Popcorn party


March 5th, 2016, 12:20 pm

Bolt hasn't left the PC since he evolved. Which, was four years ago. This is because he is scared of humans.

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Oh. So that was what was in the box. ...
I really don't like drawing grass
From now on, the comic can go on one of two different paths(because, I need to know if I have to remove some chapters so that certain characters can appear earlier) So, Do you guys want more Plot/drama, or more Comedy/filler? Vote below! (Your votes will directly affect the next chapter)


I restarted the poll!

Background eevees are Ethan, Cobalt, Frost, Ali, and Sparkles.
The design contest- http://stupidshorteeveecomic.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/months/2015-12/
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Damn it feels good!
@facecafe2: tHE NEW PAGE IS OUT
Darkstripe:My Ender abilties Have finally helped me get first comment!
Jetwing:Your exitced about this?
Darkstripe:Hey! It's hard to keep constant track of Pinkeevee's comics!
@Darkstripe AF: Ender abilities are the best!!!!!
You might hate drawing it, but the grass looks great to me.

popcorn is delicious tho i don't know why flareon is complaining
@ShadowIrorriM: flareon likes corn type (cuz hes a pervert)
@ShadowIrorriM: A new page is out
we need some butter rain to go along with this.
@Nashew: A new page man there is a new page
I voted for more comedy.
@Midnight-fox18: Comedy YEW! Nya.
@Devin17: That eevee is cute, and sad... WHY IS IT SAD?!? :O
@Devin17: Don't cry for the wait theres a new page
Wooooo @Midnight-fox18: YESH WE SHALL RULE
@Midnight-fox18: New page
I want more plot, if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

edit: wtf is wrong with my lenny face??
I agree on the plot,there were many things 'Pink' left unfinished,"Sora Current state" and "Eve's broken heart" So I wanna see what happens now
@Darkstripe AF: i guess you didnt understand the joke because the lenny face i put after it didnt show up -.-
@Yuvalis: I know what you meant ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

E: awe god f (drops wrench) Pinkeevee! How are we supposed to be dank over here when the site doesn't like special characters? :'c
@Yuvalis: Theres a new page bro or brodette
@Yuvalis: Theres a new page bro or brodette
Okay so first of all. I want comedy because I like funny stuff. And I want plot so I can find out what happened to Sora.
Ha ha. Hey Pinkeevee 222 how do you make an ask blog on tumblr?
@Glaceon le Frost: To make an ask blog, first look at some. If you go on the Stupid short eevee comic blog and look at the people I follow, 98% of them are ask blogs. Look at there stuff to learn what to do. I suggest looking at these blogs:
http://ask-king-sombra.tumblr.com/ (a pony blog, but, It's sooo good)
http://asktheminees.tumblr.com/ (fakemon blog, but, also good)
http://ask-eeveeons.tumblr.com/ (I really liked this one!... until the whole cat mouth thing TT_TT)
http://askunown.tumblr.com/ (great example of a blog that shares plot with another blog)
http://robosylveon.tumblr.com/ (not an ask blog, but, why not?)
You should try to follow every askblog you find, and, let your character ask their character questions (nice ones), so you can get popular quick. I don't do this(because, I can't talk to people unless they talk to me first) hence is why I only get anonymous asks, from people who read the comic here.

There are 2 ways to answer questions (asks). You can put the question in your picture, or, reply to the question from your inbox. I recommend replying from your inbox, because it is less pain staking.

Do you want to know more?
@Glaceon le Frost: Some other great blogs are http://askarkani.tumblr.com/ , http://ask-penumbra-vulpes.tumblr.com/ , http://guideofthetornworld.tumblr.com/ , and http://askshinydeerling.tumblr.com/ ! There are many, many more. The Pokeask community's pretty welcoming, so I'm sure you'll discover a bunch more later on! You should give it a try!
@RioBlitzle @Pinkeevee 222: thanks for the ideas! Now I just need to start setting up! Maybe? Is their anything I should know for setting up?
Hi people who read this comment and awwww! Eevee dawn and dusk!
I would like more comedy I will take drama is it doesn't become too serious is ssec still in a one shot style?
@Guest: It wont become serious. (at least, I'll try to not make it serious.) SSEC will always be in a one shot style. The only things that are not kind of like one shots are comics with
"part one" and "part two" on them
@Pinkeevee222: Wait, won't voting more than once skew the results?
@Midnight-fox18: What do you think is happening now?
for Plot- 401
for Comedy- 15
I might do another poll next week, but, that would mean the next meanwhile has to get pushed back a week...
I guess I'll just make another poll now
@Pinkeevee222: RIP comedy XD
@Pinkeevee222: No not Meanwhile. Also if I would appear in a comic it would have to be Meanwhile, I'd probably be in a jail cell or something in the background, plus most of the plot happens in these comics. Nya.
when are you going to make dawn's secret? you have over 400 fans now
@9rainbowtails: I honestly have no idea if Dawn has a secret.
@Pinkeevee222: Jelly: I think her secret could be that... hmmm...
PewDieKids1: I know!!! How about the secret is that she watches PewDiePie!!! #PewDiePieRules(derp).
Mr. DonutBagelGuy: Seriously, bro?
@Pinkeevee222: the panty hose
I vote for a comic featuring the sylveon that was in your 100th comic (was her name Miku?). Also, is the 'meanwhile' comic coming out next week, or does it come out tomorrow?
@jellybeanier: Next week.
@Pinkeevee222: okay, thanks! (^_^)
DANGG Flareon must be pretty salty after that x3
@Dusty Maku: Yea, with popcorn salt.

Because it's raining popcorn.

I'm not sorry.
I Have a Question Why is Dusk the only leader in the green paw brother hood when the others have too
@Zappy the Raichu: The others have what? Or, do you mean 'two'? Actually, that would make more sense...
Um... to answer your question, Green Paw has two leaders too, it's jut that, Dean, who was doing the presentation, doesn't know that they do.
So who is it? Or will it be in another comic?
Sorry, the SSEC comments section is HUGE, and I just overlooked this comment. ^^"
I would like more plot plz
So that's why then who is the second leader wait is it sora?! (P.s sorry I have trouble spelling)
@Zappy the Raichu: The second leader is in the comic, You just have to look hard. (It's okay, but, You can't use not knowing how to spell as an excuse for misspelling two). It isn't Sora.
@Pinkeevee222:Where is the butter and icing sugar? Also is that Dusk(young) and Sora(young)? Nya
@Pinkeevee222: Dusk's eye in the fifth panel are drawn really well. Also when do we get to see Nego again, he's so cute (Nego4life). Nya.
@Devin17: ikr? Those eyes are ADORABLE :3
Is it an Eevee or an eeveelution?
@SylviaSylveon189: eevee is a normal eevee and an eeveelution is an evolved form of eevee + eevee. Nya.
@Espyius: Spamburger. Nya.
@Marlows59: POPCORN! Nya.
@Pinkeevee222: Yay last commment and nice artwork i love this comic keep up the good work
I want a Glamburger
@Devin its not dusk and sora its dusk and dawn
@Zappy the Raichu: Could be but Dawn hates Dusk so yea. Plus Dusk would have evolved by the time he met Dawn (eevee lab). Nya.
@Devin17: Actually, Dawn evolved before Dusk (and, she doesn't hate him.)
@Pinkeevee222: makes sense mistress. Also Dawn hates Dusk in(flash back) Mother knows best. Nya.
Well the hair style is dawns sora has a different hair style so it must be dawn
Also this could be in time where dawn doesn't hate dusk and maybe something happened that made dawn hat dusk
my weeks been...odd...so much so I don't even think I'm sure what happen, all I know is one minute I'm walking towards the south campus of my school, next thing i know is a hear someone say "Watch out!", then all of a sudden a sharp pain in my crotch, and the next thing I know I'm in the hospital and infertile, again odd week.
BTW more plot pleas.
@Blitz Striker: i hope you feel better! 3:)
Comedy for president!
Imma be honest. I don't get the plot in the least, what little of it there is. Despite that, I still enjoy it for some reason. Plot has my vote.
@Koren: You don't get it because I purposefully make it confusing (I wish I didn't). It doesn't help that I regularly take out and put in plot elements.
I have more questions about green paw Does anymon in the PC besides dusk know that green paw has two leaders
@Zappy the Raichu: how about the rest of green paw? Nya.
@Zappy the Raichu: Dawn and Vay know who the second leader is. The other Green Paw eevees know that there is a second leader, but, they don't know who it is.
I'm just going to say it: The second leader of Greenpaw is (probably) either Night or Sky.
@Pinkeevee222: can you give me a hint as to who the second green paw leader is
@Pinkeevee can you give me a hint as to who the green paw leader is
The seconed one
@Zappy the Raichu: Greenpaw only has one (stupid) leader.
See look here proof
@Midnight-fox18: Pinkeevee said there where two
@Zappy the Raichu: She did?
I must have overlooked where she said that...
@Midnight-fox18: there is a very faint image of the second leader, you just need to know where to look
@Chica: Woah, I see them now. Thanks for telling me that! :D
@Chica: OMG IT'S 1497820!!!!!!
Decode to find out
OK another section to the data archive on this story, green paw, cause things aren't right in that set up.
possible it might be the so called "SKY" we have heard so much about yet no info has been given.
Too lazy to connect I say... Drama for the story mode but i still want comedy... ARGN! So tough! Nvm me *run away*

I missed the comic by 2 hours. I went to bed 2 hours before the comic came out...
XD love it.
Light: What time is it...seriously...don't wake me up this early...
Albany: But we can recreate this scene!
Light: But I need sleep...
Albany: But it involves popcorn!
Light: Binge-watching?
Albany: Nope, popcorn rain!
Light: Still good! Let's do this!
Light: We have 46 bags of unpopped popcorn. If we put them in the microwave 2 at a time, and it takes 2 minutes for them to be done, how long do you think it'll take?
Albany: Eleven-teen!
Light: 46 minutes. *mumbles something about earlier comic*
Albany: Where to dump it...hmmmmm...
Light: I have a window which leads to the roof.
Albany: Does the roof overlook a busy road?
Light: Yes!
Albany: And now...we wait...
Albany: The results were, drumroll please...
Light: *cue decent drumroll*
Albany: We dumped popcorn on 5 people. 4 out of 5 of them laughed!
Light: *in a whisper* The fifth guy showed us his middle finger...
ok that the corn i've seen in awhile
Derp Usually when I'm reading the comic I will be laughing by the end of it but when I saw dusk's face in the third panel I was laughing my butt of and I was not even half way through! XD
@Espyius: MTT brand's finest, made with the freshest sequins and glue.
aj well... I guess wait omg popocurn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bella wow ... someone BESIDES dawn has perv flareon pointed out.

cam I liked the header....... dusk and dawns hairdos make some sense..

bella ? aj! /runs off/

cam well-



cam... wow should have known

bella /stops/ omg HES ON FLIPPIN ANTHESIA [the weird stuff that makes you crazy ] [though it numbs ur pain duiring procedurez]
Light: I hardly remember when I had a tooth pulled.
Albany: They used a lot of laughing gas.
Light: ...I still can't remember...what day was my tooth pulled?
Albany: She goes to a new dentist now.
Flareon is such a perv. I bet his mother is ashamed.
@SnivyStudios: his mother hates him
@Zappy the Raichu: Actually, Flame is the only one out of the 5 boy eeveelutions their mother actually likes. She only hates Dusk, Bolt, and Vay.
@Pinkeevee222: why does she hate Dusk Blot and Vay?
@Zappy the Raichu:

She hates Dusk because... well... it's complicated.

She hates Bolt because he looks like her father, whom she loathes.

She hates Vay because... um... well, basically, she wants grandchildren, and, because it took so long for Nego to hatch, everyone thought he was a 'dead egg' or whatever they call it. When Nego finally hatched, Vay found out that he inherited his... odd... abilities, so, he is hiding him from her to prevent her sending him to the lab, so, she still thinks Nego is an egg, and mocks Vay about it... a lot. I was about to draw a comic about it, for the "lets follow Vay" chapter, but, I lost it.
@Pinkeevee222: and what about Blizz?
@Zappy the Raichu: She tries to act like an angel in front of Blizz, so that if the others gang up on her, she'll have someone to protect her.
Goodra! I reacently found my new favourite non-Eevee Pokemon; Goodra!
If I was a Goodra, I would hug Pink Eevee and say thanks for making the comic. Then I would clean Pink Eevee up. I would then proceed to get doused in water from someone who doesn't like Goodra.
@M & Rose:
Goomy: When I grow up, I wanna be a Goodra!
Wait, what was in the box that made it rain corn?
@Robotdroid: The box is a glitch box. It has an infinite supply of popcorn in it. The only downside is that it doesn't have any butter on the popcorn.
*cue sad trombone music* Wah wah wah waaaaaaaah.... (Is that how you would spell it?)
Bella (drags Aj off to the dentist ) cmon
You are soooo heavy !

Cam: (revs up the car) Kay lets go guys!!! Y'all hurry up!!!!

Bella ( pants ) Aj is heavy tho!!!

-in the dentists waiting room-

Domina Kay- Aj...

Cam Aj go.

Aj ( shaking) I-I d-don't w- ant-t t-to

Bella (sigh) go NOW.

Aj -runs off with domina-

Cam well I guess we have a dumb toddler 4 a few days...
That night... After appointment


Bella (rolls over and grunts) whut? Go to sleep

Aj but there's MUNKEHs in da walls

Cam.... Zzz zzz zzzz stap stap talkin-zzzz
That morning- Aj is eating cereal

Bella (growls) srsly I would LOVE to see Aj stop putting news paper in the cereal

Aj ( dumps bowl on head) i like my new hat!!!

Cam. (Looking at a car magazine ) whuthat?

Cam ( drops magazine) why do I have news paper in my cereal.... Oh that hat... It ain't a hat

Bella Cam! Help him get a shower

Aj k.

Cam. Go get the dog toy Aj ...

- both leave-

The bathroom--

Cam . Still looking at magazine ) put the toy in..

Aj ( drops in Bella's DS) yay!! Jumps I'm tub

Cam !!!! Wait! What was your toy?!?!
/jumps I'm the tub/

Aj yay! You came to play with me too!!

Cam let go of me ( pushes off)

Aj ( tears up ) but. But. You don't want to play?

Cam NO (pulls up the DS ) holy rawhide chews!!! Bella's DS???

Cam we are dead... (Gulps)
Albany: Maybe it's like a phone, and you need some rice.
Light: ...maybe it's like an axe and you need a bit of dental floss and mud...
Albany: I question where you get your knowledge, Light.
Light: Experience and only that.
@Pinkeevee222: I think you should have more characters plus FIRST COMMENT
@Pinkeevee222: I think you should have more characters plus I don't know why flareon
does not like popcorn
@Umbreon fan: More characters? MORE CHARACTERS!??? ... I quit.
Flame likes popcorn, it's just that he thought the box had the type of corn from previous comics(Which, is way more realistic).
@Pinkeevee222: Pewdiekids1: I think that by more charactors, they mean more background eevees.
Mr. DonutBagelGuy: Hey, you're right. Good point dude.
Pewdiekids1: thanks bro.
Batte: yeah, good job, pewdie einstein.
this is probably a stupid pun flareons gonna need some salt for that corn
@Dusty Maku:
That pun was both nice, and yet strangely rude...
@Pinkeevee222: Pink-e,I have a question for you: if I were a Goodra, would you let me hug/cuddle you?
@M & Rose: No. It takes way too long for me to brush my fur every day for that to happen!
@M & Rose: *whispers* Do it anyways! :P
Who wants me to press this mysteries button my nephew (Oliver the Halfling) and his friend Neo made cause it could do anything. Nya.
creepeevee ftw
@WiispNightmare: Oliver will appear in the next chapter.
Darkstripe:Nothing could go wrong with raining popcorn!
Jetwing:Saying that is bad luck
Darkstripe:How so?
*15 minutes later*
*All commentors pressed up agaisnt the screen*
Darkstripe:This is really uncomfortable!
*Grabs something*
Darkstripe: I got your leg,Jetwing!
Jetwing:Master,that's not a leg.
*Random guest blushes*
Comedy MORE COMEDY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I think my friend goes crazy for karp cracks too.
THIS IS AWESOME!! This was so cool and hope for more funny and serious comics.
Darkstripe: I wonder how the others back at my comic are doing...
*At AFEevees*
David:Keep Swimming!
Spark:How did the popcorn from SSEC get here!?

-Due to popcorn floods,Smackjeeves is on a maintence break-
pinkeevee, can there please be a chapter about Miku the Sylveon? I am dying for a chapter about that, because that would be interesting to me. I also was wondering, is there a way people can help you w/ your comics??? That, I am curious about.
@jellybeanier: A chapter about Miku? Well... There can be one, but, then the trainer has to go to Kalos, and, she just went to Unova, so, that is not possible until she gets all gym badges and beat the Unova Elite 4... which, won't take as long as the Sinnoh Elite four, but, she has had bad experiences with Cynthia (as in, by losing to her... a lot.) so, she'll probably not want to try until she grinds her pokemon to level 60-70.

There is a way for people to help me. It's called "giving me money because I am a broke high school girl who doesn't get allowance". And, there is no way to do that, because, I have no credit card or bank account. A more realistic way is by telling people about SSEC, because, as of right now, I'm assuming that the only reason I am motivated to draw comics every single week is because of you guys (Thus is why the fan number is so important). Other than that, I don't think there is any other way (Unless you can somehow telepathically see every spelling mistake I make and tell me about them before I finish comics, cause, that would be cool).
Let's see if we can help! @Pinkeevee222:
Light: Let's see if telepathy works...*hums ground control to major tom* ...All I see is nothingness...
Albany: Maybe it doesn't work long-distance. Does it work with me?
Light: Let's try...*more humming* Look carefully in your subconscious. I left an image there.
Albany: ...*hug-tackles Light*
Light: Overall, Telepathy doesn't work long distance.
Albany: That's what happens when you live in Nowhereland, Coldplace.
Hey Pinkeevee @Pinkeevee222: I just commented on some Pokemon web comics here. I hope some people we'll see them and start reading this amazing eevee comic :).
@Zappy the Raichu: *Is horrified*
@Pinkeevee222: sorry.
I feel the same way,He commented on mine....
Jetwing:And he know's AFEevees is inspired by SSEC,so what's the point?
@Darkstripe AF: I'm a girl
@Zappy the Raichu:
Darkstripe:Sorry Zappy!
David:ahem,I think you need a Draitini,cause you got BURNED!!!!
Ooooh!Do you want some Burn Heal with that!?

*15 minutes later*
David:*running*I'M SORRY MASTER!!!
Darkstripe/EndermanKing:I'lL KiLl YoU DaViD!!!!!!
@Darkstripe AF:
Dratini (over Skype): I'm here again!
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio:
*grabs Dratini*
David:What to do?
*Dratini lands on Darktripe's Face*
*It's Super Effective!"
@Pinkeevee222: Jelly: thank you for telling me that! I was starting to get a little worried that I might be annoying- Disgusting: Which you are.
Jelly:- but I will stop bugging you about my question.(AND GO AWAY DISGUSTING, YOU TERRIBLE HACKER!!!)
Rabbid Era: I can feel you, Mari. I am playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I got past all gyms, and I can't get as far as the third member of the elite four.
GamerGirlXD: #CanTherePossiblyBeMikuXDusk?
@jellybeanier: I beaten all of the elite for in one go.
Theory Time I have a theory. Eve is the egg that Sora gave to that REALLY angry Eevee. And that REALLY angry Eevee is Oliver. That's why Oliver is always with Eve.
@Zappy the Raichu: I like your theory, but I think I found a tiny flaw...(But good for your self-esteem, because the proof of a flaw is flawed!) in the comic titled "Talent?", Eve refers to Harmony as Mommy. But maybe everymon told her that Harmony was her Mom and never said a word about Sora. It's typical for the eeveelutions to be hiding something big.
There's a lot of evidence supporting your theory than going against it. Like in the comic titled "Pendants," and Eve gets possessed or something, one of the pendants has a similar appearance to the one that the really angry eevee wore, hinting that the eevee was in the PC. In the possession-induced dream, Oliver was there, showing he was the angry eevee. Since Oliver watches over her, it further supports that he brought her there.
So really, no is no argument against your theory! Congrats, you have a most likely theory! Beyond possible! Instead, probably there!

(Just so you continue to make plausible and likely theories with evidence to back it up. I can't help but to add onto and support theories.)

Continue to be an amazing theorist, my friend, and continue to spread your wisdom!
@I am me.: Thank you so much. I had this in my mind for a long time
@Zappy the Raichu:
Light: There is one little bit you need to work on, such as, how can you prove Eve is the egg? Your theory has lots of proof that Oliver was that angry eevee, but you need to find Eve's relation to the lab. But don't worry, you're halfway done with a nice, well-supported theory.
Albany: Look, we aren't the only commenters!
Light: It seems like people like theories. And this comic is a mess of plot waiting to be summarized, organized, and explained.
Albany: To everyone here, make theories! They're very interesting!
@5Albany-Light5: Well Eve has some sort of power. And Sora was sent to the Lab to breed for more eevees with her/his power. So it just makes sense.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Light: I can see that, because all the main characters seem to have a connection to the lab, but I just constantly doubt Eve's relation to it. Harmony probably is Eve's mom, so unless someone finds a valid reason to Eve's origins, I'm sticking with Harmony as Eve's mother.
Albany: Evidence is everywhere...the ask blog, the extras, previous comics.
@5Albany-Light5: well if Oliver escaped the lab and came back with the egg Sora gave him. Then gave the egg to the trainer. When it hatched evrerymon in the PC would probably think Harmony is Eve's mother. And only Oliver knows Eve's real mother/father sora. But doesn't tell anymon so Eve won't get sent to the lab.
@Zappy the Raichu: Jelly: I also have a theory!
Disgusting: That your stupid?
Jelly: Shut up. Anyway, I think that VAY was the angry eevee, and that Sora's egg was hatched into Nego!
Mr. DonutBagelGuy: Eggs make me think of donuts. Mmmm... donuts...(starts drooling)
Batte: EWWW!!! Your drool is getting on my shoes!!!
ShaSha123go: ummm... ew, Mr. D.B.G.
Pewdiekids1: And by the way disgusting, little bro, GET THE HECK OFF THE COMPUTER!!!
@jellybeanier: well the REALLY angry Eevee looked a lot Oliver. And I sure that Vay is Nego's real father (since they have the same "odd" power) and pink Eevee said that Vay was Nego's father.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Light: So Sora must be a girl!
@5Albany-Light5: Actually if Sora bread with a Ditto then he/she would still have eggs.
@Zappy the Raichu: Jelly: I had said that because no one knew who Nego's mother was.

Disgusting: Hey, everyone, who wants to join my new "Jellybeanier Stinks" club?

Jelly: Whatever happened to your "ILoveBatte Club"?

Batte: EXCUSE ME?!?!?!

Disgusting: ...
50 seconds later...

Batte: I'll kill you, Disgusting!!!

No one listen to JellyStupidier. She is wrong! WRONG!!!

...by the way, Jelly, what is Batte's address?
Wait,If I scroll up a bit...
Yes! Pinkeevee said that Oliver will come on the next chapter! This supports my 'Giraintina/Oliver' theroy!

If you don't know what it is then,listen...

"A few(2 or 3) comics ago,Eve miskaten a Date of Dusk and her.However the way she was treated,Gives Oliver(Who is Eve's best friend/guardian) the right to rip Dusk,limp from limp,but this is ordinary anger,suggesting what Oliver Did before...

(The LAST time I saw Oliver get mad,it was as if the Nine-Tails is inside of him)
@Darkstripe AF: I actually don't think Oliver will kill dusk. Since Dusk is the leader of green paw (and Oliver is in the green paw brother hood)
@Zappy the Raichu:
I do realise that,but Oliver will 'break' like he did before...
Not killing Dusk but going BERSERK

Jetwing:It's only a matter of time...
I just kinda wonder if anyone likes my Aj Bella & cam stories
Goomy: I read them!
Dratini (over Skype): I read them sometimes, although I could spend that time baby-proofing every single one of my siblings' and stepsiblings' apartments or homes.
Luxio: His stepmom's house is covered in a layer of bubble wrap. And Goomy forces me to read them.
Darkstripe:I think your story deserves some credit,I really think you(or someone you know)can bring these characters to life,whether it's on paper or on digital formats

Jetwing:Try to make a comic about them,if you did,Find a way to get it online and get some people to read it...

Darkstripe:And I'll First comment!
@Darkstripe AF: Not if I get there first!
Also, everyone, may I please have your attention? FaceCafe, Darkstripe, Zappy, Dratini Goomy and Luxio? I have awesome news!!! My first two comics are here, on jellybeanier stories! you can read about me, my friends, AND I will be putting stampylonghead in my comic! So, check it when you get the chance! ( do NOT look at stupid friends, though.)
Darkstripe:You have grasped my attention,Jelly! I shall read your webcomic,but be warned.....

Meep:(chibi)you have to read Dark-sama's Webcomic!!
Look. I draw my own comics and my mom probably doesn't want for me to POST them on here ... Or anywhere
@Guest: Really? That's sad, I would have liked to see them.
I hate st Patrick's Day -.- my brother had an early celebration today and he gave me green popcorn (I have no idea ._.) it scarred my paws for life *stares at green paws* -.-
I have the feeling that Most of the Guests,actually struggle to get a smackjeeves account.My point is the Confirmation Email Method.Most people's email's aren't set fully to receive them.

Sadly,I've been trying to help a guest at my webcomic out,So he/she could +Fav and rate,but there seems to be many problems doing that(And I know that Guest is smart)

To all commentors and respective Authors,We all share the bane of "Guests-Who-Can't-Join-cause-They-Don't-Recieve-the-confirmation email" So plz If you guys,have a straight-Forward answer tell me..
@Darkstripe AF: Actually, I think that most guests are either Middle/ elementary schoolers whose parents won't allow them to get accounts, or, people who just randomly look at a particular comic from time to time.
Besides, if the confirmation email isn't in the main box, it might be in the spam box, or, the guest might have given them the wrong email.
@Pinkeevee222: I think my mum would let me get a acont. She just wouldn't let me say ANYTHING about my identity.
No, my email is just the technological equivalent of a Magikarp.

No offense to Magikarps.
@Pinkeevee222: I think that's a good answer too,my mom would've kicked me from Cape Town(South Africa) to Texas(USA) for giving information about myself. But still I feel our guests need some help will smackjeeves accounts,whether it's sercutiy problems,or not geting your comfimation email.

Meep:Master just's want to make everyone happy...
I think I vote more plot
@Darkstripe Dusty: the ninetails? I thought only naruto had kurama ._.

Maku: is wearing hidden leaf village headband*

Dusty: Good lord not this again -.-

Maku: im going to be hokage! believe it!
I was eating popcorn when i saw this.
(Sighs) Time to eat a ghost pepper
oh no oh god pls no.. i know what flareon was talking about...
@Pinkeevee222: flame i really (dont) feel your pain

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