Lets end this chapter...


December 26th, 2015, 9:55 pm

Vay likes grape juice
Blizz likes orange juice
Dusk likes apple juice

It's the fruity trinity of juices!

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Knowing that one day Vay will become the comic relief instead of Dusk fills me with DETERMINATION I know this is 12 hours late... I blame the economy.

This page will confuse people, but, it's actually meant to set up future chapters, so, meh. Next comic is a meanwhile.

Oh! You know, at the beginning, when I said I support Dusk x Sky? NOT ANYMORE. *crying* I just want Dusk to be happy
Pinkeevee222, December 26th, 2015, 9:55 pm Reply
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Pinkeevee222, December 31st, 2015, 10:29 pm Reply

Gehhhhhggh got first? Blizz's change of personality is really fast
*starwars* NUUUUUUUU T-T GUEST WHY YOU DO THIS I WAS LATE.... i will never be first...
@Darkstar29: At least your second. First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with a hairy chest..... I think
@Pinkeevee222: thanks for cheering me up.. with a hair story
Hairy chest??

I was told this:
1st is the worst
2nd is the best
3rd is the one with the barbie dress
4th is the one with no recess
5th is the one with the golden chest
@SylviaSylveon189: It can be debated what the numbers after 3 means, but, hairy chest, treasure chest and, something with a dress are the most common for the third one.
@Pinkeevee222: Undertale

Derp :I
0 is the hero 1st is the worst second is the best third is the one with the hairy chest 4th is the one with the treasure chest 5th is the one with the wedding dress ( lol I remembered that in grade 3):3
@Pinkeevee222: D: wait no more duskxsora? Why stop ..? Did somethin happen between them or its just changing things up?
@Darkstar29: Something happened.
@Pinkeevee222: Is that something happening soon?
@Robotdroid: nope
@Darkstar29: Are you asking why dusk is no longer obsessing with sora? Or something else
@Darkstar29: So........ Why dusk is no longer obsessing you mean?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: will 50-50 wanting to know but since *cough* mari *cough* *cough* has secrets from all of us i guess shes gonna keep it that way
Yay @Pinkeevee222 finally I've been waiting
@Luigi_96: Ok
Ok I need to stop playing Twilight Princess and Yo-Kai watch too much lol! I am a bit confused but not like 100% only 35% can someone explain a little bit?
@Espyius: oh no
(love dat undertale reference)
I need juice. Also Luxio haven't heard from you in a while.
Pinkeevee222: is the next meanwhile comic out next week?
Just to let you know about my entry: My design will include the original hand drawn art work and one that I have done digitally but both will be original just saying this now.....
I might also use it as my profile pic in case of my current one offending anyone, and also because my current one bothers me too...
Is how is onee-chan pronounced? Like the number 1?
@Idk: No. I think you should watch anime to find the pronunciation. I suggest School rumble.
@Pinkeevee222: I just do whatever
what in the name of arceus just happened
Good eve elitism names .... What panty hose...

#Mybrother is dusk ... So short comic
I have a feeling that Blizz will watch My Little Ponyta, and then he will become a bronyta. I'm probably wrong, but pinkeevee once included My Little Ponyta toys in a comic, and asked who they belonged to...
? @Midnight-fox18: I guess it could be eves's
@Dibowac12341473013777778: They probably currently belong to Eve, but I'm guessing this thing Scull says is better than the magazine is My Little Ponyta. Meaning I don't think Blizz is currently a bronyta, but he might soon become one. Then again, I'm just making predictions. So don't assume any of this is canon! ^-^
@Midnight-fox18: [Puts up russian vocie] I was never assuming anything
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Or were you...? 0.0
Lol, it's fine, I believe you. ;)
I just realised
Blizz's hair on dat last panel
Good thing blizz didn't kill scull... And srsly blizz is like the most evolution that changes personalities quickly (he is my most fave char cause I like glaceons and I have one on my team) but still he makes things very suspenseful go away very quickly like that when someone says something
Wait what pantyhose o.o
@Zoruaeon: Exactly.
Good bye Sky! Make way for Miku!
@Shady Tree: Miku is even worse
I'm late for this because i'm so busy with trying to beat super Pokemon mystery dungeon that i forgot about this....(last area in the main story is bull shit)...anyway don't know what this is suppose to mean but whatev's back to pokemon.

edit: still like explorer's over this because it gave time to level grind, this just speeds things along.
@Blitz Striker: Alright
@Blitz Striker: Is the storyline good? Because the storyline is the whole reason Mystery Dungeon: GTI is my favourite video game
@Marlows59: storyline is alright, somewhat like all the other MD games, but a little more new player friendly but with enough challenge for veterans that its still good.
@Blitz Striker: Really? I'm actually finding it harder than I did in my first playthrough of Darkness. Granted, the abundance of reviver seeds would probably make it easier for new players, but, I tend to avoid using them due to old habits.
@ShadowIrorriM: yah those revive seeds are gonna become somewhat necessary later on in super MD, because the bosses are super cheap, mainly the last two of the main story...also riolu is op
@Blitz Striker: Cheap? Wellll, you should hear about my first times against Groudon and Dialga in Darkness, when I had lost so many times that I had very few items left with which to turn the fight in my favor...

Ah, fun times. Frustrating, fun times.
@ShadowIrorriM: yah but for Groundon spam sleep seeds and stun seeds, and Dialga you use the dig Technic, honestly didnt take me very long to beat ethier...just learning the easy way of beating them
@Blitz Striker: For me, I spammed sleep seeds followed by sand attack followed by tail-whip and then ate violent seeds. But that was when I got used to the games. The first playthroughs were awful against them. e.e
@Blitz Striker: Okay, gameplay is another reason I love Mystery Dungeon GTI, but I will be sure to try out Super Mystery Dungeon
do you know what undertale is because dat determinatION
I over Heard that the 2 dolls are going to get a friend or rival? Could it be??! My favorite eeveelution trio coming alive??! I will tell you, Leafeon ________, and Sylveon! Those have always been my fav!
Theroy time @Pinkeevee222: I have my theorys
Theory A Flame has stolen the trainers pantyhose once and Dawn never forgave him.
Theory B Flame stole a random Pantyhose of someone.
Theory C Flame stole Dawns Pantyhose
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Why do you think Flame stole something?
Well @Pinkeevee222: Let me guess well either
A For money.
B He made a bet with someone.
C Because he turned into a extrem secret prev.
D For something in return.
E For something random.
Correcting one of my words @Dibowac12341473013777778: Extreme*
I love how Scull's.... skull is nervous too.
@ShadowIrorriM: YeAH
Hey, Blizz!
It's called Redtube!
Tell me if you get this :D @Smiwee: *Points at Smiwee' WITCH!!! *Some guys pick up Smiwee, and take him away, all while chanting Witch* The deed is done
Scull, you better think of something fast before the time you bought runs out.
Wait, so does that mean that Dusk and Sky will never be together!? Welp, I'm out.
But seriously tho, one of the main reasons I like this comic is because I want to see Dusk and Sky get together in the end! Now all I wanna do is cry :(
@HYDRO: I never said they won't be together, I just said I want Dusk to be happy.
@Pinkeevee222: Yay! I think?
You know what?
Get him some orange juice instead.
I see what you did there @Pinkeevee222: I'm 'Determined' To keep this joke going.

PS: Cute cat face of you :3
Auto correct is horrible @M & Rose: wait, no... I mean fo, not of...stupid auto correct
Even Scull's skull on his necklace thing is scared
Next is meanwhile???!!!


More Sora!!!!
Everyone knows that you can get drunk of apple juice :3
Grape is wine its less to get you drunk but if you have enough of it well thats a different story
Orange juice is more like whiskey x3 still gets you drunk....
Combine the three and you get the major hangover (disclaimer dont try this at home kids)
@Darkstar29: Just tried Mixing them. Totally delish
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: i didnt say to actually do it xD
@Darkstar29: No but I did and I was on a sugar rush for like 2 hours then I fell asleep. I wrote that comment on my sugar rush
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: thats why i said not to do it xD
YES! i cant wait to see sora in the next meanwhile!!! XD
@Espyius: *insert papyrus face*
Undertale reference, NYEH HEHE!
I don't care about al the confusing stuff. I just like how skulls, er, necklace thingy, is scared XD
I just realised how close the fan number is to 400... DAWN! GET YOUR FURRY BUTT OVER HERE!

Dawn: NEVER!

Anyways, To all guests! The sooner you get accounts, the sooner the secret is out! Just saying.
@Pinkeevee222: one question... WHY TYPE OF IDIOTS GIVE PEOPLE HOMEWORK ON HOLIDAYS?!?!?!? >=(
@Darkstar29: AP teachers do (and, they are pretty smart). It is a high school thing.
You better be telling the truth, Scull, or you're gonna have a BAD TIME.
@Pinkeevee222: OMG UNDERTAKE REFERENCE. Also first. eevee ftw
@Pikminbosyk: never mind.
@Pikminbosyk: Also you draw too good. stop it you make me jealous... #awkward. sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable, i can have that affect o people lol
@Pikminbosyk: And i ment undertale not undertake.srry
VAY 4 PRESIDENT! Teh Pantyhose...
eeeeeeeeeh can i join the Character Design Contest?
@TinyDragon: Yes you can, anyone can join it.
Flame has 3 freckles in Panel 1 and 6 in Panel 2. Flame has acquired magical disappearing and appearing freckles!
Play These are three golden retrievers AJ, Bella, and Cam I am wondering if I should do a play on them i will post script
AJ is a bit irritating and he is a trouble maker he also likes bananas and Sprite

Cam is smart and sometimes makes mistakes during talking he also hides thing in his fur (apple cores , can tabs , etc.)

Bella is highly intelligent she also is easily irritated (it would not be smart to ask her something stupid or be loud while she is reading) she also likes Katy perry's fireworks and dark horse

They all play Pokemon and are good with a certain type they all own eveelutions

AJ= Fire

Cam= electric

... Don't ask why I'm telling y'all about a play ...
@Guest: Why are you telling us?
@Guest: Why are you telling us?
Sorry for askig alot But SSEC style is Stupid Short Eevee Comics style right?
@Tinydragon: correct.
Dancing with happiness yas I gotz my account
You asked... Me about my play


/ uses psychic to slam them into the roof and then their heads into the toilet/. :3 much better
@Guest: I am a dark type. FOOL

*Uses night slash, it's super effective, guest faints*
@Guest: *Peww* I died.

ATTEMPT 2. *Flies past the toilet*
Btw should I do the play anyway?


@Guest: Why shouldn't you do the play? lol
We've almost earned Dawn's secret! :D
@Midnight-fox18: \ '_' /
@Midnight-fox18: #HYPE
... My 7 year old sis yahoo this when I was in the bathroom.... my parents are going to kill me... T.T
@Pinkeevee222: Happy new years and to all ssec fans =)
Kryogre is now sitting on absol.

I'm NOT a fool I just have a bad math grade...
I will try to remember to post part of the play-

Also roll tide! And this is the year of the Chinese zodiac monkey

Bella is being lazy on the couch

Aj is most likely eating. Sleeping or his 80 - pound butt is in someone's lap

Cam belongs to our old neighbor and is most likely sleeping too

Real time up date 🔺
Those numbers WAS an emoji pointing up :(
Also who's Sora?
Aj is darkish fur

Bella is mid

Can looks a bit like cream - mid
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol btw I forgot who asked so I went with psychic Also it takes a fool to know a fool. Also I will do the play (hopefully tomorrow unless I forget-).
~currently listening~

MegaAbsol* hides behind Bri'sshin*
yea changed my name for now also IMPATIENT MASAE IS IMPATIENT FOR COMICS! I'm sry but I am now impatient >~<
Few ppl understand the language I'm typin... @MasaeLovesEevees:
I also very impatient . But comics very nan to make so must wait. Also very cool Ming zi bro!
Few ppl understand the language I'm typin... @MasaeLovesEevees:
Cool name bro!
Thnx I like yours to! @Anultemetjolteon: and yes being impatient makes me....ME! Take stuff in Twilight Princess for example...every time when I see something like very long winded in time I just swing my sword around like a maniac or just whack the wall with my sword to make it stop making me impatient!
I suck at that game majorly but I love it! @Anultemetjolteon: DO U KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I.... Actually yelling won't help but I died QUITE A FEW TIMES because I was derping MAJORLY! And DONT get me STARTED on those stupid CARGOROCS those things are PANSIES!! But still thou I have issues but i just like to derp sometimes
yeh whatever I'm not doin the play- I'm putting it my notes app- sorry if any body who did care (even though nobody actually does)
*grabs ankle as I am holding on as we walks dragging me* @Guest: NOOOO I am excited to see your play!!! HONEST!!!! ;-; PWITTY PWEASE DO THE PLAY! PWEASSSSSE?!?!?!?!?
I don't actually believe u I don't think anyone likes dogs more than I do here T.T (Face paw) get off of me ! And either way even if I did it I would mostly be focused on other things not the play mostly I would be focused on Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and good evee Luton names and there fore it's not happening (btw this is most likely the longest comment EVER) Sorry.
Also, I used my psychic Powah to toss u off my ankle
... omg your still here give the chat a break pls or this will be me
|____| ~ L('>'L)
*table flip*
@Tiny Dragon: Hey! Don't be mean to other commenters! The random guest can comment as many times as he or she likes!

... unless it's spam. Spam gets deleted.
Scull's face had me dying of laughter. And also, Blizz, bipolar much?
@Guest: I never said you did. Spamming the comment section is like writing "I like pie" in twenty separate comments. I just said you can comment as many times as you want, unless you start to Spam the comment section, which you didn't do. (Also, I was actually looking forward to your play, oh well)

PS. Why is your comment in all caps? are you yelling it or something?
No I'm sorry I forgot I just kinda don't want to do it because I probably would forget I am also a great play writer i did one on the eve evolutions once. I wish I could post that ... Most of it has gone missing I think- @ pinkevee22
If I do find it I (might) post that
Aw I might have lost my phone...and school won't work with me...so im stuck in jail most of the time sorry
(On my brothers tablet)
EEVEE Hi I'm Emma! I'm new here but I really like eevee
EEVEE Does any one has a boyfriend or a girlfriend? I did I just dumped him!
EEVEE Hey pinkeevee can I jus say that... WHY ARE YOU PINK
@EEVEESTARGIRL: I have no idea, I was white until 3 years ago.
EEVEE Dane it my tables badder is done got to go bye BTW plz aster my quizes kk bye and I'm oley 10 kk BYE!
who da heck is sky
@Pinkeevee222: What the fudge lady? what is "The Pantyhose" incident that made Dawn hate Flame?
I honestly have no idea what's going on in the plot can someone explain it to me?
OH! This is where glaceon and umbreon got the plan for the popcorn
@Pinkeevee222: do you play undertake because you said it fills you with determination
"The Pantyhose?" @Pinkeevee222: What's.... the pantyhose? will that ever be explained?
I regonzize that hey that commet u made pinkeevee was based on undertale
@Pinkeevee222 hey its bolt by at it again in the right hood. and I do bolt.
@Pinkeevee222: can I be in the comic as a new friend named Steveo and be a boy and be eves boyfriend
@Pinkeevee222: ???the pantyhose???
Yeah long story

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