The mission


January 16th, 2016, 11:34 am

Vay has WAAAAAYYYY more 
non-eevee friends than Blizz, 
including several from the 
trainer's main team.

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...This comic would make more sense animated. Does anyone know where those cool looking glasses are from? The first one who gets the reference will win a virtual cookie.
Anyone can enter, As many times as you want! Even guests!
Pinkeevee222, January 16th, 2016, 11:33 am Reply
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aeiou aeiou
I don't mean to complain, but.. WHERE IS DAWNS SECRET U ALREADY HAVE 400 FANS!!!!
@Kid Danger Eevee: Each time someone tells me to draw it, I want to draw it less, Because, unlike the previous secrets, it is very long.
(I might just cheat on it to get it out quicker)
Plus, I was busy all week, I had to draw AP art work, Study and read 3 chapters of boring sthuff for AP psychology, and do a Science fair project (Which, takes a long time to do), along with other school work.
@Pinkeevee222: Longer than Daisy's?
@MinecraftMinun: yup.
@Pinkeevee222: well, exams ARE coming up...
@Sucking Chest Wound: That proved my point even more! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: Are they from Party in the CIA?
@Enderstar: Ah no, it says it on the next comic. Ugh...
@Kid Danger Eevee: You can't rush genius
The sylveon in the header is so cute :3
@Moonglow: indeed
@COOKIENT: Yes. Yes I do.
@COOKIENT: Hour 16: I should buy Undertale!
So the notes says something like "box big corn eve"?
@Robotdroid: Yup. Just replace the big with dig.
one of da first!
I remember the old comics when they sat in his tail saying Lol X3
Still there The secret agent is stillhere, last panel, botom left.
Jet @42Meep: his name is jet, would have edited bu I'm on a diferent device. Derp
The Red Glasses are Glasses but Red
I saw that nobody claimed frist place so FRIST
Lol @Guest: you spelled first wrong..... I call first!! Lol
The new pokemon you made pinkeevee222 is so cute!<3
I believe that the sunglasses are from Pokémon x and y found on the team flare grunts in the game. Nya.
Derp @Devin17: I KNEW I'd seen those somewhere! I can't believe I missed that. Then again I beat X&Y in 18 hours of play time and have tuned out of the anime so I give you prompts on spotting the connection. This could be a crazy plot device but I doubt the glasses origin will be part of the story as it was a random tibit.
Vring to me my sniper vifle. Nya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. All hail the third order. Nya.
Rose: The what?
@M & Rose:

Umbreon: (Is a resistance X wing and Y wing pilot) *Brings awesome sniping machinegun to bear on Devin..*
M: What the blooedah hell is a 'Third Order'. And Please don't start firing that randomly...
@M & Rose:

Umbreon: The third order is an elite sect of the 1st order. Now, if you excuse me, *Opens fire on the remaining vestages of devin's entourage*
@Devin17: Nya Nya.
OH my Glaceon!! Ur new pokesana looks sooooooooooo cute!!! And it's a Sylveon!! .A.

Ps what will happen to star??
@Anultemetjolteon : Star is in PERMANENT retirement.
@Pinkeevee222: lets have a honorable moment for star *taking my hat off*
@renandathedewott: who star?
Saturdays are the BEST!!!
Today is SUNDAY.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: time zones, the reson Japan gets same day releases befor America
That Pokesona is almost as cute as Jen the Audino from PMD: Victory Fire (A comic on smackjeeves)
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Scratch almost, AS cute at LEAST! (At most it is the Tsar Bomba of Pokesonas in cuteness factors.)
I wish i could draw but NOOOOOOOO I just get amazing math and reading skills. STUPID. USELESS. BRAIN. (And Hands)

Just kidding everyone. I'm not mentally unstable or anything. Just completely useless in the subject of art.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: ah so my apprentice has betrayed me and is now working with the resistance. I'll have you know I'm the best sniper in the galaxy and best tie pilot you can find. Now bring me my jet pack. Nya.

Umbreon: *Opens fire, Devin dies*
M: I feelz you, bruh. I wish I could draw too...
we saw every thing blizz
You spelled first wrong The guest near the top of the list spelled first as frist so... I call first!!!! :D the first time I ever commented I got first yes!! :3 btw pink eevee could you make make vaporeon a bit taller? IF U SAY NO I WILL AURA SPHERE U (jk but for real would you mind making him taller??)
@Aura lucario!!!: Make Vaporeon taller? Thus boosting his self esteem? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA No.
...I have nothing to say...
R.I.P star, you shall be missed
cool! dusk is looking so cool! :0 blizz is looking little funny
Cool @Pinkeevee222: Last
When blizz says you didn't see anything it reminded me about the penguins from Madagascar "you didn't see any thing (sinks down slowly)"
@NeonTheUmbreon: and the sippy cup
R dey gunn make Eve corn? For somebody that "Digs" (Likes her) In the box?

Even flame isn't so perverted to make Eve corn though!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I'm back. Ha I didn't die for 2 reasons and I shall no tell. Nya. Also I has a new apprentice. Nya.
Now my new apprentice rise and show me what you have learnt and bring Umbreon\ MegaAbsol to me and we shall clone them so I have more apprentices. They will never know you where there or who you are. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna kill that absol general. Nya.
M: Wait, Who's the new Apprentice?
Rose: I think the position is up for grabs...
M: oh...PICK ME!!!
Rose: *Slowly walks out*

Sylvia : TAKE MY BROTHER!!!!!!
Song : oh HECK no!!!!!!

Umbreon: *Fires on devin again with A280C Machine blaster*

Mega Absol: *Disappears into the outer rim aboard the Judicator Star destroyer*
.... Don't even wanna know.
Transform!! : hey fang: hey wanted to let you guys know that aura lucario is now me!! The were wolf kid:D feel free to pet me :3
lol i love of how blizz is like " saw NOTHING!..." Btw uh just for the
Record if I YELL ALLOT in
My comments it's just because I didn't sleep for 2 whole entire nights (cause I am a Night Owl) just to give you a heads up at least
Yolo. I will take more apprentices so m you may become one. Nya. Also you don't wanna know who my latest apprentice is cause she may kill you and I know that you weren't expecting a female apprentice and she's a leafeon. Nya.
M: Woooooooooo! Now....what do I do?
Rose: *Facepaws*
@M & Rose: m meet me just outside PC box 12 district 6 tomorrow and bring rose with you she could be some good use to me. Oh rose don't worry I won't hurt you it's just a promotion. Nya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nya.
M: What's a PC Box?
Rose: Where Pokemon who've been captured by Trainers go when they're not used.
M: Errr, Devin17, I ain't no Pokemon...
Umbreon: *Flees Devin aboard awesomee X-Wing fighter*
Yo new Pokesona looks so cute :3 @Pinkeevee222:
M: Can I....hug?
Rose: ....
asdfjkl I don't know what to say, so asdfjkl. Rawr. Hello everyone. Derp.
Yay for randomness.
@Midnight-fox18: New profile pic. Nice!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Thanks! ^.^ But I'm still going to add a background and shading to it whenever I get the time. XD
Yolo. M meet me in district 6 aboard my star destroyer. I can teleport you here if you want and bring rose. (Puts on mask and begins heavy breathing) nya. Also my PC box isn't where you store Pokémon it's a massive box filled with different districts and the box reads PC box 12. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna see if my brother is still alive. Ps I didn't harm him he's just battle wounded (this is how this war started). Nya.

Mega Absol: *Sends rebellion spies to infiltrate the box*
I just remembered, a long, long, long, long, long, long ect. While again we did the pokehunger games thingamabober. Is it still on or...
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: girl I have no idea. Nya. Also the newest pic on the art box is the best pic I've ever seen. Nya.
@Devin17: who knows I guss...

Leafa: there's a 99% chance of you dying.
Shade: 100% if you were there, you would turn to your nightmare form and... Let's just say win in 3 seconds flat
Leafa: eh heh heh...
Firebolt: I would say .5 seconds flat but still...

Shade - Shiny Eevee
Leafa - Leafeon
Firebolt - Espeon
Nope @ShadeTheShinyEevee: I'm pretty sure the Pokemon hunger games is over now excuse me my pack is calling * goes to feast on elk*
Dear Ms. Pinkeevee222 I looked at the title of the chapter, The box in the hole or something? Are they going back to the black mass from whay back when?
@ShadeTheShinyEevee: I think they're gonna go find the magazine that scull mentioed. Nya.
@Devin17: Good point.
The new pokesona looks alot like a sylveon but way cooler and cuter. Nya. Also Devin17 I got an idea for an eevee version of a film. The prince of Persia (this comment was by Devin18). Nya. I'm Devin17's wounded brother also bring me a medic brother I think I'm going to die. Nya.
READ DIS COMMENT! @Espyius: you should make a comic series of this. Next we may have star wars, Indiana Jones and tomb raider maybe even halo, the hobbit and the lord of the rings. eevee versions of games and movies. Got any more suggestions tell me by write under this comment. Nya.
Rose I need to talk to you about that promotion I would like to promote you as a medic because we are in despite need of medics and my brother is dieing so could you please take this promotion and you could also become one of my apprentices so please help me. If you would like to talk about it come with M to my star destroyer when we teleport her to me. See you tomorrow M and possibly rose. Devin17 out. Nya.
Rose: I now nothing about Medicine. I've got no medical training. And no idea how to treat wounds...
M: SPACESHIPS! They're meh!
@M & Rose: yeah rose you don't need to know how to do medical treatment or have medical training I'll just give you a special medical pack with a healing gun and one of our trained medics teach you how to use it. Also M this ain't no spaceship it's a massive star cruiser. Nya.

Umbreon: Because i keep on wounding and killing them. LOL
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. All hail the master/creator your still my young apprentice. After your last mission I didn't think you'd survive but you proved me wrong. Now I have a new assignment for you all you need to do is head to the j.......(Error)..... (Error connection with Devin17/Lord17\MasterDevin is offline). Nya.
@Devin17: Reboot.Nya *grabs a snickers*
My fellow eeveelutions and eeveelutions hybrids I number12/GeneralKevin \Kevin12 have tracked down the secret of how Lord17 survived being shot by hundreds and thousands of bullets so if you want to find out how he survived I shall tell you if you meet me in my office. The first I shall talk to is his apprentice. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be telling her in my office. Nya.

Umbreon: Not bullets. You guys use bullets. We use Blasters and shoot you with blaster bolts.
Has anyone seen number14? Nya.
@Devin17: sorry but no :\
@Darkstar29: I've found him. He was fixing one of the drop ships when it took off with some of my troops in it and they didn't notice him until they landed then they informed me and I told the pilot I'd teleport him back to the cruiser. He's fixing my tie fighter now. Nya.
Comic 132 in the archive was the last time we saw LKD, Oliver and Eve. I'm still wondering what happened to LKD and when they'll be back. Also in comic 132 Ethan has different coloured eyes and looks like a younger version of Adam with one blue eye and one purple eye (Adam has orange eyes). I've got my blue eye closed in my profile pic. Nya.
Devin17: Ah young Gray I haven't seen you in a while what have you been up to? Nya.
Gray: Well MasterDevin I've been working down on the main frame of the ............ and it's coming together nicely.
Devin17: Good. Very good. ..? Nya.
Gray: Is there a problem MasterDevin?
Devin17: No. Just the force is strong with you. Did you know? Nya.
Gray: No MasterDevin. I didn't know.
Devin17: Why are you here aboard my destroyer when you should be working on the ...........?
Gray: Well MasterDevin I'm here because we've designed a new tie model and would like your permission to be able to build it and test it. But before we built it we need to be able to access the junk yard in box12, district6.
Devin17: Permission granted. Nya.
Gray: Thank you MasterDevin. On one more thing if I find an old set of amour can I take it?
Devin17: Yes you may but only if you become my apprentice after you've finished and tested the new tie. Nya
Gray: I accepted MasterDevin.
Devin17: I'll see you round Gary. Nya
If your wondering who Gary is he's an old childhood friend of mine who now works for me. He choose to work for me for reasons he doesn't want me to tell. Nya.
Umbreon: Ya know, we have metrics tonnes of soldier power in box12, ditrict6. Gary is PROBALLY doomed.
Umbreon: *Sings to the tune of Iron Man by black Sabbath* I am Rebel Scum, dunna dunna dunna dunna duh duna!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: yeah we got box12 aboard my destroyer and district 6 is the most heavily guarded districts cause I used to live there. Also by bullets I meant blaster bullets/lazers and none of my men have died they just have injuries. Also we all know your rebel scum.Nya.
Umbreon: Except for Larry. He died. And The Rebel spies have actually infiltrated your entire Fleet. Also, if I were you, i would pull out of the Sullust system. Our entire fleet is going to be breathing down your necks. Or will they?... HAHAHAHA

Mega Absol: Umbreon, we are arriving at the outskirts of Sullust right now!
Huh?? When did they get in flareons tail agin? And also dusk looks epic with those shades:D
@Werewolf kid: they were on flare/flame's tail the whole time. Nya.
Bring me my old Jedi robes and light saber. I feared this day would come. Young one take these and head for the old Jedi temple and show the troopers your id number and tell them why your there and you shall be met by an old friend of mine. Once you've found them bring them back here unharmed. I shall be waiting for you here. Take my tie so you can get there. Oh and one more thing please don't fail me not like you will cause your my best apprentice and have only failed me once so don't fail me again. Nya.
The only troopers who have died are the ones who I killed and there was no Larry. Now if you'll excuse me I have to speak with my best apprentice to see how she's going. Oh and I'm not in the sullust system I'm in the ......... galaxy. Ha! I would never tell you were I'm located. Nya.
Umbreon:We already know, we have TONS of spies.
Mega Absol: And we know that YOU aren't in Sullust but 12 star destroyers are.. 12 destroyed destroyers by now!
box12,district 6 hunger games! Another year another game and it's all because of meeeee! Hello and welcome to this years annual hunger games. Today we will be nominating non hybrid eeveelutions and one other Pokémon. We have had nominated two characters and they're Umbreon and MegaAbsol. If you would to nominate yourself, an enemy or a friend please tell me before the next comic. Also if your nominated you must compete only if your 15 to 25 (we will take some 14 and 26 year olds). We have two competition 15 to 17 and18 to 25. Hope to be seeing some of you die in the arena (no names mentioned) and some I hope will win. Also we have 4 rules. 1. No blasters 2. No light saber 3. You can't use the force and 4. You must only use the weapons/tools we provide you. To everyone happy hunger games and hope you win and we shall announce the prize next comic (still hope some of you die in the arena). Nya.


Mega Absol: My blastech assault rifle? Who will take care of it??

Me: I will, don't worry and don't DIE.
@Devin17: Please do an actual comic on this, or at least a forum or something. Preferable a comic. (And by forum i mean a bunch of people commenting on the same comic page.)
Men put up the illusion disarming shield and remove your helmets so we can find out who the so called rebel spies and oblibiate them all. Nya. Also good work young one you have brought my friend unharmed to me and I shall reward you for this. Meet me in my throne room where you shall receive your reward after you track down the rebel scum spies and massacre them until there isn't a single one left alive unless some are your old friends cause in that case unarm them and imprison them all and persuade them to join the dark side . Nya.
Mega Absol: All rebel spies, put up shimmers.
Lol Smoke weed ery day... btw the third order is from the new starwars I love the newest one as much a the others!
Devin17's Comments One of the reasons I read the comments: To see what Devin17 has to say today.
Rap battle Hey pinkeevee there is actually a youtube series called epic rap battles of Pokemon! In one of them It has all the eeveelutions having a rap battle ( it's actually not sucky or poorly made) including eevee I. Could type the lyrics of which eeveelution you wanna hear or you could just see the vid for ur self ( I'm so sorry. this comment was so long) if you watch it comment back and let me know. Werewolf kid out! * turns into wolf and runs into wilderness*
@Werewolf kid: Oh yeah! I watched that video a few months ago! Ahh.... good times.
Anyone read my hunger games plans. It would make an amazing comic. Oh yea I forgot to mention you can't attack the third order while we're preparing for the annual hunger games so you'd better take your spies back you rebel scum or I'm gonna have to use ......... on you. Nya. (The dots are so I don't give away it's name.) Nya.
No destroyed star destroyers by the way I sent out decoys instead flown by droids and all the eeveelutions on board were holograms . Nya. Plus I know what all my men look like and can see through illusions along with my apprentice. She's gonna kill me one day I know it but she'll be a sith mistress by then and I'll be quite old and proablly returned to the light side. Nya.

Yeah well, 12 star destroyers= around 240,000 tonnes of metal for us to salvage, plus, we re-re-re-recaptured the Sullust system! Nya. (Even if they are fake and have no weapons systems or shields, that's a LOT of metal.)
And Larry was Larry the Eevee who died when he was captured, he committed suicide. Remember?
Nya nya nya nya nya nya.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: actually Larry was working for you we had captured him then you just burst in kidnap your own rebel and then he commits suicide. Nya. Also every time you say nya (this goes for everyone) your hailing the third order. Oh and you said 17 destroyers before and now you say 12. Plus you don't even comment on my apprentice might kill me and I probably would have returned to the light side! Dude the light side and she'll kill me how can you not comment on that?! Nya.
I'm tempted to tell you about my vision but I feel like it will give away some of the stuff that happens in the hunger games. Also speaking of this year's hunger games please write the title hunger games if your nominating an eeveelution as tribute. Darkstar29 I need you to write a comment on the names of the eevees who have been nominated we need at least 10 nominees participating. We only have to who will be needing 8 more so if you would like to nominate someone plz do it and we'll have a random draw I'll hold the hunger games until we have more than 10 names down this doesn't include Umbreon and MegaAbsol. Oh and one more thing you can't nominate the games master aka me. Nya.
Umbreon: We all know your apprentice is going to kill you, she actually told me yesterday over lovely tea!... I'm not going to say why we were meeting....

Mega Absol: I mean't 12 if I ever said anything else, but i'm pretty sure I only said 12.
Posting a comment right now to say I just checked for a new comic and will probably forget to later.
Yasss New comment out today!!! :-)
Me again @facecafe2: Sorry I meant comic.
Hunger Games MegaAbsol: I nominate this eevee as tribute!...... Stampy Jr. the eevee!
Umbreon: The war started in a bar, Devin's brother got attacked by an anarchist and The third order believed it was a terror attack by us, the Happy Wookie cartel. They cracked down on the people the street, and they rebelled, with us at the head. In actuality, the Happy Wookie cartel was an elite guerilla group with New republic backing sent to see if the third order was preparing for war. Unfortunatly, the New republic couldn't help us due to a recently signed treaty which they needed to uphold. We began known as the rebellion as our feats grew famous....

Mega Absol: We shaped lives, the rebellion. The 1/4 of the galaxy that the Third order controlled was turned upside down. In the first week we captured 2 systems. A feat unrivaled in any war, past or present. Devin's mighty Star destroyer, the Chupacabra came an inch from life 3 times in the first month, but we haven't seen it since..
But in this nation full of turmoil, hope holds on that this may be resolved peacefully, as Rebellion and the Third Order attend peace conferences........
Is this men in black reference to men in black?
@Pinkeevee222: Big box corn Eve xD ???????
Can you put that slveon in the comics please?😁
@Guest: Sorry, no can do, guest.
@Pinkeevee222: HI! I LOVE YOUR COMICS!!!
If you were to do it, what would it's name be?
I think star would be a good name for it since everyone is sad about star being retired.
@Pinkeevee222: why is the detective in flareons tail?
@Pinkeevee222: Red glasses from the store?
I drew sylveon in human form and it's also made in anime.
It's super duper cute
And I'm a girl

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