Lean in, Lean out


April 9th, 2016, 5:50 pm

The two eevees on the header
are the best of friends!
(mmmmmm donuts)

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Hey guys~ Sorry for the lateness Apparently, what I said a few comics ago was for nothing, cause, the comment section is a mess, oh well. I'll just sit waaaaayyy over here.
Also, I need a guest comic asap,(PLEASE?) because, I don't think I'm aloud to use the one that was made for me a few months ago, cause, after that, the person never commented or anything TT_TT. Actually, now that I think about it, people usually stop commenting after they made background eevees and they don't appear in the comic. WHY! WHYYYYYY DO I DO THESE THINGS! I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!
I sound like a hypocrite right now.
(If you want to draw a guest comic, it has to be digital, and, you have to draw it better than the picture the link below leads to - http://orig05.deviantart.net/22d7/f/2015/339/d/3/tag_timeold_by_pinkeevee222-d9j2vif.png *eyes start burning* )
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First~ Just cause I can. I also call all other numbers to infinity, and beyond.
@Pinkeevee222: yeah Imma second take that, I never get second. Nya.
@Devin17: Nope. I already called it.
@Pinkeevee222: why does dusk no longer wear his collar (the blue one in the storybook and also in your devinart art) is it too small?
@Pinkeevee222: I called second. Nya.
@Devin17: Okay then, whatever floats your boat, dude.
@Pinkeevee222: Water floats his boat. Unless he constructed his boat out of something ridiculously dense. Like osmium. But that's silly, no one would go to the trouble of building a pure osmium boat. Or would they?...

Yess @Pinkeevee222: Third!!
I called it!
@Pinkeevee222: Well I call third

@Guest: Well, you are an unnamed guest, so, It doesn't matter at all.
@Guest: I came back XD and I CALLED THIRD NOT YOU
@Pinkeevee222: I call negative one
@Pinkeevee222: Then I call the square root of negative 1. It doesn't even exist our everyday number system, so, hah.

my life is nonexistent help
@Pinkeevee222: Amazing comic.
what going on @Pinkeevee222: what going on i like this page comic it so cute and idk why
If ya dont get my guest name, you just read my other comment.
@Pinkeevee222: I qas going to say "first" but then I realized your 19 and you don't deserve harassment like this. (I doubt you acually think it is but i think anyways) so have a nice and good day! And btw, how come dusk wears a BLUE collar? (mentioned by flare) and the eevee in the story is too? (although he no longer wears it?)
*claps* Finally @Mr. Nice guy: You have a nice day too.
Yes. Dusk did have a blue collar, just like the eevee in the story. He also has a purple one, like the other eevee in the comic (Though, he hides that one). Blizz hid Dusk's blue collar, outside the PC, and forgot where he hid it, so, the collar is lost.
@Pinkeevee222: so then dusk is the eevee in the storybook? Or is it just coincidently the right thing in the both PC box and storybook world? If dusk is that eevee then is the other eevee sky?
@Mr. Nice guy: Yup
everyone shall have a nice day yay @Pinkeevee222: Lol getting first? That's for n00bs, amirite? You know what takes real skill and patience? Getting ten thousandanth place. Now THAT's a real achievement.
Oh for Petes sake... @bluefiredragon: Guys, this is a dumb argument. I think we should all go home and eat ice cream. Or if your lactose intolarint, Dark Chocolate. Maybe I'll just eat the Dark Chocolate anyway.
@LittleMoons: Agreed. Let's all eat ice cream and muffins!
What? @Pinkeevee222: what do you mean pinkeevee?
There is no background eevee?pretty sure it's not but what's that eevee in the last frame?All the way to the right.
@Mr. Nice guy: Flareons name is Flame.
*in a singing voice* DUSK AND EVE SITTIN' IN A TREE. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!
err @BowtheSylveon: isn't dusk and eve sitting on the grass almost k-i-s-s-i-n-g
it would be nice if they kisssed
@mew: oh right. Still if they kissed, that would be EPIC!!!!!!
Hey, guys! Jelly couldn't make it tonight, so she told me to see the comic for her! YAY!!!
@Rabbid Era: Hiring other people to do her dirty work for her? Hmph. Typical supervillian.

Just a prank bruh
@bluefiredragon: Actually, I am one of Jelly's many good friends here, and she was sooo busy in her minecraft world, and so upset that the comic was late, she was kind enough to let me see it and post a comment! (She is mad at me, though, for sneaking into a mueseum with pewdiekids1)
Who's the Eevee running away in the last panel?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I was gonna ask that too. Also how you guy been and how's the rebel fleet? Nya.
Umbreon:The Rebel fleet's status is none of your business! (The fleet just suffered a crushing defeat at Taillte and Lia Fail.)

MegaAbsol: We are fine.
@Devin17: Reble fleet?
Umbreon: We are the rebel leaders, fighting against Devin's Empire for the past years,for what reason? Let Devin explain.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: background eevee
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Could be that one Eevee thats in love with Eve, if i'm correct awhile ago theres a eevee thats loves Eve. i could be wrong.

Oh wait yeah it could be... what his name again... Devin if i'm correct he is the one that has a crush on Eve if i am correct.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: I think it's Clef.
@Gore N the GUYS: '

Yeah could be him or Devin.
There are so many Eevees with a crush on Eve, there is hardly a point to count them. Poor Eve, though...

Hm so far i counted 2 Clef and Devin, but i think your right, there are probs alot more Eevees that have a crush on Eve.
Is that Blizz and Vay in the header as eevees?
@Nad235: No. It's Vay and another Eevee.
@Zappy the Raichu: Can't be Vay, has been stated that Vay didn't have the mane thingy. Although askblog data is only good until disprven by comics.
@42Meep:I think Vay had that little fur tuff before the lab made him half human.
@42Meep: When Vay went to the he lost he's fur tuff. That's what happen. Also Blizz said and he opvilously never went to the lab.
@Zappy the Raichu: Typos for days. If I'm reading it right, then you are mistaken because it has been stated that the only non-eevee eeveelutions to not go to the lab are Dasy and Dawn because they where born after that feasco.
Wats up with Oliver in the last panel? He's like .___. And I'm looking over and over at Eve's face and I think she might be a little happy? that Dusk did that boop thing. Or her head is going to explode from mixed feelings. Hmmmm. ....................... I think its the second one.
@Pinkeevee222: *pats shoulder*its OK . I like the comic section I think its fun
I want to draw a guest comic. But I suck drawing on the computer. Why do we need to draw it on the computer.
@Zappy the Raichu: The comic is primarily drawn on computer. The only chapter where I didn't draw digital was because of AP art. Which is the same reason I need a guest comic now,(Plus, if I don't do this, I'll just get a bunch of traditional comics that are just pictures taken from the person's phone or something... no offense)
Hey! :) @Pinkeevee222: I may be able to do a guest comic! It will probably be ready for next week... And yes it will have good quality drawing.
@Xx_Shiny_xX: Okay, but, how are you going to give it to me if you are a guest? You can't post the link in the comments section.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm not a guest, I just didn't feel like logging in. :D
@Xx_Shiny_xX: In that case, you can just PM me with the link to the guest comic.
People @Pinkeevee222:

People need to stop being so Salty, well some people are being Satly in the Comment Section, for you being late which happens not alot, you have a life, it takes time making Comics, people should understand that.
By the way is there two Eves because I see Eve's tail in the background
Eve has such a beautiful smile
@Espyius: *crying* What are you talking about, that was beautiful!
Beside that, this comment section will slowly morph into that if the problem isn't taken care of now, except, 100 times worse.
Thanks So Much 4 uploading on my birthday *Boop!*
@Pinkeevee222: Hello I love your comics and do u want some 5 star beef jerky? If so than go to bowhuntersjerky.com ... No this is not some crazy add person I've actually tried it...
@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: Yo, we have the same birthday.
@Nashew: Cool birthday twin!
i dont know if im going to the only one but
my my poker face my my poker face
if samon gets the refrence they get a cookie
I think Dusk won
Usually when I read the comment section I just look for where pinkeevee replies to people cause those are the interesting/good comments. Also is it bad that i sometimes come back just to see if pinkeevee replied to any more comments? I want to see what she says to our opinions and stuff
@SkunkWitch: Nice profile pic!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: thanks! it's russel from LPS :)
*Whispers* Pokemon Moon

Flamewar engaged.
Hi guys I love your comics pinkeevee!!! Also is dusk also midnight? I think he is...
anypoke want jerky? If you want to buy beef jerky go to bowhuntersjerky.com it is the best beef jerky ever!!!!
*sherlock Holmes accent* MY WORD! What in the name of Mettaton NEO...

P.S.: Dat last panel tho.

I have rest my case.
OBJECTION @bri'sshinEevee: what if you ship devin x eve * shippers point their lightsabers at me* um-er, n-never mind.

Also I bet loads of greenpaw boys like eve cuz she's the only girl they can date out of all the vees in the houses
@Theory maker: That would be true, if the Ice drop boys actually let the green paw boys talk to her....
That actually would make a good comic.
In-spa-ra-tion Strikes!
Haha, The expressions on this page are just amazing. The size of Eve's frown is bigger than the donk's wheels recently released in GTA and Dusk's face is totally creepy though, that is kinda his biological purpose. To strike fear into those that look at it... it always fails, except for this one instance. And then Oliver's face, I SWEAR I've seen that face before. I think in a video game but I'm not sure. I do know the creature that looks like that goes "meep" though. I'll probably remember it too late.
@Zappy the Raichu: YES! That's what that thing is! Ah, good ol P&F.
@Zappy the Raichu: Actually if you watch the first episode with him in it you would notice that his name is spelled Meap.
Lol! Dusk played that one well!
YAY! No one notices me TwT
I call the number Pi.
What was it? @Zappy the Raichu:
SFXUmbreon:What was it again?Oh yeah
Light:I knew it!
Light:I dunno
@Zappy the Raichu: Pssshh. Pi? Tau is where its at. A mathematical constant that is equal in value to 2pi, it is superior in every way mathematically possible due to the large number of formuals that contain a factor of 2pi. In addition, circles are constructed using a radius, not a diameter. Finally, if measured in radians, the length of a circle is 2pi, creating extra work because of the necessary conversion.

For a far more convincing argument, look up the Tau Manifesto, and join me in celebrating the glory of Tau, so you can finally have your pi and eat it too.
@bluefiredragon: I call Tau then.
lol dusk "kissed" her *dusk used "kiss" eve's feelings are now mixed!*
I want donuts too
@facecafe2: I think that's a bagle in the header.
Darkstripe:*Crawls out of the Grand Ciffe*

I'm back! I had to deal with a few*ahem* thousands of anonymous guests who wanted me not to be second.....*kicks one guest off his leg* Well ain't this a weird situation....*kicks another guest off his leg*....gimme a min.. *notices that one of the guests are Rabbit Era*
@Darkstripe AF: dude I got second here let me help(begins levitating and grabs era) your welcome. Nya.
Cheers @Darkstripe AF:

Cheers to see you again Dylan how have you been?.
Meh,pretty good,thanks for asking I've been busy setting my webcomic in motion,playing Minecraft and trying to tackle All the Gameboy/GBC Pokemon hacks...
Good Great to see that. @Darkstripe AF:

Good great to see that your doing ok, and yeah you sure are busy, me on the other hand i thought i had a Cold, but it was the Flu i have been Sick, for more then 3 Days.
@Darkstripe AF: yeah, technical problems for jelly, so... Yay!!!
@Darkstripe AF: Oooohhh. So that's what's at the botom of the Grand Cliffe. Poor Buzz.
I've sort of been working on a fan comic mini series, but it's all in my head as I draw as well as bannanas grow on trees (because they grow in giant herbs) basic plot is:
Vay get woried about ddaisy being away for a week or so so glad to the Univa HQ (where meanwhile s are taking place) interrupts Sora's interrogation bla bla bla before the three leave the place is attached and Vay decided to fight onece more. Battle scenes bla bla and bla, he come back solid red and when Sora asks what happens he replys coolly, "there's allokt less badguys in the world now." Begets cleaned up but before he goes doctor Felix calls the base and give Vay an ultimatum, surrender, or the entire base will be obliterated. Vay uncharacteristic ly coldly replys that he could care less about the base because "my past is just that, the past" Felix says "last chance" to which we cut to Vay with a pixilated forpaw and Felix says "FIRE!" Then turns to Vay and says "You all have three minutes to live." And terminates the call. Vay Sora and Easy then return to tbePC (with their swords) where they drop of Sora with night and head to the apartments, when they arrive everyone is outside and none other than Doctor Felix is in the middle of the clearing with a sword to Nego's throat. He is surrounded by ten lackys. He declares " AGENT V! I KNOW YOU ARE HERE, COME OUT OR I WILL KILL THE ONE MON YOU HOLD DEAR! YOU HAVE THIRTY SECONDS!" Vay then steps into the clearing wielding his Doublad(s) and says slowly, agrealy, "leave, him, out, of, this." To which Felix replys, surrender agent V, and I will spare your son's life." Vay then drops his swords which fly trough the air to free nego who runs into the croud, bla bla fight scean bla, Vay has Felix on his knees and says, "Give me one good reason not to kill you." Then nego yells "DADDY LOOK OUT" Vay spins around, but too slowly, he gets stabbed by the last of Felix's lackys who Daisy quickly deals with. Dusk ends up running for Night who takes Vay to hislab where he recovers. But, hius spinal cord was severe, leaving his tail and rear legs unusable. He is like this for three MONTHS until night developed the tech to fix the problem, but he tells Vay, "The device needs to be surgicaly inserted into your severe sminal cord, and you must be fully conscious during the procedure, or else it may fail and make it impossible to fix." Vay agrees to go through with it and Night gets ready for the procedure, most notably temporally disabling Vay's vocal cords "for both our sakes" and begins. Three hours latter Vay shakely walks out of nights lab, on his hind legs. Night walks him back to hiss apartment where he give nego a gift, a pair of earbuds, but not just any earbuds, these earbuds translate the language of Pokemon to that of humans, so nego (as long as he has on charged earbuds) can finally understand other mons.
Honestly this could be a whole chapter now that I think about it. I know I do more therorys but I have been thinking this up and thought I'd share it. Thoughts anyone?
@42Meep: Didn't realize that was so long.
Wordswordswords @42Meep: My Eyes!!!!
I think this is amazing!!! I you make a comic I will read it cuz it sounds cool.
...I mean, yay vay nearly loses his legs ^ ^ "
Now, excuse me as I blow up Dr. Felix
@Theory maker: His legs where fine, he just couldn't use them until the thingy was implanted in his back.
Does anyone at all want jerky? *a few lazy snorelax slowly rolls over to me *being a shiny umbreon I am a lot smaller and run away panicking ... Anyone else, who can't crush me ?
I don't ship this @A really cool guy named M00S12: DONT KILL ME D:

...I ship DevinxEve
@Theory maker: Never said that I was shipper!
@Espyius: well in the last couple of years the Dead Sea has gotten a little less salty, so maybe this will be the same for the comment section :D
Those character Faces are amazing
Eve admit it, you can still forgive him for the buttered toast incident...
But you might mess up or something
Uh I just noticed in one panel eves mouth is frowning..... But it's off of her face... The muk? I think I may have seen that in sponge bob or somewhere else. Dusks smile is above his eyes. * reads someone's comment about illuminati.* oh yeah there was one about Donald trump that I couldn't stop laughing at cause it kept talking about McDonald taking a dump. Watch it.... I'm off topic now.
That's so cuuuuute <3
note to self: don't play Skyrim, in a dark room, with no clock nearby, cause next thing you know, 32 hours have passed, and you've lost your weekend. also super cute comic ^-^
First Oh boy! I love being the first comment!
@Internet Explorer: yyyyyyaaaaa.... Your not first.
@Internet Explorer: You just made my day
Thank you
@Midnight-fox18: I just relieved the joke. I guess I'm the real Internet explore.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Google: Who are we!?
Firefox,Bing,Safari: Browsers!
Google:What do we want
Firefox,Bing,Safari:Good connection speeds!
Internet explorer: Browsers
@Midnight-fox18: You like that joke? Here's another! Fire Fox used scary face. internet explores speed won't go any lower.
@Zappy the Raichu: Good one! XD
@Midnight-fox18: Frame data for Internet explorer added to Kurogane Hammer:

Jab1: Frame 999
Jab2: Frame 999
Dash Attack: Frame 999
Ftilt: Frame 999
Utilt: Frame 999
Dtilt: Frame 999
Fsmash: Frame 999
Usmash: Frame 999
Dsmash: Frame 999

And all its attacks are error messages that do 999%. As well as crash your game if it connects. Have fun using this character!

PS: 999 frames equates to 16.65 seconds.
@bluefiredragon: I will have TONS of fun using this character thank you so much for that info
LOL @Internet Explorer: LOLLOLLOL
I'm just going to take a swing in the dark and say that Dusk PROBABLY didn't do that because he wanted to reciprocate Eve's feelings -- rather, he did it just to get out of the dog house.

I mean, that whole future M!A that you did on your blog with Eve gave me the heebie jeebies. Actually, I'm 110% sure that Dusk just dug his hole a couple feet deeper by doing this.
Oh, Eve. You just can't stay mad can you? I know the feeling.
Also... @Pinkeevee222:
I think I may be able to make a guest comic, but I'm not positive.

(Dramatic music)
Mep =oliver ... Are they twins!?
...I should stop. I'm becoming the Spookwagen of this comment section.

And finally! Someone's watched that video!
That frown on Panel...*Quickly scrolls up* 7 Still cracks me up.

Keep on doing what you do best, pink-evening.
I felt like eve when a kid told me I was cute on the bus to LE.

bella: yup that was the most crazy day on earth.... sis was fidgety all day... she wanted to hide that from her parents....

aj /walksin/ she freaked out and turned around and told her negbor cole...
same kid asked to marry me on minecraft should've taken that as a hint ... that was the first and last time a kid said that to me.... I was not surprised scared.... .tru story meme.
also I like golden retriviers , eespeon latias xerneas glaceon pideot gardevior (whoneeds a mega update along with absol kangaskan and slowbro) can somemon contact game freak and tell them to fix shiny espeon?
...wat was dat...
PUN WARNING I guess u could say he... *is looking up pokemon pun.... does not find one* has a.. um.... WHATEVER! GET REKT MATE!!!! *voices in back ground go ooohohohohohohoho* *rainbow frog appears* *doritoes and air horns*
@werewolf kid:
Nuzzle? Tickle? "Trump" card? (Too soon) Last Resort?
she still loves him xD eve cant keep her love hidden for umbreon xD
@Dusty Maku: true dat
in the first and second panel eve's eyes are legit slits. She should not frown that much cause at the rate shes going she will have wrinkles pretty soon!
In the pokedex it says this about Umbreon: "When agitated, this Pokémon protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores," maybe you could get some ideas from that.

@Guest: Actually, that has already been implemented in the comic. It's the reason why Dusk sleeps on the roof.
@Pinkeevee222: lel wat? *races to find sceen of dusk sleeping* can't find one, but archive 130 shows night and dawn on the roof and dawn walks over to go to sleep, you can tell it's night because his tail is different, as far as I know this is nights only comic aperence so far, all other info is from askblog.
@42Meep: Of course you can't find one, Dusk usually only stays up there when Dawn is around.
Night appeared once before that, but then again, what do I know? I'm just an eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: Yep maybe your right or your trying to make us read between the lines like in Gravity Falls....but what do I know? I'm just an Enderman
@Darkstripe AF: your picture sort of looks like merasmus the wizard from TF2
@Pinkeevee222: Realy?!?! When was that? I honestly have no clue.
i found out pink eevee has a youtube channel
@eevee lover: Dun Dun Dun!
That moment when you've been reading webcomic updates for so long that you've forgotten to do any of your homework and now you're sunk.
Shame? Dusk ain't got time for that :3

*Werewolf kid learned flamethrower*
what happened ???? what happened with eve
Theory time !!! The eevee tail in the last panal could be:
A. Jet ( the detective)
B. Cupid (shooting his arrows)
C. A random eevee
D. Clef ( probably making plans to assassin dusk)
E. An eevee ready to make gossip
F. Other eevees who like eve (e.g. devin)
G. Bow (who was gonna kill eve but saw dusk and ran away)
H. Oliver's camera man ( who films moments like this and is paid by Oliver )
I. Blizz's spy ( Dusk might not be the only overprotective brother)
J. Eve's clone ( when dusk 'booped' eve she might have been split into two (( her hatred side that's mad at dusk and her ' o///////o' side that still likes dusk)) )

What does anyone think of this
@Theory maker: It can't be Clef hes still in the hole.
@Theory maker:
The eevee tail is a different color than Eve, so it probably can't be a clone. But there are still a lot of good theroys here.
happy mee so happy this is what you call bad grammer
Hagglepuff (idky) I never really shipped them before I always shipped dusk and (DX NUUU I FORGOT THE LEAFEON'S NAME) you know who I'm talking about right? Well yeah but now that I've seen this I'm startin' to change my mind @-@ idk dough.... I mean others have to agree with me. Right? Right....?
Right? ;-;
@TheRandomEevee: I shipped them for a while and I still do so yah ur not alone :3
Can I had opinion? What do you guys think eevees are most like,
A K9s
B Felines
C Foxes
D Diferent based on eeveelution
E none of the above
@42Meep: to be honest c or b but I'm leaning more on c
Honestly, I think some Japeneese Pokèmon designer was doodling dogs one day and made Eevee. And, they built a whole concept around it. Most of the characters I make are just doodled animals or Pokèmon.
Option D @42Meep:
Flareon: lion
Jolteon: hedgehog
Vaporeon: mermaid
Espeon: cat
Umbreon: dog
Leafeon: fox
Glaceon: poodle (don't ask me why)
Sylveon: bambi playing dress up

I'm making too many lists
@42Meep: I think Slyveon is a dog. Espon is a cat. And the rest are foxes.
B-ox @Zappy the Raichu:
Actually, I think Sylveon is more like a Bunny + Fox/Dog Hybrid. And I'm gonna say yes to the Espeon the Cat! Mostly because of Blaze
@M & Rose: Blaze. I remember Blaze form that sonic game I had on the DS. WE COULD (me and my siblings) NEVER GET PAST HER FIRT LEVEL!!!!!!!!!
Space Hay eve if you don't want people to hear you scream then go to the only place no one can hear you scream.space because in space no one can hear you scream.I repeated space and scream to many times.
DEFFINETLY <--- not sure if spelled right C I always think they were like foxes :3
Feel sorry for Oliver (actually don't he's enjoying himself) Panal 7:
Oliver: um guys, don't forget I'm still between you
Panal 8:
Oliver: omg it's da boop ov luuuuurve
Panal 9:
Oliver: waht jast happaned !!!!!
@star eevee: thanks!
On the last pannel is that dusk's nose or his mouth going -. -.
Crapp messed up face ;-; -.3-.<~~ is what I ment
Yo Pinkeevee! Is it okay if I traditionally draw it, then scan it for a guest comic? Because if we get to do that, I can make a submission..
@chimy19: No, sorry, but, you can scan it, and then digitally outline and color it.
That is literally the only way I can make digital art. I just can't freehand anything using the drawing program I do. (Knows that she should be able too)
@Pinkeevee222: You are basically throughing every guest comic you could have got away.
@Guest: I know, but, If I didn't make it like this, I would have a bunch of guest comics that I'll never use. And, that's really bad, because people put their time and effort in it, and I'm not using it.
I Have A Dark And Light Version of myself in my head and I hate them. Dark comboy:You Suck. comboy 32: Hay Your Me too. Light comboy:he Has A Point. Dark comboy:I hate You Both. comboy 32:Uggghh Help me.
Hi again... *sees an espeon that is about to attack * OK...dark pulse!!!*knocks everyone out* sorry guys!*hands out apology letters and cookies* how has your day been everyone?
Next Saturday will be awesome, SSEC, Piemations is releasing a new video, it's Saturday, (fades out)
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Day!
Today is my first day of spring break!!! Wait a minute... Noooo! When the next comic gets published I will be in a plane and can't see it!!! Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
@LittleMoons: Mine is ending the 17th :(
The 8th panel, dusk sort of doesn't look like himself, I don't know, anyone else think he looks different?
@stareevee: Every Saturday is a new SSEC, it says so on the home page.
hey guys right now I know metal claw. Flamethrower and shadow ball. which should I know next? Choices: judgement
Earthquake, Extreme speed, close combat, or aura sphere?
the first 13 votes will decide it so vote quickly!(btw judgement is known by Arceus himself!)
@werewolf kid:

Word of advice: Don't learn judgement or you'll be called a Gary Stu/Mary Sue or just OP.
When their noses touch umbreon smiles like he's from yaoi or something like that
Hey! Ok I know this is irrelevant, but my old game name was Smileygirl and I wanted to change it to this, do you like it more?
Hmmm I may going to die I wAs nearly shot by my Bff
Neon' (shiny eve with purple eyes and an orange bandana): hey, Shade. can you toss me the water?
Shade (Eevee with red eyes and dark fur): *mumble* *throws her the water*
Neon': thanks *drinks* man, i've never been in the box before!
Shade: ugh... the sooner we get the professional Vaporeon cop, the sooner we can leave.
Neon': Cheer up!
a dragonite comes out of nowhere
Dragonite: RAWER!!!!! *uses dragon rage*
Neon' and Shade both faint (they were lvl 2 & 3)
@Pinkeevee222: what is with those little side notes hidden in the comics? why don't you just tell us what they are? sheesh.
@EvanatheEspeon: Only the most dedicated of fans can see them! Because only the most dedicated of fans will actually go out of their way to find them! *superhero pose*
@Pinkeevee222: well the one in Adam was a nice change of Alt text. you still have yet to make that comic.
Pun intended You can say he poke-r face (u know what I mean)
This is about the seventh time I see mr.Detective idunnohisnamewasitAwtumn
yea I just wander if anyone else sees him as often as I do
that pokerface doh lol
... Im late
who is the eevee running away in the last panel
dat face
Oliver has da best POKER FACE ever
Hilarious comic. But why are the ads to this comic so.... r rated? (Or more appropriately, DAH aka Dirty As Hell) It makes it very awkward to read these comics at school when I’m commenting or reading and suddenly BOOP! BAD AD ALERT! Lol
WTF ! OMHG ! i can't belive that dusk just do that ha ha !:D
@Pinkeevee222: Who are the two eevees at the top??? I'd like to know some background info on them, if ya know what I mean...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
... Years late -_-||
in the background.... JUST KISS ALREADY
who is the eevee running away?

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