March 12th, 2016, 11:20 am

Pokemon can't die in the PC, but, they can be in
excruciating pain. If a pokemon loses to much blood in
the PC, they will go onto a coma. *looks at Vay*
Vay: *Scowls*

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OUT OF 149 VOTES... 60% of people wanted more plot and 40% of people wanted more comedy, so, plot wins.

Sora be mad... LOL.

I wonder why everybody has been talking about Oliver lately...

Dawns secret has been rescheduled. It will come out when I find out what to do with her. Because, out of all the characters, she is the least involved in everything. And, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. (Except matters involving Dusk and/or Daisy) Well, at least we are almost at Eve's secret...

I missed spelled Evolve... and I DON'T CARE *mutters* I don't wanna re write all that text again...
Pinkeevee222, March 12th, 2016, 11:17 am Reply
Advertisement, November 11th, 2019, 1:30 pm Reply

I cheated and got first comment!
@Pinkeevee222: hey pinkeevee you missed spelled evolve. you spelled it as evove and you forgot the l. no offence pinkeevee.
ps:i shouldn't talk myself i probably missed spelled a couple words myself.
@eeveeleo: I knew that before I uploaded this comic, I put it in the description that I knew, and, I spelt it correctly literally a panel before, and your still telling me this? You know what? I quit, no comic next week. *walks away, comes back, flips table, and walks away again*

*Whispers* I'm using this as a bad excuse to catch up with my AP art work, I'll probably still upload a new comic, most likely only on deviantart though, because I just said I wouldn't upload here... unless someone gives me a really good reason to...
not sorry~
@Pinkeevee222: sorry pinkeevee I didn't read the descriptions. I'm sorry please don't do that for the others that follow this series. If you what you can block me.
@eeveeleo: Why would I block you? I'm not mad or anything. I got use to people telling me my spelling is bad (Though, this time, it was a typo, and, to fix it, I have to type every single line of text again) As I said, I'm using your comment as a bad excuse on why I might not upload a comic this weekend (Most likely I will though, like, 99.1% chance, unless I'm lazy, or decide to play Minecraft with my friend on Friday)
@Pinkeevee222: OK thank you pinkeevee
@Pinkeevee222: don't worry, you're not the only one. I did a lot of typos and also missed grammar as well. I'm worse than you :3
Im so proud @Pinkeevee222: so sora is eevee number BOOBS and oliver is eevee number HELL... good job lmao
@Pinkeevee222: ummmm kids at school keep messing with me but i did find out something creepy from them just look at 1134 upside-down there always being like that but this really creaps me out
I'm back! I was getting ready for my bday! :D @Pinkeevee222: also I love this it's really really interesting and I am like "Oh...My...Gerd.... ERMERGERD!" I JUST LOVE THESE COMICS SO FREAKIN MUCH IM SRY I HAD TO SAY IT!!!! :D x3
@KayleeTheEevee : ikR and happy Bday
Thnx @Dibowac12341473013777778: Imma be excited soooo much for it! ^^
@KayleeTheEevee : Ok
Now it's been a long while since I've drawn eevees @Pinkeevee222: what I'm saying about this cause every time I do it's like.... Um excuse my very dark mind by my Darkside but I sometimes do lil short stories and sometimes they have blood and I think a lil TOO much of it so uh yea.... (I'm horrible xd)
@KayleeTheEevee : Alot of Blood and gore huh?
Not like THAT MUCH @Dibowac12341473013777778: I mean like a lil bit
@KayleeTheEevee : Ok i see
@Pinkeevee222: Man and I really liked the comedy part but oh well, the plot thickens
@Diggy Daggit: Yep
I usually @Darkstripe AF: i usually just call second i never get to call first.

Light:you cant cause your to slow
SFX:Well maybe you try!
Darkstripe:Not cool Pink!
Jetwing:Wait,I've seen an Eeveelution with that same scar before.....
Meep:Meep loves Pink-chan Comics!
LOls @Darkstripe AF: Lols
Yes you have @Darkstripe AF: I am positive we've seen seen an espeon with a scar exactly like that and it also has a star shaped gem
At least I'm third if u don't count replies and same ppl The slyveon/ eevee still has courage! She can do it!
:D @Guest: Lols yeah
This is really interesting and I remeber an Espeon in one of the comics with the same scar... Could it have been her because she can evolve so many times or is that where they are expirmented at and stiched back in place and she or he is a lab project as well?.... is it the same Eevee or diffrent eevee? So many questions...
@bri'sshinEevee: I agree with you there was a Espeon with a scar,And Sora's "true form" is releaved to have that same scar....

When we ask for plot,Pinkeevee gives us plot!
@Darkstripe AF: it's so true! :')

We need more plot! Maybe I can crack this case by looking at every single detail!
;D @bri'sshinEevee:

Well i think that back in the lab the eevees got experimented so much that they got after effects and i think that one of those after effects is evolving in other eeveelutions So many questions so little answers
@Dibowac12341473013777778: that is true.. and me being nosy(?) Went and looked at previous comics... Sora has pinkish purplish eyes now blue with a scar.. can that mean something? Or pinkeevee222 just wanted to change the design?
;D @bri'sshinEevee:

Well i think that back in the lab the eevees got experimented so much that they got after effects and i think that one of those after effects is evolving in other eeveelutions So many questions so little answers

Well i think that back in the lab the eevees got experimented so much that they got after effects and i think that one of those after effects is evolving in other eeveelutions So many questions so little answers
Are the pictures ( with paint background) a screen or something else?
@Guest: Idk
@Pinkeevee222: Awesome Comic
I love the meanwhiles because I love trying to firgure out the mysteries, I READ ALL THE COMICS THREE TIMES TO TRY AND FURGURE OF WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE, I STAYED UP ALLLL NIGHT okay I think I'm going a little bit crazy
Yes yes you are getting crazy
@Endersnivy101: yay I'm not alone XD
Everyone I invented a new catch-phase!

Oh yeah @Darkstripe AF:

@Darkstripe AF: geez, I think that is better than what a girl I know says.
Hmm... maybe Dusk and Sora might be related...

Yeah like brother and sister or counsins
Jelly: Oh, man. This reminds me of a game someone made about an eevee who could evolve into each evolution, before turning back into an eevee, or another evolution.

Disgusting: This reminds me of a dream I had about killing you.

;/ ;/;/;/;/;/
@Dibowac12341473013777778: what is that face?
Darktripe:That's the face of-
@Darkstripe AF:

LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLL hue huheuheuheuheuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuheuheue

Sceptical wink
Man Oh man i can't wait for the next page i think one of these things might happen
A Something random
B Another meanwhile
C More explaining for the questions we all have
D About the eevee with the scar

E Something about the scar espeon
F A mission
G A attack on the base
H Caramelldansen
I Something about the Eevee Sora was with
J Space
K Devin Kevin and Levin
L A story about background eevees
M Hm let me think a love story
N Some dark story.
O A chase
P They will go outside the PC
Q A adventure about something silly
R Dusk
S Meanwhile with Flareon
T Hm a flashback of the lab
V Um Obama
U Donald Trumps
W Corn
X Super powers
Y A crossover
Z A mission of some sort were they find the eevee but they find out the eevee is dead and the blood leads to a cave later on a shadowy figure is seen later on it turns out he is from a gang well evil organisation.
Z)YEEEEESSSSSSSS,that is a very complex and random idea.(Boy that's so catchy)
@Darkstripe AF: Yeah
Light: Options N & Z are intriguing.
Albany: I need option C.
@5Albany-Light5: yeah i guess so
@Dibowac12341473013777778:z turns out to be me in the cave. Nya.
@Devin17: And why is that?
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Sith lord, it's my thing to do z but I want it to be k because I miss LKD they're like brothers to me. Nya.
@Devin17: Oh yeah i see
The most I think i have commented the most?
Well Well i commented in the previous page stating the new page is out.
Darkstripe:A world... With Unlimtied Updates!!!!
Darktripe:With So many Fans
Darkstripe:With no SSEC
Spark:YEEEE-*punches himself*
@Yuvalis: XD
@Darkstripe AF: Lols
whelp, things just got interesting, why do i ever misjudge this comic when it comes to entertainment, also two other eevee's escaped from "the lab" as well and have been rescued, *jots down notes* interesting.
@Blitz Striker: Yeah
Jelly: oh, also darkstripe, I did see your comic page. I also put up a comic about-

Disgusting: ME!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Jelly: ... yes, you....

Rabbid Era: (crying) that wasn't funny. There were arrows on my back, and a creeper.
@jellybeanier: OK cool i guess...
Whisper: I wanna see what happens next!!!
Jibanyan: I know, right?!
Komasan: n-no.. too sad, and scary..
Whisper: ... it really isn't that bad, Komasan...
@Yo Kai and Friends: Soon very soon
Recognition Still no evidence Agent Lea (AKA daisy) has recognized Sora or vice versa, assuming I remember right, no wait, daisy is younger than dawn who was born after the lab incident (pre comics) and as such the two never met Sora.
@42Meep: LOl well
Gee, I thought I was early. I still need to think of a joke...

@Marlows59: I will comment the most
Well, that sucks.
@Nashew: Rather harsh really.
This comic as a whole has the cringiest comments section I've ever seen in my life.
@hippo986: ...true f*cking story. The comment section on this page takes up 4/5 of the page. Arceus can we please try to stop? The random RPs are the worst...
@bluefiredragon: Ah ha.
@bluefiredragon: Ah ha. i see well well.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Yeah. You see it because it's right in front of your eyes. Behold...
@bluefiredragon: Lols ok
@hippo986: Meh to each their own thing i suppose, after all those People have the right to RP.
@hippo986: Meh to each their own thing i suppose, after all those People have the right to RP.
Sora ain't dealing with your shit
Darkstripe:YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS,you're proably right....
*punchs himself*
Darkstripe:Dammit,got... to... get... that... phrase... out... of... my... head...
??????????/ @SilverNinetales: ???????????/ ok/?????????
Wait....haha,Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I figured it out!

My theroy is this:
Agent Lea/Daisy wanted information on the Eevee who escaped the Lab,who in turn had an Egg,that means Oliver was the one who escaped(which,obivously was said himself before) Agent Lea/Daisy and the 'prevoius' agent doesn't know the wereabouts of this Escapee(And they Don't know It's Oliver) However,judging by the small drawing of an eevee(Which could in turn represent the hatchling).That eevee has the same bow and 'Kawii' personallity,just by looking,it resemables Eve.But Just to piss Sora off,Lea/Daisy tells her that the Escapee will be hunted and the egg will be Destroyed...

And just to top it all off,Sora Now shows her Orginal Form,with a scar on her head that copies the same of that 'Mystery' Espeon(that is thought to be Sky)

EDIT:Dammit, I just reallised,that small eevee drawn there....could just be Pinkeevee,giggling at my foolishness,BUT Overall my Theroy is Accurate!
@Darkstripe AF: Lols or not i mean the story couuld go anywere, i mean heck the escaped Eevee could be dead for all we know, or in the real Pokemone world, Oliver could be a escaped eevee from a different lab heck only time will tell
mangle the eevee (I'm the new nyan cat eevee)
SHADOWS MIND : I'm dead meat
Shadow : I-I lost it when I was talking to scar
Mangle : ( spear of justice theme plays )
scar : COME AT MEH
( scar is a purple umbreon with a scar on his left eye , shadow is a black eevee aka not umbreon and he has red eyes and mangle is a black eevee with green eyes and she's an experiment her types are fire ,water,electric, psychic, grass, ice , fairy, poison and flying )
@mangle shadow slash : Ok
durp @Espyius: hurp Durp watermalon
@mangle shadow slash : KFC KOOL-AID WATERMELONS
Comment title? How frequent will we get comedy comic strips?
@M00S12: Well, It's not like comedy is leaving, I mean, this is "STUPID short eevee comic"... ironically. The only thing that will happen is that plot will be sprinkled inside the usual comedy, and, there will be less comedy only chapters. One shots will not be affected.
@Pinkeevee222: Cool
@M00S12:l Its like almost every week.
Why does Sora have blue eyes now
@Zappy the Raichu: Well, my dear guest, Sora is stupid, and Dusk rules, that's why...! Wait, I mean If you look at Sora's eyes in the last panel, you can see that her/his purple eye color is retained. (Though, people seem to like ignoring small details)
@Pinkeevee222: So Sora now has the magical power to change her/his eye Coulor.
@Zappy the Raichu: She has had it since the beginning, and, it isn't magical, according to pokemon logic
@Pinkeevee222: OK cool
@Pinkeevee222: i wasn't ignoring it
@Zappy the Raichu: Ikr
Wow look at all those comments.So Sora is back and why do she have blue eyes?
@Reyna178: The same reason Dusk has yellow eyes, and Blizz has green eyes... but, kinda opposite.
(I am no help, am I?)
@Pinkeevee222: that helps and you post this comic exactly on my cousin's 3rd birthday
@Reyna178: Cool bro or brodette.
@Pinkeevee222: so Dusk and Blizz also have the magical power to change there eye Coulor. I wonder if I can do it to?
@Zappy the Raichu:
Light: Don't try to change your eye color without contacts. Trust me, pouring paint in your eye is much more painful than it sounds.
Albany: *giggling* Light learned that the hard way.
Light: I still can hardly see out of my left eye. Just don't use paint.
Albany: There's surgery to change your eye color from brown to blue, though!
@5Albany-Light5: OK :/
@Zappy the Raichu:Blizz gets super strength and well... Dusk is a mystery
@Cookiez: Well
@Zappy the Raichu: Lols i guess so
@Pinkeevee222: Lols
@Reyna178: Yea.
@PinkEveee222: know what undertale is? might be a good game 4 u to get into. you can buy if for 10$ or watch somebody play it. Mandopony did a no swear series of it. i inlcluded the last part cause i get in trouble for watching stuff with swears
@Hey: Undetale is amazing
Let me tell you a wonderful story of the comment section There were once two people who's names both started with the 4th letter in the alphabet.

They commented so much trying to get various senpeis to notice them, that the comment section became cluttered and cringey which chased many people away.

Then the section got overrun with guests that are big meanies that don't want to put in the work to support our glorious author that loves drawing Oliver and Oliver related story lines.

As a result of these bad events, everyone got depressed and died to pieces, leaving the poor, mature 20 yr old commenters like me to talk among a smoldering battlefield of broken comedy and despair.

Sorry Pinkeevee, for it is all ogre now. It is the rp children's swamp now.
@cccviper653: Well, in my defense, I said the comment section wasn't for RPs, spamming, and personal things before.
Example here-
Recently, I haven't said anything about these kinds of comments (even though most of them are annoying) because last time I did, I think some people stopped commenting... (and because, to be honest, they are hilarious) But, then again, if they chase potential commenters away, I might have to do something...
@Pinkeevee222: Is it an issue that people don't comment all the time though? Sorry if I sound rude, I'm just curious as to why that's an issue.

Using myself as an example, I only really comment when I have something to say, but I still keep track of the comic and all.
@ShadowIrorriM: It's not really an issue, I just like reading people's opinions about the comic, and pokemon in general.
@Pinkeevee222: OK then
Well i like @Pinkeevee222: Well i wanted to say that i like this comic and that it had imrpoved alot as the years has pasted and that it gives some sort of nostalgia, and that i can't wait for the next page, as i am excited for it and keep up the good work, i love this comic its artwork its characters, and everything else from it.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: u reply on every sing comment and reply ok we all know u know
Well listen m8 @Guest:

I did not had a Account i just read the Comics, and Comments i have been silent really, because i didn't made a Account, i wanted to join the fun in the Comment Section, and i barely commented when i had created my Account. so i just decided this once to comment alot, i rarely do this tho, and if anyone finds me Annoying they can tell it to me, your the only one i see saying i'm Annoying tho, for the rest i don't see anyone else saying i'm Annoying.
Btw @Guest:

Btw i didn't comment on all the comments as i Re-Read them i commented on alot but not every Comment, so have a good day lad.
@ShadowIrorriM: Alirght interesting.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait,did he say 4th later of the alphabet?


(But honsetly,I'm only trying to reel commentors in,*cough*guests*cough*no account*cough*)

If I'm really a nuiscience,just tell me,I'll Understand
@Darkstripe AF: It's not you, it's mostly the guests. (I don't think your a nuisance, so, don't worry about that)
@Pinkeevee222: Am i a nuisance for commenting litteral on all the comments?.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: ... no comment.
@Pinkeevee222: Alright?. then i suppose i'm not a nuisance.
@Darkstripe AF: Hm interesting
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, this comment is based off the link you put mostly as a reminder because it's been a while since your message and it might be wearing off by now. I don't think those comments are chasing people away from the comic as a whole, the comment section however, maybe. From my personal view that similar people might also see, when those types of comments are all over the place, I'm just like, "erf, I think I'll just go hang out... uh... over here or something." Like imagine you're a big, clearly beyond highschool looking person, and you go into an elementary playground to play tag with the kids. Kinda awkward right? That's somewhat the feeling I get from the comment section. I'm sure I'm the minority here though so I guess I could put more effort into ignoring it. I'm kinda out of place anyway right? I don't think I'm in your target audience. I'm here because: Eeveelutions are awesome, not many stories have gay characters, and the comic is genuinely funny. The biggest reason though is the plot. I love a story with a good plot and this has one and then some! There's so much stuff going on in the background and it really takes some puzzle solving to see the bigger picture. IT'S GENIUS! Tying back into the matter at hand, I like seeing people talking about stuff like this relating to the story. To see the puzzle from a different view, to talk about the characters and the way they act in their various situations, logical stuff etc. Given the name of the comic, what can I expect though? :P This is all about fun after all and I love it! It just runs stuff off the rails a little bit when I see wall after wall of text with back and forth conversations involving almost completely irrelevant subjects. Adds needless clutter to sift through to find the comments that actually spark a conversation. Speaking of walls of text, this is getting on pretty long so I should wrap it up. Leave the commenters to do their thing if they're adding a little life to the page like @Darkstripe AF: (who correctly guessed one of the people I was talking about. Sorry btw if I was a bit hard on you.) The guest versions of you are the actual problem I was getting at. There are soooooo many guests that just pop in, don't support the comic and leave their clutter, then pop back out. Not all of the guests of course. (But still they're guests :/) mmm, I'm starting to go all over the place. Trying to bring out too many points at once on too little sleep. Hopefully I got the gist of my message out. Good night. (Thud)
@cccviper653: I understand and well, i don't feel out of place because of age diffence or wahtever, but i do agree that the guests tend to be the most annoying well some not all ofcourse.
@cccviper653: NOOOOOO!!!!!!
*Midnight-fox18 fainted!!!*
@Midnight-fox18: Well.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: She died from the spamming...
Well RIP
@Guest: Well i don't think it was me.
@Guest: well. I don't think it was me.
@cccviper653: HOW i feel now well a little
Plot! if i am right about what i am About to say then be careful because u could be getting a spoiler. Correct me if I'm wrong but the Espeon from earlier and sora now have the same scar so I think that *drum rolls* they are the same and that sora escaped and is now looking for the OTHER escaped eevees and eeveelutions before they are hunted by leafy and killed! Which also means that the Espeon is a time skip of sora's current position!(Escaped eevee example... Vay) correct me if I'm wrong #like a werewolf boss >:3
@Werewolf kid: Mabey mabey not
FIGHT One more thing. I wanna see leafy fight sora and Oliver without that F****** HONEDGE at once. * bell rings* leafy vs. sora & oliver. Break a leg leafy... On second thought I hope u break more than just that >:] * joins the fight* Oliver and sora and werewolf kid vs. leafy without the sword! Fight! #demonwolf mode. HONEDGE: u can do it leafy! Me: SHUT UP U FREAKING SWORD! * eats*
@Werewolf kid:I said that sora was that espeon in the last meanwhile so I belive this Isn't a spoiler for some, suz. Nya.
@Devin17: yah i know u did i was just thinking of it before i read ur comment
@werewwolf kid: Ok interesting.
@Devin17: Yeah
@Werewolf kid: oliver and sora would win even if lea had honedge, smexy sense always wins >:D
@Guest: Aa ha???/
@Werewolf kid: LOLs ok
@Pinkeevee222: so.... her natural eye color is light blue wow didn't expect that. If they can't die .... then that means I need to do more research on this
@Darkstar29: Yep you sure ahve to do i guess
Oh and uh my second theory is that sora now works for them and is going to find the eeveelutions and will either capture them or kill em OR see Dusk and remember... i dunno what but something with Dusk in it then change her mind :3 mind
@Werewolf kid: Alright then interesting.
Imma back and this is something serious, even I wouldn't do what they're gonna do and I'm a sith. Also I think daisy is actualy a clone of agent lea for some reason. Nya.
@Devin17: Yeah who knows mabey.
@Devin17: that is very possible

...or she could be really good at acting like dusk ( i think dusk just acts dumb but actually he's as smart as night ( he practically cloned himself), in Chatting part 1, harmony says "drop the act " AND on dusk's ask blog he says himself he's a really good

*making random theories*
@Darkstripe AF: Just because he doesn't comment doesn't mean he's a bot. Some people are just quiet.
@ShadowIrorriM: I agree with you.(AnimatedBen1,sorry if I was wrong)

But I've seen Bots on forums,I'm just saying that it's too quiet for comfort,but I Totally agree with you.

I like people who oppose/reply my theroies or statements,gives me a reason to comment back and make the comment page alive
@Darkstripe AF: Yeah i sort of agree.
@ShadowIrorriM: I guess.
Ah, the complex my second home, in a way cause I've spent most of my time there. If your wondering what my origanal house was an old bus stand and a card board box(for sleeping). I also made my first freind in high school sad past (gets up, neals down, hugs oli and begins crying). Nya.
@Devin17: I just wanna hug you after reading that man i feel ya bro :D
Please read my last two comments cause i want feedback :3
@werewolf kid: I would say your theroy describes an alternate ending,Sora is just threated to give info on the "Escapee'vee" Or Agent Lea will send agents to hunt down the "Escappe'vee" and Destroy the Egg,(Or the eevee hatched from the egg)
@Darkstripe AF: The egg has hatched because the egg is Eve (maybe)
@Zappy the Raichu: -Mabey indeed-.
@Darkstripe AF: Yeah it does doesn't it?.
@werewolf kid: I have to agree with Dark
*Puts on Top Hat,monacle and fake mustache*

Welcome,I'm Gentlemen Dark!
I'm Here to say that my webcomic,AFEevees,has finished it's first chapter! I'm telling you this because:
1. Your a resonable Commentor Section
2. You guys are so far the only active comment section,so I can get to you easily...

Please check my comic (:3) Pweesee?
@Darkstripe AF: Ok i wil check it out
@Dusty Maku: I'm prity shure Oliver (who is hevaly hinted to be Sora's friend he\she gave their egg too) is in thePC and is basically the guardian of Eve who is stated to be a full year younger than Daisy who is two years younger than Blizz and Vay who are the youngest eevees known to have been at the lab so it is safe to assume eve is sora's kid.
@42Meep: Mabey who knows
@42Meep: now the only question left is WHO THE CHIHUAHUA IS HER FATHER!!!

Dusk: eve, I am your father!!!
Eve: WAIT WHAT! ! !
Dusk: at least i wanted to be *shrugs*
@Dusty Maku: IKR
I'm confused.
I still love the comment!
Dat eevee be like
Or could be just me.
I'm tired.
*falls asleep on top of Venom*
@WiispNightmare: XD XD
So the theory is eve is sora's kit and oliver is sora's freind so if we flashback to the meanwhile comic number 102 in the archive this could be true. Nya
@Devin17: That's my theory!
@Devin17: But they do say great minds think a like
@Devin17: Great minds think alike they say
@Zappy the Raichu
@Pinkeevee222 Search up undertale! its good. you could blindly buy it or watch some1 play it bat its better den Dusk
@gsdf: Lols
I just noticed something.
There are a select few if the characters that can change their eye color. So far, those have been Dusk, Blizz (I think... It's been a while since that comic), and Oliver, and no others (that I remember, at least). In this page, Sora's eyes are changing color (blue and pink). There seems to be a correlation or something.
I'll leave the rest for people who pay attention. I'm not good with plot stuff.
@Wolf'sStillTooLazyToLogOn: I think everymon from the lab's eyes glow showing their power
Name:power:eye glow colour thingie
Blizz:super strength: green
Vay: changes to human: blue
Dusk:idunno:yellow( he gets really serious)
Flame:invisibility : Amber
Bolt: troll and wimp: red and blue
Sora: evolution: blue
Oliver:anger issues: red ( his earring glowed)
Eve pretty sure evolution(future eve):pink I think
@Guest: I think that two and it shows their personality aswell i think
@Dibowac12341473013777778: yup, when blizz went green he was either bullying greenpaw vees or getting angry at vay

Dusk goes yellow when he's angry/thinking about sora

Vay, when he's ... I dunno (I'm pretty sure in the comics with him going cop cra-cra)

Sora- dunno

Flame-gets scared or surprised

Bolt- normally sad/annoyed cuz of troll

Ps. Eve, and nego are the descendents of the lab vees
@Guest: I has just realised that scull has experienced two eye-colour changing in one day(dusk cuz scull's dating dawn and blizz cuz scull lost his magazine )
Poor scull...

@Guest: Yeah.
@Wolf'sStillTooLazyToLogOn: Lols XD
*turns into chibi mode*
Darkstripe:thanks Dusty Maku and Devin for +Fav my comic,Now another +Fav Too!

You guys(unlike most readers) Don't Hate or Ignore a Boy's cry for help.May You Reach Fame with your comics and interests!

Meep:Meep gives Hugs to all!!!!
@Darkstripe AF: your welcome, the main reason was I wanted to check it out (seeds oli over to get a hug from meep). Nya.
@Devin17: Lols XD
@Darkstripe AF: Also how did ya know it was me? Nya.
@Darkstripe AF: Should I press the button? Nya.
@Devin17: Reason I found out,couse you already +fav it when I checked.
@Darkstripe AF: do I press button? Also the eevee and egg (unless it hachted) will be fine if they stay in the pc box. Nya.
@Devin17: Which button?
@Darkstripe AF: The BLUE button! Nya.
@Devin17: I'm sorry man,but you gonna have to be more describtive

Meep:*chibi* Pweeeeese Devin-san?
@Darkstripe AF: Well it's a big BLUE button sitting on a stand in the middle of an empty room and on the button it looks like there's a picture of what we thinh is a police box but it's to faded to tell, so should I press it? Oh and please call me master not san cause i'm used to be called master. Nya.
Meep: Ok master Devin!
*Meep hugs Devin*


*Darkstripe wakes up*
Darkstripe:What a nightmare!
@Darkstripe AF: Lols XD
DAWN @Pinkeevee222: maybe she could have battled (she's one of the best battlers right) someone really dangerous(dr. Felix) , get hypnotised and is secretly telling everymon in the houses their secrets (more secrets) then lea gets mad
Dat face In panel 16 is is my 'don't ask me' face I find it really funny XD
@Guest: pannel 17 is my rage face. Nya.
@Devin17: sora's face in panal six is my 'arceus why do you do this to me' face
I think I've met my new god... That's you, right?
o.o Dusty: is it just me or is sora a flareon a sylveon and an eevee .-.
@Dusty Maku: You forgot (maybe) an espeon. Nya.
@Dusty Maku: she can transform ((to my knowledge on this comic)) to any eeveelution but evedentually hurts herself with when she does so?
So cool
will/do any of the characters know attract? If so, can they use it in the next comic?
@jellybeanier: I bred all of the eevees to know it, so yes. All of them (except Dawn) know it.
Those type of moves don't work in the pc.
@Pinkeevee222: okay. but why doesn't dawn know it?
Disgusting: I just realized something that the idiot known as Jellybeanier didn't! In one comic in, "dusk is a dunce", there was an espeon that had the same scar as sora! was that same espeon sora?
@jellybeanier: I replaced it with another move, cause, you know, the 4 move limit.
@Pinkeevee222: Ah, right. that sucks.
What do you think Eve's secret will be? How about everyone who replys to this says what they think t will be, and whoever is right once it comes out, I will make a comic chapter w/ that person in it.
@jellybeanier: maybe we'll learn eve was born, what's up with this egg and eevee or what the heck happen up in the tree house and that mega evoltoin thingy with the amulet. Also it's eve's and oliver's secret. Nya.
Jetwing:Don't forget to mention Oliver is part of the secret.

Darkstripe:Beats me,but I know this:
1. Oliver is the escape'vee
2. Oliver is the Evil Eevee
3. Eve's Heart was crushed(so this could in turn effect Oliver)
4. Clef failed to confess his love...again
5. @Pinkeevee222 is awesome!!!

Darkstripe:with these listed and combined,you'll be able to draw out a FULL theroy based on the findings of this chapter and what we know now.However,there could be a small chance Eve/Oliver secret will (in some way) include Sora.
@Darkstripe AF: well, we aren't really sure if he is the escaped eevee.
Batte: and anyway, according to the meanwhile in power puff vee, his mother was harmony, which also seems to be what that is in the storybooks.
Jelly: my opinion is that we will learn about the necklaces we saw in a comic from power puff vee.

PewDieKids1: My opinion is that she watches PewDiePie!!! or likes waffles.

Disgusting: My opinion is that you both are idiots.
@Espyius: KFCcccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Anyone excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Era: (punches Jelly in face w/ plunger)

Tori: I think that the catchphrase is catching on too fast.


Mr. DonutBagelGuy: Shut up.


Batte: Where did you come from?

PewDieKids1: (derp) I don't know, LOL! BUT then again, BATTE, I am an enderman!!!
Sora sort of looks like he/she is coughing up candy wrappers in frame three, and what is going on in frame two?
*looks at comment section*
I guess that rant about annoying commentors went straight out the window...

Not that I think some are annoying,I really like you guys. It's like a family I never had,BUT there serious cases of spamming in here.
*Pretends to be a Scientist*
So if you Add guest with spamming repiles X by the SSEC comic= Chaos and less supportive readers.

But seriously,Let's not do things like replying to comment that are Rhetorical or Left alone....

*This Has been a 'Darkstripe and Friends' Production*
@Darkstripe AF: Well ok
@Darkstripe AF: I'm gonna push the button(pushes button and a whirling noise starts in the background). I-i-is th-th-that what I-I-I think it is (turns round and sees a white with blue police box then begins walking over). I-i-it is you I haven't seen you in 3 million years and now you finnaly come back to me old freind (opens door and steps in side). Now where'd I put the phone I need to call oliver, greath, levin17 and kevin17 so I can tell them your back. Nya.
sadness @Devin17 uh hey Devin17 ur profile pic makes me sad so... *whips out harmless claws* change it! >:3 (im werewolf KID my claws are not that big yet :3)
@werewolf kid: I'll change it when I rejenerate (may the 22nd) and my profile pic is meant to be sad like my past life about 9 million years ago,if you'd like to hear more of my past bring back LKD. Nya.
@Devin17: Nah, you should keep it,In your honour,I shall make your OC appear in my comic!!!

Meep:Yay!!!!!! Devin is coming to play with me!
Darkstripe:However I might need you crank your age down to *cough* fit Meep's age
@Darkstripe AF: try about 13 or my young nephew oli can go, but if you do draw me do my left eye red and right eye blue. Also how old is meep? My age is at least 9.5 million years old because I'm a timelord. Nya.
Meep is 5 years old,but due to being the only pokemon in the Fault PC system to be in the Outside world,the effect placed made him 5 years old......FOREVER
@Darkstripe AF: oli is about 10 but due to side effects he's now 6. Nya
@Devin17: give me some details on oil,and I get it on comic
Hey Pinkeevee222 can I ask you that is about the pokemon designing contest,can the pokemon be design with clothes or no?
@Reyna178: Yes, the design can have clothes.
@Pinkeevee222: Vee!!!
@Pinkeevee222: can I just ask
1.why that room is so dark
2. How can they see
3. Why is sora glowing slightly
4. Why is the air around lea so dark
5. Is the green paint thingie lea's thoughts
6. If 5. is corrected then can sora read lea's mind
7. Should I stop asking questions
?,?,?,?,?,? And ?
Jelly: (listening to mystery science theater 3000 music) If you're wondering how they eat and breath, and other science facts-

Era: LaLaLa!

Jelly: -Just keep to yourself it's just a show, you should really just relax!

Shasha: this song (or at least that part of it) means that you probably shouldn't worry. We will answer some questions in a minute, though! (or will we? derp)
1. they probably have terrible light problems

2. I really have no idea (derp)

3. Probably because- um...

4. because the room is dark, I guess.

5 and 6: I dunno. (derp x2)

7. In science, never stop asking questions!
@Guest: 1-4: I'm lazy and I don't want to draw a proper background.
5- yup
6- No.
7- You can ask as many questions you want (That are not plot related)
Wow I want to see more of this.
Guys you have noticed that when Daisy was talking about escapees with the two eevee head blurbs, right? They blurbs are Daisy and Vay.
you jerk. @Pinkeevee222: WHAT THE FUDGE IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?!? Making Sora feel that way? you should be ashamed of yourself.
@EvanatheEspeon: I don't like Sora. And, if you see what she does to Dusk later on, you wouldn't either. And, I am pretty proud of myself. I mean, I got at least one person to get worked up over a fictional character's feelings. Actually, I feel flipping amazing! *does a back flip*
@Pinkeevee222: okay i get it now. And i will say this for you: I am a durp.
and i could see why you would be proud of yourself. Should i break up with dusk?
This is so cool... I really like this comic so far! :3
Wait.. Sora's number is Hell? MY GOD.
This is gross. First panel is fine, but then in the second panel that eevee barfs all over the floor. BUT UR COMICS ARE STILL FANTASTIC!!!
Hmmm What's that eevees name? I know that he evolves into espeon, but what is his name? I'm thinking Scar.
Wait... it's still sora
HOLD UP Vay went into a COMA?
Wait Oliver means hell?

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