Bow & Clef


February 20th, 2016, 1:10 pm

Blizz and Daisy were 
cute together as eevees...

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Remember Clef? No? Well, he's back ...I find this comic really ironic.
Also, first new eevee introduced in a while! She has appeared twice before, as a background eevee (I changed her hair). Actually, I think Bow is the first girl non-background eevee to be introduced into the comic! (Not counting Eve)

Background eevees are Kenshi and Scy.
The design contest is still going on! -
Pinkeevee222, February 20th, 2016, 1:07 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 11th, 2019, 2:51 pm Reply
I got two mew codes from gamestop! So, I'm giving one of them away!
The first person (Who is not a GUEST) to answer these 3 questions correctly gets the code!

Edit: The code has been claimed! Sorry ^^"
Pinkeevee222, February 20th, 2016, 8:35 pm Reply

You know, the background Eevee I mentioned wanting to make a while ago was going to have a giant bow on his butt or his back. I even have it all sketched out, I've just been way too lazy to finish it.

Now I don't think that's such a great idea. ono

Either way, great comic page. Nice to see one full of nothing but Eevees for the first time in a while!
Tomorrow's my birthday!! I like this comic. I have a feeling that I won't like Bow. I like Eve. Plus, does Clef know that Eve likes Dusk?
Goomy: Happy (early) birthday!
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: Thanks! :-) :-) :-)
Sorry I'm random.
Are the Eevee's in the header Blizz and Daisy?
@facecafe2: Yup!
@Pinkeevee222: ...
Wow Clef you had love in your hands and you through it away...

Darkstirpe:Such poetic Irony...
Jetwing:Master I don't think you know how Irony works...
Darkstripe:Shut up! I'm having a moment here!
lol @Pinkeevee222: here is my sketch of Oliver And here it is colored in: I can draw better but I am sick so lol I might smoothen it. My animating program is 2d pencil or moviemaker i barley use moviemaker doh. If you accept me then i will only be able to upload 1 animation every 2 weeks because of school. Also i like birds i have one for a pet. They smell good. Like feathers. Also my bird eats his cousins.
@MelonCupcakez: Coincidentally, I have a cannibalistic goldfish.
@I am me.: O.O
@Guest: That was my reaction when I saw him eating the other fish, except it was more like this: OAO
@I am me.: My goldfish ate my beta fish:( My beta fish was my first pet.
@Pinkeevee222: please respond.
@Guest: I have responded!... To this comment! Am I supposed to respond to something else?
Edit: wait a minute, there is something else!
It's nice to be in the Top first 3 comments 'cause I'm South Afrcian,so my Time Zone is Way distant to keep close tabs on this series
Just like Umbreon and Eve...Isn't love great?
If the love comic series keeps going on, for the next comic I'm guessing Izzy and Vay. That would be sooooo cute!!
Its so sad to get rejected, but I wouldn't know ;=;, but I think Bow doesn't quite like Eve
Welp, that sucks.
that was rude of clef
but to honest be i would of done the exact same thing in his shoes
This is whats wrong with people today! they say that they hate someone but never gets a chance to know that person! SHAME ON YOU BOW AND EVERY OTHER EEVEE THATS OUT THERE HATING ON EVE!!!! (SLAPS BOW 15 TIMES IN PUBLIC)
@slyeon is cool: Overreaction much?
@slyeon is cool: thats a bit harsh now isnt it?
@Guest: Im going to trust you on this for now Guest...for now...
@Guest: But, that doesn't mean she can pick on Eve. On one of Pinkeevee's memes. The Neolucky one, when she interviews Eve. Eve states that Bow, along with other female eevees picks on her.
Who likes eevee designs?
Remember Cream? yeah i ment to say Paste but you can see both of them, i used one of my base, also i'm thinking about my comic but i got alot ahead of me so i can't do that now all i can say is I LOVE STUPID SHORT EEVEE COMICS :>
Hi! I'm back! I'm the guest that talks about dog comics :) also I kinda would like to be able to turn into an Espeon and go psychic a ice cream sandwich over here coz I'm too lazy to get up!
im hungry too...
:3 the leaf on the head of bow reminds me of under the tree in a past comic. * wolf instincts kick in* also... I CALL FIRST COMMENT!!! *HOWLZ*
Dratini: Luxio, you are like Clef. There's 1 reason why you mess up when it comes to love is YOU SET YOUR SIGHTS ON THE IMPOSSIBLE! GO FOR WHAT YOU CAN REACH! Take advice from a woman so you can get a woman!
Luxio: First, they all just hate me. Second, you're not a girl-
Dratini: Yet. Oh, and Clef, do what I told Luxio!
Luxio: He can't hear you.
Goomy: you tell me?
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: Dont worry luxio its a good thing that your single! Now you will be one of the many people how are alone FOREVER!!! ... oh wait...
@slyeon is cool:
Luxio: Of all those singles, about an eighth of them are in my age range. Half of them are the gender I prefer. That means...That 1 in 16 people will date me. Eventually.
The answers are @Pinkeevee222: 1. Mari, Luca, Astro, and Cloud.
2. Dean
3. January 18, 2014
@facecafe2: Huh. That was fast. I should have put up harder questions. In any case,


What game are you using the code for?
@Pinkeevee222: Maybe for Y or Sapphire.
@facecafe2: I play x. Nya.
@Devin17: I like both :-)
@Pinkeevee222: I'm back this time I was floating round in deep space. Bow looks cute. Also has any one seen the movie 2012? Nya.
@Devin17: I have,I like how they give credit to south africa(my home) in the end...other than that is was Great!
@Darkstripe AF: What happened to Australia? Nya.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, and thanks!!!! :-) :-) :-)
@facecafe2: I never realized until now that the very first comic was posted on my twelfth birthday.
@Midnight-fox18: Yeah, that is cool.
@Pinkeevee222: There right most eevee in the first pannel looks like it is tring to poo
@Poo came out: he's fighting with the other eevee in the background. Nya.
@Devin17: I know, but it does look like he's trying to poop.
Kenshi and Scy are copying each others looks ;3;
2nd random word is...: Hookacho
lol @Pinkeevee222: here is my sketch of Oliver And here it is colored in: I can draw better but I am sick so lol I might smoothen it. My animating program is 2d pencil or moviemaker i barley use moviemaker doh. If you accept me then i will only be able to upload 1 animation every 2 weeks because of school. Also i like birds i have one for a pet. They smell good. Like feathers. Also my bird eats his cousins. Also Please reply soon lol i dont have patience sometimes.
@MelonCupcakez: Hmmm... Well, you can, if you want, but, I think it will be more fun if you animate your own characters. Oh, and, thanks for the fan art!
Why is didnt comment yesterday: so yesterday i was at a funeral for the son of a friend of my mom's, he became brain-dead after being underwater too long from being trapped in a helicopter crash just of pearl harbor (can be seen on YouTube) on the 18th.
The worst part was is he was still alive but would never recover, so he was put to sleep and had is intact organs donated, the family's devastated and worse yet, its all over the internet to remind us.

Edit: i also know most of the answer's for the contest but already have like three shiny mew's from wonder trading, so ill pass.
@Blitz Striker:
*internally crying* I-I'm sorry for your loss...
1.) Mari, Luca, Astro, and Cloud
2.) Dean!
3.) January 18, 2014.

Edit: Oh, someone already answered. :/
@Eeveemaster523: Yeah, sorry about that. :-[:-[:-[
Japan is EPIC Me: Sekaiiiii i de ichiban ohime-sama
Sou iu atsukai kokoroetee yo ne

translates into:
I'm the number one princess in the world
So make sure you know exactly how I should be treated.....

Me:Ichigo no notta SHOOTOKEEKI
Kodawari tamago no torokeru PURIN
Minna minna gaman shimasu...
Wagamama na ko dato omowanai de
Watashi datte yareba dekiru mon
Ato de koukai suru wa yo

Translates into:

Kodawari tamago no torokeru PURIN
Minna minna gaman shimasu...
Wagamama na ko dato omowanai de
Watashi datte yareba dekiru mon
Ato de koukai suru wa yo

Shortcake with strawberries on top
Pudding made with only the best of the best
I'll hold myself back from all of them...
I don't want you to think I'm a spoiled girl
I can do things like that too, you know
You'll regret your words!

Luxio: ...what?
Goomy: Nie kwestionuj tego.
Luxio: I'm pretty sure they're speaking Japanese, not Polish.
Oppsss oops not the first paragraph second translate.
Cloud, Mari, Astro, and Luca.
18 Jan 2014 10:08 am
Whoops. Didn't read the comments. Sorry
The 'Love Triangle' Hm... So is it like this?:
The Parenthesis are the relationships on the Right Character's side.

Bow <===Hatred (Unknown for Eve)===>Eve
Eve <===One sided-Crush (Stupidly doesn't know)===> Dusk
Clef <===Crush (Unknown for Eve too)===> Eve
Bow <===Crazy Loves (#AWKWARD)===> Clef

I am correct right?
@BurstDewott: yes!
hold up a sec... Is eve like the most prettiest eevee around? cause ive seen alot of boys loving on her.
@slyeon is cool: She isn't, Bow is. Eve is just the nicest *mumbles something about Sora*
@Pinkeevee222: so who is the meanest eevee?
@Espyius: ?
@Espyius: *claps*
Good job ignoring the only one that loves you xD
@Pinkeevee222: I bet they would have been a cute couple back then huh? :3
She looks like a butterfly in last panel lol
@Darkstar29: I was gonna change my profile pic to the one you have cause yours is from the nya nya clip. Nya.
@Devin17: Sorry >~> you too slow nya.
Ouch poor bow :c
but kinda funny X3
@Piku Protealer: I know what you mean. Nya.
I change my avatar To my main character of my series-Jetwing

Jetwing:I look better than last time
Darkstripe:*shivers at thought*I had more time to practice on tablet
*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawns and stares at the chaos*
Dratini: I'll be gone for a bit in the future...just a heads-up. Dratini: Luxio, guess what!
Luxio: You beat Pokemon Y?
Dratini: Yes and my stepmom's having another kid!!
Luxio: You already have six step siblings.
Dratini: Not all of them live with us! Some live with the last step parent or left for college!
Luxio: Your family is weird.
Dratini: So is your search history!
Luxio: *eye twitches* It's. Your. Computer.
who here has actually ever wanted to be an animal? or pokemon, or have super powers in real life? THIS WOLF RIGHT HERE!
@werewolf kid:
Umbreon: I'll pass.

MegaAbsol: Me too.

The Creator: I wanna be a Zygarde!
@Pinkeevee222 When did SSEC start?
@Guest: Officially, it started November 18th, 2012, as in, that was the day the first comic was posted, on Deviantart. The comic itself (as in, the ones in my binder) started being drawn October that year. (and then, I stopped drawing them for half a year in 2013, due to SYLVEON popping up out of nowhere, and lack of inspiration and, then I made a new years resolution that I'll draw one every week starting 2014, aaand, I'm rambling... again)
@Pinkeevee222: who are two background eevees and is one missing part of ear?
Money? Pink Eevee, would you like money with your face on it?
Rose: He's been messing around with PhotoShop. He made a $1 bill/note with you on it. It looks nice.
M: It's too pink...
Darkstripe:Finally I'm finished creating with my webcomic!
Jetwing:Took you long enough...
Darktripe:Hey don't hate...Congratulate!
Jetwing:Is that even rhyming?
@Darkstripe AF:
Goomy: We'll read it when we can!
Luxio: Also, hate and congratulate rhyme.
These things have titles? Girl Eevees Bow and Eve are not the only non-background girl Eevees. What about Dawn and Daisy? And Sora? Or do they count as background Eevees, because I don't really know. <(^.^)>
@Yin-Yang the Mega Absol: Dawn, Daisy, and Sora haven't been introduced like the other side eevees characters have (Eve too, but the only reason I put her in the comment is because I knew I'd be getting a comment like yours if I didn't). Dawn and Daisy are not eevees, they are eeveelutions, and, Sora hasn't been introduced in the main comic yet (She will get a proper introduction when she comes)


Side characters get in-comic introductions, Main characters get character sheets and, background eevees get nothing.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, so Sora will escape into the main comics? Sweet stuff
Pic! Yay! One of my friends on steam drew this pic of Human-Sylveon Rose! I'm so greatful! I'm happy! I'm...err..
Rose: I look so coolz
@Pinkeevee222: Amazing comic i see some Rivalary
Darkstripe:Spark,just stop...please.
Goomy: I don't know any of the lyrics, but I love this song. Dratini said he likes it too.
Luxio: *to self* more months until I'm not alone with a little kid...keep on living...
The Feels Oh god. The-*Sniffles*- Gravity Falls finale got me right in the feels. The ending was heartwarming, but then I realised it wasn't coming back. I'm sitting in my bed, crying right now...
@M & Rose:
...I cried...but then I heard, on a forum known for headcannons and theories, that there could be a sequel...just sayin'...
@M & Rose: Gravity Feels
@M & Rose: My fells were smashed by the finale too. Remember the gnomes on the pole as they left town and the bus drive getting threatened by Ford and Stan?
@M & Rose: At Least I'm not the only one that feels this way. It's good to have fr- The internet...
His name is Lunos Hey guys I have a question,Imm working on my Eevee OC,so far it's just a gray Eevee with a glowing right eye with green aura leaking out,what do you guys think I should add to it?
Magma:Oooh ooh add some cool green fire patterns on the chest region!
Darkstripe:Just go with that or add your own trait to it.
I just realized, Eve mentioned Bow in the Neolucky's Crazy Meme, where she said Bow and other eevees picked on her.
It feels weird to come back to this comic after reading so many Undertale comics. Oh yeah, and good comic BTW.
Am I the only one who ships Vay and Daisy?
yah. no. maybe so. @Thatradomcomment: i sort of ship them sort of don't. i know that sounds weird but... it just is ok? lol
*looks at the header*
(gasps) It's Blizz and Daisy! I'm onto your tricks, Pinkeevee. Soon, I will piece together the whole secret plot!
Bow has been here before? As I'm looking back in old comics I see Bow on comic 19/17 whichever you say wanting some pizza...
sniper (my other eevee in pokemon x)REJECTED!!! bow: SHUT UP! (only doing dis because I'm bored)
is it weird that I think clef sounds like a girl name?
@sylveon: no. I think when bow is mad she looks like a boy.

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