January 9th, 2016, 11:41 am

Dawn's secret is actually just a bunch of secrets from the other characters (Including unintroduced characters). Some, I haven't ever talked about, others, I have.

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Blizz will be the star of the askblog! (Or, He'll fart and make everybody run from it)
(PS, if Random eevee won, it would have been Sora)
Anyways, about Bolt. I can't believe you guys didn't find this out sooner, I mean if you look at comic # 18 (20 in the archive), panel 2, who do you think he's looking at? (Did I really draw like that back then? *cringes* I have a long way to go TT_TT)
Pinkeevee222, January 9th, 2016, 11:41 am Reply
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Oh, also, Remember the questionnaire from some time ago? Something someone said really confused me. So, to clarify this, Stupid Short Eevee Comics are in a one-shot kind of style. This is why it tends to jump around from scene to scene.
(Also, recently, I noticed the comment section is being taken over by guests and middle schoolers. Nothings wrong with it (except the guests not making accounts) I'm just saying.)
Pinkeevee222, January 9th, 2016, 11:51 am Reply

First! First! Sorry... I had to XD who's that eevee with the dark brown tipped tail?
@Raini01: OH RIGHT! That's Jazz, a background eevee (Why do I always forget to put their names in the description)
XD @Pinkeevee222: will we be seeing him in future comics?
Silver here! @Pinkeevee222: Silver: oooohh.... he's cute......... but not as cute as Vay........ *heart forms in eyes* River: *drags Silver away by the tail* your too young for that stuff...
@Raini01: that's my eevee thank you very much ^-^
Mabey @Pinkeevee222: Mabey you forget it because your to busy on the next page?
XD Silver: I don't see the problem. Flame: ACK COVER YOUR EYES SILVER NOTHING TO SE HERE HE JUST WANTED TO BE FRIENDS NOTHING ELSE NOTHING ELSE AT ALL!!!!!!!! River: Shut up. she will have to learn about breeding eventually. Me: Don't you mean... eevee-ntually? *hysterical laughing*
Hey, I think Bolt may have a crush on Dawn..
What do tears smell like?
@Nashew: Salt and something else, maybe.
@Pinkeevee222: Does he like her or is he just shy?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: He's just shy. Dawn thinks that it's both.
random i really wanted sora
Why was Dawn blushing? Was it just to make her cuter?
@M00S12: Yesh! Blushing (almost) always makes a drawing cuter!
the random eevee was Sora...yup I'm done with life. *jumps out window* ...oh right, one story high window... when can we expect the change too blizz on the ask blog?

edit: on Monday I enter exam week, I am doomed Q_Q
@Espyius: pleas stop with the puns...
@Blitz Striker: It's never THYME to stop making CORNY jokes. WATT, you thought the greatest pun master ever would nosePASS up an oPURRtunity like this? You thought wrong, Mr. HOT stuff. I'm not gonna CHILL if the puns aren't around.
@Blitz Striker: I DAWN't know why you say that. Punning is one of my VAYvorite things to do. Plus, these puns are simply too PUNNY. So don't FLAME on us. EEVEEn you must pun EVEry now and then. Are you JOLTED with SHOCK now? Or should I LEAF you alone? Whatever, these puns will SORA sky-high. So don't BOLT away yet!
@Midnight-fox18: PUUUUUNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!! They hurt! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! hlp
Puns @Blitz Striker: Never stab baking jokes you pear me leaf us be
Yeah!! It's Saturday it feels like I've been waiting years for this to come out!! Yet again I think 5 minutes is a long time...
@Pinkeevee222: Don't worry Pinkeevee222, I will help speak the voice of reason among the chaos. Us older people can hold back the tide of Middleschoolers. ;)
@Marcos: She even said there's nothing wrong with them tho. Granted, they tend to be a tad more random, I will admit, but even so.
@ShadowIrorriM: very true :). Sorry, that may have come out harsher than I intended. In any case, Randomness can often lead to hilarity; so I'm all for it! (to an extent):)
How old is middle school?? My country Has NOTHING like that. If its primary school. Then yes. Im there.
@Anultemetjolteon : Middle school is like Junior Secondary school and Elementary school is like Primary school.
So where do 12 year olds go??

Ps u won't see me so often now. I have to study for a big exam at the end of the year. So I hav 4 exams in one year. :( some ppl call it the dreaded PSLE.:(
Oh dear lord...
@Espyius: when it comes too puns, I'm alright, but when you over do it...then I'm papyrus...mainly because I suck at puns :C
@Pinkeevee222: you have peeked my interest, Dawn has a bunch of secrets that are other peoples secrets ... poor bolt she probably heard him in his thoughts besides i already thought they were friends. Wheres skull? He could have been there with dawn :/
@Darkstar29: This takes place shortly after the last chapter. Bolt and Dawn are more like acquaintances. At the moment, Scull is with Blizz.
@Pinkeevee222: oh right i forgot he was giving him a replacement for his .... corn... Theres so much you havent told anyone and theres so much to be told why keep it a secret for a long time? Is there gonna be another teaser coming soon about the next secret?
*gets on and sees that Blizz won*...You have GOT to be kidding me. *sees that is random Eevee won it would have been Sora* OH COME ON!
Also, I used to like Dawn and Scull being together, but now I have completly abandoned that idea. Dawn and Bolt would look quite cute together, don'cha think?
Yea I thought the same thing to @HYDRO: like ik dawn is with scull (almost spelled it with a k) but on the other hand bolt and dawn look cute together as well. I'm just sayin' *says it in a chilled out layed back way*
I love it This is my first
Did you know that Dusk and Sora are actually related to Blizz?
And Ive been researching and I think that Dusk and Sora are the two eevees. Sora is realted to Dawn, Blizz, and I THINK Vay. The evil mother is Harmony.
And Sora is realted to Eve too.
4th comment in a row is I recently got an account and I'm in elementary school so I'm not in middle school and Im not a guest!! XD
And 5th commet in a row is the Guest who said yeah it's finally Saturday was me I wasn't logged in. So this is acctally my 6th commet :/
My submission: @Pinkeevee222 I'm canceling my submission for the contest because honestly I wont get it done in time...or at all depending on what mental state I'm at in the near future.
sucks too, was hoping to finally draw one of them, oh well, Rei'kia wouldn't work well for this comic anyway.
@Blitz Striker: Well, it's due in like, June, or something, so, I think you'd have time.
@Pinkeevee222: recently a lot of things have surfaced and im just unable to even work on it anymore, given the fact ive only done piece by piece sketches, it likely wont be done colored and finished in time.
ill try but i have to move it down my priories list
-too lazy to log in- @Espyius: What's sans's favorite instrument?
@-totally not chimy19-: an xylobone.
@Blitz Striker: NYEHEHEHEHE!

Sorry for the screaming, Sora is my fav character!!!!
Poor bolt
Don't worry you'll be able to do it next time just don't let the fear that over next time bolt OK?
hahahaha the beauty side of dawn is so cute <3
OMG! Dawn is so adorable!!!
And does bolt like dawn, or is it the fact that hes terrible at talking to girls?
Idk if my theory is off but... I think physcic types can like read the thoughts of others and I guess that's why dawn asked bolt that he wanted to tell her to be his friend... IDEK MY BRAIN HAS TO WAKE UP SOON ;-;
Do you like waffles?
M: I prefer Potato Waffles.

Rose: I've never tried a waffle
@M & Rose: I prefer waffle fries over regular fries. Potato. :3
T^T I was one of the people who voted for random eevee...
I is sad now.
*pats back* @chimy19: well... There's always the next year... Hopefully *looks at the ground*
@KayleeTheEevee : *sniffle*
This person named pokepokepoke seems like a internet troll as he said YOU SUCK to me? weird i never met that person to begin with?
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Did he PM that message to you recently? Or was it a couple months ago?

Mrrgh, pokepokepoke. That stupid person never knows when to stop.

does ONLY 70 -attack and be.ive that the
Espeon is given no love or any thought about them. Umbreon leafeon vaporeon flareon and jolteon are SOOO popular and are given op attacks I STAND UP FOR POKEMON CRUELTY. It's not fair. \. Room is melting from rage/
Wall has hole from head slam

Anyone have any anime / manga recommendations?
@Sucking Chest Wound: you should read some of the Pokémon mangas. Nya.
Yo yo yo it's Devin17 and I found my sith robes. Also all hail Pinkeevee222 queen of district 6 and where's my apprentice? Nya.
secret plans in district 6 Devin17.1: what are you two doing? Nya.
Devin17.5: hiring young eeveelutions. Nya.
Devin17.2: why? Nya.
Devin17.9: to build an army to to capture and imprison all non eeveelutions. Nya.
Devin17.6: why do you want to do that? Nya.
Devin17.3: to take over the PC boxes. Nya.
Devin17.4: why do you want to take over the PC boxes? Nya.
Devin17.8: so the master/creator can create more hybrids. Nya.
Devin17.7: does the queen know? Nya.
Devin18: she will be informed. Nya.
Devin17: what are you ten talking about and why do I see so many different eeveelutions? Nya.
RandomUmbreon: they're building an army to take over the PC boxes.
Devin17: sweet. I'll inform the queen. Also don't imprison some of the non eeveelutions some are our friends. Nya.
Devin17.2: sure thing boss and also how'd you know our plan? Nya.
Devin17: your apart of me I know every thing you guys do. Nya.
Rose: ...M, Get the flamethrower.

M: Woooooooo!
@M & Rose: guys were not actually gonna do all that we just need more DNA for more hybrids. Nya. Also were planing on making more PC boxes. Nya.
Song: Ooooooooooooooooh! Can we join???
Sylvia: yeah! I need a new sniper...
Hey guys if you search up my smackjeevees account name you'll find my profile pic and eeveefan3552's profile pic as well. Nya.
(Why can't we be friends play)
Don't know what it is look up why can't we be friends lyrics
yeaw! WE'VE GOT 401FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya. Celebratory nya. Nya.
@Devin17: ^w^ so cute.... did i say that out loud....
Hey Pinkeevee222 girl if I knew about your other comic series tmda, ti_mission and the other comics I would have cheeked out your DeviantArt page along time ago. Yolo. Nya. Also what happened to LKD. Nya.
i love the bolt comics, are very funny!
@Auro: I know what yo mean. Nya.
new PC box creation plan First capture all non eeveelution. Second take them to the halo. Third extract DNA. Fourth take them back to there original PC boxes. Finally remove the smell of tears from flare's bed. Must have more hybrids to create a lager population so we have more to builld more PC boxes. Nya.
Pinkeevee222 you better start drawing that next secret girl cause you got 401 fans. Nya
@Devin17: *Suspicious glancing* OH LOOK. MY FAN NUMBER MAGICALLY WENT BACK TO 398. OH WHAT TO DO? *Sweats*
Rose: Hey, Don't rush the comic. Just take as long as you want to make I-


Rose: ....*Whispers* Sorry... She's bored..
@Pinkeevee222: it was on 401 when I wrote that comic so you must have hacked it or something. ¿?¿?¿?. Nya. Bring me the super smash ball so I can fully rage and are you gonna tell me what happened to LKD? Nya.
@Devin17: blizz you've done good (whispers to self he'll make a great new apprentice. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). Nya.
Reasons @Pinkeevee222: it is posoble that guests dont have email or (like me) dont want there email spamed with comment replys. I have a big enough problem with my few YouTube coments filling up my inbox, so I support you all the way, but dont want the email spam.
@42Meep: Well, we never actually see your email, so, just don't enter it when you are writing your comment.
@Pinkeevee222:WAIT ... what ever happened to the 300 fan person ?.?
@Darkstar29: There was no 300 fans 'person'.
(Actually, for 300 fans, just I put out a pdf. document with some FUTURE COMICS in it)
just do it! Quickly everyone make a second account to raise the fan number. Nya. Best idea ever! Nya.
Pinkeevee222 what happened to LKD, eve and Oliver? Nya.
I can't even make one so lemme explain @Devin17: i tried making one back in December and I also took a picture of the account name. When I tried putting it in it kept failing over and over and over, and over, and over again. I was so mad that I threw a pillow at the living wall. Idk why but I think I keep jinxing stuff that I do and then I start failing or derping. TT_TT' *cringes*
@KayleeTheEevee : I feel sorry for you. Sad Nya. Nya.
Pinkeevee222 All of a sudden bam were on 400 fans. You know what day means NEW SECRET. So start drawing now girl. We need more fans quick before she hacks us again. Nya.
Yea I agree @Devin17: and I'll try to make my account again (if I'm able to enable cookies) I think that's why it failed me *cringes again* I hate technology sometimes v-v
@KayleeTheEevee : hopefully you can make an account this time. Hopeful nya. Nya. Tell me if you succeed. Nya.
k I will @Devin17: and thnx for the confidence! ^^
@KayleeTheEevee : your welcome I normally put faith into the hearts of others cause im a nice guy. Nya.
@KayleeTheEevee : all you need to do is believe, I know it might sound like a cat poster, but it's true. Nya.
yep @Devin17: and to hang in there as well don't forgot about that line as well ;)
did I just type my name wrong yep I think I did I don't know honestly
Pinkeevee222 Were back on 401 fans so you better start drawing that next secret girl. Nya.
Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!
Yolo Yolo Yolo Yolo Yolo yolo nya
And were still holding on 401fans. Nya.
EEVEE Hi eveone
EEVEE *started to sing*
man I wanna get on w101 so badly now oh yea! Raise your hand if it feels like Friday! *raises hand*
@KayleeTheEevee : hand raised. Nya.
@Pinkeevee222: mari i have noticed so much that your art work is getting better :D good job and keep up the great work ;3; never stop
What darkstar29 said. Nya.
Ahhh I feel bad for Bolt...
.-. We want poodove! We want poodove!
Wish it was Saturday raise your hand *hand raised*. Nya.
WERE STILL ON 401 FANS. Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya.
@KayleeTheEevee : yolo *high fives hand*. Nya.
@slyeon is cool: yea. Nya.
Oh my Glob. The page is overrun by puns. But even I can't ProboPASS up a CHANSEy to make punny KRAPby. (That was crap)
Does dawn like bolt?
I feel sorry for bolt...BUT TOO BAD FOR HIM MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jelly: didn't you do something like that with Batte once, Disgusting? (smirks)


Everyone, if you didn't know this, Disgusting has a crush on Batte.
Before he asked Dawn,this is me: You can do it Bolt!!!!!!!:)
AFTER he asked Dawn, this is me: Oh, Bolt! I really thought you could do it! But you DIDN'T.:(
bolt is my cousin Hey bolt! your cousin here!!! you can do it!!! dawn will be your friend and you know it. I've been friends with her since we were eevees.
Is jazz a boy or a girl?
@Guest: Jazz is a boy.
Me: Where am I?
?: Trevor, she's awake!
Trevor: Cool. Did you ask if she was alright coming here?
?: N-no.
Trevor: I Thought so. Sorry about him. I'm Trevor. and my friend over there is Merlin. So, what's your name?
Me: Ellie. I think.
Trevor: Cool. So, yeah, you are in the biggest Day care in all of Unova.
Me: *Blushing uncontrollably*
Merlin: Don't worry! we only breed the ones with rare moves.
Me: Okay, that's good! Because I'm nothing special.
Trevor: Sure you are! To us, anyway, or we wouldn't have taken you here.
Me: Um...Since I'm not here for breeding, any chance you could untie me?
Merlin and Trevor: Oh, right, sorry! *unties Ellie*
Me: Thank you.
i feel like dawn has a slight crush on bolt because of the way she blushes
This is why I ship them. This is why my life is sad. (Drinks som ranch dressing from a teacup)
I feel like if Bolt and Dawn ever becom frends that Flame would walk up to Blot if he was talking or playing with Dawn and say,” Bolt! I forbid you from playing with Dawn!” Because Dawn said that to Daisy and Blot would say Why and Flame would respond with Because she’s a hipicret and Bolt would respond by saying but wouldn’t that you make you a hypocrite? And then Dawn and Flame would have poker faces

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