The "date!"


February 13th, 2016, 12:35 pm

Night is a character I made because I wanted him to do one thing, but, then I scrapped the idea all together, so, now, he has no purpose in the comic. The only reason why he is still in the comic is because I had already put him in the ask blog when I scrapped the idea.

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Dusk is a jerk .
Pinkeevee222, February 13th, 2016, 12:35 pm Reply
Advertisement, March 20th, 2018, 12:35 pm Reply
Oh right! This was one of the first comics ever created! I just had to tweak a few things... So... yay!

*retreats into corner because most likely nobody cared until I wrote this part*
Pinkeevee222, February 13th, 2016, 6:59 pm Reply

Well... That sucks for her.
My little heart is broken ;-;
@Robotdroid: amen to that my friend;( plus im still kittykat:)
I think I heard the sound of dreams being crushed
There goes Eve's hopes and dreams.
Are you sure Oliver isn't watching, Eve?
This is sad :/ never have your hopes up eve not even for a idiot
@Darkstar29: Dusk is an idiot, huh? If only you knew...
Poor Eve. She got her dreams crushed and all her nice neat fur all dirty.
Goomy: Poor Eve...soon she'll find somemon who loves her...
Dratini: At least Luxio has had worse dates...
Luxio: Guys!
Goomy: Remember the girl from geometry?
Dratini: Which one? *laughs*
Luxio: Come on!
So I noticed that the past two headers have looked like flashbacks. Will you ever straight up go into detail what happened before the start of the comic, or are they just kind of "Lolz, I have no idea what to do for a header, so I'm going to throw up random stuff that I would otherwise not draw"?
@XlvMckaydvlX: There will be flash backs, when the topics come up, but, I don't really know when one will occur yet.
@Pinkeevee222: Dusk isn't a jerk, he was forced by Blizz.
Dusk is now nothing ;)
REALLY!? -.-
Uh oh! uh oh uh oh uh oh! When Oliver hears of this, he's going to be mad. He'll trap those three somewhere and reenact those corn scenes! Or maybe not... who knows? :D
-_- @cccviper653: I swear if he was not going to.. And u just gave pinkeevee an idea... Im going to tickle u till u cry >:3
@Werewolf kid: Tickle me till I die if you must. I shall never stop thinking smexy and overly perverted thoughts! HAHA! >:D
Dratini: I-
Luxio: *interupts* Don't listen to a thing he says about the corn...he knows too much...
Goomy: What's corn? Is it something that isn't corn?
Dratini: Well-
Luxio: *interupts* Let's talk about something less...wrong...
Goomy: Like your most recent failed relationship!
Luxio: *slams head against wall*
i need a hug... i'm single... and i will pass valentines day eating nutella...
@Gabriele Balzarotti:
Goomy: *hugs laptop* This is as close as I can do to a real hug.
Dratini: *to Luxio* Learn from him.
Luxio: He's 9 and can't teach me anything.
Jetwing:Where's Master?
Meep:Master Darkstripe is busying crying on your laptop.
Jetwing:Must be Valentine's Day again...
*Jetwing sighs and the realizes*
Jetwing:He's doing WHAT!?

Goomy: Hi! Well, we're kinda having a problem with the character design contest. None of our comments show up, and all of them have the links. Can we post here? Please?
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: Yes, You can post them here.
*Small sparks can be heard*
Jetwing:You know,Meep if we don't stop Master from crying on my laptop,He's gonna cause a fire...

*Meep puts on fireman helmet and prentends to be a minion*
Meep:BE DO BE DO BE DO!!!!
@Darkstripe AF:

Goomy: *laughs* I love that movie!
Dratini: They're making a TV show out of it!
Jetwing:Master Darkstripe,How do you feel now?

Darkstripe:Your brother just attacked with two axes while wearing a minion goggle and screaming"BE DO BE DO BE DO!"And you expect me to say I'm fine!?

*Jetwing used Jump-Out-the-window!!*
*It's Super effective!*
Ahhh,such a doof, poor Eve, maybe she should just drop Umbreon.
this played out exactly as I thought it would, also I feel like I'm losing my mind, because I could have sworn today was Wednesday.
(edit) also today's valentines day? hm, thought that happened a while ago, then again why should I care, I have no interest in relationships anyway.
I have to love Flareon's face in the last panel
XD In all the time it took for it to get from morning to night, why did'nt they just use the shovel? Oh wait it depends how deep the box was. Or they are just lazy. Probably the second one :3
Oh and I call first. Deal with it! >:3
That moment That moment when the guy has never had interest in u except as friend zone.and then ur in a car with him and he starts putting his arm around u ur just like " this is the moment omg" but then he retracts his arm with a bag of Cheetos in his hand and ur just like. ;_; "so close"
Oh I just remembered. That comment I said with the shovel, I just realized blizz controls the environment. Sorry for putting 4 comments in a row I have just been waiting for the comic for a while * boredom level meter goes down*
I'm a dummy And NOW I realized it just said a few hours later so blizz didn't change it... I'm such a fool
The lesson here is never trust boys! Always bring peper spary with you on every date!
@Slyeon is cool:
Dratini: Didn't girl #10 bring that?
Luxio: Yes, but please just SHUT UP! Don't bring them up around Valentine's Day!
Goomy: No we won't! No we won't!
hahaha i laugh so much xd
There eyes look different
@Guest: u mean because they actually HAVE eyes now? (and by that I just mean more DETAILED eyes in comparison to past comics)
Wat book is Dusk reading?
@Guest: It's called Sam the eevee (And, it's actually a comic book)
... don't look it up... please.
@Pinkeevee222: part of me wants to listen to you, but the other part is typing that into google as you read this.
@Pinkeevee222: Don't worry! I care! (A bit)
Just asking... Wait... this is probably just me, or not important but, how come their eyes are light up?
@TalkingEevee: My theory is that she made them glowing so we can see them better.
"We'll try to save some for you!" lol
I'll comfort u eve HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!!
this corn better be good.
also how did eve not see disk when she came he is glowing in the dark
Eve feels depressed!
Eve Cries itself to sleep!
So this is what Blizz and Dusk were talking about.

Well, Eve must be so angry right now, or really heartbroken.
@SparkySharkhead: im guessing both!
@Pinkeevee222: Okay That Was Soooo Unexpected
Dusk and eve are looking so cute ,Pinkeeevee222, your drawing is sooo beuatiful
@Pinkeevee222: Hey Can I Just Ask A Question? Where Do You Draw Your Comics And What Program Do You Use TO Draw That Beautiful? :3
@Shiro Kami:u should just click on extra then u will found that what she use
@prancyneem: Hmm Okay Thanks
Why eve used dig she should say no to them or they have pressure her to do that
lol I <3 these comics! Poor eve... I feel bad for her. Ive never celebrated valentines properly... That moment when a guy says he got you a valentines gift that he didnt give. Happened to me once. Sad indeed.
To those you are not in a Relationship:Happy Valentines Day!
You desrve the love the most and this stupid day makes it look like the couples Desrve it

Love isn't just about having a Gf/Bf or having crushes on someone and getting the chances to tell that someone.No love is about spending time with people and enjoying it,wherther it's reading pinkeevee's comics or thrashing your sibling on minecraft pe or even saying:"Hey Kyle! How about you and me have a pokemon battle with my Lv80 shiny Rayquaza!"

Plz people enjoy this day,even if it bring bad memories

-Darkstripe AF
Full time pencil comic writer,part time kid philospher
@Darkstripe AF:
Luxio: *clapping*
Dratini: Speaking of battling...
Luxio: ...I know where this is going...
Dratini: Get your 3ds, Luxio. I want to battle you!
Luxio: I accept your challenge.
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:
M: *Grabs Rose* I'm fighting the winner!
@M & Rose:
Dratini: We tied 15 times.
Luxio: He used Perish Song a lot.
Dratini: One more time.
Luxio: Fine, but don't use your Absol.
Dratini: Deal.
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:
-Darkstripe wants to battle!
-Darkstripe throws out Meep!

Meep:Hm,I wonder what move to use...SPLASH!!!!

Jetwing:How does Meep,a cute Lv20 Umbereon,know splash?

Darkstripe:Trust me,you don't what kind of TM's Meep picks up.
@Darkstripe AF:
Luxio: All who nominate Goomy to fight, raise the closest thing you have to a hand. *raises paw*
Dratini: He's a kid.
Goomy: *raises lump of goo* What are we doing?
Luxio: Goomy, go fight.
Goomy: Okay!
Who is dat eevee in the header?
I'd like to's the mystery eevee from comic 99.5
nuts just as I was thinking flare wasn't a perv anymore
well. this is a surprise. ahem... CURSE YOU, DUSK!!!!!!!!!
Jerk. Hey, maybe Oliver will be hiding in the box and jump scare them! ultimate FNAF SSEC crossover! even though i don't like FNAF... meh, something like that would be cool.
rest in pieces
Truth @Pinkeevee222: A truer truth has never been said.
Date gone wrong XD
The unavoidable truth is:

What happens now?
Look at the header. There's Vay, and...the mystery eevee from comic 99.5
? Anyone notice in Panel 2 Eve's fluff is in the shape of a Heart?
Valentines Day Cam: who can tell me what Valentines day is about?
Lilly: Duh! Free Candy!
Dexter: Its about spending time with the People you love Lilly.
Lilly: Ooh! A Fun Dip, My Favorite!
I wouldnt call him a jerk, he is doing his job in the mission, and probably wasn't trying to be mean. It's Blizz who is a jerk in my opion
This reminds me of fairy tail!
And because It's yet to be said, FIRST. Lol Jk; but srsly what is up with people and saying first in comments on the internet?
Nope @42Meep: ur too late. I already said first >:3 look in the earlier comments
Holy crap, that is epic.
@Pinkeevee222 : May I take a picture of this comic and use it as a profile pic? It's too tempting ;3;
@Marlows59: Okay, I don't mind
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks :)
Eve I know how you feel. Nya.
Even though I believe Dusk is the messager of this mission(You can't blame him,in the previous comic he tried to refuse)However IF(And there is a 9999999.91% chance)Oliver finds out...

You expect a Lv10Magikarp(Dusk) trying to flop away from a Lv70Girantina(Oliver)
So sad... at least Vay didn't get his heart broken. Vay is my favourite character!
@EeveeRanger: Ummm... You might be missing out on a few comics then
Oliver's Smexy Sense is unreliable.
.... Poor eve
@Pinkeevee222: no no no no no no no. We care, I care. I know how it feels like to post one of your first comics.
Maybe next year Eve
*Coughs* Hellow everyone. It is time for an important announcement to make; Pink-ev shall get her own Spookwagen. If you don't know what that is, search it up along with Ninslt. And to start this off, I shall say one word:
M: This isn't gonna end well...
Rose: ...?
-3- Nico : sheesh, poor little Eve. forget him and go out with me *winks*

Me : hey! no hacking my account! shoo! *kicks Nico away*
Hey hasn't it been a while since we have seen leafeon? Oh and also dusk really should have been more considerate about eve because he now knows she has a crush on him.
MegaAbsol: My Oliver-jumping-out-of-shadows-and-beating-people-up sense is tingling!
M: That's a very specific sense
@M & Rose:
Umbreon: It's actually called her "Dark Sense" which detects dark activities. LIKE DISASTERS FOR INSTANCE.
maby dusk is gay or maby asexual
@anonymous : nope he's not,you'll have to read the WHOLE series if you want to understand.(Sorry for accusing you if you're not new)
@Darkstripe AF: ive read all the stupid short evee comics and i have no idea whats going on
DUSK!!! YOU STUPID JERK!!! ( Shoots jellybeans at him)
eats * sees u shooting jelly beans at him* i want some! eats some jelly beans and brings some back to my wolf pack
Eve * .-. = RAINBOWS!!!
Please reply soon =p Can i make animations of these comics and post them on here 4 people 2 see?
It helps to put @Pinkeevee222 before the message.
@I am me.: Thanks
@MelonCupcakez: You can, but first, I need to see one of your drawings, and, you need to tell me what animation program you are going to use.
Sure @Pinkeevee222: ok i'll put put the link to it on your newest comic.
I'll just draw a picture of dusk or oliver . Why everyone (eccept dusk) eyes are glowin?
Hi I'm snow the shiny ev Um hi everyoune
@Pinkeevee222: awesome can't wait to the next one of the episodes

Say wut??????
OMG Sumun tallllkeeeed tee meh
Jetwing:she's crazy...
Meep:Meep thinks Icemoon is cute!

*Darkstripe spits out his coffee*
@IceMoon THE WARRIOR CAT: yo :3
welcome @iceMoon welcome to the comic... calm down will u? lol
So I spent my time drawing my Pokesona... @IceMoon THE WARRIOR CAT:
This comment broke my 1 source of Internet for an hour.
Poor,poor Eve! I bet she had her hopes up for the best,but instead it turned for the WORST. Devin gonna be Eve's new boyfriend (if Eve doesn't forgive Dusk)?
@Pinkeevee222:wait this was made before all the other ones ( almost all the other comics) holy celestial
@EvanatheEspeon: I know more about Dusk than you do, actually. Cause, you know, I created him and all. Oh. And, he doesn't want a girlfriend. I could tell you why, but, since you know him so well, I guess you already know why. (And, no. It doesn't have to do with Sky.)
Dramatic music starts playing
@Guest: hi!:)
@Pinkeevee222: i went on holidays. So, I HATE DUSK!!!!!! Eve came with a new bow and her fur was brushed and it looked like a heart! So cute! BUT DUSK KILLED THE CUTENESS i want to kill him. Yes. Kill.
@Pinkeevee222: u OK?
Dusk isn't a jerk he just listened to his friends,PS can u make it so that you don't have to confirm by email it just does it when u click sign in.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh no! That was so rude!
I hugs Eve I

He is a jerk, a mega jerk!
I agree with Pink Eevee's first comment @Pinkeevee222: _( '_' )_/
Flareon’s face in the last panel.... .......…
Yes and no @Pinkeevee222:
Yes and no. I feel for poor Eve, but still love Dusk

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