January 23rd, 2016, 11:31 am

Vay gets very... odd when he sees corn
The one time Blizz showed it to him,
(Before Nego was born) He started crying

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Now, it's time to get to the good stuff! The glasses from last week's comic were a direct reference to Weird Al Yankovic's Party in the CIA. NO COOKIES FOR YOU!

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hi lol more dawn! yay and vay!!'
also I is first and don't really care!!:3
I love how you are so dedicated to this comic! Amazing drawings! And just for some people "first".
Actual corn, or "corn"?
@Nashew: "corn"
@Nashew: Corn Cporn
That Sylveon.... is that Sora? SO CUTE!!! X3
@Kid Danger Eevee: No, it's Miku. Confusing, IKR.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Who's Miku?
@Kid Danger Eevee: Anudder Sylveon
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Your picture is of a Mega Absolute,not a Umbreon
@Eeveelutionslover: It wasn't a year ago though.
I almost fergot about the comic posting times, exams are rough on me.
@Blitz Striker: Pats you on the back don't worry pal it will get better
YEAS I LOVE THE BETRAYAL and the black mail he he ^^ this is meh fave comic mang X3
*sarcastic yay* yaaaay being sick...again. TT_TT Yes I am sick again (and I am gonna punch the scree of my dumb laptop soon!) WHY?! Becaus of two words that belong in my game: DARK!MOOR! There I said it! This is because I am consumed in a bottle of rage and then my darkside just makes me rage allot!!! TT_TT
Wait what's the plan

@Pinkeevee222: also have the judges for the design contest seen Code Geass ?
@Sucking Chest Wound: The plan is written on the Paper, and, as for watching Code Geass,I don't know if the judges watched it. I know I haven't.
@Pinkeevee222: watch it. You're forbidden not to
I totally understand flareon in this situation,
@Pinkeevee222: yay weird Al! all hail da polka face!
I wonder @Pinkeevee222: Lol so Flareon changed when it comes to he special corn it will be interesting of what will happen next
Can i be in the plan to!!! :3
@Pinkeevee222: :c why did vay start crying...? ( Vay gets very... odd when he sees corn The one time blizz showed it to him, (before nego was born) he started crying ) :\ ....
@Darkstar29: Ehhhhhh? Don't copy the alt text to the comment section. If you really want to know, ask him (on the ask blog)
@Pinkeevee222: my bad I was just curious :v I promise I won't do it next time ....
Buy why eve???
@Anultenetjolteon: Eve is the only eevee in the box who knows dig. No one questions why she knows it. (Her move-set is very different from the other eevees, oddly)
Yea Umbreon/MegaAbsol you got some things right about how this whole war started. I'll tell you what happened. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away on the plant Kayzan in the Zytan galaxy at the space bar my brother was with his best friend Levin 20 waiting for their bounty when the guy who was delivering it was shot by some random lucario. So Levin shot back and killed him but what Levin didn't know was that lucario was the brother of a rebel and then there was an epic bar fight filled with shooting and death and Levin got really injured so my brother fled carrying injured Levin on his back and got aboard Levin's Y wing flying back to box 6. When he got there he rushed to the nearest hospital. Also my apprentice didn't have tea with you cause she doesn't like tea and hates your guts (don't know why) plus I don't sleep and she's guarding me when ever she's not on a mission and I know she'll kill me through a vision I keep getting I get another vision but I'm not sharing it cause it'll ruin the hunger games. Nya.
Umbreon: Damn it why do you resist my mindgames! Also, he wasn't a rebel YET. But the second in command of the Happy Wookie Cartel, JD2D FREEZY (I'm 3rd in command, Geka Bodhisa is first)

MegaAbsol: Does it involve us dying horrible, miserable deaths?
Umbreon: Ya' know, how 'bout an armistice? and maybe peace talks? This war has dragged on forever, we can agree to foot your brother's medical bill (if he has one) and pay for any worlds which choose NOT to rejoin the Third Order

MegaAbsol: This war is only 4 years old, not THAT long ago! Although the death toll is about 1,762,900,000 and counting. IN THIS YEAR ALONE.

Umbreon: About 97.9% of that is civilian casualties, of the remaining 2.1 percent about 1.3 is Rebellion. Of course, this is estimate because we only ever kill Third order in bomb strikes, usually inadvertantly and we miss the target. And then there is the great majority the Devin kills for their own incompetence.

Also, around 75% of civilians killed were killed by the Third Order.
Wait, There's that much people? @Umbreon/MegaAbsol:
Rose: I'm Pretty sure there isn't enough people alive to fit that numb-
M: Shhhhhhh...It's and Estimate...Shhhhhh...
@M & Rose:
Umbreon: About 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 people live in the Old Galaxy alone, and it's only the main staging point. Our war has spread to about 4 other galaxies where the Third order is a Factor, and about 10 teeter on the brink of war.
Dead of Wisdom @Devin17:
M: Well, let's see what 'Words of Wisdom' Devin17 has got for use today?
*1 minutes later*
M: Woo! I survived without becoming dumber...er...er...
Rose: *Rose has Fainted*
@M & Rose:
Umbreon: (In disguise) Psst, rose, I know you don't trust Devin, and you really shouldn't. Can you join us and fight him?
Rose: What's in it for me?
@M & Rose:
Umbreon: Devin won't kill you, you'll get a nice shiny medal, and you'll also get war hero status from the republic. And you'll getpaid. 30. Million. Credits.
Rose: ...Could you give me a bunch of Pokepuffs too? I'll say yes if you throw 'em in!
@M & Rose:
Umbreon: You can have at the most 10,000 Pokepuffs. Just be a spy, and keep your head down if you want to keep it on your shoulders.
Rose: ....okay....
@Devin17: I had a random idea. (Oh noes Midnight had a random idea :o)
What if your avatar was an eevee with a lightsaber?

@Anultemetjolteon : I am on ze dark side
woo! pervs ftw. always bringing something interesting to the table. like corn!
@Pinkeevee222 I have a little "off-topicy" question .... How old are the gang ??? My guess is Blitz and the other eeveelutions are about 16 and Eve , LKD , Oliver , etc. are about 12...
@Shadowborne: Around that. Dusk is 18, Bolt and Flame are 17, Blizz and Vay are 16 Dawn and Oliver are 13 or 14, Daisy is 10, Levin, Kevin and Devin are 11 (LOL) and Eve is 6. A whole range of ages *rainbows everywhere*
@Pinkeevee222: When Oliver's involved, another rainbow appears too. So you get this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0D4oZwCsA
@cccviper653: whoopsie doodles. wasn't logged in
OK if flame is the lookout im the covert agent
Lol! I am pretty sure Vay will not care at all xD
Misspell You misspelled "YOU'RE" as "YOUR" again. In "YOUR the... The lookout!"
@Commander_Ace: Why are you telling me this again? It's not like I'm going to correct it... or remember the correct spelling next time.
Blackmail I love how flareon just used the power of blackmail on blizz XD
The bar fight happened 15 year and I was there yesterday in the bar fight scene how you may ask I tell you some I was the bar tender I'm 13 and the bar is two years before my cloning. I know some of you will be like wtf (wa ter fall) others like meh and you'll find out how laters. Nya.
@Devin17: welcome young one it is time to begin your training first we start with tron you may choose another to join you to get past the obstacles. You must both make it through after portal and finally you two shall both start training for you being left in the woods to try hunting don't worry we'll be watching over you (all hybrids start train for these when they're 5). Nya.
Umbreon: Umm.. 15 years? yesterday? the wars lasted 4 years? I'm smelling Palkia's hand in this or something!!

MegaAbsol: No, it's lasted 15 years.

Umbreon: I'm going crazyyy!!

MegaAbsol: Relax, you were only activated 4 years ago. Remember no?

Umbreon: Oh yeah....

Umbreon: And I've been a thorn in Devin's side all this time!
Miku Wasn't miku in comic 100? (Archive 116) in the last frame.
@42Meep: You are correct sir/lady!
I've got one question for you


I know your going to think im
Mistress rose would you like as much credit as you want in any currency if you don't join the rebels until I do. M join me in this epic training session and can someone nominate an eeveelution for this years hunger games.
Umbreon: *Hacks Devin's bank account* Holy shittake mushrooms that's a lot of creds *Takes 0.052% which is equilvelent to 60 million credits*
M: I know who to Nominate! *Points to Rose*
Rose: ...
Sylvia :WHY HAVNT U TAKEN MY BROTHER YET?????????!!!?!??!!??!!!??!!??
hey where the glasses of blizz are gone?
Tackle @prancyneem: flareon might have tackled him and then tied him up and then that's the point the glasses fell off... Maybe idk lol
I'm sure someone pointed this out already but isn't it "traitor"?
@TheRandomEevee: Nope. I'll fix it.... eventually. Thanks for spotting it.
@Pinkeevee222: \(*^*)/ you've finally replied to me and np
um why eve?

Best thing ive ever done: Ok so a few weeks back my English teacher gave us an assignment where we had to write and assay about a book, but in a different language, so rather then make it in french, I made it in pokemon footprint runes from the MD games, I included a card with all the footprints and the letters they mean, and I got a 100% on it...teacher even commented in footprint runes "very creative and the essay was excellent" best teacher ever.
YAY I AM FEELING BETTER!!! Darkside: *cough, cough* excited much *cough, cough, cough*
Me: shut it TT_TT

Anyways, besides that I think it's kinda odd that she knows dig like I understand that she does but still thou.... It's not like Eve will actually OPEN the dang box full of "corn!"

Darkside: that's way she says! >:3 *pokes you in the cheek with weapon*

Me: I said shut it!!! -_-

Darkside: -whines and flees to cave-
Lol nvm trust a sister to help with math XD OH YEA! This is Sierra's little sister! She can't say anything about stuff cause of some.... "Things" bothering her!


((See what I mean! "Things" bothering her!)) but anyways I guess she said something about eve digging up a big box of..."corn?" ((Lol..wat?)) idk am 2 years younger than her she knows than do!

Sierra: ok Morgan that'll do! Thnx!!! (If I ever get this little weasel of a Darkside to stop pestering me!)

Ok! ((See?))
Sorry M we can't take mistress rose for some reason (dunno y). Nya. Also I have no bank account and will never need one like ever. I has all my credit in secret location unknown to poke kind. Now if y'all excuse me I'll be looking for my arm. Nya.
Umbreon: Well i hacked SOME THird oreder official's bank account and took a tiny fraction--yet a lot of money--of it!
M: Uhhh, I...wasn't going t-to nominate you at all. I-It was just...ummm... A joke *Totally not Convincing*
Rose: *TM 15*
M: *Runs away* RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
I am confused @Devin17: can you explain wts happening at the moment
Night=Dusk? Ok, I just read some askblog. Night=Dusk. BUT Dusk dose not = Night. Night is a clone of Dusk, created by Dusk somehow, and is like his therapist in a way. Almost no one knows night even EXISTS as he spends time is his PC lab. Also all the main eeveelutions are related, where sent to the eevee lab Sora mentions, and escaped. Infact, Sora is not only a boy, but is also the BROTHER of most of the main eeveelutions. Dusk managed to nab Soras bell, but Blizz lost Dusks. This was when Vay gaind the ability to speak human. None of the main eeveelutions (except Daisy/agent Lea) know Sora can change eeveelutions. Agent Lea/Daisy as shown no hit of recognition twords Sora. Dawn dosen't even know Sora EXISTS as she wasn't born yet. Night has stated that Dusk IS pretending to be dumb.
Guests @42Meep: I hope this shows that guests are just meh on SSEC. Keep up the great work, I am thinking of getting an account and saying screw email spam, If people want to talk with me on my opinions and therorys, so be it.
@42Meep: Hey! I tried to make an account, it just didn't work >:(
@42Meep: *Claps*
@Pinkeevee222: *takes a bow*
Flame. Flame why? @42Meep: Continuing to read old askblogs, flame says Sora is a girl. Why? Why Sora's gender so controversial?
Vay... @42Meep: and night says Sky was a he.
Dratini: I don't know either, but who cares? Gender can be controversial, like mine.
I HAVE NEVER SEEN SIERRA THIS HAPPY LAST NIGHT!!! I do know why because I heard her: she got all her Flux Gear in Darkmoor and I am glad she did! It was getting far to long since she continued with the Ruined Alcazar in Khrysalis!


Darkside: h-hey! What about me?!

Sierra: SHUT IT DARKSIDE I DONT MEAN YOU *dances in a poor job but doesn't care*

Oh yea! To all of those who dunno well, we're not RPing this is actually real life speaking cause this actually happened to Sierra!

Sierra: yes thnx Morgan am glad you pointed that out!

Your welcome sis!! ^^
*gives Sierra back the phone as she has finished dealing with the pest* Ok I am back (this is Sierra btw not my lil sis Morgan) anyways even if I forgot of wt I said I NEED TO FINISH MY COMIC (I HAVE 2 COMICS TO WORK ON, WHYYYY) plus I am still confused on some things that I forgot the questions to! Lol

Ok sry for the 3rd comment in a row, but I promise you this is the last one For all those who don't know Legends of Sacred Avalon: A Journey through Shadows, is a mixture of Eevees, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii version) and a little bit of Wizard101 (the game that I play on my laptop) it's a about a Princess (me) in a small but big village gaurded by the Spirit Abby, at the Spirit spring. She has her every normal days until after practice by learning how to do sword duels (basic attacks) a monkey comes and the kids follow it, (maybe eevees idk yet) the oldest one and the monkey get caged up by some Bocoblins!

Next thing after that the princess (or me as the girl) is rdy to deliver the special package to the Prince of Avalon! Brahm EarthSword! Until Alia notices that Celest is injured and needs to be taken to the spirit spring. After that the leader of Bocoblins comes charging into the spring knocking the princess unconsisous and takes Alia and Isaac hostage! The princess looks
For them but discovers a curtain of Twilight and a Shadow Beast takes her in! She then transforms into an Umbreon (and a wolf but I'll explain that when the next comic comes) and is inprisoned into a jail cell in the underground waterway! And she notices a little imp named Midna in and then sets the princess free she then tells her that she'll help her but the princess must do exactly as midna says. They get out of the waterway and go to the tower where prince brahm tells Sierra about the twilight realm after that he tells her and midna to leave and head out!

I'll continue the rest of the story soon
LOLZ I could help em dig dat box *turns to wolf form and digs*
hey there is a bone down here!
*brings bone to scientists and accidentally re-creates Jurassic park*
well that didn't go as planned.. LOLZ
*jurassic park theme song plays in back ground*
Lol @Werewolf kid: that's funny in a very good way XD even thou I am 14 (and my mom and grandparents don't let me watch those, bummer) the movies are cool
Thx @KayleeTheEevee : thx btw what do you wanna evolve into? Or do u plan on staying an eevee
Well @Werewolf kid: I have 2 eeveevolution forms so I would wanna be in my Umbreon Sylveon and eevee form
Hi its I'm back. Now today I'd like to talk to you about my latest creation. He's an eevee I found floating around in space so I brought his dead body in and created well a sort of frankin eevee (I had to use my arm to build him). We all remember daisy's secret and how Dr Felix had one mines sort of like that and my apprentice has a soft spot for him so I'm just wanted some help on giving him a name you got any ideas? Nya.
We're still sorry! @Devin17:
Dratini: Aww! Your profile pic is adorable!
Goomy: Cool!
Dratini: Luxio's asleep after midterms. And meet Goomy! Luxio's younger brother irl.
Goomy: 'Ello!
@Dratini, Goomy, & Luxio: guyz it's fine I'm over it. Oh and if you guyz didn't know imma sith lord. Now any ideas for him (my creation)? Nya.
Flame looks like he might cry in panel 6, but after, he's okay. Mother of Arceus, he's a good actor. He really wants to be in this.
There shall be no peace because peace leads to war and if this war ends there shall be peace. Devin17 's random words of wisdom. Now some names for him (my creation plz). Nya.
M: Umm...so it's a Paradox? *is kinda burnt from TM 15*
Rose: *Has fainted again*
Hey rose you got any names for him (my creation) there may be pokepuffs as many as you like maybe. Nya.
Rose: .........
M: *Pokes Rose* I think she's thinking. Maybe about how much w-
Rose: *Quickly interrupts M by shouting* WHAT ABOUT JACK!?!?!
Nah. We need a name like stitch or something that suits him. Sorry mistress. Nya.
Rose: Can I still has some Pokepuffs? *Cute face*

Sylvia : For I care PLS TAKE MY BROTHER!! [ he skipped Ns ( national service - it's army) !!!]

Song: HEYYYYYY !!!! I didn't skip it!! [ oh yes you did!]
| He actually did
M: Stichy? Stiches? Stitchalot?
Morgan here...again. Sierra can't be commenting right now since she has lots of school work in her classes! ((And no not the Darkside bothering the HECK outta her!))

I read the comment she posted about the 1st part of her comic, turns out it is true that's it based on the 3 games combined!!! Now let's be honest, she doesn't rlly DRAW on a computer at all, so basically she is telling the story line so everyone can know!

((Plus with school she has to do 2 comics, helping her friend with someone's bday on w101, making a bday card for both of her friends Emma and mal mal, farming for her darkmoor dagger and Aquila ring!)) so basically she's pretty busy XD
I think imma have a name ideas. Maybe blade or I could actually call him stitch. If anyone has a better name for him you shall receive as many pokepuffs as you like delivered by him. Nya.
M: *Whispers* Just give her Some Pokepuffs. I wanna see her all chubby again!
@M & Rose: I'll have "him" send as many as you want. Nya.
M: Thanks *Door bell in the distance*
Rose: *Goes to the door, random Package in front of the door*
M: That was fast.
Umbreon: How about Stitchess- actually, that's already a Sableye.

MegaAbsol: A really OP Sableye from SLN
(Silver League Networks)
@M & Rose:

Sylvia: hey! Pst! I know an illegal cookie supplier! Im sure 'he ' has pokepuffs. My brother got some from him. The chocolachip ones are very popular! Just sign this form and' he' will mail both of you a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 Pokepuffs! * Passes pokepuff sale form to Rose *

Sylvia :By the way its free!!!
M: *Signs the form without reading* Screw Terms and Conditions. I wanna see her chubs. Yes, it's weird. but she's so cute when she's chubbed....
Rose: Are you talking about me?
M: Ummm, nope...
@M & Rose:


Sylveon dressed as a mailman: err package for M and Rose?? Just sign here and here you go ! *passes M a form thingy*

Sylvia: go away Sage! You have no right to deliver packages! SONG has to! Oh dont worry! Sage iS one of my recruits in my sylveon army!
M: Would you like any new Recruits? *Picks up Rose. Which is easier said than done*
Rose: No! put me down!
@M & Rose:

Only if she is a sylveon . Or dresses like one.* gives M a sylveon costume for rose in case she is not an eevee.or a sylveon.
It is massive package now have you noticed "him"? You may find " him" cute. Nya.
M: Why would I find 'him' cute?
Anyone want a couple of million pokepuffs free delivered to you by "him". Nya.
M: If you've got That many pokepuffs, why not start one of those Door-to-Door Delivery service...?

Sylvia: can i hav cookies instead???
Never trust a sister to CHARGE THW PHONE AND THEY THEN FORGET TO am back! I actually have 4 comics to do plan a birthday farm for ring and athame quest and school *sheepish laugh*

For all those who don't know I am not telling you the 2 other comics! THEY ARE TAINTED WITH REASONABLE SECRETS!!!

THAT IS ALL! *eats some pokepuffs and a blueberry muffin! (Reason why am
Eating both.... Personal matters!*)
@KayleeTheEevee : you like more pokepuff? Also m I wasn't talking to you about "him" though you should show rose "him" and see what her reaction is. Nya.
Lol @Devin17: are you talking about the one with S in his name? Or somemon else? Also I would like to know of wts going on so I might be a part of....I hope
@KayleeTheEevee :
M: You still want a new recruit? Rose is still up for grabs if you want another sylveon for your army.
Rose: No iam nut!
M: Swallow the Pokepuffs! Then speak!
Well @M & Rose: I would first would like to know of wts goin on first if you care to explain, along with you devin!
M: Well, I got a bunch of Pokepuffs from Devin17. And now Rose is stuffing herself with them. I like chubs. I'm weird...
Rose: *Is eating a bunch of Pokepuffs* Shies also twying to pawn me off tu on the oter perdon! She acidantily Riplyed to yo, tinking it wes tah oter perdon.
M: ...You could try eating them first before Talking.
Rose: Nu!
@M & Rose: are referring to recruits for the athame and ring? *violet purple fur shines in the moonlight*
Lol @M & Rose: I forgot to write my name in
That's all am asking.... *scoots of the rest of the poke puffs in the pink box to Devin, M and Rose and draws in sketch book* you can have the rest of them
That's all am asking.... *scoots of the rest of the poke puffs in the pink box to Devin, M and Rose and draws in sketch book* you can have the rest of them
@Pinkeevee222: I's it me or ever since 5 to 6 comics ago people have been developing .... another character for there comments ....
When will the next comic be out?
@littleabsol: Every Saturday :)
Da fuzziness, Da fuzziness, ALL THE MOTHA-FLIPPIN FUZZINESS on there fur makes them look so super adorable.
Doing 3 subjects of classes when homeschool (help me) *cute laughing* The one thing I didn't notice that it was like FRIDAY! ALREADY!!! Also randomly gonna say this, my friend online told me a story! Her mom (this actually happened irl) had 2 keyboards the first one didnt work and the second was thrown at the wall in rage, which is a good example of being an idiot! Lol! Anyways my friends mom asked her if her mom could use her keyboard and she's like: "mom, I have a laptop. KEYBOARDS DONT COME OFF OF LAPTOPS!!!" *laughs so hard irl* I find it rlly funny and then her mom walks away angry LOL
I check on a Saturday for a new comic, one doesn't show up. A couple minutes later, the comic gets uploaded. That's the moment when I forget to check again.
I checked it this morning @Marlows59: but yea do t worry feel yah
Hai i did a speed paint on fnaf i'll do one on an eevee named Cream but just saying hi

Goomy: For some reason, our comments disappear on the design contest page. Can we post the link here?

Disgusting: Batte made me clean her bathroom once... and since she's a bat, there's no toilet...

Batte: Hehehe. I had to watch him to make sure he didn't take it to make a second version of me.
Batte: I meant that he didn't take any of my number 2's. If he tried, I would threaten to suck his blood. And he DID have a cut on his leg, only he made sure that I couldn't see it.
Me: Are you going to show me around?
Trevor: Of course I am!
Me: cool.
Trevor: So, here's where eeveelutions chose their partners for life.
Me: Nice,nice. *thinking mode* I sure wish i had a mate for life.
Trevor: Here's where they make kits.
Trevor: and last, here's where the eggs hatch.
Me: Holy bannanas! a shiny!
Trevor: What? Oh yeah, we get a shiny every month or so.
Me: awesome.
@Pinkeevee222: why?! do you make flame suffer? why!? why!? why!? why!? im a flareon too!

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