Hey Oliver!


April 2nd, 2016, 10:57 am

Why is Vay so cute when he is miserable?
Pika: Yeah, that's just you
Shut up Pika.

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Remember the design contest? Well, it's still going on, until June 1st
Pinkeevee222, April 2nd, 2016, 11:07 am Reply
Advertisement, November 21st, 2018, 1:09 pm Reply
I am posting today's comic late. Mostly because I am lazy, and I want to play Minecraft instead of finishing the page on time. (Hey, at least I'm honest)
If you have nothing to do, I recommend going to the ask blog, and NOT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS
Watching Boku no Pico. I rate it 10/5 in mentally scarring people for life. http://moetube.net/watch/63140/boku-no-boukuugou/1
Pinkeevee222, April 8th, 2016, 10:14 pm Reply

1st comment! YAY!!! TAKE THAT, MARI!
@Pinkeevee222: I know who Pika is. But I won't tell anyone.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Light: Did you say...Pika?
Albany: *tackles Light* NEVER AGAIN!
Me To @Zappy the Raichu: I Know who Pika is to
I Found a secret if it is @Pinkeevee222: Oliver is holding some folders that say dawn at the bottom!Found it!Is it a secret that oliver stole that?
@SFXUmbreon: Dawn is letting Oliver borrow them. She has more, so they won't be missed.
Oh @Pinkeevee222: Oh ok pink eevee
@SFXUmbreon: Pretty sure that says Dewey, not Dawn..
@Enderstar: nah m8, looks pretty close to Dawn. Also, its the same color that Dawn likes
I dont really @Pinkeevee222: I didint really comment that much but now its getting more fun to comment because you reply to me
How? @Pinkeevee222: can you tell me how to get a account?
Ok i made it but i cant post with it :(
@Pinkeevee222: hey Pinkeevee what are you gonna do when you get 666 fans?
@jellybeanier: You know because the creator makes there comment before the comic even comes out. That technically means Pinkeevee will always get first comment.
But she didint say it @Zappy the Raichu: But she didint say "First"
@SFXUmbreon: you don't need to say first.
Its called @Zappy the Raichu:Thats why Its called Calling it
@jellybeanier: yo she rekted you m8. like she literally dragged you
And.... it's a tie.
How come we never got a comic about the buttered toast? That seems very relevant to the plot <3
@SkunkWitch: Don't worry, it isn't. Dusk is just being Dusk.
Nvm, congratulations Jellybeanier.
@facecafe2: Forth. :D
@facecafe2: I wonder what PinkEevee222 is thinking. Probably should have told her that ya can't beat a race with a jellybean queen. ;)
You may have won this battle,but we all know you can't outrun the EndermanKing!
*points at himself*
I'll be back,Faster,Stronger,And have More Butter Toast!!!!!!!
PewDieKids1: Actually, to tell the truth, I have been proven to be the fastest enderman at teleportation. So I teleported her a minute after the comic was posted.

Batte: BOOM! You just got BURNED!!! Here, let me get you a burn heal with that!!!

Disgusting: OH!!!
Darkstripe:*pulls out Ender-RPG*
*puts on shades*
Darkstripe:You were saying?
Disgusting: H-How dare you make fun of Batte like that?!?! I'll hack and suspend you for life next time!

Jelly: Oh, brother. here we go again...
Wut In the Heading wut is Vay holding?
Well I think Eve is ignoring Dusk because of the date page.
Oliver has something of Dawn's.
I can hardly read it.
It's _______ monthly.
@I am me.:

Its a book about Gay Sexual things i see Yaoi, and Yaoi is Gay in japanese.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: OH. MY. GOD. I Commented To PinkEevee That Dawns Secret Could Be That She's a Perv!!
@Zappy the Raichu:

Yeah i guess.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: maybe dawn is...
A) gay, how that works I have no idea
B) actually a HE and gay
C) also some secret agent like lea and her cover is some really gay guy
D) going to challenge flame
E) unaware of this. Flame is behind this
@Theory maker: hey I make the theory's here! *Whips out assault rifle*
@Werewolf kid: *puts hands up slowly*
Don't kill me pls
* looks at you with big eevee eyes*
@Theory maker:* sigh *I just can't get past those eyes! Drops rifle
@Werewolf kid: no one can defy the power of cuteness (...unless your that stupid to try and blind yourself)
Ill do it @Werewolf kid:
SFXUmbreon:Ill do it (starts throwing shadow balls at theory maker)

Light:Why does everyone think im a jolteon im a flipping flareon!
If she is Gay @Zappy the Raichu: If dawn is Gay then instead of dun dun DUUUUN its Dawn is GAAAAAAAAY
.-. @Theory maker:

Dawn could only be Gay if the book said Yuri not Yaoi.
@Zappy the Raichu:
gonna go ahead and intervene here is that ok

The "interesting" magazines Dawn reads doesn't influence whether or not she is gay. She can read Yuri, Yaoi, or even Play Poke magazines and still be straight. However, if she finds the pictures of girls, umm, attractive, then she might be gay.
Well imo @Midnight-fox18:

Well from what i know is that when someones likes Yaoi and its a Girl shes not a Lexbian, but if a Guy likes Yaoi he is Gay, and if a Guy likes Yuri he isnt Gay, but if a Girl likes Yuri she is a Lexbian, so imo Dawn is a Girl that likes Guys but is just secretly a perv, now anyways i'm done with this Discussion.
But the real question is... @Dibowac12341473013777778: DAWN HAS A SPARKLY PURPLE PEN !!!?!
Ah ha. @Guest:

Ah ha thats nice i guess a Purple Pen.
No! @Guest: The real question is actually why anyone is talking about this. Especially how Gay actually means happy. But of course, people had to change that.

Still, Gay topics. Comments are really going down hill. Pinks, back me up?

I call dibs on Second!

So basically @M & Rose: someone could have conversation like this
Me: I'm gay
My sister: 0.0
Me: as in happy
@M & Rose:
What... just... happened...
*blacks out from rapid topic change*
@I am me.: it looks like it says yooi or something
@Zappy the Raichu: I have a theroy!

Sinece that Yaoi monthly book indicates 'DAWN' on it.Dawn is secretly a perv but was trying to make Flame take the raff for it(In the last,last chapter)...so she can make away with all of the Pokeverse's corn...
@Darkstripe AF: or maybe PinkEevee was out of ideas of what to make Dawns secret. So she just choose my idea. But let's go with yours.
@Zappy the Raichu: so basically, Dawn is gay.
@jellybeanier: That would be an awesome reveal! And a funny one.
@jellybeanier: Dawn is NOT gay. Gay means a MAN who likes other MEN. Yoai means gay in Japanese. If Dawn has yoai corn. That means that she's just like ever other STRATE teenaged girl.
@Zappy the Raichu:
1. Dawn has a boyfriend
2 ur right but - insert full definition here-
3 what is dawn means something else on the book
@Guest: what do you mean by that.

What Zappy said.
i like toast...*derp* Anyways another great comic Mari keep on going!
Tai:Eh its good enough
Kai:Your just jealous grey hair!
Why did dusk have to eat the last buttered toast. Why oh why Dusk . . .

Hey PinkEevee, how would you feel if I made a comic w/ you in it? I was gonna ask you at the end of my second chapter, but today just feels like the right time.
@jellybeanier: I don't really mind
@Pinkeevee222: kay, thanks!
Nobody Called it Since nobody called it SECOND!!!
@SFXUmbreon: http://fav.me/d7ezykn
Thank You @Pinkeevee222: Thank you so much PinkEevee!
I'm sorry, but I dibs-ed it last comic. *Pats on head* Sorry!

Edit: The reason I dibs-ed it was because I was not gonna wake up at 2am (In the morning) just to say second on a comic.
This one @M & Rose: But i called it this comic not last one
Light:SFX got a point tho
Oh hey! She updated early......
Darn it! My plan failed....
Anyways,I can see Oliver reads Yaoi,an entity worst then corn.Even when Dusk finally notices,he's still oblivious of his actions....
@Darkstripe AF: Ha, my plan was to wait for the comic from 12:00-1:00, since thats what time the comics are normally posted.
@jellybeanier: Don't underestimate me,my Jellybean loving friend,This Enderman(points to himself) is not only King,but I'm also a Space/Time guardian,meaning I can just put your Enderfriend in a teleporting loop for 20000000000000000000 years!(Just like with Giratina,only longer)

It also means I can steal Dialga(Time) and Palika(Space) from any sinnoh trainer's profile,except Pinkeevee,she Darkstripe-proofed her whole system
PewDieKids1: ... Yeah, but I also have a younger brother who can hack you if he wants. And he's half HEROBRINE.

Disgusting: With Pleasure (evil laugh)! ...wait, HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I AM HALF HEROBRINE!?!?

Jelly: I should post a comic about this... maybe I will.
YAY I made it the next 20 minutes this was made!!! AWESOME
LOL @Zappy the Raichu: That comic was funny.
Thanks for your generousity, my friend.
Or were you just careless? I guess the fandom will never know. But thanks anyway.
What is happening in the header?
It's been too long since Oliver has appeared.

The wait was werf.
Well... I tried to show this to my brother because it was hilarious, but he yelled at me "don't spoil it noooooooo!"
Is this a problem?
@Nashew: I have no idea.
I posted PinkEevee's comic.
T.T dawn is a perv??? I liked this ....

A . P . L
N. E. E
T. R. A
I. V. U
It's my birthday :3
@Gabriele Balzarotti: Happy birthday!
@Pinkeevee222: thank chu :3
HAP@Gabriele Balzarotti: Happy birthday
I'm so tiered... I'm just gonna sleep all day- WAIT ITS STUPIDSHORTEEVECOMIC DAY!! *grabs phone*
Its yoai monthly... wait why does dawn have that?
@AshliTheWolf: Cuz she's a Perv
@Zappy the Raichu: Hahahahahahahahahahaha.
Dawn the Pervert.
When's the next panel
@Diamondkat : it updates on Saturdays

Oh and hi! :3
@Pinkeevee222: Why is Vay crying? If you can't tell me because my sister says, "because she won't tell you what's supposed to happen or if it's ever going to happen," you can just say, "I can't tell you sorry" and if you say that without a reason I'll lose it. I know you'll say that to make me go crazy. It's expected. I just seems like your the kind of person who would do that, but I'm unsure because your in high school and I'm only in 9th grade and with the people I go to school with, I don't know what's even the level of maturity for my school, so just give me a reason. As I play the results in my head, you say,"I can't tell you" smirking so I'll expect that answer and... I just watch a girl get humiliated by mean girl and I feel so bad, please forgive me, I can't do anything without getting guilty. Answer my question please, you know the alternative, have a nice day!
@Diamondkat : Well, Vay has had a very messed up life so far, so, why wouldn't he be crying? If you examine the header closely, there may be some hints on why, but, I cant directly tell you why in the comments section, cause of spoilers. If you really want to know why, you should create a Smack Jeeves or Deviant art account and PM me, I can give you a more clearer answer if you really want spoilers.
@Pinkeevee222: wait, you actually give out spoilers to people who ask... first time for everything... *pms you* nah, for some things I liked to be spoiled with this comic I feel like I shouldn't
@SkunkWitch: Actually, I have been doing this since the beginning, I just never said it in the comments section until now.
Just Saying. @Pinkeevee222:

If you tell people Spoilers even if it is in Private, people can ruin the Comic for others if they decide to be mean, and tell everyone what will happen, just saying.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: The thing is, I can delete any comment I want, though, I don't do it often. If the person gives out a huge spoiler, I'll most likely delete it, unless it was relieved on here or on tumblr. (Plus, anything I say isn't final, I can completely change it)
Yes yes @Pinkeevee222:

Yes yes that can also happen.
@Pinkeevee222: thanks for the answer
@Diamondkat: Your welcome!
@Pinkeevee222: *gasps* So the Leafeon Vay had the egg with was Lea! (Sorry if this question seems dumb to other people)
@facecafe2: Why do you say that? Are you assuming that just because Vay has a hat that looks likes Lea's hat, they are connected? Well, that would be a good plot point, but, Vay had this hat since he was an eevee, as seen
--> http://ask-ssec.tumblr.com/image/100328132646
... Why are people just noticing the hat?
@Pinkeevee222: oh, o.k.
Okay @Pinkeevee222: so if that's vay's hat, why has he put it on the egg? To keep it warm? Also, what's vay done to his paw?
@Theory maker: It is to keep it warm! And, Vay's paws... Um....*hides*
Yay My first comment ever typed but eany way awesome comic pinkeevee222 I love all your comics
@comboy 32: thanks! :D
i love that eve is able to drag dusk around despite the size difference
in the last panel i think i see oliver's smexy face ;3 and oliver is carrying yaoi monthly.... the heck? him and flareon should just be related somehow at this point... you know with the corn
Yaoi monthly, heh. :3

So Eve never told Oliver about the digging incident I see. That's good, mad Oliver is bad Oliver. He's definitely jealous though. Jealous Oliver is funny Oliver.

Poor Dusk, didn't think he was that clueless. It's funnier that way though because Umbreons are supposedly just slightly dumber than Espeons but Dusk... clearly sets his own rules.

I know why the header is sad, but spoilers so I won't say. Boop, wonder what the next page will bring. >:3

Hmm, wondering if I should ask for spoilers about Oliver and Dusk... Nah, nah, must be patient. Erf, this is a hard thing to do.
Oliver is back, ha finnaly I was wondering when he was gonna show up. Nya
Hey, PinkEevee, I made a character for the design contest. It's on my comic Jellybean Craft (I changed the name of jellybeanier stories), and I wanted to see what you thought of it.
I don't see a problem either :|
Smexy Sence? The title
Where is the smexy sence
Does Oliver have a thing for Dusk?
@Black lucky cat: If so, then Oliver is probably gay.
@jellybeanier: no duh... do u see the stuff hes holding? :3
@jellybeanier: are you even paying attion at all to the comics?
@Zappy the Raichu: YES, I DO!
wait wait WAIT hold up... Vay in the header ... he has an egg with a spy hat on(yes the EGG has the spy hat).. does this mean anything? did he get injured protecting it, i mean look at his hand er paw. am i the only one noticing these things? if not why wont u guys mention it? .-.i feel like its leafys egg.. well maybe idk. these secrets lie in pinkeevee222's head
@werewolf kid: don't forget Lea wears a hat similar to that. Plus I'm sure pinkeevee has said that Nego's mother was a leafeon (not daisy though)
@Guest: I can conferm that
The egg that Vay has might be Nego.
Suspicious stuffs Oliver has a "Yoai Monthly".
It has Dawn's name on it.
Vay is crying.
Vay has an egg..?
...And the egg is wearing a hat...
*finishes listing things and falls over backwards from confusion*
I think the egg might be nego in the past
@SylviaSylveon189: It is Nego.
Does anyone ever think maybe. just maybe. Sky isn't real.
@Zappy the Raichu: good point. We haven't seen her yet.
@jellybeanier: Sky did say somthing in the thing below the askblog images befor, and multiple characters have refrenced sky as real.
your comics are so funny xD
HA! Comic look nice
@Pinkeevee222: how does it feel to be roasted by pika x3 ?
The header looks so sad.

Also I figured out what Yaoi means.
Everything makes sense now.
@Wolfmist: please don't say what it means....
@Darkstar29: It means gay.
@Darkstar29: an example would be boku no pico, NEVER WATCH IT, it will affect the rest of your life.
@Blitz Striker: Hey! I watched all 3 episodes of Boku no Piko (Cause, I wanted to see how bad it was.) It wasn't that bad... Except the end of the 3rd episode, now that was crazy, oh, and the second episode with the banana... and the shed... and the sister... Actually, never mind, it was horrible.
@Pinkeevee222: same
Thanks for giving me more proof on why not to watch it! Now I shall keep my innocence longer!
@Pinkeevee222: Is that the egg of a certain eevee vay hides from everyone? Is vay really a female who laid the egg and hides the eevee from everyone so they won't know? Is her paw acually hurt from saving that egg? All yhese questions are NOT to be answered in the next minute or so! (or ever unless she has time)
@Not So Important Guy:
That's not a bad theroy... but could it be possible that Vay has another kid now? It would be a great plot twist. I wonder how Nego would react to a sibling...
DAT ALT TEXT THO Dusk what teh fudge.
@Derp: how you find alt text?
That's not the reason dusk
hahahha Dusk
@WiispNightmare: very strong legs
@WiispNightmare: she's been ignoring since the *incident* so she's got the practice !!! XD
@WiispNightmare: that's what I said!!!
Egg stuff The eevee egg might just daisy or nego's egg because he is wrapped around it(Nego's explanation). And the hat cuz it looks like Daisy's hat.
I liek cheeses.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: The first letter in my name stands for cheese. It is indeed amazing stuff that should be liked by all. All who don't, shall perish. Except lactose intolerant people, they only receive partial perishing.
YOU @cccviper653: are a smart person...

...I like cheese...

...and toast.
It's so f***ing difficult to understand all the comments *-*

(Btw, i do not understand all of then. Life is hard)

Liked the comic. I'm Waiting for the next :3
@TheSpanishOne: Well then....
Welcome to The SSEC commenting section!!!!!(really think I should make a series about this)

Where you can meet anyone,from pokemon to digimon,Space/Time guardian to Jelly-loving minecrafters and even a few yanderes......

Yep,this is one muked up family....Hope that some of us don't scare you.......espiecally that one guest,who currently giving me the "FNAF Bonnie stare into my back"
Jelly: You mean JellyBEAN loving minecrafters.

PewDieKids1: And Enderman who love waffles and PewDiePie.

Batte: And bats who love exploring.

Rabbid Era: And crazy daughters of the rabbid leader.

GamerGirlXD: And girls who love romantic comics on here.

Shasha123go: And former news reporters.

Mr. DonutBagelGuy: And boys who love donuts and bagels.

Disgusting: And hackers who are secretly half herobrine.

Everyone: WAIT, WHAT!?
@Zappy the Raichu:
Jelly: Eh, you missed PewDieKids1 and Disgusting. Disgusting somehow isn't getting his head cut off even when you're hitting him at a good angle, and PewDieKids1 teleported away. Probably to his house in the End.
@Darkstripe AF: (Acting all creapy) And I'll take your soul, if you dare touch their heads, plus your just a mere child (dissapers into the shadows)see you later. Nya.
Lightbeam:Don't you dare do that to Dark-Kun!!!!*DeathHugs Devin*

Darkstripe: That's my oppisite,she really has the most cutest ways to kills someone.by the way,I'm an Enderman,we have NO soul(Expect Endersoul,that valuable...)
@Darkstripe AF: Remember I can't die fool, Oli get the axe and the amp I need to rock some rage. Nya.
That's.... A lot of Yaoi... From Dawn?


What does Dawn do in her freetime?!
Wat is this i don't know how i feel about this becuase Vay is my favorite character. Why is he cute when hw cries?!
😄 I Love rereading these comics over and over again
Also I love listening to music while reading these comics
Duh..... I'm wolf....yahh......take that... ..........................................

*snaps out of dumbness suddenly.
tries to eat dark stripe for reasons not ur biz*
@Werewolf kid:
Darkstripe:why would you want to eat me?I have the power to shrink to the size of my shoetip and then step on you....
@Darkstripe AF:
*bites your arm*
...meh I prefer pizza
*disappears before you step on me*
* appears again with pizza*
Want some ?
I should I should do roleplay with my own characters it sounds like fun

Light:No thats just you
Light: Cool! My name's Light too! *deeper voice* There can be *dramatic pause* only one.

Albany: *grabs popcorn*
Use Steam or Skype. They're good instant messeging thingies todo Rp's with.
Star: can I have some popcorn too!
Pip: is there gonna be a battle!!!
Lia: Light's gonna win!
Scratch: which one?
Lia: how should I know ?!
There is more @5Albany-Light5:
SFX:There is still more
Light:thats right!
Lune:WHat you guys doing?
Wiz:Again SFX?
The egg Vay is holding has Lea's hat on it. Hmmmm.

these three comics all have Vay in the heading.
@jellybeanier: we know vay and nego can be hummans, possibly at will. (See comic 60 in archives)
Time for predictions! So, the Eevee that ran away and asked Sora to come with him was Oliver and with him he took Sora's egg. The Eevee who hatched from the egg was Eve.
@facecafe2: Yes that is a widly known therory, I think I originally proposed it but I might have missed someone else saying it. We know Eve is a decent bit younger than the youngest eevee at the lab, and sora was with all the others when they went to the lab but he couldent escape. Long story short, the red eyed eevee (therorised to be oliver) ran whith Soras eggs and got back to the PC with it and the egg hached (eve), the one problem is Bliz has called eve his sister, so either he has the terminology rong or he dosen't know or this therory is false. That was long winded. =(^.^)=
@facecafe2: I think that too
Also before the lab, Oliver was part of the houses. He said " remember that story about an eevee( Oliver )so violent that his mother( harmony ) sent him away( to the lab) you just ticked him off..."

That's probably my favourite bit in the whole entire comic!! ; )
Lolooolollol im up late.... I'm nocturnal deal with it. Hey uh I just wanna know.... Who here ships dusk and eve? Oh and uh dark stripe if u step on me I Will survive it and then either fight/eat you... *holds up Ender pearls, super zombie flesh, gunpowder, and bone sword* I have some experience killing other mob kings. >:]
@Werewolf kid:
*Darkstripe Transforms*
*Epic battle music plays*
Jelly: Ugh, why is violence always the only solution?

Batte: I know! For the most part, I find it frustrating.

Disgusting: (overhears Batte) Hmmm... I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone... except maybe DarkStripe and Werewolf Kid...

5 minutes later...

(A Herobrine Appeared!)

???: ENOUGH! You forgot that I have the power of all negative energy in the entire MineCraft Universe!!! Now, a friend of mine was complaining about how frustrating it is to watch you two fight. Since I am more powerful than either of you, I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR THE REST OF YOUR HORRID LIVES!!! (Blocks they are standing on disappear, and Dark Stripe and Werewolf Kid both fall)


???:... or at least suffer for 10 minutes.

5 minutes later...

Disgusting: Hey guys, did you see how awesome that was?

(Jelly and Batte are both watching SkyDoesMinecraft)

Disgusting: Oh, come on!
*Fake Darkstripe poofs*
Darkstripe:Seriously? I was watching SkyDoesMinecraft with your friends while you attack my clone....As for WerewolfKid..
*sees WerewolfKid playing with Meep*

Darkstripe:Yep,your getting slow in your age Uncle Herobrine! I can see your son ain't far off!
*Disappears in a purple particales*
@Darkstripe AF: lololololol
How dare umbreon eat the last peace of toast *eyes flame red* I will have my revenge!
@Dusty Maku: How dare you swear vengeance on a fellow Umbreon. One more crack like that and you're out of here buddy!
@cccviper653: *looks down at the ACTUAL last toast that's in my hand* ... I'm toast ._.'
Yea @cccviper653:
SFXUmbreon:Yea lets go umbreons to war!
Lune:Do we really need another war?
SFXUmbreon:Yes Now WAR!
So, the agent before Lea was Vay. Hmmm...
Plushes I Have a lot of eevee plushes
😀 Is it just me who wants a big pit of eevees to hug
😍 I Would love a big pit of eevees to cuddle
Hey @Pinkeevee222 I made some Fanart! For you!!!


EDIT:I had to re-position the link so it will be more noticable...
oh and guys I have had some experiments done on me and I now have the ability to learn pokemon moves! just four though. I currently just know metal claw and shadow ball pinkeevee's headers are so........ cliff-hanger...y! lol Hey darkstripe I wanna fight u again >:3... For training me only though.... Not a legit fight.
@werewolf kid:
-Darkstripe used Subsititute-
*Gives werewolf kid a Meep Plushie*
-It's Super Effective!-
@Darkstripe AF:
Why were you awake at 1:36 am? Oh yeah... Time zones...
@LittleMoons: Yes I'm South African,and so as my negibours say:"Daar is baie van hulle,maar min van ons."

*I'll give the lucky commentor a Shiny Meep plushie if they can know what that phase in English is.....*
@Darkstripe AF: There are plenty of them,but few of us. That's the translation the phrase is kinda like 8 year olds in cod. Theres too many. At least i hear.
@Lol: oh, and pluck yeah! Timezones! I LIVE IN SOUTH KOREA MOTHER HOOTOOTS! no really.
Its amazing how many people from so many different countries and time zones come and read this comic.
@Lol: Here you go!!!!!!
*throws Shiny Meep plushie at Lol*
_____ Buttered toast is most likely not involved
@Guest: What the hell...
I have read some comics mentioning dawn being gay/lezbian but has everyone forgoten about scull dawn's boyfriend?! Oh and I think I found out in Oliver and is also in love with dewey. Nya.
@Devin17: (is using metal claw on plushie) yes I completely forgot that houndoom was her boyfriend...... Was it houndoom or houndour?
What is vay holding
@Umbreon fan: looks like a Pokemon egg with his hat on it.
Sup And I Love Eevees <3
Hey guys since vay is human or pokemon or both or morph or whatever he is, doesn't that mean if he transforms into human while in the PC it will break? Or does being in the PC take away that ability?
WAIITAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dawn is bigender yoi means bignder... still annoyed over the comic..... @PinkEevee22
@Guest: Dawn is completely and utterly STRAIGHT.

And it's not yoi. It's yaoi.

Just think about this. Dawn is a girl, right? And Yaoi involves only boys. Okay? Now, what would that mean?

Anyways, Yaoi means boy x boy smex, or, romance between two boys. Actually, usually yaoi manga has smex in it, Shounen ai, doesn't, it's just romance with that.
@Pinkeevee222: Okay, THIS dusk cruel comedy is actually really funny.
How do you upload comics
That is classified sport I don't know why 😉😉😉😉 😜

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