March 19th, 2016, 11:40 am

Ever since the lab, Vay has been aging slower than the other eevees. So, even though everyone thinks he is 16, he is actually around 11/12 years old.

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I know that looks like an apricorn, and not a tangerine, buuuuttt, I did a super detailed panel to make up for it! So, we are good, right? ... no?
Hee Hee. Paws and claws rhyme~

Anyways. Its my fault for being so lenient, but, I have to tell you guys that there are 2 rules for the comment section. No Role-playing and no spamming. Pretty easy to follow, right? I won't do anything to people who are Role-playing, but, I will start to do things to people who spam, because, there's 200 comments in the last meanwhile and literally half of them were made by the same person. The comment section is for discussions about the comic and pokemon in general, so, it should be easy to read.... and, I- I just want everybody to get along, and not think that people are annoying! Then again, that is if it really is a problem, it might be just me, but, it seems like people are hating on guest users, even though they are not really the problem... Hmm....

Are the guests really the problem? Or, is it the people under 15 years old who read the comic? Maybe, there isn't a problem at all, and I'm just being mean (If I am, then, I'm sorry) Maybe you guys can comment down below on your thoughts on this?
Pinkeevee222, March 19th, 2016, 11:36 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:47 pm Reply

First! Again! Wow, I am so good at this! http://fav.me/d7ezykn
Darkstripe: You just had to do that...
@Darkstripe AF: Yes. Yes I did.
@Darkstripe AF:

Tangerine = Mandarijn

both have 9 letters the same amount of eeveelutions ? interesting.

@Eqrkstripe AF

yes yes she sure did
No you're not, you're not even close!
@Xxninjablade: They technically are if you exclude the author comment. Look at the timestamps. :P
@Pinkeevee222: You sure are great comic btw.


Amazing comic Tina.
That person. @Pinkeevee222:

I have a huge hunch that, that person who had commented so much was me, heh it probs was me well i will be commenting less now i was planning on commenting less anywyas.

Or it was someone else idk and i now i'm a guest idk how weird btw i'm Dibowac idk how i became a guest.
@Pinkeevee222: AWESOME JOB!!! I had wanted to try and get first comment, BUUUUUUUUUUUT... I had to drop off some family members who were visiting us at the airport.
Is that Vay on the header?
@42Meep: Yup
@Pinkeevee222: Agent Vay?
@42Meep: ..... *looks away, suspiciously* no...
Ohes noes @Pinkeevee222: the secret has been leaked
@Pinkeevee222: Ah the tangerine so simple but yet so tasty, anyway pannel 4 is done amazingly and looks like it's from a japanese manga or anime. Also I would like to know when LKD shall return. Nya.
Tangerines are descendants of Arceus confirmed?
The Slyveon in the characters section is Miku. It's defiantly Miku. It is Miku. #MIKU
Am I right Pinkeevee?
@Zappy the Raichu: she already confirmed that in the ask blog
Waffle Sandwich.
Are any other eeveelutions gonna try to peel the tangerine? Sorry I'm just curious if and of the others are gonna peel it. I wanna know! (I'm gonna get an account soon sorry for the guest)
You see! That's respect,instead of being a guest forever,you're actually gonna get an account.

@Pinkeevee222 will be most happy that you decided this..
Wait.... @awesomegirl16: I might not get an account. I have to wait awhile for decisions.... Sorry!

And thus they have invented the Tangerine Challenge.
Tangerine has nine letters.
The square root of nine is three.
The tangerine is not open able.
Tangerine = Illuminati
Well i was late .-.
Try a grapefruit I heard those were easier.
@9rainbowtails: Lols
Maybe the reason why Vay doesn't have a neck fin is because when he was a Eevee he didn't have a neck fluff thing. So I'm saying. Maybe he was born with out it.
@Pinkeevee222: I would say there is one certain user who is a major problem in this comment section right now. I won't name any names but it shouldn't be hard to figure out which one I'm talking about.
@Nashew: *Puts on police badge and glasses*
Well it's great your keeping an eye out,I've nailed a few Suspects,but I first wanna here what the problem is(Don't have to mention any detail about the commentor)

So that we can neutralise the problem instead of backlashing the commentor.
Me or someone else? @Nashew:
I have a hunch you mean me Matthew. because i commented alot in the previous comment section, or you mean someone else.

But if it is me just say it to me, i know it when i'm unwanted or not, but if it is someone else we will see then.
i know that feeling when you just cut your nails and you want to eat a tangerine it's so frustrating
@Pinkeevee222: Ha-HAH! IM 15 NOW! AN EXCEPTION! WOO!
But seriously, I agree. We should stop blowing up the comments section :/
I love these comics when they are funny keep up the great work Pinkeevee
i counted 200-246+ Comments.

In the previous Comic Page.

86 were mine so i was not the person that had had.

so less then one third of the Comments were mine so i guess i wasn't the one that had half of the comments.

i wonder who the real spammer is?.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: We shall never Know or will we? Though I do belive some of the comments were just me and Darkstripe AF chating and getting to know each other a bit. Also rejeneration hurts. Nya.
@Devin17: Well yeah i did saw you and DS comment alot aswell, but anyways are you excited for Pokemon Sun & Moon and what changes of Pokemkn or what New Types would you like?.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Pokemon Sun and Moon Yea I'll go wid moon and imma hoping for a new eevee type. Nya.
T_T. :D @Devin17: Alright then well i will be waiting for both, and watch how people will play it on Youtube, because i don't have a 3DS T_T and, i will be waiting for the new Eeveelutions and Anime, and the other New Pokemon. :D
@Devin17: sry, no new eeveelutions or types
Okay then, lets calculate it @Dibowac12341473013777778: The previous comic has 253 comments as of now.

If we average the number of comments from that whole chapter, excluding the last comic, we get 137.111111.... If we subtract your 86 comments with the over all 253 comments in the last comic, well get 167. And, if we subtract the number of comments of people replying to your comments, we get about 150 comments, which is less than the page before, that had 185 comments. So, You alone basically made like, 100 comments happen, which, would be a good thing, but, most of them were just you voicing your reaction to other people's comments (which were just variations of 'LOL' and 'Cool') and replying to comments that had nothing to do with you. If we count those comments, we have 72 totally unneeded comments. Which, is more than half of the average number of comments in that chapter, and, is spamming.

I mean, I know your enthusiastic about the plot and story and stuff (probably not anymore though) but, On a site like this, I don't think posting 70 comments saying 'cool' and 'lol' isn't really helpful, if you know what I mean. And, the guests are not the problem. You are not either, but really? If you wanted to have the most comments on the page, ten or fifteen comic relevant comments would have been fine... you have stopped reading what I am writing by now. Haven't you? Oh well.

Alright i see well yeah, i did somehow made people post alot of comments, and yeah i did say i will comment alot or something like that, but i won't comment alot really something like me commenting alot in here is something, i barely do here once or so and then never again, and thats it but i did not wanted to be the one, to have commented alot i just tbh wanted to interact with people ect, but now that there are rules and a limit to what we can talk about or not, i understand that now, if i want to comment alot i will be at Google+ and, with alot i mean alot alot, bur anyways now i know that i wasn't the problem or the guest.

And why am i again a guest, i need to make sure i'm logged in with my phone
@Guest: Btw that comment is mine from Guest 19
I read the whole comment @Pinkeevee222:I know how much your comments overflow more than any comic u read here I rarely try to comment knowing it will never be read
@Espyius: sandwiches. Nya.

But why is it called, getting glacey? is it about blizz?
@jellybeanier: The name might change. It is not about Blizz
Jelly: Oh. Okay!

PewDieKids1: (reading, "and then they were alone) I LOVE WAFFLES!!! I AM THE WAFFLE LORD!!! GO TO SPLODER.COM/MEMBERS, AND TYPE IN, THEWAFFLELORD!!! (all in one word, though, not three).

Everyone Else: ...
I cannot believe this
aj lookin over cam after he slips on a saop bar/ why you on floor? did the coconut shard hurt u

cam /grunts/ yes, its also not a coconu-

aj /licks coconut bar/ [burps with bubbles] nom. ERMAHGAWD bubblez!!!!

cam whut?


cam well... let go down stairs

aj (leaves) bella! bella ! im MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGIC!!!!!!!!!!!

bella well. if your maggggic stop being so idiotic

cam {thought} well, at least she dosent know...
hey pink eevee! I've tried to log in to stupid short eevee comic but it doesn't work.
@slyeon is cool: Do you mean Smackjeeves? Because, I think it's pretty easy to log in.

@Pinkeevee222: i dont spam but i do post a lot of comments so the person u might b looking 4 is me. sry bout dat
Question @Pinkeevee222 How come some comic headers have bar codes with PINKEEVEE222 at the bottom?
@Leafeon237: I think I know what does are for. I'm using my IPad so I can hold down on the comic and then when it says save or copy there's a message that says something important to the plot!!
@Zappy the Raichu: That's the alt text it is in every comic. I like alt text.
*dramatikally throws open doors in a Phoenix Wright manner* Objection! Not all people under 15 are like that. I have friends around 17 who are like that. I'm 14, and I'm pretty mature (unless you count me being in too many fandoms for my own good. Then... I go crazy yandere when I see my OTPs getting smeared).
The last comic. Omg lol i just thought of something. the egg that Leafon shows in the mini picture is egg-zactly the same as the red amulet in the comic where Eve is patrolling one of the boxes so maybe the egg turned into da amulet or something? oh well
two things
one: this comic was part of the selected teasers you released wasn't it, because i swear ive seen it before.
second: just got back from seeing zootopia, and my fucking word, the first movie that nor me, nor my brother, could find something wrong with, ever, and that is the biggest fucking award a movie can get.
@Blitz Striker: "language" -captain America
I commented 6 times once, is that spam? (Is so, I'm sorry, I was just thinking up so much comment ideas and I don't like waiting :P) I'm a also under 15, but I turned 9 a couple days ago so, at least I'm not 8! And for those of you who make fun of little kids, you were a kid once too and you would feel horrible if someone made fun of you because of your age, and 9 year olds can't just magically turn into 18 year olds! Plus, it's not even there fault for being little, they can't control there age.
@Guest: NOTE: I'm not saying Pinkeevee is making fun of kids, because she's not :P and I am not a guest, I forgot to log in as Endersnivy101, just saying.
@Guest: You're 9!?
I think it's neat meeting people on SJ of so many different ages, yet have similar interests as me. :D
Black lucky cat @Midnight-fox18: Acctualy, many different ages can act different than you expec, for example, im 11 and i get along better people who are 2 times my age!m :D
@Black lucky cat: I was actually a lot like that when I was 11!
...mostly because I had different interests than the people my age. ^^"

By the way, your avatar is adorable! :3
@Pinkeevee222: finally thank you for making that role jeez that's gonna take so many comments away
IM SO EXCITED FOR SEEING MY MOM IRL FOR MY BDAY! :D (yes i am hyper, and YES i was playing Slime Rancher, so i've been offline for a WHILE! Tee hee~!)

*Ahem* where was i on what i said??? OH RIGHT! For all of you who dunno (which some of you do and dont) i will be going to my home state for my bday irl on the 21st at 4:00 AM! (My bday is the 23rd ((derp)) Now you think ill be leaving the comments forever but i wont soooo yep! (at least i dont have to deal with my 12 year old sister for the entire WEEK!) *rolls away*
ill be 15 on the 23rd soooo... i might be like kinda... squealing and bouncing up and down (like a Tabby Slime) because well, tbh EVERYONE gets excited for birthdays. so if y'all want me to stop lemme know IM JUST EXCITED TO SEE MY MOMMA!!! ;-;
@Pinkeevee222: I wouldn't say it's all the people under 15 that are a problem. Sure, the people who spam tend to be under 15, but I wouldn't group ALL us younger people like that. ;)
I agree with that There are many factors to pull up when it comes to the annoying commentors being identified.

There are some commentors like:Diplowac
They are Super-enthustic about comics and want to get the say in everything,'cause that's who they are and I'm not bother to with it(but if it does bother @Pinkeevee222 , then I'll have to be "Ender-Guard' and stop it)

That are some commentors like: Darkstripe and Devin17
They have the role of "Night and Day guard" As they watch over the SSEC comment page constantly(As we live in differnet timezones)They make small chat but also keep the limit.

There are some commentors like:Midnight-Fox18
Who keep in the limit and sucessfully make a comment,without spamming or just constanly 'Lol' or thing like saying 'yes' and spamming arcoss the speech bubble

Then there are commentors like guests
Little is known about them,as they either explain there personality though Role-play or changing their guest name.Most(And only the guest who KNOW their responsible,may take this personaly) guests like to say there things and leave,never come back to support,other guest may have problems to making a smackjeeves account,well those who stuggle,just ask someone who has an account,Explain what you did,piece by piece,so WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID WRONG,heck we'll even arrange with @Pinkeevee222 to have a forum for guests to HELP them,so don't be lazy to ask,if your parent don't. Want you to....then tell us,so I can mark you off my "Ender-Hit List" and then we'll be done here...

These are many factors,and I think EVERYONE can get a chance to read and DON'T IGNORE IT and go have another dissusion underneath me,My eye were made for Stalking(cause, I'm an Enderman) Plz take these notes under consideration....
Shadow in the Dark @Darkstripe AF:

Well Dylan i will be commenting less, i will be like a shadow in the dark silent as a ninja, don't worry about me because me commenting alot in here, is something i barely do, because i did had my Account like a year or so not sure but when i had it i commented barely less, so i will be just commenting less, and well have a good day lad.

This is probs the last Comic Page were i will comment a average amount, i will just be silent like a NInja like i normally do in here. and just read the Comments mabey comment a little and just wait for the Next Page like i normally do.

Btw are you excited for Pokemone Sun & Moon?.

See ya later and have great day.

Btw i advertised this Comic on my Google+ i have like 340+ Followers and i Advertised it on a Pokemon Trainer Community.

I did got excited for the SSECs but i will just comment less or be entierly silent, either way you won't hear much form me here.

And Dylan, PinkEevee222 > Tina said that the Guests nor me are the problem, but anyways you won't hear much from me here, in the SSEC Comment Section i will be on different Social Media, and i will barely Comment here.

And,? Dylan you find me a annoying Commenter he? well don't worry i won't be Commenting here much on this Comment Section anyway,

Have a great day or night ya all! because, this is the last time i will comment normally here i will Comment less or be Silent, for me this is all a Win not a Lost anyways see ya later everyone.

And if some or every one finds me Annoying so be it i will just move on with my Life.
I didn't mean you're annoying,I-I just said that your enthustiac,and you not a bad person,Just be who you are,man,I meet up with you on Google+ Some day,And support you all the way,It's Just this 'Commentor Problem' saga showed up and ruined th vibe of the comment section. I wanted to Help the commentors and Pinkeevee with this problem as I'm one of the active commentors.

To ALL commentors,I have to say this: IT'S NOBODY'S FAULT!!!!!
It's not the guests fault,nor is it Dibowac's fault. This was Just a Sad turn of events that happened 2 or 3 times in the comment section.
Ok then @Darkstripe AF:

Welll then alright and yeah it did turn abit of a sad event ect but anyways what has happend had happend we can only go forward now anyways have a great day.

Oh and on G+ i'm almost daily active and i'm in 180-500+ Communitys or so.
My name @Darkstripe AF:

Dylan my name is Dibowac
D-i-b-o-w-a-c. Got it?.

i will be listening to this Music as it.

This music defines this situation for me.
https://listenonrepeat.com/?v=u9zZus_1_ag#Sonic_Adventure_2__Live_and_Learn__Music_Reque st
@Midnight-fox18: I didn't say that they are the problem, I was asking if that group is the problem or not. Though, it seems like the people in that age group don't think they are the problem...
Spamming isn't the problem, it was just a problem with the previous comic.
Um I can't really explain it well, but, it's like, if a commenter comes back to this comic after a long time, and read some of their old comments, they say "Why did I write that?" or "Wow. did I really say that? What was I thinking?"
@Pinkeevee222: Haha, I actually feel that way about my past comments. XD
._. i tried peeling an orange like that once , *sigh* -.- had to use a knife
The detailed panel is intense! Umbreons are so good at pulling off all kinds of looks with epicness. Wish I could have more of it but I know it's really hard work... which is why I don't do it! :D... :c I must learn! Anyway, hopefully they get to taste that tangy, tasty citrus before glaceon smashes it, and it all drips down into his lap... wait, what's that rustling in the bushes? It's Oliver who happens to LOVE citrus! uh oh. >:3 Corn ahoy!

Sigh, I kinda feel like I'm responsible for starting a fire in the comment section. It was just, so all over the place and discussion comments were spread thinner than a college student using nutella. I can see some people are happy, but others are sad that they feel like they shouldn't comment anymore. That's just how the poffin crumbles I guess, there always has to be a winning and losing side. I just don't know who to see as the winner! bleh.
Not Sad @cccviper653:

Well Andrew, i will comment less, and sometimes i will just be silent, for me i see it as a Win not a Lost, a New Beginning Change, so yeah i just wanted to clear this out, i'm not sad or anything like that.

I will just comment less on Tina's Comic Pages. And sometimes i will just be silent.

Have a great day.
I read every comic strip on this webcomic once... I still feel like I should know what the crap the lab is.
@M00S12: it is a past event that has mostly been covered in the ask blog which is easily accessed by googling "ask ssec"
POSTED MY FOURTH COMIC!!! This time, it is a silly adventure including a waffle.
@jellybeanier: Well, the comic will be continued
also the last comic had the most comments of all your comics.
@jellybeanier: Pinkeevee222
Oh wow the tangerine is indestructible!
1. I'm from Spain, so if I made mistakes don't kill me, right?
2. I've made a DevianArt account only to follow you because you, @Pinkeevee222 are amazing.
3. Is too late to made an eevee? If it's not, tell me pls how can I send you the info
1. Okay, but, I don't really think you'll make any mistakes
2. Really? Thanks!
3. It isn't too late to make a background eevee. The rules are here: http://stupidshorteeveecomic.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/months/2015-05/
Hey, look, I finally logged on! *sloppy clapping* I want Umbreon in panel 4 as my wallpaper.
bella I has question for all of ya if mangle is toy foxy then why does he/she look like a girl?
is SHE A HE OR A HE A SHE #mangle hates toddlers..
@Guest: ...
...Did you read Pinkeevee's author comment?
If not, here is a quote from her author comment:
"The comment section is for discussions about the comic and pokemon in general."
I apologize if your question is simply tormenting your mind, but you can always search on the Internet for an answer, or just think what you want to think about Mangle's and Foxy's genders. But for now, may we please keep the SSEC comments section about SSEC or Pokemon?
If so, then everyone will get my invisible cookies.
Gawd, Umbreon is hawt. And he's got some dank rhymes there too.

"With only my paws
Without any claws
I will never pause
Until this peel falls
I may be grasping at straws!
-but oh wait I'll just watch Glaceon do it instead."
Again Eveyone,I do apologise for lashing out(Even,though it wasn't) I feel I need to be the guardian of the comment section. (After all,I AM the Time/Space Guardian)

Thanks to Dibowac(sorry if I spelled wrong,again) for not attacking me if I sounded harsh,you still have a place in this comment section.We ALL have a role here.

*starts sobbing quietly*
Hm @Darkstripe AF:

Alright then and np i would not attack someone here if he or she , has something against me i will just move on because that person will only have him or herself with it well here not atleast, and if you feel like being some Protecter or Guardian of the SSEC SWAT TEAM or something like that go ahead, i guess someone has to keep things safe here, and i take your sorry, and you did type my name right this time, and yes we all have and deserve a place in the Comment Section, IMO the RUles should had been made from the get go but i guess it wasn't so out of hand back then, but the Rules are here now, and what has happend in the Past stays there, it might hunt us down someday who knows, and i have a question do you find me Annoying Dylan,? just wondering and yes you were harsh, but if you want to be a Guard or something like that, you should try to avoid being a harsh Guard, because it might scare well people well let me say it like this, people don't like it when there are people being mean or harsh in the Comment Section, but good thing your not going to be Harsh Guard, anyways like i said in my previous Comments.

I will comment less or be silent thats just how i am sometimes, in here atleast but anyways have a great day ya all.
Great! By the way I have this uncanny abilty to have a 180 degree demeanor,so won't have to be harsh if there is no serious tension.

But anyway,it great to see you still here,hope to hear from Google+ how great the community is. MAY THE ENDER BE WITH YOU!!!!!

-Darkstripe AF
Nation:South Africa
Favorite saying:
"If you ask now,you might be stupid,if you NEVER ask,you'll be always stupid"
Yes yes @Darkstripe AF: Alright then and yes i will still be here til the comic ends.
Dratini: I have one week where I won't be commenting here through Skype!
Goomy: Yay!
Luxio: So...tangerines?
Dratini: I don't have hands. I can't peel them.
Goomy: I've peeled one once. All you need is to go to the roof of the apartment building, throw it off, scream that it's an alien and peeling it's skin off will kill it, and hope for the best!
Luxio: You've done that several times. In the middle of the night.
Just started... The eeveelutions are my FAVORITE! Just started reading. Keep it up pink eevee!
I want Bow to go Shove a Stick up her Arce
@Zappy the Raichu: I have the feeling you were the anon on tumblr who asked Bow that mean question today...
I think form now on I will put my guest name on when I ask a question on the blog.
You should... Make one of the characters do something with Undertale (by Toby Fox). Look it up its amazing! Maybe playing it? Idk
@Smileygirl567 :
Goomy: What's an Undertale? Is it a fanfiction?
@Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: it's a game
t.t sorry.... iwas wondering if anyone really knew the actual awnser
@Guest: ...Are you the same guest I responded to about the FNAF comment?
I'm just curious, it's hard to know who's who when some guests don't have names that they use. ^^"

If you are the same guest, don't worry too much about your previous comment. Lots of us have made unrelated comments too, so you're not alone. Sorry if I embarrassed you, I wasn't trying to attack you or anything. I hope we're all good. :)
PS: Maybe Mangle is just a girl version of Foxy. Though I'm not exactly a FNAF expert, so I'm not the best person to ask... ^^"

If you aren't the same guest, then sorry for possibly weirding you out with this long comment. XD
@Midnight-fox18: ... foxy’s a boi? i sry i dont no fnaf at all all i no about it is 1. the night starts at midnight 2. the night ends at 6 a.m. 3. u get a freddy mask 4. freddy’s last name is fazbear or something like that 5. he owns a restaurant 6. u spend 5 nights at freddy’s like the name suggests 7. u try 2 stay alive
@Midnight-fox18: oh no someone replied to my comment and I have to see my two years old comments

oh god
Umm sorry for asking this but what is role-playing? What do you mean by that? And does spamming mean flooding (If you even play Tanki Online you'll know)? Sorry I do not get this but... Oh well! Please don't eat me for asking that.
@aabobb : role playing is basically an RPG game, such as Zelda or Pokemon ect.

@Pinkeevee222: I've heard rumors of your comic having a miku, and i have a miku in my animated series, and hatsune miku... Too many miku's!!!!!
@TheSlitherynEeveeAnimangus: Actually, role playing is more like-

Mari: Wow! I have ten hamburgers! who wants some!
Luca: I do! I do!
Astro: Uh... where did you get these from?

And, that Rumor is a rumor. A very good one, but, still a rumor

@aabobb: There are different ways to spam a comment section, but, in general, to spam is to post a lot of comments (like, 7 or more) that are generally not helpful and not needed(and annoying).
@TheSlitherynEeveeAnimangus: The Miku is a Sylveon
Yes!,but that can only mean @Pinkeevee222 is actually a.....
*dramactic pause*

Pink Eevee
*silectly to himself*
Totally Nailed it!!

I have no beef with guests. I personally don't mind 'em. Though seeing so many people with no avatar is weird to me.

Ah, damn. *sweeps M and Rose away* I'm sorry guys but the jig is up! It could never last forever. I'm an Rp-er myself and my instincts kicked in and started having a bit of fun. Sorry Pinks (Can I call you that?). I will refrain myself from Rp-ing
@Pinkeevee222: this is a cool comic I think I will make my own and wait I did
Vaporeon is still THE BEST 1. I was still too lazy to log in... This happen to everyone!
2. Vaporeon is soooo cool!!!!! He's my favorite eeveelution! So the fact that in somes drawing he's adorable and others, (like this one) he's cool, i love it! I even got a vaporeon in a plushies!
3. So anyway, what is your favorite eeveelution guys?(In general) ... (I am Talking to everyone)
@Talking Eevee: Not to be mean. But Vaproeon is my least favorited eeveelution. I don't hate Vaproeon I just forget it exist sometimes. So I'm making my Eevee comic and I making a gag where evrerymon fogets that he exist.
I don't think the spammer is me because I started commenting on like comic number 100 or something so... Yah but it could be me anyway.... Nah I don't comment that much do I?.... Do I?
Soo... 1. I finally got out of my lazyness and i log in after so many password problems before i realize the problem was my username (I kept writing Talking Eevee with a space but my username is actually TalkingEevee...No space! Congratulation genius! *Talking to myself*) But what i want it to ask is: @Pinkeevee222 , probably because i need to keep reading on the ask blog but... Im kinda lost on it... Are you angry aftervall the followers because of the flareon incidentvand let's lucca with the controls or... Plz try to answer the best you can...:)
I wonder what would happen if we put harmony in yandere simulater?
@slyeon is cool: I would kill her in every. Single. Whey. Possible.
@slyeon is cool: ya for senpai....
AHHHH! Ok so i came back to SSEC but while as was doing the i saw latest comic on google and i read down below it says:I quit,no comic next week.
@slyeon is cool: Oh right! Yeah, good times, good times.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm back from diemension 16 (visted my cousin), I like tangerine, tangerine tasty, tangerine scrumcious, tangerine precios, tangerine mine (starts peeling tangerine with one paw) it's quite hard.
Sun and Moon which will you chose?
@Zappy the Raichu: I think general discussion regarding pokemon s&m (heheheheheheh s&m) is being avoided in a lot of places because people don't want the game spoiled and/or don't want to be super hyped so long before the games even come out.
(Still s&m hehehehheheheheheh what were they thinking)
@Zappy the Raichu:
Luxio: Sun.
Dratini: Moon!
Goomy: Select at random!
Hey that rhymed!
FIFTH COMIC!!! I have a fifth comic NOW!!! And now, Pinkeevee222 has inspired me in a way. I will now be having background people who are popular people in the minecraft universe. This time, it's... SquidNugget!!! And by that, I meeeeeeeeean... IBallisticSquid!!!
i'd stop trying if i were you.
Light: Not to be weird, but I might attempt to swallow it whole. Not because I want to, but because it would be an interesting story if I end up in the hospital.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Congrats! I feel this is just the beginning of a new generation(And when I mean that,I mean guests becoming members,which is good for an authors heath)
Also when I open up my profile noun of the Intel I put shows up. Is it so posed to be like that?
@Zappy the Raichu: If you are under 13, it won't show any of your personal info on your profile. This can be fixed by simply not putting in your birth date into your profile.
I hope this helped! ^-^
@Midnight-fox18: ok thanks! ^-^
@Zappy the Raichu: YAAAAAAAAAY!!! If you have a comic up already, I'll check it out!
@jellybeanier: Comics will be uplouded when I'm done my road trip. And when I have the time. And when I find out how to upload... It might take a wild...
@Zappy the Raichu: road trip???
@jellybeanier: Ya I'm on a road trip I went to California!!!!!! And now I'm coming back
@Zappy the Raichu: thats a coincidence. I am gonna do a comic chapter soon about Rabbid Era and Disgusting going to Six Flags Magic Mountain, in California. I just got the idea for that today, in fact.
This is just random but for some reason I wanna read the tommorow series I don't know why but I just do. Nya.
@Devin17: Devin I know where your avatar is from. It's Chrissy form team Eevee clone attack.
Awsome OMA!!! I just realized that nobody will be able to peal the tangerine. The only way is for them to use their claws and not there paws!!! Tac Nayn=Nyan Cat
Bday** lol I typed an S in there, my bad! XD
@KayleeTheEevee :
Well,Happy birthday!
@KayleeTheEevee : Yea, harpee birthdiy Kaylee. Nya.
derp they actually can just use their powers to open the tangerine but that would either
A: destroy the tangerine
B: explode the tangerine
C: incenerate the tangerine
D:mutate the tangerine

but i think the onnly one who has the ability is dawn because cant she just use her psychic powers to peel it? oh and uh also i call future dibs on first comment >:3 i miss oliver :I btw guys i want to know who your theories on the spammers are because im into theorys. even if its me. im eleven years old #bdayonmarch15 it should be a bad luck day but.... the day was epic
@Pinkeevee222 Is the plot thing about Agent Lea or a story thing about the eevees inside the box or both???
@Shadowborne: The plot is about the eevees inside the box, I think.
ummm How did the comic # go from 151 to 131?
@Black lucky cat: The comic # and the archive # are different, because, the archive counts extra comics that the regular comic doesn't.
For example,
Comic #130 was Popcorn party
Then, An extra comic came out (Meanwhile...)
Then, Comic #131 Tangerine came out.
The archive makes that turn into-
Comic #150-Popcorn Party
Comic #151-Meanwhile... and
Comic #152- Tangerine

I'm trying to find a way to fix this, but, I have had no luck.
@Pinkeevee222: ok thanks
Omg Umbreon said "wow you're so COOL Glaceon" PUNS XD
@Smileygirl567 : lol I get it. XD
Japanese names
Sora-means Sky
So that means Sora is Sky
im sorry I'm roleplaying! Dusk: am I umbron kun
eve: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
Devin: wanna be friends
WOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!! If anyone wants to know why I did that, it was because I started my second comic chapter! It is called batte the bat for now, but I might change it.
:D hahaha so funny, but glaceon can not create a knife of ice to peel the tangerine? XD
NVM! it doesnt say i quit, no comic next week any more!
1 last comment of this comic before the next one.
2 Why do the eeveelutions sometimes refer to each other by their species, they have names.
3 Smackjeeves refuses to take my email. :'(
*grabs tangerine* Pfffft. watch and learn Blizz.

*3 hours later*

I give up. you may laugh at me now.
Aaaaaand...just like that, we shift from an actual interesting plot to two bumbling idiots.
omg Dusk on the fourth pannel and Blizz's face on the last one XD
Truly a formidable opponent; the tangerine. It’s attacks are useless, but it’s deffense is impenetrable.

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