actually) plus ik blizz is gonna kill scull and not metaphorically I mean KIIILL him! Like chop him up and his tail let blood spill EVERYWHERE let him stop bleeding and then blizz feeds every piece of scull to the galvantulas

Umbreon: You have a horrifyingly graphic mind... Don't hurt me!

Mega Absol: RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!
hey @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: its not MY FAULT I had friends with terribly graphical minded boyfriends on w101 they pretty much say to much and then I start puking *nervously eats a Cheri berry*
@KayleeTheEevee :
I wus joking. But in all seriousness, if mari ever needs a script writer!
@KayleeTheEevee: .________. ok?
Looks like dusk is gonna pee himself as well. Also which comic does Izzy first appear in?
yea @Devin17: but still I can totally see the image of what I said before
@Devin17: On the archive, it is comic number 59, Chapter summary.
@Pinkeevee222: Ooooh, ok. I forgot about Izzy, but that's definitely her.
When I first looked at the header I thought that Izzy was taking a pic of Vay cause the juice box looks like a phone. Also I drinking apple juice now.
I'm a clone of maxie from under the tree and devin from lkd. I'm also part Oliver and Vay.
@Devin17: Lol :3
@KayleeTheEevee: which comic does Izzy first appear in?
@Devin17: Idk the number but it's called Scraped
@Devin17: I thought that eevee was Nego.(sorry if I got the name wrong, I keep track of so many comics.)
@Midnight-fox18: Nego was his name. But Nego doesn't know what juice is I don't think.
did you know Hey guys did you know that harmony killed sky, and that sky might have been a boy. i am so smart! :)
Imma just be defensive and just keep thinking that sky Is NOT a male
To my perspective
That derp face doe! XD lol
Whoa! Too Blizz has punched a wall and broke it before??

Man Blizz is strong! Here's a cookie! 'Throws cookie at any one who wants it'

@Anultemetjolteon :
Mega Absol: COOKIE!!!!!!!!!
@Anultemetjolteon : Actually, he punched a tree, specifically, that gigantic tree that is over the lake in some comics. Vay was really mad about that. Now, if you excuse me...
*eats cookies*
again the galvantula image...
Hi guys. I'm gonna tell you some more about me. I wear a hat like split to hide my head frill thingys. I'm the brother of Wiz and the step brother of Fred (derf) also soul mates/friends with Soul.
@Midnight-fox: I know how ya feel I sometimes get mixed up to so you not alone. Though I'm normally a loner which basically means I'm alone by myself while my friends are normally chilling together and I'd be left out. I don't really fit in. I'm lonely it's just my nature so don't feel sorry for me. I'm fine (runs to ROM and smothers face with pillow).
@Pinkeevee222: What happened to Slyve and Leafy the dolls?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: dunno? Wait which one am I talking to?

Umbreon: Me. I was jus' wondering.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Eve still has them. They are going to get a new friend ( or, rival in Sylve's case) soon.
No ones answering they're all dead! Mea! I'll just play angry birds. I'll miss you most Pinkeevee222.
Dangit @Pinkeevee222: Dawn really hates Flame i mean her bf is a perv aot of the others are i think she just has a HUGE grudge towards Flame
Stay tuned Next time on Stupid Short Eeevee comics will Scull get killed by Blizz will Dawn's grudge stop towards Flame will Daisy ever be able to hangout with Flame stay tuned ah well um reading
Pokemon @Pinkeevee222: Ok i only know the name of the lucario Danny but what is the name of the Pikachu
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Dak! He actually appeared in a comic (header) before.
Thx @Pinkeevee222: Ok thx for the info
Holy Ho-Ohs :3
CONFUSED is sky a boy or a girl? i keep hearing that sky might be a boy or a girl. and if sky is a boy,does that mean dusk is gay? cause dusk is like in love with sky.
@slyeon is cool:
Dratini: If Dusk is gay, he's cool! Really, Really Cool! Cooler than Luxio! And-And cooler than everymon I know, too!
halo this is why I stick with my instincts cause dusk loves sky and so sky is a female and not a male not that I want the credit for founding out its like 4 days till CWHISTMAS NOW! And I should stop yelling cause that almost damaged my speaking
@KayleeTheEevee :

Umbreon: Take a cough drop.
im gonna use my run away ability
yaaawm i fell asleep lol! I was up all night drawing a fenniken! Now what was I gonna say... Oh yeah, I do t think scull will make it. So Imma just say this randomly

RIP Scull

'Here Lies Scull The Houndoon; a tragic victim of getting fed to the Galvantulas by the one Glaceon named, Blizz'
@KayleeTheEevee : I thught he was around the same age as dawn implying around 4 human years old?
eh @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: just being Derpy LOL
Actuallllllllyyyyy I'm just being a dum dum! Lol
Luxio: Just...Just faint me now.
Siri: One vending machine is forty yards away.
Dratini: Does it have popcorn?
Siri: Searching the internet for "Doritos"
Dratini: Close enough.
@Dratini & Luxio:

Umbreon*steals nachos from Mega Absol*
Luxio: This will not end well.
Dratini: I know! Siri's being a useless psyduck!
Luxio: Well that, and-
Dratini: *throws iPod at vending machine*
iPod: *breaks*
Vending Machine: *glass breaks*
Dratini: Yay! Snacks!
Luxio: .....
@Dratini & Luxio :

Umbreon: SNACKS 4EVR

Mega Absol: Can I have my Doritos back?........... No?
Comments are Weird @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: ...
Rose: Damn it! Now I've got the theme stuck in my head...
Serusli @Dratini & Luxio:
Emz the Sylveon: Whiiiiiiiii I must need pringles plis
Siri: Searching the internet for Unicorns
Flar the Flareon: What is a unicorn?????
never call your self a dum dum! -eating taco-
well @slyeon is cool: imma just say I'm having a burrito so HA!
@KayleeTheEevee : that does not effect me wat so ever. T_T
blizz is gonna kill scub xD
this is my fav comic good job!
Umbreon: Scub?

Mega Absol: He loooves the deets
This place is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. Also, Dawn, drama Queen much? (You remind me of my mother who has the same name and drama queeness...)
So Pinkeevee222: when is the next meanwhile comic and will there be an eevee Christmas comic? Cause last time I asked this I didn't really get an answer that explained it to well. Also Adam is secretly my father and I stole Dusk's 3DS (he still doesn't know) (derp :p).
@Devin17: Look on the FAQ if you want to know when the next meanwhile comic is, and, No. there will not be an eevee christmas comic.
Pinkeevee222: can you at least do an eevee Christmas header? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Cristmas I Love Christmas Vacations always
@Reyna178: cute profile pic. Also whens your next comic gonna be out?
When I was talking about me being a loner there should have been some really sad violin music playing. I love really sad violin music and I dunno why. It's just one of the things I like.
Blizz is flipping now? No no, you won't see flipping until he sees what poor unsuspecting flareon has done. Umbreon now gets to have revenge on flareon on that comic some time ago where he said, welp, time to start diggin your grave! and with a fancy gold shovel too.
@cccviper653: XD YOU STILL REMEMBER THAT? Poor bolt was buried under there x3 that may happen ....
Pinkeevee222:comic 59 is Oliver shield. So which comic does Izzy appear in?
eeveefan3552: your profile pic is also cute.
@Devin17: Thanks man :)
Izzy appears in comic 51 scrapped chapter summary or 57 in the archive. I just found out.
Pinkeevee222: when are the killer jigglypuff gonna strike back cause they said they'd be back. Ps. Deez nuts! Ha got him! Derp. :p
@Devin17: I have no idea. I drew 2 chapters with them, but, one is unfinished, and, the other got scrapped.
I love all these comics
@Marlows59: Ikr lel
Le Scull Face •___• Dat Face. •__• I almost peed my pants while laughing.
Why is there so many Guests? Is anyone else wondering this?
@M & Rose: tooooooo lazy xD
@Pinkeevee222: i has question. when will you be in a comic?
@Guest: Mari (Pinkkeevee222) Will not be in any comics, unless I get tired of all the drama happening (cause, trust me, there will be more drama) and decide to skip it.
Y U DO DIS Dawn?
"Really Glaceon? Again?" Wait, Blizz has done this before?
testing 123… am i still a guest?
oh. no I'm not. :D
how do i get an image for my new account???
@fluffeevee: Click your name. hit Edit profile information, scroll to the bottom of the page, follow instructions
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: thx bruh.
D: it no work DX
@fluffeevee: i dunno
try asking someone like a mod or google it
I gtg go to club penguin,i will be back soon.
eeveefan3552: IMMA FIRIN MA LAZER like a boss my eevee. Ps nice crown bru. Also where did you get your profile pic? It so adorbs.
@Devin17: I got it on google
Umm, pinkeevee can you give me some tips on making a comic?
@Xnightblade: I'm really bad at giving tips. I think you should Google it.
I just read all these comments
Now my head hurts
Dawn use TM 15, but she missed! Flame used confusion! Dawn use yelling! Dawn ran away!
Reyna178: when is your next eevees comic? Ps did you draw your profile pic yourself?
the answer is.... @Devin17: almost done and I can only post it on saturday or on sunday(sorry you will have to wait),yes I was the one who drew my profile pic
Yo Pinkeevee222 if I could draw like you I'd be bossful. Ps can yo plz do an eevee Christmas header? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? Plz?
Luxio: I don't mean to be rude, but really? Bossful is NOT a word, nor will it ever be one. It's you, not yo, and it's please, not plzzzzzzzz. People with awful spelling irk me like nothing else, so I might as well make the Internet a correct place.
@Dratini & Luxio :
Luxio: Also, Pinkeevee is a human being, and human beings are allowed to post what they choose. It's the first amendment: Freedom Of Speech. However, Pinkeevee can do a Christmas Header, but I will doubt it, not disprove of it.

Dratini: I'm really sorry if he's offending you!
@Dratini & Luxio: I'm so offended about what you said to me Luxio. I'm only young and this is one of the most meanest things someone has said to me. Plus I was just asking if Pinkeevee222 could do a Christmas header on her next comic cause its almost Christmas and I would like her to do at least do a Christmas header cause she's not doing a Christmas comic. Also I was writing the shrot hand versions of the words cause I can't be stuffed doing the normal words. So screw you Luxio but Dratini your still cool this is my conscious he wears a jolteon hat and is gonna be my profile pic and you didn't complain about the word pic. Also bossful could become a word and there are to many Z's in plz.
Dratini: Again, I'm really sorry if Luxio's a jerk. But don't worry, I shoved him into a pool. And it's winter. Yes, we're two different people. Apparently I'm "the one who eats paste".
Also I found a cute pic which I could change my profile pic to. It so cute? So should I do it any one? Plz tell me if I should?

Right now: Generic Eevee.

Afterward: ANYTHING

What are you waiting for. Evolve! Change! Grow!

Renya178: I can wait till Saturday or Sunday for the next comic and merry Christmas everyone except Luxio cause you disapprove of me. I'll change my profile pic sometime around Tuesday cause I've got family coming down for Christmas and I'll get busy and I'll probably be back when the next comic is out or Sunday. Also Pinkeevee222 can you do a Christmas header on your next comic it'll really cheer me up after what Luxio said to me. Thanks (if you can). Ps eeveefan3552: should I change my profile pic (I'm asking yo if I should cause yo seem like a nice guy to me). Pps Luxio I can write how I wanna right yo scooge (this seem pretty appropriate cause it's almost Christmas and scrooge is a character from the book a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens for yo who didn't know dis)(also I know it's this not dis but I can't be stuffed write this instead of dis plus it's just how I talk normally and I know it sounds weird but I'm just different and don't want to be like other people and I know I use the word also alot and I don't give a shit cause I just don't OK). Dis is the biggest comment I've done yet.
Leaving to Japan tomorrow. Won't see the next few 'mics!
Good luck ;( @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: GL and HF
@Darkstarwashereandlazy: Thanks. Bye everyone!
Wow so many comments. My head is spinning.
@GlitteringEevee943: Really? It looks like your head is just sitting there not moving at all
I what to go to japan!!! >:(
@slyeon is cool: I'm in a friends house enjoying mug beans and barley tea. Today we're going to Nara. This is my 3rd trip to japan, and my third time going to Nara. SUCKAS

Look up Nara

I'm in Esaka. Look that up too.
Does anyone have good names for eveelui ions besides the ones in the comic... Is Psychee any good for an espeon?
If your still accepting background eevees heres one I like to call Aqua, no he's not a vaporeon, he's a blue eevee who has a fox tail for some reason, and can turn into a Lucario at will and change back
1. Background eevees are not accepted by commenting.
2. Guests can't get background eevees, only people with accounts can
3. Blue eevees are not allowed, heck, even shiny eevees are not allowed. Only Brown eevees.
4. No powers

T_T I have the feeling you commented with out reading the rules. Actually, I wasn't even suppose to reply to you! Sorry I replied! I will try better to not reply next time!
So sorry @Pinkeevee222 bruh poor dawn.Why did you have to take the comic book now your boyfriend is gonna be dead
Meh I didnt have time to make a account or look at previous comics -_- but i have gotten better at drawing also merry Christmas
Pinkeevee222: are yo planing on making a new comic series? If so what will it be called and will the main cast be eeveelutions? Ps im back everyone also screw yo Luxio cause I still hate yo to.
@Devin17: As soon as I make a new comic series, I will lose all interest in ssec, so, no.
Also, I really don't think you should be saying mean things to Luxio, I mean, he was just correcting you. Honestly, I don't see the point in saying you hate someone over something so trivial. Nor, do I see why you would blame your youth on it, but, whatever.
@Pinkeevee222: I just got annoyed. Any way I'm a loner with few friends and I get angry when I'm annoyed plus I live in Australia and its been stinckin hot down here nd I've had a bad week anyways I'll be nicer to him if he don't annoy me.
Meh <(·¬·<) Thos is bassed off my new game Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon (
@Tiny Dragon: Cool drawing! (Why does everyone know how to draw bandanas better than me?) My partner pokemon in PMD is a charmander named Char! (Really original name, I know)

Hey, I want to know the main character's gender and nature and level plz? (I Dont Need Moves!) I am wanting to make them in my pokemon Y game!
Here is what I know or think so far:
Blizz: Naive Level: 4
Daisy: Bashful
Vay: Serious
Bolt: Quirky Level: 2
Dawn: Sassy Level: 50+
I don't know any others. :(
can U include Sora too?
@Leafeon237: If you go on the characters tab, you'll find their natures, characteristics, and levels. (Except Eve's. Just make something up for her)
@This is Jello. (Pinkevee222):

Ty! My problem is.. I can't find any Naive eevees XD
@Pinkeevee222: the moment when your refreshing for a new comic lol x3
@Darkstar29: Yeeeeah, It won't show up for some time, I'm like, 6 miles away from my laptop.
@No time travelers here (pinkeeve: soo.. are you like camping or at your cousins or somethin to do with the holiday? Or i should shut up now...
@No time travelers here (pinkeeve: ;3; can you tell me what time you think you can post it so i can finally be first?
In japan, reading this 7 days from the last update, but for you guys on the other side of the international date line, it's 6.

Happy [ kinda late ] new year!!

Lel it's 10 am not 12 am
I got a SmackJeeves account!! I faved your comic series
scull peed. lol.
LOL Danny's Face and also what he said
What in the Pokemon universe happened to Glaceon? LOL
@Pinkeevee222: Brimstone was picked up XD
He peed
Moon: Happy birthday to me!
Orca: I brought cake!
Kinkajou: I got streamers and confetti!
All:*dancing stupidly*
@Pinkeevee222: I am a bit confused, is dawn daisys older sister? and if she is, why is daisy calling her onee-chan? the way I learned it was that ane meant my sister and onee meant your sister. Please help!
Never mind.
Omg did scull just peed his pants or peed on the floor on the last panel???????
@Silver-the-magic-shiny Eevee : YYYEP
Dawn is TOTALLY wrong!
Dawn don't you DARE tell Flame what to do! * takes Daisy and put her next to Flame. Dawn tries to hyper beamed me but I stopped her and take her TM-15
Dawn: NO!
Me: Ha you better be sorry!
Dawn don't you DARE tell Flame what to do! * takes Daisy and put her next to Flame. Dawn tries to hyper beamed me but I stopped her and take her TM-15
Dawn: NO!
Me: Ha you better be sorry!
pq vcs n podem falar os palavrões originais porra como:


ou alguma coisa assim?

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