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February 6th, 2016, 10:39 am

*look at the header closely*

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Guys. Really. You could have gotten 3 comics this week, by just replying to one comment before a certain date 3!!!!! *sighs* now look, you'll have to wait anther month to find out what happens with Eve and Dusk. Tsk tsk tsk. (That is, If I don't do the same thing again.)

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the last page and look at the comments.
Pinkeevee222, February 6th, 2016, 10:39 am Reply
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Lol forever alone
@Kid Danger Eevee: Forever Alone Is Right
Oh, I forgot to call it. FIRST!
Oliver is teh smexy sense god. XD
Are you sure this isn't the Stupid Long Eevee Comic? There's 100+ pages.
@HarrisonButterGem: well she can’t change it now
@Pinkeevee222: Where's Sylve?
@Pinkeevee222: Also, are you going to the same thing again?
wut olivers hair boner creeps me out
@lol idk: What's dat?
@lol idk: Oh.. now that you pointed that out.. >.>
@lol idk: His hair is just like thaT jeez people and ther dirty minds
Oliver's smexy sense! XD
That happened.
@Nashew: Yes, yes it did
Lol eve looks more horrified than suprised XD
Rest in piece leafy's feels
Goomy: *tries to hug Leafy* *Accidentally runs to laptop*
Luxio: *facepaw*
Dratini: *Gets bandage for Goomy* I have an idea! We should get an account!

EDIT: Luxio: I just noticed. Sycamore tree...Professor Sycamore.
Dratini: Professor Oak is better!
Goomy: No, Professor Elm!
trees @Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: Why the heck are the professors all named after trees. In the games AND in the anime?
@werewolf kid:
Luxio: The same reason most of the core series games are named after colors.
Dratini: Well-
Luxio: I said most.
Goomy: What about the anime? Betcha can't answer that!
Luxio: The anime is based off the games.
Goomy: Oh...Ohhhhhhh...
Luxio: Why not everyone ask me something about Pokemon?
Dratini: Why is Red better than Ash?
Luxio: *facepaw* I was being sarcastic.
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:

Umbreon: OAK

NOOO T^T .... now I got to wait longer and I have to wait a week from now :c again
@Pinkeevee222: Is that that night ? In the header ? And that is suppose to be sora? :/
I feel like I should be keeping up with this comic more, but I just cant seem to care anymore...weird, that's how i feel about a lot of things recently...
In reply of a dude @Blitz Striker: I think its because it updates every Saturday and the comics aren't that long each. I know the art takes a while. And there isn't much character development. I still like the comic. I find it funny but it takes so long to update
Interesting @Blitz Striker: So you recently stopped caring about certain things hm quite interesting sir
I'm guessing Dusk is blue, Red is Harmony and Pink is Sora?
@Pinkeevee222: Are Eve's ears blushing?
Naw thats her bow
Oh the tip lol i just noticed
HEY GUYS! if you look at the title its shows dusk liking on harmony and not sky. Could harmony have killed sky just to get the attachtion from dusk. OMG! HARMONY IS A YANDERE! :O
P.S If you don't know what a yandere is its a person who would do anything for there crush like... KILLING PEOPLE! (But most they will kill the people that has a crush on there crush.)
I think ik of wt your referring to... @slyeon is cool: like that game Yandere Simulator where Yandere-Chan kills her rivals tryin to get Sepai's love o3o eh I haven't watched the youtube videos of the game much so it just peeked my interest o3o
P.P.S I'm studying anime! ;)

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! we NEED those comics!! When r u doing thiz again? Having the comments thingy again that iz.
Happy birth day! I hope you are not a yandere!
We just need a whole book ag all these comics put together and published.
@DeltaEevee47: Agreed
Imma back. Why can't people like my past self. I'll tell you bout my past later if you'd like to know. Also I was thinking I while back that this comic series would make an amaZING book. Nya.
Are you a yandere I'm making sure that everyone is not going crazy for there crush!
@slyeon is cool: I don't have a crush. Nya.
@Espyius: Happy birthday!
OH! then your not crazy!
Help Plz! Miss @Pinkeevee222 You know when you browse and you have a picture and in the middle it says the title? How do I get a design for that '-_-
I will appreciate anyone's help!
@Leafeon237: Anyone? ;_;
Imma making my reality series in manga style cause I really enjoy mangas. Nya.
Why does Oliver have a hair boner?
@Derp: smexy sense. Nya.
I will not say more about my comic, I repeat I will NOT SAY MORE!! Things are getting too hectic for me... 1. Is my comics, 2. I made a code and 3. I AM TRYING TO GET TO LVL 110 ON MY GAME WITHOUT SEEING THE GUY I LIKE ON THERE (apparently it's been at least 2 1/2 months since I seen him and I miss him..)

Also I am no Yandere I am just SAYING that I miss the guy I like from my game and it's been a LOOOOOONG freaking while.
I HAVE ISSUES OK?! MAJOR ISSUES! ;-; *hides under bed comforter with my paw dangling at the edge of the bed*
@KayleeTheEevee: its okay kaylee, its ok...

There there! *gives Kaylee a cookie**pats her on her back*
At times like this... I need a cookie irl ;-; ...the one thing that's really gonna bug the heck outta me is with the 2 comics as well as the ring.... IT MIGHT TAKE ME FREAKING FOREVERTO FARM FOR DAT STANKING RING! (It's taunting me cause of the +10% damage it gives 0_0')
@KayleeTheEevee: what ring? what game?
Hmm? Oh I meant wizard101 (the one I play on my laptop) @Blitz Striker: it's called the alpha and omega ring, thou some worker that worked for Kingsisle messed up the drop rate so he got fired from doing THAT
lol i call second comment lol no one did that. i feel so sad for the slve and leafy dolls because so much happens to them. in one other comic eve was crushing leafys spleen... by sleeping on her LOL
nvm actually i just want the eeveelutions (and eve) to know that the dolls are alive.. i also wish they could talk to them
Zen the eevee how did I get here?
*reads comic "if you'll excuse me" *dies of laughing
Oliver, whats your deal?
Can you put in a creepypasta where lost silver or glichy red in one looking for eevee and come acrostic everyone glichy red goes for eve and Oliver goes into demon mode and vay uses his human form. Then glichy and LS run from them and about the comic WTF
I hope this turn out well
@Darkstripe AF: It won't.
Super Bowl!! Goomy: Happy Super Bowl!!!
Dratini: Go Panthers!
Luxio: Broncos!
Dratini: Panthers!
Luxio: Broncos!
Goomy: Patriots!
Dratini & Luxio: *glare*

Goomy: Guys? Stop fighting!
Dratini: NEVER!! *uses outrage*
Luxio: NEVER!! *uses ice fang*
Goomy: If you guys just wanted the Patriots to win, you wouldn't be fighting!
Dratini & Luxio: *stop fighting and glare* THEY AREN'T EVEN IN THIS SUPER BOWL! *resume fighting*

Luxio: Hah! Told ya we'd win!
Luxio: As if! You can't just run onto the field and win it for them!
Dratini: *runs outside*
Luxio: Goomy, remember to never give him ideas. *chases after Dratini*
Goomy: *looks at TV* No...Patriots?
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:

Wat is a Super Bowl? Is it an American thing? Cause I'm NOT american.
Luxio: Dratini's more likely to give an answer that makes sense.
Goomy: Yep.
Dratini: The Super Bowl's like the Olympics but only for America, and 1 sport only, which is American football.
Goomy: It should be called Handegg! Because the ball looks like an egg, and you hold it!
Dratini: Agreed. I'll call it Handegg from now on.
Luxio: Fine with me.
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:
Ohhhhh! It rugby!
Luxio: Yes, in fact, American football is based off rugby.
Dratini & Goomy: Handegg! It's called Handegg!
Luxio: Fine, Handegg is based off of rugby.
BY THE POWER OF SUPER BOWL I shall be playing fleeing the complex. Now if you'll excuse me I have a complex to be fleeing. Nya.
@Devin17: flee complex master Devin and I shall send in your tie.
tnt first let me say i dont have a minecraft account. * goes on minecraft* *sees someone* " hey you wanna team?" Me: sure!" *we go on adventures and find an undiscovered block! *shoves my friend in the lava and runs with the block* Friend: "bruh realy? * climbs out* goes to cave entrance* sees me at top* with tnt. His eyes widen as i blow up the tnt surrounding the mine he dies Me: TROLOLOLOOOOO!!!! LOLOLOOOOLOLOOOLOOOLOLOO TROLOLOLOLOLOLO XD
soz sorry about that last comment i just felt like posting it. :3
OK one sec
He professor you are a tree
@Pinkeevee222: ;-; can we try again....? I really want to find out what happens
Forever alone meet Forever alone
So smexy what happened to dusk and sky though TT TT
OKAY GUYS! Since we didn't reach 10 people last time, lets try it again!

If 15 people (Who are not guests) directly reply to this comment with the sentence:

Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!

By Wensday, Febuary 10th, 11:59 PM EST, I will upload the next comic on Thursday, along with the regular Saturday update.
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules! Who Glacey? Nya.
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Silvie, and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules! Is Glacey a Glaceon doll eve may have?

Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rule!
I am not a guest @Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie, and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie, and Glacey rules!
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey Rules!
i am still unsuccessful at making my account! I THOUGHT I ENABLED COOKIES AM I LIKE DOIN SOMETHING WRONG?! and yes i am commenting on a school day (im homeschooled dont judge me) also i didnt enjoy yesterday at the Super Bowl party.

when i was playing my 3ds XL (its already on its hinges cause its about to break, so good thing i bought a protective cover) i was hatching for shinies in AS game card (not from different countries)my friend ran into me and bumped into me and my ds almost broke IN HALF (good thing poppop fixed it) WHILE I WAS PLAYING IT!

I didnt get one shiny at all

everyone was really loud, so i was watching minecraft, and i could hear granny and her friends talking and i could barely hear the videos WHILE I HAD HEADPHONES ON! and stuff like that. Soooo, basically i am not a fan of football unless its with kittens or basically the Kitten Bowl on TV, so mostly i just wished i was home playing on my laptop TT_TT
@KayleeTheEevee: I love kittens.
omg i cant believe that i am doing my nuzlocke more than my other comic personally i think its that the drawing doesnt take long but maybe its just me idek anymore! for all who dont know i have some of the pokemon having a crush (mostly my doublade named phantom having a crush on Mari my meowstic) cause i like to! THATS WHY! yet i believe i am more of a person who draws on paper more better than on computer.
@KayleeTheEevee: same here I work better on paper then technology.
I was watching minecraft on YouTube @number12: and Ikr it's like when your born for drawing on paper you're better at drawing it on paper than on a laptop, and it's like viseversa for ppl drawing on technology XD! And I am like typing on my phone but wt sucks is that everytime I type in my account name it NEVER works and I try to enable cookies and as I do IT STILL DOESN'T WORK! TT_TT"
Was dawn always a furry?
sorry i wish i could help you guys with posting it but i cant cause she said no guests so instead * ahem* MOVE IT PEOPLE LETS GO FIFTEEN COMMENTS!!! FIFTEEN COMMENTS!!! XD
@werewolf kid: I think the amount of people who need to say sentence is to high.
Me and Devin17 wish we had typewriter so we can write story and other writing things more easily cause we both hate writing with pencil (though we enjoy drawing in pencil) but if we had typewriter it would be so much easily to write story.
Come on people. go go go! We need that comic. Come on people who aren't guests and haven't replied yet. Let's do this!!!!!!!!!
Pafffh! *head collapses on the tray table* I need coffee.... And maybe cookies... OHH I WAN COOKIES SOON! (Why am talking about food and.... Ohhhhhhh now ik why!)
PinkEevee222 Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
@the the: I think it has to be a reply to pinkeevee's coment where she anounced the phrase.
Maybe @Espyius: but still I don't have great internet to trade or anything. But still maybe your right but like I said I am 14 (well almost 15) and idk of how to do that. But thnx for the advice
C'mon Five more comments! C'mon peeps let's go >:3
@Werewolf kid: It's too late, guest. You should have made an account... or seven
@Pinkeevee222: I made a bajillion accounts for you! They're uh, on vacation in Japan though... :D Once they hear about Oliver being in this page though, they'll likely come rushing back!
Lol All the eeveelutions and eevee always look so cute when pinkeevee draws them without legs or arms lol. Like eevee in that fourth panel. :3
Unicorn Oliver's hair looks like a unicorn horn with a light at the end of it is it suppose to be like that?
@TheRandomEevee: that's Oliver's smexy sense....weird right?
I read the ask blogs, and noticed this. I'm not sure, but doesn't Umbreon sweat poison?
@I am me.: Oh right! I forgot! Thanks for spotting that ^ ^' ...

I have to go and edit the next comic now *runs off*

plus when is sky gonna meet dusk again :P derp
Umbreon: USAS12 or HAMR?

MegaAbsol: USAS12 FTW
Meep:Master Darkstripe,why are you banging you head frantically?
Darkstripe:I'm waiting for the next ssec comic.
Meep:But,Meep and Jetwing are Eevees,why wouldn't wanna stare at us?
*Darkstripe jumps out of the window*
Sorry I haven't commented in a while I was lost in thought remembering my past self (begins crying) why don't other eeveelutions ever like me in my past? Nya.
Meow I like kitties.
I think there was a typo in your comic when Dusk was asking Eve, it should be "meet" not "met". Great comic by the way!!!
If you see this I have an account but im to lazy to log in, anyways can i make animations of these comicz and post dem on here for peoplz 2 see.
@Cookient: Plese reply
Omg Omg everyone I just realized something!!!!! In the headet, there are three eevees. One with dark blue fur and a silver soothe bell colar, presumably Dusk, sending love at the red eevee who looks like Eve. BUT in the bottom left corner, there is a purple eevee with a gold soothe bell colar, just like in the story! The interview with the heart-cheek eevee said: "I like night. Dusk is my favorite time of night, but I also like twilight." Dusk could be Night. The Golden bell eevee could be Sky. The plan was to change their names. Dusk and Sora. Night and Sky.
@LittleMoons: Actually she said sun set. Not twilight. And that Eevee is the mother who is training Dusk to be her mate.
@Zappy the Raichu:
*sighs deeply*
Well, I tried.
This is a song for the heartsick,
for the beaten
for the lost
and alone
and defeated

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