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April 16th, 2016, 3:04 pm

Wait... if Oliver likes Dusk...
What about Dewey?

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News update! -This comic took me longer to do than I expected. (Which is why it is 2 hour late)
-Chibita grump is a Chibi grump.
-I accidentally forgot to color some things in this comic TT_TT
-I'm going to start deleting any comments saying they are first comment, second comment, etc. Until someone who has never commented saying it (but, has commented before as a non-guest) gives me a really good reason why I shouldn't.
-I made Dusk, Blizz and Eve in Sims 4! Eve has like, 9 or 10 different outfits.
-Oh! I also made a minecraft Dusk skin. It would be awesome if I could do something like a lets play/roleplay thing with it. alas, my voice is not boy sounding enough *sighs*
-Guest comic next week, because my school's art show is this Friday and I have to finish all 24 AP art pieces by then. I have 8 left!
Pika: You mean 12.
Shut up Pika.
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Uhhhhh... there's no image. EDIT: Never mind.

Are you tired today? If you are, you should really have a Snickers.

@bluefiredragon: :'(
@Midnight-fox18: look with your special eyes.

my brand! D:
NO @cccviper653: no one is special anymore
*walks away slightly crying*
@bluefiredragon: no one cares.
@Guest: That's sort of the point.
I'm back and And I'm first-
*notices a familar blue Dragon hovering over First comment*

Dang it! I knew I should have stopped playing Pokemon Ruby Destiny:Life of guardians!!!!

Eh oh well, everybody likes a chibi Vay!!
I get i a conclucion oliver is ga...?
@Zappy the Raichu:
*looks at the screaming Zappy on his head* a Snicker,cuz you not you when your hungry.
*starts rubbing Zappy's back*
@Darkstripe AF: Berri: better.
Zappy: better.
@Zappy the Raichu: That would certainly explain the ear piercings and the way he talks: "GUURRRRLLLL YOU ARE SO LUCKY!"
@espeon8812: does anyone pay attion at all...?
@espeon8812: nice gif image as your pic.
OliverXDawn? Awesome.
@Jellybeanier: no.
@I am me.: yes.
Yes @I am me.: yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Shipshipshipship ermigoditsadorable
@I am me.: HOLY F**K YES, I will also accept OliverxEve
@Black lucky cat: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No. OliverXEve is never going to happen.
@Guest: this person can ship oliverxeve if he/she wants to, so quit your blabbing.
@Black lucky cat: I used to ship that until I realised Oliver could be like a dad or an older bruv to her
@I am me.: THIS! All aboard the shipping train! What does this train ship you may ask? Love boats, or I guess you could say love ships? That's right folks, a shipping train that ships love ships. Do you know what those love ships are for? Shipping of course! Only the finest cargo love ships are shipped on the love ship shipping trains!
@cccviper653: can I ship Sky X Dusk on the shipping train? I'm sure they are worthy

{insert.shipping-request} = Sky X Dusk

processing request...


{processing complete) result = Negative
@cccviper653: PoesyXLeafa OR FinXLeafa. And EonXShi on the shipping train please.
@Zappy the Raichu: {names not involving my men}


I have another question. @Pinkeevee222 why are Dean and John the... What do you call it? Whatever the "special" Eevee of there brother hoods?
@Zappy the Raichu: Well, Dean is because he is the most helpful, even before he got the title.
And John is because Dawn insisted (and, no one else wanted to).
@Pinkeevee222: I have a question does Oliver like Dewey and Dusk also why couldn’t Oliver be a girl
@Pinkeevee222: Would you like a traditional-style guest comic? I finally got good drawing/sketching pencils, and can draw one if you want .3.
@-Chimy19 was heres- : I only accept digital guest comics *pushover mode activated*, but, If you really want to draw a traditional guest comic, it has to be the same quality as-
I got a question @Pinkeevee222:

I got a question, if i may ask, what software or program do you use to draw?.

If you don't want to tell i understand.
@Pinkeevee222: I got it! I'll start drawing that quality, (As I don't want to attempt to draw with a mouse... *Shivers*) And should I colour it? And what exactly would you want the guest comic to be about?
@chimy19: You should color it.
The guest comic should be a comedic one shot, involving one or more main characters. It can be about anything, but, you should only use official information when drawing it.
@Pinkeevee222: All right! Gonna work on it now... Hehe.
*heartbeat* Nice one today and Oliver don't u dare!
JESUS @ScruffyDeltaNexus26: Oliver don't you dare what? ARE YOU AFRAID THAT A GUY MIGHT LIKE A GUY?

Fucking homophobics.
@An upset lesbian: If Oliver was homophobic we wouldn't have
Oliver just doesn't want to admit his feelings to his crush like a NORMAL TEENAGER!!
@Black lucky cat: SHE WAS TALKING TO SCRUFFYDLETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoooold on hold on hold on...

Oliver is Sky, ain't he?
@ShadowIrorriM: No. Dusk says he LOST Sky. Oliver is still here.
@Zappy the Raichu: Mhm, he did. Take into account figurative language and the story so far though.
@ShadowIrorriM: He's not showing in any of thes flashbacks any affection to wards Oliver another then a brotherly affection. And Sora is probably Sky because of Dusk saying he lost 'it' and he lost Sora at the lab. And sky means Sora in Japanese so ya.
@Zappy the Raichu: And in the story books which probaly have Dusk and Sora in it Sora who is probaly Sky has a Gloden Sooth Bell on a Purple Ribbon.
@Zappy the Raichu:

"But Lem is your mate."
"...he's your temporary replacement!"
"He wasn't so temporary when you shipped us to that Eevee lab".

- Past conversation between Dusk and Harmony. Harmony looks prrrreeettty upset at seeing Dusk and Oliver together. And Harmony calls Sky a "thing", which could potentially imply homophobia and a large part of jealousy.

Also, I wouldn't use Sora as evidence, personally. It's not a bad case, but it's just as well that Sora could be a red herring, if you would.

It's completely possible you're right, don't get me wrong. But the 14th panel is what spurred this on to me as a whole.
@ShadowIrorriM: but when agent Lea encounters sora she says, "...Are you sky?" To which sora replys "No my name is Sora. I don't know anymon name sk" Where agent lea cuts her of and says "Don't play dumb with me." So... ... Mayby Sky=Sora, but the characters in the askblog seem to act like they are seperate entitys.
@42Meep: Again, figurative language. "I don't know anyone named Sky" does NOT mean that SORA is Sky... it just means that Sora doesn't know anyone named Sky, him/herself or otherwise.
AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH! I'm always late at looking at the new comics.Dark comboy:Ha Ha Ha. (comboy runs and hides crying himself to sleep) Light comboy: come on don't let what he said get to you.
@Pinkeevee222: so I just went through the characters statuses and the last one caught my eye By any chance can that be Sky? :3
@Darkstar29: No it's Miku.
Naruto, vulpix. Ah heh. Ninetails.

oh! panel fourteen! dusk's collar, uh is same color...... .__________. as his fur......................................
Wait, was it Blizz or Dusk that has amnesia? Or do both of them have it? Or they all just very forgetful? :P
@SkunkWitch: Blizz had amnesia.
pfft, I forget to colour things all the time. It's nothing big.
@Pinkeevee222: I think I've finger it out. Dusk is pansexual.
Nice touch with the ears also being red.
I'm back... Idk tbh if I will or not Also one question: I looked at the comic twice but I'm confused. How come Oliver said "no" in the last panel and how come his heart is beating? AND NO ONE YELL AT ME THAT HES GAY I ALREADY KNOW! The point is I am really stumped and I would like a really specific and LOGICAL answer! NOT A STUPID ONE! (Yes I'm looking at you Blu, sorry!) thanks for the help! *pokerface*
@KayleeTheEevee : ...
...Because reasons
You may now facepalm
.... @Midnight-fox18: WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! *turns into my hostile kitsune form*
@KayleeTheEevee : What???
I'm just joking around. :P

Pls don't hurt me
@KayleeTheEevee : U talking to me?
U talking to me, huh? Well I'll give you a specific and logical answer!

E to the i pi.

That is all. Until you pay the fee of $420.69. Shouldn't be too hard for you to cover... ;)

Unless you're not talking to me. Then you can disregard this completely.
Pink eevee, when will vay and bolt come back? Also, do the eevee aprentices ( like wiz ) train to become their mentors evolution ( like does wiz train be an umbreon)???
@Guest: The next chapter is about Bolt, and Vay is in a one shot comic with Blizz before that chapter starts.
The aprentence's don't train to be their mentor's eeveelution, Dusk teaches Wiz the ways of anime, Vay teaches Split how to be a cop, and Dean helps Bolt with multiple things.
So, the things the apprentices do are different, depending on their interests.
Best comic in the Universe award goes to... SSEC for the next Millenium!
@Pinkeevee222: omfg this is a really cute comic XD
@Cdoom85: Thanks!
Wait a minute! Is Oliver the one next to harmony in panel 14???? If he is, maybe he is the one that told harmony about dusk and sora.
well this is certainly something to note down.

also Skyrim has consumed me, I think i need a therapist, because I'm starting to become too invested in the world.

(edit) *going through notes* if this is Oliver's point of view, then the eevee with the rainbow scarf is "sky", but in panel 10, that doesn't make sense, however the scarf if the same set of color's that represents "other sexuality", so it might in fact be Oliver after all, but that also makes no sense because of his ears shape, unless...*takes off sunglasses* sweet mother of god.
@Blitz Striker: also oliver has been seen in that scarf befor (archive 124)
@Pinkeevee222: its OK late is better than never
wow, oliver is the reason why sky was separated from dusk?
@Cobait: Impossible! Though Oliver seems to have a dark side, he could never do such a thing... :O gasp!
Am I Late? Oh, I am late. Next time better wake up at 4 AM and see if it's out. And nowadays no one reads the back storys. Oh and Oliver is the eevee with the rainbow scarf harmony burnt down somehow. And how come dusk and that eevee in the storybook have both have same color and simillar backstorys?
Oh, and have a nice day.
Oliver is going to lose control like he did in comic... ... Why can't I find it! Whatever it was a holween one, it was a flashback, Oliver lost control after Levin got him angry, Oliver then said, "Have you heard that rumor, about an eevee who was sent away for being to violent, but came back worse? You just ticked him off." Or something along those lines. If someone can find the archive number and post it as a reply that would be great.
@42Meep: 132
@Theory maker: yes thank you.
Eeveen(<--- \*^*/ failed so hard) as an eevee dusk has the serious goofy talking face idk how to put it as an emoji so ;-; (Quid est enim quod in facie emoji) yes thats latin :3 see if y'all can translate it.
Yandere harmony! Harmony is yandere! Harmony is yandere!
@slyeon is cool: Harmony is a yandere. Harmony is a very evil yandere. Maybe this will get people to finely understand yanderes are murderers. Maybe this will get people stop MAKING GOSH DARN YANDERE HIGHSCHOOL SERVERS ON MINECRAFT FOR FLIPS SAKE!!!!!!!
...I see what you're up to pinkeevee. You're doing this so that we don't want Dusk to be with Sky anymore aren't you!?
...And for Muk's sake, its working.
OMG. I can't believe Oliver would make so many POKER FACES in a row!!
HOLD UP A SEC! If Harmony is yandere,and every single person that has a crush on Dusk suffers... that means if eve keeps hanging out with Dusk... She will die!
@slyeon is cool: I don't think she's that bad anymore. She was willing to give dusk a mate in 87 just not sky.
... I'm confused... Does Oliver like dusk or somthing?
@Guest: WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!!!???
Who's the Eevee with wings
That's what I keep asking!!! @facecafe2: I think it's John cuz if you look on that reeeeeeally long list about the eevees found on the home page John's on there and he has side notes saying 'Angel, Dawn's twin'

My REAL question is WHY IS HE AN ANGEL!!!!
...and how much LKD know (comic 102)
@facecafe2: Jonh
... *has no idea how to react to this*
eh... if I got it right, .....Eve killed that eevee because of jealousy?
@Piku Protealer: It's. Not. Eve. Its. Harmony. And. She. Didn't. Kill. That. Eevee. She. Burnt. The. Scarf. And. The. Eevee. Is. Oliver. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FLIPPING COMICS OMG DOES ANYONE PAY ATTENTION AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on Oliver! Fight it! Don't use the NineTails' charka!!!!
*notices everyone else is staring*

Eh,I can already see a massacre..
Unknown Is Oliver a boy or girl
@Substep : *Keeps Zappy from strangling Substep*
Darkstripe:Let me give you a brief summary:Yes,Oliver is a boy...

Yes,Oliver is gay...

Yes,Oliver has some kind of Ninetails charka inside him...

Yes,you should first read though the archives before asking questions...

Yes,The song: "Pokerface" would be the perfect soundtrack for this comic in the first few panels.

Yes,you have been silenced...
Right back at ya @Darkstripe AF: you wanna go I have no $&@#*¥£ problem against gays may friend is gay I know how it's is I just didn't know Oliver was a boy or girl because I just came back onto reading this after six months I got jetlag so u wanna go lets go
Hm i wonder what will happen next.
Theory time 1.Okay Oliver is obviously in luuuuurve with dusk and that's probably made him gay for da rest of his life.( best ship OliDusk)

2. Harmony didn't like dat and so she sent him to da lab. Remember when Oliver said "Haven't you heard that rumour of an eevee so violent so mean that his mother sent him away, who came back worse" well harmony sent him away cuz he liked dusk and now he's even more gay.

3. Oliver had a scarf and he is seen with da scarf in comics 123 and 129. There's a big difference between Oliver before the lab, different hairstyle, has scarf, no earring, and Oliver after the lab, earring thing that was a tag in the lab, different hair, more violent. Also did anyone think that maybe Oliver could be 'pink box sylveon' in the future (I know that's loose but it's a possibility right?).

4. You know 'Oliver' really got on with sora in the lab. Well that could be because she was sent to the lab for the same reason as him.

5. Like-like chart
Oliver --> dusk=night --> sora = sky(maybe)
^ /
\ ------------
| /
Devin --> Eve <-- clef <-- bow
--> loves
= could be
\ loves
\ parent

Omg that was hard
Oliver is my favourite character XD
I spent all morning doing this (it's morning where I am)
Oh come on!!!! @Theory maker: diagram fail !!!!!
Oh well Dusk likes Sora, Oliver likes Dusk(... Now that comic where Oliver wuz first introduced makes sense ), Eve likes Dusk, Sora is Eve's mom, Devin likes Eve, Clef likes Eve, Bow likes Clef.

Panel 7: anyone spot the glint in his and find it familiar?
Panel 9: Fred is scary isn't he
Panal 10: dusk is God with kids. WHO IS THAT ANGEL GUY !!!???( actually it's John). Fred stahp
Panal 11: Dawn look out there's a giant hand!!! (I think)
Panal 19: *crying* wait... That looks like vay comic 112

Chibi grump is cyuuuuuuuuuute
Confused ._.
Yeah I think I'll just....say well done PE...and step away from the chaos o-o'
So basically everything in panel 8 and up of Oliver's flash back is good times. But the eve in the background is unhappy who I'm guessing is harmony took Oliver to what looked like a graveyard to me but I will assume is the lab and burned the scarf? I still need those votes people!
@Werewolf kid: It isn't a graveyard, its actually the outside of the daycare, in Solacean town. She is leading him away from the Pokemon center, into route 209. But, I couldn't really draw it well, because It was past 2:00. ^^''
@Pinkeevee222: Is Dusk pansexual.
@Werewolf kid: thats not eve, thats MOTHER *shivers*
Ok guys remember the choices are: psychic,extreme speed,aura sphere, and earthquake. (Judgement is a bit over-powered and only arceus can know it anyway)
Oh and uh guys remember there are still 12 voting spaces. (Someone voted in the last comic)
Okay... @Werewolf kid: RANDOM VOTING POWERS GO!!!
how log has dusk been an umbreon
Why olivats ears are blushing?

Apologies if you have and you are totally confused but about 10 million have asked this question.
@:3 : blushing is more blood coming closer to the surface of the skin, ears have a lot of blood vessels in them so it is not unheard-of for your ears to turn red when you seriously blush. I am 90% sure this fact is correct
All of these eevees are related but they all have deferent eye coulor and fur coulor.
Something is wrong Mari is not answering my questions maybe because I've been saying future stuff and she doesn't want to give it away x3
WHAT? @Zappy the Raichu:
SFXUmbreon:Thats a espeon?(Bursts out laughing)!
Lune:What?(Look in the past and faints)
SFXUmbreon:Yea good your not that kind of espeon and changed
Wait!! Why was dusk waving to dawn like that in one if the panels?!?!

Bella: idk who cares??

Cam: whu- hai!!! We are back! (Pressed fake on air button)

Aj: waaaaaaaaaiiiiit!!! Where's my socks??
@Guest: I think dawn went training
Someone needs to make a wiki...
Light comboy: is Oliver's ears blushing or are they bleeding?.
Dark comboy:you Dumb
comboy: shut up both of you I'm trying to focus.
Light comboy: Sorry.
Dark comboy:I'm not sorry.
comboy: I hate both of you.
Dang it Mari deleted my first comment! Don't make me spam..... I WANT THAT COMMENT (jk I'm too much of a good natured wimp to spam) *looks up what good natured means* uh ok I'm just a wimp ;-;
Man why is everymon still saying Oliver is gay cause I figured that out when he was trying to flurt with Dewey in spit take and sip, he also said "just for the record I'm single" in what pizza is in the box so for the love of mon tell me why ya'll haven't figured that out, good day! Nya.
@Guest: Yea I was saying that I'd figured out that Oliver was gay when I first read that so double good day! Nya.
Kawaiii @Devin17: i just wanna make dat eevee feel bettwer
@IceMoon THE WARRIOR CAT: kawaiii to yo to (fist bumps IceMoon). Nya.
I am going to git you pink eveee......... do we have to got through love and fricking PREGNANCY with dawn no lie the alt txt told me >:C
@Guest: Nope.
@Pinkeevee222: How we Reed alt text?
Memories SFXUmbreon:Now i remember when i was just an eevee
Light:Oh yeah!
Light:Wait i dont :(
Anyone that has not figured out anything to do with this one comic here go back and read everything. It only took me 30 mins and I bet it would take some of you less. Oh and guests ._. Don't state the obvious (in the future not talking about now)
Now if you don't mind Ima go play chess (THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY GAME >:3)
OK @TheRandomEevee:
SFXUmbreon:Im playing chess to
(automatically beats lune)
@TheRandomEevee: chesss yesss and cheese
@Theory maker: how bout a cheesy chess board?
Yesss @TheRandomEevee: sounds good to me, and then we can ship dusk and Oliver of to pizza land (I don't know anymore)
What's the difference between dark blush and red blush?
I have a good reason why you shouldn't delete all 1st 2nd and 3rd etc. comments. It's because sometimes the only reason I read stuff that updates is to get 1st. There are some people like me and if you take that away from us, then what's the point of commenting on it. I might as well just not read this anymore. In Tanki Online everyone tries to get 1st and that's the only reason I still play that game. Please don't take that away from us. Please I beg you. Also I do not really get what happened. I'm kind of dumb and yeah. Sorry
@aabobb : Why is that a reason to read it? Why not read it because you honestly enjoy the content and want to see what happens next? There is no point at all to comment that you are first, especially if you are not first. It is just to make yourself feel good, apparently. If you only want to comment that you are first comment, and not discuss anything about the comic or Pokemon in general, I don't really think you should comment at all, which sounds really mean, but, you said yourself that the only reason you read stuff that updates is to get first, which I don't think is a good reason at all to do something.
PS, don't call your self dumb! We are all smart in our own ways!
@Pinkeevee222: precisely why I read this, for the content. Today's was especially amazing! I love the nitty gritty backstory and delving more into the plot. I love what's going on right now even though it puts some more shadows on Oliver. That does make it more intense though to see what comes of that. And I love you too for making such amazing content and having regular updates unlike otherrrr people who make something that looks really promising and makes me want to see what happens next and then drops off the face of the Earth like (cough) SpeedBoostTorchic (cough). About the loving you thing, not in the romantic way of course. :P Don't want to sound like a weirdo to someone I barely know. Am gay anyway as the world probably already knows, heh, heheh.

Also, I just looked up that box Oliver was holding. (whispering while slowly closing the door) Thannnnk youuuuu~
Reply @Pinkeevee222: sorry that this is a little too late to reply I think but I'm just saying that I am not like that. I wouldn't stop doing something just because I can't get first. But some people are like that. If Tanki Online had an update where if you called 1st on the server you would get banned, I'm sure like 1/32 of the players would quit because of that. I am not like that but I just want to get first on this website because in Tanki Online, your 1st only lasts for about 1 minute until it gets flooded out by the other chat. I would never quit something if I couldn't get first. I was just unhappy about that and had some time to think it over again and again and... Sorry
I was so sad I could not read this yesterday. I died a little on the inside. THIS IS AMIZING! SO MUCH PLOT! And hey, is that the winged eevee? Hmm... I don't like airports much.
Luna: Neither do I! They are way to stuffy. Are you done my webcomics yet, LittleMoons?
LittleMoons: Patience, Luna, patience...
HECK YAH! umbreon is a naruto fan! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! yesssss
Almost all of the hedders are vay.
@comboy 32: that's because vay is bae. simple. good day.
@comboy 32: They may all be this chapter, although the last one either Pinkeevee derped or I misunderstand when Vay lost his neck thing, because it's stated that he doesn't have the frill, and he lacked the eevee mane before he evolved. Wether he lost it sometime before he evolved or was born without it is unclear.
woof. Watashi wa Evui desu.
it is in Japanese

just go watch it.....
sorri if you tink im spammin
i icopy pasted. evrey ting went wrong
Alright,Alright!*gives IceMoon a Pinkeevee Plush*There!

You have been silenced....
@Zappy the Raichu:
*Grabs Zappy and starts stroking her fur*
Darkstripe:shhhhhhhh,it's ok,just relax*hands over a Meep plushie.

Look, I just want to point out to every Newcomer around here:USE YOUR COMMON SENSE,you don't just jump to the lastest comic without going through a background check first...... LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR..... As a "friendly Enderman" of the comment section and Zappy the Raichu and Bow the Sylveon best friend: I have a particullar amount of skills,skills that I have trained for years to make me a Nightmare to commentors,if any of you stop asking Noob questions:I won't look for you,I won't confront you,But If you DO:

I will Look for you,I will find you.........And I will Grief you.

Like an Enderman...
@Darkstripe AF: actually I blanked when I asked the question yes I just got a account not to long ago but I've read the whole comic like I said I just blank. soooooo please don't hate me for me having a stupid moment.
@Zappy the Raichu: sorry I just relised that we already sorta met Sora my bad
@VixyFnaf: It's ok. Noob question make me rage. But remember think before you speak or type.
@Zappy the Raichu: yes,and it's hard to calm a Raging Raichu...
So don't worry about VixyFnaf!
@Zappy the Raichu: kay thanks for forgiving me. Trust me I don't like Noob questions it makes me mad when I find out I did a Noob question. :)
In the 14th panel you forgot to color the collar on him blue. Just sayin.
@Darkstripe why the heck do u
Have all these plushes? Due to lack of voting now I will just need ten comments for earthquake or psychic
@Werewolf kid: Meep Plush Doll: .....PSYCHIC....
Two votes for psychic one vote for earthquake. ...... I can't stop laughing at how Oliver looks in the first panel.
Jeez u guys hate voting so i will lower it to 5 votes currently 3 for psychic 1 for earthquake. I need 5 more to decide it
@Pinkeevee222: Could we do another hunger games soon? As in when you're good.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Another hunger games? Hmm.... well, I could do another one and uploadit constantly throughout this and next week (without Daisy, of course), cause no comics or ask blog stuff is going on.. hmm...
Does anyone else want a new SSEC version of the Hunger games?
The last one:
@Pinkeevee222: Yah, sure, why not? Also why no Daisy?
@42Meep: cause Daisy won the last Hunger Games
@facecafe2: Oh. Derp.
@Pinkeevee222: ah yes, that was a fun time. Until Adam went holy hand grenade on my dreams. hm hm hmmmm... yeah, another hunger games should be neat despite knowing the odds are likely not in our favor for who wins. (or who gets immediately double teamed and brutally killed for their sins last year...)
@cccviper653: And, that's the reason why Adam will not be in the next one.
Oliver spared his life when Daisy forced him to kill either him, or Leafy, and then he kills him along with Dusk (and Blizz)later on! How could he!?
Well, Daisy killed him in the end anyways, so, all wasn't lost!
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, Daisy went beast mode. Don't step on the arena's flowers. I wonder who you'll replace Daisy and Adam with. I hope it's not lame people we don't know. jk :P Speaking of Adam, wouldn't it be neat if he was so mean to Oliver just because he was confused in himself the whole time and was putting his frustration on Oliver because in his mind he was splashing water on a future version of himself, trying to make it go away? Oliver notices this on one of his bush spying adventures and helps him through it like a total bro. :3 idk, I really want to make a guest comic but my art is sucky.
@Pinkeevee222: Man I loved the last Hunger games. Didn't Oliver get like 4 kills?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Yup. I still have no idea how that happened.
Am i close to first?
@JJ THUNDER: not in the least as i'm sure you know. you are however, incredibly close to the camera.
@cccviper653: *puts on Darstripes fake monical and mustash* indeed.
Why am I up late again?
Wait look In a flashback panel. Is dusk blushing? I'm just waiting for ]#*{};& l (werewolf text ... Advanced)
8 43-@@6 2-n5. :7/& 59 ?3 '-d and 02! /9m39!3 can u translate???
@Werewolf kid: give us a hint.
"I really want dusk to" is the first bunch of words
@Werewolf kid: I Mean Give Us A Hint To How To Flipping Translate What Your Saying!!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: LOLOLOOL
Am I nocturnal and a plush umbreon? My wife is a sylveon called sky. my bff is a lucario called lucario. and I have a sister who is a espeon called Dawn. I am in no way related to the Dusk in the comics
I got this shirt from tee turtle that is a squirle eating pancakes, and everyone says it's an eevee dispite it obiously being a squirle.
moon @42Meep: now sing to my beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUPER NEKO WORLD!!!!! Nyaago nyaago nyaago nyaago
Nyaago nyaago nuko wa iu
Mofumofu kezu kuroi
Ima da da da da da da da

Mitorete shimau yo tsuyayaka de
Yuuga na o-mimi ga pyoko pyoko to

Mofumofu mofumofu hashiridasu nani wo mamoru tame?
Chiisana karada de kakenukeru hontou wa nemutai deshou?
Mofumofu mofumofu doko iku no? Mayoi koto mo sezu
Ookina kara de nakimushi na boku wo yokome de mita Nyao

(Nyao nyaonyao ooo)

Nyaago nyaago nyaago nyaago
Nyaago nyaago nuko wa iu
Mofumofu kezu kuroi
Ima da da da da da da da

Tsundere shitate no noraneko mo
Shake-iri manma de obikidashi

Mofumofu mofumofu tanoshisou okota de marumatte
Gorogoro akitara kakedasu no soto wa mada samui yo
Mofumofu mofumofu doko iku no? Mayou koto mo sezu
Ookina karada de nakimushi na boku wo yokome de mita Nyao

(Nyao nyao nyaooo nyao nyao)

Sekai no subete wa koko ni ari
Ofuton matatabi neko jarashi

Mofumofu mofumofu hashiridasu nano wo mamoru tame?
Chiisana karada de kakenukeru hontou wa nemutai deshou?
Mofumofu mofumofu doko iku no? Boku mo tsurete itte
Chiisana karada de tsuyogari na kimi ni warareru kana
Mou nakanaiyo Nyao!

(Nyao nyaonyao ooo)
@IceMoon THE WARRIOR CAT: this is spam.
@Zappy the Raichu: No kidding.
*pulls out the Zappy laucher*
Looks like Darky and Zappy is gonna have to clean up this mess...with a few Zappy Cannons!
@Darkstripe AF: Mind if I join in? I would love to burn all the spam with my flamethrower... *evil laughter* >:D
@Midnight-fox18: Werewolf Kid is also kinda spamming.
@Zappy the Raichu: I feel bad for Pinkeevee222
Her comic receives so much spam
Seriously, I doubt there is another comic on SJ that receives as much spam as SSEC does...
@Midnight-fox18: I guess there's only want thing to do....
*Reloads a Bigger Launcher*
*Reloads the Zappy Launcher*
MIDNIGHT FLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Massive dramatic explosion*
n ow talk your way to me givin da trunzlat

o ya idont own enitig and im surry for long talkin
oh I just realized th only way to translate the language is on ipad XD
well I wont speak in it
But here is what I said "I really want dusk to get mad and pwn someone" don't judge me :3
@Pinkeevee222: Man, Harmony burned Oliver's scarf just because she couldn't have Dusk as her mate... That's harsh.. Even for me. I mean.. Dusk can choose whatever mate he wants but, forcing one to be your mate? Harmony needs to get her mind right...
I'm kinda bored I'm kinda bored playing tomodachi life...! Harmony burnt Oliver's scarf!?!?!. Holy F**k that's harsh. Damn just Damn. I'm not sure how to reply to that. The plush Oliver is being gay as usual tho. My life is so boring tonight. I wonder what sky is doing tonight.Hmm got eany suggestions people of da internet plz give me some.
@Dusk plush: You got bored playing Tomadachi Life? I got bored WATCHING Tomadachi Life... ( Aka: SwimmingBird's version )
@thatonewiseEspeon: k noted
Hia people in this phone Oliver:What's this Dusk
Dusk:Oliver get off my phone
Oliver: no I wanna shot hia people
Oliver: okay:{ wait someone burnt me
Dusk:No now go away
Oliver:But I wanted to ask lucario to be my boyfriend.
Dusk:But he has a girlfriend.
Oliver: oh
The therorys of the coments this week are out of controll and compleetly random. Also, pinkeevee are guest comics considered "canon"? And is eve's name pronounced eev? Because that's how I pronounce it. The semi main character need some sort of official refrence page so we can stop debating over things like who night is. Night is a clone of dusk people. Seariously.
WOW THANKS ( not really ) @42Meep: And how exactly do you know that? We barely get to see Meanwhile, Pinkeevee wants us to be interested, and you just blurted out the question Pinkeevee could've answered.. Man, your a spoiler... :T
@42Meep: I'll be waiting for the comment chain.
@42Meep: Your wrong on that. That is what Dusk tells him. Seriously.
@CookieEEVEE: Hi.....
@thatonewiseEspeon: :D
@thatonewiseEspeon: :l POKER FACE
Can somemon pls suggest something for me to do pls hmm sky is still awake over there hmm she is pretty <3 it's like 02:08am in the morning cuz I live in the UK.
Ok guys you have till Monday to vote but if u don't I'm just gonna choose psychic. 5 more votes? it ain't that hard.
LOL Guest spam!
Yea I stay up all night.
Hahaha EVE GOT REKT!!!!!!
Oliver I Think someone is nervice.
wow, Pokémon can really change when they evolve! Dusk used to be kind, awesome, and caring, while now he's a scaredy skitty derp.
Jupiter Jones are You talking about me or the Dusk in the comics

Can I friend you on Game Center? Please? My ID is ScHiSmFeAr
oliver looks cute on pannel 17. keep up the good work!
@Pinkeevee222: hey, In panel 11, that looks like lugias wing... also, didnt the Ba-dump happen when eve touched the necklace? Is that same thing happening to oliver, without touching it, kinda like in the 100th comic when eves face was glowing in the exact same place those pink glowing symbols appear when she touches the necklace...
Interesting how much the necklaces are involved. Sorry, but, I'm on to you
*puts on sunglasses* oh yeah
@ShinyUmbreonNamedHiss: Actually, you are not on to me at all. For one thing, those are not lugia wings in panel 11. Huh. I just realized that I never caught a lugia before... Anyways, Ba-dump is a onomatopoeia that is used to describe a heart beating. And, finally. As of now, the necklaces are only involved with awakening Eve's powers. Nothing else. *Kool-aid man busts through the wall, takes your sunglasses, and put's them on* Oh yeah.
@Pinkeevee222: What was that flashback? and why was Oliver so odd about it?
Wanna know something? Vay used to have the neck fur as an eevee and after he was sent to the lab he lost it so harmony took his neck fur away.
Also who are all the eevees in the flashback? I got dusk Oliver dawn Fred John and harmony. Is that it?
!!! Dusk was the blue collared eevee?!
??? Now who was the pink collared eevee...
It's Sora/Sky...

... I think.
what happing to oliver
Oliver likes Dusk! Isn't it obvious i mean, why else would he be blushing. He is saying no because he is trying to deny his feelings
There are ____ PANELS THERE ARE 19 PANELS YAY! (my favourite number if nine so yea)
Another one bites the dust...
lol, I feel like I’m odd for sitting here and shipping these two. I’m not the only one right?!
@Pinkeevee222: hey is they're going to be oliver x dusk in this???!?!? If so please pm me so I can think of what might happen so three are in love with dusk and u know two of them and what they look like or do u already know the last one????????? Three eevees will find love one was punished for it and one was not. One is hidden through the pink the ribbons gone don't u see
who are the back ground eevee's?
yo that vaporeon in the header looks like fricking kirby wth
am i the 1st 1 2 notice that

eevee wiv purple ribbon, golden bell, and ish a GURLLLL??
ya'll mind if i... literally 261st?

no? i'll leave.
but isn't oliver a boy?

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